17 Things About The Laci Peterson Case That Still Gives Us The Creeps

Do you remember the case of Laci Peterson who went missing on Christmas Eve only to be discovered months later dead? People likely remember that Laci was pregnant and that her husband, Scott, was found guilty of her murder.

This all happened back in 2002 and went on for years. The case quickly captivated audiences across the nation and maybe even the world. Laci seemed like all of us. A happy mom-to-be who was overjoyed to be expecting her first child. All the photos of her show a beaming smile on a girl who could easily be our sister, our neighbor, our friend, ourselves. We could relate to Laci. It seemed almost anyone could, that was the kind of person she appeared to be.

For months the question was, what happened to Laci? No one had any idea really what happened to her. People searched and searched to no avail. Laci’s husband Scott was held responsible. Years later, the case is being looked at once again on a limited documentary series titled The Murder of Laci Peterson which has already debuted on A&E. This new programming offers new information as it takes us back to the case that tore at our hearts.

17 The Timing Of Her Disappearance

Laci Peterson, at only 27 years old, disappeared on Christmas Eve. The timing of her disappearance shocked everyone, family, friends, and even strangers. You may even get goosebumps thinking about it today, years later. To just go missing on a day that is meant to be about family and celebrations is just sickening. Imagine a loved one you know never coming home on Christmas Eve. It is all together just so sad.

Laci and Scott lived in California. Christmas Eve, there was no snow covered trees and the smell of winter in the air, but it was still the season nonetheless. Laci took a walk with her dog, allegedly, and never returned. Scott was supposedly at work and out on his boat during the moments she disappeared. But was he? That is the story he told, anyway.

16 The Fact That She Was Pregnant

One reason the Laci Peterson case gained national fame was due to the fact that she was pregnant. She was not just a little pregnant, Laci was over eight months pregnant. That is noticeably pregnant. That is the point in pregnancy where, really, the baby could be born at any time. Laci’s due date was just around the corner.

The simple fact that Laci was an expecting mother so far along in her pregnancy locked everyone into this case. How does a pregnant woman, a really pregnant woman, just go missing? And on Christmas Eve at that? As the months went on while Laci was still missing, her due date came and went. It is difficult to imagine what her loved ones went through knowing that while she was missing her baby was to be born.

15 Laci Named Her Son And Had His Room Ready

Anyone, especially those of us who are mothers and moms-to-be, know how exciting it is to prepare for our little one’s arrival. We pick out names, we purchase all the necessary and maybe not so necessary baby items, we set up the nursery, and eagerly wait for baby to finally be born. Laci was not unlike the rest of us.

Laci had her baby’s room all ready. We quickly learned she was expecting a baby boy and named him Connor. What made many of us get choked up, and probably still does, is seeing the pictures of Connor’s room. Laci had it all ready. His crib was set up, there was a nautical theme (Scott was into boats), and the entire room looked picture perfect. The only thing missing was that adorable baby boy, who never got the chance to see the room his mommy set up for him.

14 People Never Stopped Looking For Her

At the time of Laci’s disappearance on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2002, people almost immediately began searching for her as soon as it was known that she was missing. People came out in droves to find the missing pregnant woman, and it was not just limited to her family and friends. Complete strangers showed up in the dozens to find Laci. Of course, no one did.

Morning, noon, and night family, friends, neighbors, and essentially the entire town, were out there combing woods, fields, backyards, just about anywhere that Laci could have been. Initial reports were that Laci went missing while walking her beloved dog, who came home on his own without his owner. That made everyone look anywhere that Laci could have been walking that dog. The thought that her husband did something awful was likely not on many people’s minds, as Scott was among them.

13 All The Photos Before Her Disappearance

This tear jerking case gets everyone going when the family’s photos are shown for all of us to see. By viewing the photographs, we are reminded that this was a real family. Laci was a real mom-to-be who was waiting for her sweet baby boy to be born. Her marriage to Scott seemed fine to most people. They appeared to be the perfect, or at least almost perfect, family. At least on the outside it appeared that way.

When cameras entered the home, one of the first things we all see, and continue to see, is all the presents underneath the Christmas tree. It was Christmas Eve, after all. Beautifully wrapped presents lay under the decorated tree that would never be opened. Presents for Connor, who was not even born yet, were waiting, wrapped with season’s greetings. Presents he would never see.

12 Her Son Was Found First

On a beautiful, springtime California day in April of 2003, a man and his wife were walking their dog along the bay. To their horror, they spotted what seemed like human remains in a marshy area where they were strolling along. Upon further inspection, they realized they found the body of a baby boy.

Chills run down our spine just at the thought of seeing a helpless baby discarded. A baby who may have died a horrific death. An innocent life lost. It turned out that the baby the couple with the dog found was none other than Laci’s baby, Connor. To know that it was Connor made everyone gasp in horror as the news was revealed. If he washed ashore and was deceased, where was his mother? That remained a mystery.

11 Laci Was Found Not Long After

The mystery of Laci’s disappearance following the discovery of baby Connor’s body did not last long. Once Connor’s body was found, people ran to the scene in a frantic effort to find Laci. Many knew that if Connor was dead, Laci may have not be alive any longer either, but some people never gave up hope. At the very least, they wanted to find her body, if she was indeed gone forever.

It did not take long. Only one day later Laci’s badly decomposed body washed ashore very close to where Connor’s lifeless body was found. Laci’s body, though, was in terribly disturbing shape. You could even say that only part of Laci was found. Her entire body was not recovered at that time. It must have been absolutely devastatingly horrific to discover Laci’s dead body in such an awful condition.

10 Her Body’s Condition Was Disturbing

Laci’s once pregnant body was dismembered. She was not complete. When Laci’s body washed ashore just one day after her beloved son was found, it was in remarkably terrifying condition. It was reported that Laci was found headless and without limbs. The thought of this easily makes anyone sick to their stomach.

An autopsy was performed that indicated that the body found was indeed that of beautiful mom-to-be, Laci Peterson. Her head was missing, as was part of her neck. She was missing a foot, forearms, and parts of her legs. The condition of her body after being in the sea, likely for months, was horrifying. The question remained whether she was killed and dismembered, or whether her body became dismembered while she was submerged in water for months.

9 Baby Was Expelled After Her Death

When Laci was murdered, investigators say she was killed while she was still pregnant. Her baby, sweet little Connor, never stood a chance at surviving. With his mother deceased, he would eventually die as well.

The autopsy performed on both Laci’s body and tiny, little Connor’s body indicated that Connor passed away while still inside the womb. He died once his mother, Laci, died. Connor’s body was not as decomposed as it likely should have been, and no where near as decomposed as Laci was. Authorities account for Connor still being in Laci’s protective uterus as the reason for this. It is believed that after some time, and once he was deceased, Connor slipped through a hole in Laci’s uterus, and that is what separated them. They were discovered relatively close to one another, though one day apart.

8 Laci’s Husband Seemed Like A Good Guy

Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband, allegedly arrived home on that fateful day of December 24, 2002, and discovered his dog was home, but Laci was not. He believed Laci was at her mother’s house, but we all know now she was not. Laci was missing.

Scott’s family is very adamant that Scott is a good guy who is far from capable of murder. While Scott displayed few emotions of a husband in turmoil because his pregnant wife is missing, which caught the eye of the detectives, he was still present in searches for Laci. Scott was never seen crying, upset, or showing any emotions at all, really. Scott’s family says no one can predict how they will react to the situation Scott was put into. Clearly, investigators didn’t buy that.

7 Tape Was Found On Laci

Initial reports indicated that tape was found not only on Laci’s neck, or what remained of her neck, but also on baby Connor. It was believed that Laci’s badly dismembered and decomposed body was found with trauma, including some sort of cord around her neck. It is horrifying to believe that Laci likely suffered immensely before her untimely and incredibly sad death.

The story has since changed, but no one quite knows exactly what happened. Was their a cord around Laci’s neck? The autopsy reveals Connor was “born” after Laci died, but is that true? To the general public, there are still many unanswered questions in this case, at least unanswered to the majority of us. And that only creeps us all out even more. All we can think is, poor Laci, and poor baby Connor.

6 But Good Guys Don’t Cheat

Scott may have not been a good guy after all. After Laci’s disappearance, it was soon revealed that Scott was having an affair. His girlfriend, by the name of Amber Frey, came forward. She revealed their affair, stating how she quickly fell in love with this man named Scott who had a nice smile and a handsome face. They met and began dating less than two months before Laci was murdered.

It is believed that Amber was not the first woman with whom Scott had an extramarital affair. Sources believe that Scott had multiple lovers at any given time during his marriage and relationship with Laci. He may have not been such the caring and loving husband he claims he was. In fact, it is obvious he was not a good husband at all.

5 Scott Lied To His Lover

Amber Frey met Scott on a blind date. They were set up by Amber’s friend. Scott’s lies to Amber started almost immediately. Amber revealed that at first Scott lied about being married when she claims she asked him, but that eventually he changed his story. Scott confessed to Amber that he lied about being married, in fact, he had a wife, but she was dead.

At the time of Scott telling Amber all of this, Laci was still very much alive- and pregnant. Scott and Amber continued their relationship, but Amber began to grow suspicious. She wanted to spend the holidays with Scott, or at the very least send him a gift, but he said that he was visiting his parents across the country and then going to Europe. After the media frenzy of Laci’s disappearance, Amber put the pieces of the puzzle together, and eventually made the decision to help investigators against Scott.

4 It Appeared As If Scott Was Attempting To Flee

Scott maintained his innocence, as did his family. Yet, Scott showed little to no emotion to the fact that his pregnant wife went missing and then was found dead. Scott attempted to avoid the media at all costs, and made the decision to stay with family in San Diego. Once Laci’s dismembered body was found, along with Connor’s, investigators made the decision to arrest Scott.

What gives us goosebumps, and maybe tells us that Scott is indeed guilty, was what he was found with when he was arrested. He had over $10,000 in cash, his brother’s identification, camping equipment, four cell phones, a gun, maps, he had grown a beard, and he had dyed his hair blonde. Does that seem like an innocent person to you? Authorities believed he was headed to the Mexican border.

3 Scott Was Convicted Of Murder

Scott’s ability to dispose of Laci at sea due to the fact that he owned a boat and said he took that boat out the day Laci disappeared, his questionable nature when he was arrested, his lack of emotions over his missing and dead wife, his multiple affairs, and more, really make Scott seem like he is guilty of murdering his wife and child.

Scott was eventually charged with the murders and put on trial. The jury listened to all the evidence and testimony and came to a decision- guilty. In November of 2004, Scott Peterson was convicted of first degree murder in the death of his pregnant wife, Laci, and second degree murder in the death of his unborn son, Connor. The jury said they have no regrets, and strongly believe Scott was guilty.

2 No DNA Evidence

The jury who convinced Scott Peterson of murder in the deaths of Laci and Connor only had circumstantial evidence. There was no DNA evidence linking Scott Peterson to the crimes. The jury only listened to what we all know, and yes, that makes Scott appear very, very guilty. Would you have convinced him of murder after hearing only the circumstantial evidence?

Scott’s defense lawyers and his family maintain his innocence. They say there is not a shred of DNA evidence linking Scott to this crimes. They claim his behavior was due to his quiet, reserved personality, and that his questionable actions were due to the fact that he knew he was a suspect that once Laci was found, they would be after him. Yet, there was zero DNA evidence that investigators found, anywhere.

1 Scott Was Sentenced To Death

Despite the lack of DNA evidence linking Scott to this awfully horrific crimes in the murders of pregnant Laci and baby Connor, Scott was given a sentence of death. The murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby deserves the death penalty in the opinions of many people, those who knew Laci and complete strangers following this sad story.

Scott still sits in a jail cell, and may or may not ever be put to death. He, his family, and his lawyers continue to fight for his innocence, essentially using the lack of DNA evidence as proof that Scott did not commit this heinous crime. Scott may have not been a very good man and certainly not a good husband, but do you think he murdered his pregnant wife and unborn baby?

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