17 Of The Most Annoying Feelings That Last The Entire Pregnancy

The baby's kick is what women look forward to, but there are also some annoying feelings during pregnancy no one wants to experience.

Getting knocked up can be challenging enough, between ovulation schedule, picking out baby names, and timing pregnancy around a specific age or career milestone. Then, after the novelty and lofty feelings about how wonderful and awesomeness pregnancy is going to be, the zaniness begins. Got a bun in the oven? Moms get round-the-clock morning sickness, which just doesn’t only happen in the morning. There is also the risk of heartburn after enjoying that food favorite, with a side of gas, constipation, and needing to pee all the dang time.

Yes, there are some not so awesome side effects, when a lady decides to make the choice to become a mama. Everything is not bliss and butterflies. However, there are perks to being pregnant, and plenty of encouraging and sympathetic people to cheer a pregnant mom on. It’s not easy dealing with larger shoe sizes, needing to run to the lavatory every five minutes, and dealing with a roller coaster of emotional and physical changes. Thanks to the sacrifice, patience, and dedication of ladies worldwide, the human race continues to carry on.

Thankfully, pregnancy only lasts a little less than a year. Until baby finally makes their delivery date, mothers experience some pretty fascinating things. Truly, moms are pretty tough.

17The Tight, Swollen Belly

No, the puffy eyes, cheeks, and dark circles aren’t part of a pregnant mama’s imagination. Bloating happens. Thanks to hormonal changes during pregnancy, a mom’s already extra cushy body can take on more water weight. Pregnancy makes it so a woman’s blood count doubles. Since mom’s heart is doing double the work, and hormones are in serious overdrive, bloating is often a side effect of having a baby.

Not to worry, as getting some rest, drinking fluids, and breaking out the cucumber slices for a facial can help wonders. If anything, the placebo effect of pampering oneself can really help a mom feel better about dealing with the ugliness of bloating. Filling up on fiber can also help get things moving, as constipation and gas contributes to the bloat, too.

16Everything Feels Magnified

Fluid retention is an evil monster lurking within pregnancy. Pregnancy will not only make a mama feel bloated, but may lead to larger feet, dreaded cankles, varicose veins, and sometimes not recognizing the woman in the mirror anymore.

It is no wonder that many women bemoan their pregnancy, because they need to get new shoes and clothes. Kiss those beloved heels goodbye, once a bun is in the oven. Mother Nature will make sure those toes can’t squeeze into them soon enough. There’s not much to do to get rid of fluid retention, but to elevate the legs and feet periodically throughout the day, and at night. Massage can help alleviate tension and move fluid elsewhere, but until baby makes their exit, looking and feeling a bit out of sorts is here to stay.

15The V Gets Emotional

Pregnancy has a funny way about making a lady feel really hot and bothered, or makes her want to climb under the nearest rock until the baby makes his or her debut. Being pregnant does not always put emotional and physical needs for intimate closeness on pause. In fact, some pregnant ladies get a real kick out of a romp in the sheets with their intimate partner while pregnant.

Some ladies find that when the bump gets in the way, it puts a damper on things. Some ladies feel the emotional roller coaster of hormonal and physical changes, makes the idea of getting it on a bit too much to handle. Patience, clear communication, and relaxation techniques can help a mom-to-be deal.

14The 'Coming Up' Feeling

Morning sickness is a big fat lie, as the feeling of needing to vomit does not solely happen in the AM hours. If feeling queasy or gassy over last night’s meal wasn’t enough, or baby can’t stop partying in the womb, many pregnant ladies enjoy frequent trips to the bathroom. It’s neither pretty nor glamorous.

Making dietary changes, drinking more water, and sucking on hard candy have helped some women ease their persistent morning sickness. Luckily, some women get to skip out on feeling nausea after the first trimester. The women who might be looking a little green around the gills, unfortunately get to enjoy feeling a little sick, all the way until delivery day. Thanks Mother Nature, hormone fluctuation can really bring on some great side effects.

13Holding In Sneezes From Every Hole

With all the pressure of a growing baby, digestion issues, and bouts of constipation, gas can become an issue for many pregnant women. Thanks to organs getting shifted around, heartburn, diet, and hormones, pregnant ladies may also have a little more than just a pregnancy glow. Gas will happen, and sometimes when it is least expected. Sneezing, stretching, and laughing may bring on unsuspecting gas just waiting to make an unseemly escape. Caution will be necessary.

Pregnant moms take a lot in stride, and being a little gassy is just on of those not so glamorous parts of being with child. Choosing foods that have lower chances of creating extra unwanted gas, and avoiding drinks with carbonation may help lessen the issue.

12The Touching

Pregnancy still has this aura of mysticism and curiosity for some, especially if they are unable to get pregnant themselves. What some would see as a harmless blessing, may actually make a mom-to-be give some serious side eye, a possible slap, or spike anxiety levels. Moms worry about people touching the baby bump, especially friendly strangers and well-meaning associates. Some people really act like mom’s body is no longer her own, just because there’s a new addition around. Seriously.

A mom with a bun in the oven may find themselves silently repeating whatever they need to say, in order to get people away from their bump without causing too much upset. The stress is a real thing, and one thing a mother nor her baby need, is any additional stress.

11The Leaking Lady

Thanks to hormones, the V might just get a little wetter than usual with no extra excitement needed. In fact, pregnant ladies may find that they need to wear a pad or change their undies often, thanks to discharge. Since the V is so awesome at protecting baby from outside germs, in addition to being self-cleaning, many pregnant women will find higher levels of discharge on the regular.

Pads and liners are great at absorbing any embarrassing wet spots. Women who are pregnant should take care when engaging in a romp in the sheets with their partner, and definitely look at their discharge for unusual changes. Discharge is all about keeping a pregnant lady and her baby healthy, but knowing this doesn’t make it any less annoying to deal with sometimes.

10The Stomach Growl

So many people love pointing and laughing at the crazy food combinations a pregnant character has on a television show or film. Real life can actually be crazier than fiction. Real life pregnant ladies have actually found themselves desiring to nibble on ice chips, wood pulp, erasers, and other non-food items, thanks to pica.

If a mom-to-be still has desires for actual food, she might not necessarily be pigging out on local fast food or sweets. Food combinations like pickles from the jar, with a side of mayo and jam on bread really do happen. It’s all in the name of providing baby and mom’s body with the nutrition that is being craved. Someone has to take one for the team, even if it is just a small gastronomical nightmare.

9The Fire That Cant Be Put Out

Moms who love spicy foods, or foods based with tomato may want to beware. One nasty side effect of pregnancy, especially loathed by foodies, is experiencing notorious heartburn. Eating that slice of pizza, bowl of tomato soup, or enjoying too much hot sauce can bring on the pain. Maybe baby will come out loving spicy foods, but seriously, a mom really pays the price for pleasing her palate.

If a mom can’t help herself, and just loves eating her favorite comfort foods, it would be wise for her to pick up some antacids. On the plus side, the old wives’ tales about having heartburn are real. There is medical evidence to support the theory that heartburn equals delivering a baby with a full had of gorgeous tresses. It’s true!

8The Glass Is Always Half Empty

Pregnant women need a break, especially when it comes to other people calling them out as being a ball of stress, anxiety, and slight neuroticism. Pregnancy creates a wide range of varying emotions for women, and thoughts about their future life with baby can bring on feelings of bliss and occasional panic. After all, being responsible for a new life is a heavy task, requires dedication, and any good mom wants the best for their child.

Doctor visits can bring on some anxiety, as many moms have concerns over their baby’s health, and if everything is going along normally. It also doesn’t help, when a mom might happen to hear a tragic horror story about some other woman’s pregnancy, and what went terribly wrong for her and her baby.

7Waterfalls From The Eyes

Women are usually more in touch with their emotions than men. It’s just one of those weird things in life. However, pregnancy can significantly amplify emotions for a lady. If it wasn’t hard enough, dealing with the flutter of emotions and thoughts about motherhood, being a good mom, the baby’s health, relationship needs, and finances, pregnancy really exaggerates the depth of feelings.

Things that a mom usually wouldn’t bat an eye about, could suddenly bring on the water works. Keeping a journal, engaging in moderate exercise, meditation, and finding support groups of other pregnant women can help a mom keep her balance. Crying can be cathartic and necessary, but if too many tears are creating sleepless nights, stress, and needless worrying, help is always there.

6The Pushed Bladder

Depending on how far along a mom is in her pregnancy, a mom may find that she will be in the lavatory most of the time. Thanks to a growing baby bump the bladder gets more pressure than usual. Additionally, since a pregnant lady is dealing with double the amount of blood, and has a need to flush out toxins regularly, she will be running for the porcelain throne on the double.

Sneezing, coughing, laughing, and even passing wind can lead to leaks and accidents. Pads may be a pregnant mama’s new best friend, as well as wearing darker clothing. Needing to keep a change of clothing, planning frequent bathroom stops, and knowing where bathrooms are before going out for anything, can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day.

5The Yo-Yo Feeling

One thing not to ask a pregnant mom, other than about touching her baby bump, is to question how tired she is and why she has dark circles under her eyes. Pregnancy can be downright exhausting. Having to eat for two, dealing with bloating and fluid retention, while making it look effortless is tiring. A mom-to-be needs her beauty rest, not only to support her immune system, but because of the energy levels her body and growing baby need daily.

Moms who work need to take occasional break, so as to not overtax their body. Constantly being on the go or sedentary for long periods, can both be dangerous and damaging for a pregnant lady and her unborn child. Getting enough rest and relaxation helps make a happier, and less moody mama.

4The Bump Is A Pain In The Back

Who knew pregnancy could be a real pain in the bump, back, bum...everywhere! Sometimes a sleepless night is brought on by pregnancy. Depending on how far along a lady is, if baby is tossing and turning, or hormones are fluctuating wildly, it can be a real drag. Fluid retention and bloating can lead to aching joints. Exhaustion can make a pregnant lady not want to get out of bed.

It is important for mom and baby’s health to keep it moving. Getting moderate exercise, drinking enough water, and stretching helps to alleviate aches and pains. A mom-to-be really needs to value getting enough rest, putting her feet up when necessary, and taking breaks at work. Pushing too much can make pain even worse.

3I See Pregnant People

When a lady gets pregnant, it seems like the whole world is pregnant with her. Everywhere a lady carrying a baby bump goes, there are baby strollers with sleeping babies in them, and ads showing diapers and baby bottles for sale. It seems like everyone around is pregnant or knows someone who is waiting to drop a bundle of joy. The reason? Frequency illusion.

It is a funny thing, but when a lady makes that first step into motherhood, the mom senses get started right away. Even pets realize when a lady is pregnant and tend to act a little differently around a mom. Between hormones, intuition, and pure coincidence, a pregnant mom is liable to notice babies, children, moms, and anything related to their pregnancy more often.

2The Constant Mirror Checks

No body is perfect, despite the bombardment of ads on television, magazines, and films. Women’s bodies are used to shifting around, being curvier, and holding onto more fat. Some pregnant women take issue with growing a giant belly, even if it is all about supporting their unborn little one. It is important to eat enough to get proper levels of nutritional support for mom and baby, but some women gain weight too fast, or not enough.

Stretch marks and varicose veins are some of the light cosmetic changes a pregnant mom can experience. Breaking out the shea butter, cocoa butter, or making a date with a plastic surgeon may help alleviate skin defects after baby. Until then, it’s normal for a mom to stare in the mirror and note the changes her body goes through.

1Feeling The Maternal Spirit

Women who had preconceived notions about nesting, may find themselves taken aback when they become pregnant. What some people would find a bit nostalgic or old-fashioned, many pregnant women end up actually doing, as they get in the nesting spirit.

Ladies with a baby on the way, have found themselves breaking into tears over cute baby clothes, cribs, and preparing the baby’s room for their arrival. Gathering the items for a future little one, planning out colors, choosing baby names, and talking with their friends or midwife bring out a full force of emotions. It is all part of the process, as pregnancy literally rewires a woman’s brain. Getting in touch with intuition and emotion is all about preparing to nurture a newborn. Pass the tissues and journals without shame.

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