17Katie Holmes Marrying An Idol

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Long before Katie Holmes made her “big break” on Dawson’s Creek, she was a huge fan of Tom Cruise, the Huffington Post reported. A classmate of hers from their private Catholic school youth said that Katie used to pray for Tom Cruise during religion class. Katie even told reporters that

as a girl, she thought she would marry Tom Cruise.

Fast forward to 2005 when then-26-year-old Katie met and started dating Cruise, who was 42 then. The media referred to Katie as a B-list celebrity, while Tom was a huge celebrity who graced the big screen. Their marriage lasted 6 years, and produced daughter Suri, but Katie didn’t get her fairytale ending with her idol, after all. Their divorce was a dramatic and highly publicized one, and still left people speculating on how it ever happened.

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