18 Best Travel Accessories for Babies

If you’re heading out on a trip this summer with your little ones there are a lot of things that you should bring. Obviously you’ll need things like clothes, extra clothes for the little ones, toys, bathroom supplies, and sunscreen. But there might be a few things that can make your trip easier that you haven’t thought about. Trust me, last year when I took my son on a plane for the first time there were a lot of things I wish I had brought with me that I just didn’t know I needed. Hopefully this list will help you remember some of the things I forgot.

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18 First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another item you should remember to bring with you. Make sure yours has a thermometer, gauze rolls, bandages, adhesive tape, a syringe, first-aid manual, hot water bottle, ice pack, and emergency blanket. Kids Health has a list of other items that you may wish to include.

17 Light Playpen

This can be used as a bed for your wee one while you’re in hotels, campgrounds or someone else’s home. And if you bring a crib fitted sheet to fit over the top you can even take the playpen outside and keep your baby safe from the sun. One playpen you might be interested in is the 10.5 pound KidCo Travel Pod.

16 Portable Highchair

You also might want to consider bringing a portable highchair in case whoever your visiting doesn’t have one. My Little Seat has a great selection of different chairs that slips over the back of a chair and can be easily folded and stored in your suitcase.

15 Baby Cutlery Set

Trust me you’ll regret forgetting to bring these items when you’re sitting at a restaurant and they bring out your child a full-sized fork and spoon to use. Avant has a nice travel cutlery set for your child that comes with a case so you can carry it around in the diaper bag without having to worry about the fork and spoon getting dirty or getting everything else dirty after they’ve been used.

14 Bottle Warmer

If your child is drinking from a bottle than a portable bottle warmer is a necessity. What kind of bottle warmer you get depends on how you intend to travel. For instance, if you intend to go on a plane than using a bottle warmer that requires hot water or is a gel pack is not going to work. In that case you’d probably have to use something like WarmZe which can be used on a plane because it doesn’t contain liquids.

13 Snack Dispenser

Another item you're going to want is a snack dispenser that is filled with snacks. Do yourself a favor and make sure you didn’t forget to pack the snacks. With a Munckin Snack Catcher, your kids can even feed themselves without you having to worry about them spilling crackers or blueberries all over the place.

12 Lightweight Stroller

If you intend to fly, then you’ll probably want to have the GB Pockit Stroller. This nine-pound stroller is able to fold up small enough so that you can simply slide it under the airplane seat and not have to worry about it getting lost or damaged in the cargo hold. As an added bonus you’ll have a stroller with you if you have to catch a transfer flight.

11 Leash or Harness

Yes, there is a lot of debate around baby leashes and harnesses right now, but if you’re travelling and you have a child who’s going to want to walk around on their own, a harness will give you some peace of mind. You can even get them a cute fuzzy monkey backpack that doubles as a stuffed animal when they aren’t wearing it.

10 Baby Wrap, Sling or Other Carrier

Perhaps strollers and harnesses aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d prefer to wear your baby in a wrap, sling or other carrier. The nice thing about these is you can even get mesh ones that you can wear into the pool or lake so you and the baby can cool off in the water.

9 Trolley

If you’re intending to fly to visit family, perhaps they have a stroller that you can borrow. But you still may need the car seat for the plane, and trust me, that’s annoying to lug around. If this is something you’ll have to deal with then you’ll want the Gogo Kidz Travelmate to transport it. Basically it’s a trolley that you can attach your car seat to and turn it into a stroller while you walk around the airport.

8 Portable Baby Bathtub

Another handy item to have with you is a baby bathtub. The Stoke Flexi Bath can be used with newborns and it folds up for easy transportation.

7 Baby Boat

If you intend to spend some time in the water, then you might want to bring a baby boat so your child can float along beside you and splash the water with their toes while the staying safe from the sun’s rays.

6 Anti-UV Baby Tent

Or perhaps you would prefer to lounge on the beach. In that case, you’ll probably want the Babymoov Anti-UV Baby Tent. This pop-up tent is light and super easy to set up and take down

5 Car Seat Protector

If you’re going to have to transport your car seat in an airplane’s cargo hold, then you might want to protect with a car seat travel bag. The Jolly Jumper Car Seat Travel Bag is designed to protect your car seat from damage and it has straps so you can wear it like a backpack before you’re able to drop it off.

4 Piddle Pad

Perhaps instead of flying you intend to be driving to your destination. In that case you may want to bring along a Summer Infant Complete Coverage Piddle Pad to protect your car seat from any bathroom related accidents that happen on the drive.

3 Sun Shade

Another handy item to have in the car is a sun shade. Just stick the Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shade to your car windows and prevent your child from being blinded or burned by the sun’s rays without stopping you or them from being able to see out the window.

2 Portable Activity Seat

Another handy item to have when you’re traveling is the KidsCo Go Pod Portable Activity Seat. With the activity seat your child can play with up to five of their favorite toys without you having to worry about her accidentally tossing them out of reach.

1 Favorite Blanket or Toy

Finally, perhaps the most important accessories for you to bring when your travelling is your child’s favorite blanket or toy to keep him occupied while he’s sitting in the car, plane, train or boat.

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