18 Cool Nursery Ideas For Newborns

One of the best parts of preparing for a new baby (other than taking advantage of being able to sleep in for a little while longer) is designing and decorating the nursery before he or she arrives. As long as you can adhere to safety regulations and design a nursery that you'll love spending time in yourself, you can do no wrong. And what's even greater, your newborn is still just that - a newborn baby. Meaning that this is your one time as a parent to totally take over their room and mash together an interest of yours with a baby-friendly theme.

Of course you get bonus points though, if your newborn's nursery ends up being a room they can enjoy into their childhood. The basket of Star Wars-themed stuffed animals may not go over so well once they hit those opinionated teen years, but if you can put together a nursery that will last at least a few years and hold their interest, then you're doing something right.

And lucky for you, we've put together a list of the coolest nurseries to consider while preparing for your new baby. Go big and add fancy swirls of crown molding, or make it more minimal with whimsical wall decals. Your imagination - and yes, your wallet - is the limit when it comes to creating your newborn's nursery. So check out these seriously cool ideas.

18 Superhero

Whether you're of the Marvel or DC camp, there is a little bit of a superhero buff in all of us. And since superheroes absolutely come in both men and women versions, you can adorn your new baby girl or boy's room with a mixture of the two with the hopes that as they grow a bit older, they'll grow to hare your Batman obsession.

17 Game of Thrones

It's true, this may be a little tricky, given the mature nature of the HBO show itself. But you can take ideas from Game of Thrones and add lots of knights and royalty and create a truly one-of-a-king knights and princess nursery for your new baby.

16 Montessori

Designing a nursery or bedroom for your little one in the Montessori style means incorporating furniture and shelves that they will be able to reach freely, without help, enabling them to explore and learn the strongest way possible. Of course this might mean a floor covered in books for days at a time, but that mess could be a lot worse.

15 Classic

For a classic newborn nursery, we're talking rocking horse, maybe a vintage-looking bassinet or crib, and very soft colors. Think, vintage but with updated safety regulations.

14 Simplistic

Choosing neutral and easy colors, along with straight lines and more simple furnishings may seem like a cop out, but it's really not. It allows you to build on it little by little as your new baby grows, giving you both the option to keep designing it.

13 Adventurer

Start raising a mini-explorer from day one with a nursery that has plenty of framed maps, airplanes, ships, and pictures of national forests. The best part? This theme will grow with your kid. Which is a huge bonus of creating a newborn's nursery that is free of licensed characters.

12 Outer Space

You really can't go wrong with space, a mobile of planets, and maybe even a wall dedicated to looking like a mural of stars. Not to mention the possibility of those glow-in-the-dark stars that we can even admit as adults that we'd love to have in our bedrooms.

11 Whimsical Forest

With this nursery theme, you can start decorating as early as you want, since it's totally gender neutral. And it will be far from difficult to find lots of over-sized stuffed bears to prop up against a wall of painted on trees.

10 Nautical

There's no kid who would not get a kick out of having a crib that is constructed to look like a ship or a corner of their room dedicated to a tiny sail boat made into a bookshelf, with decorative oars for good measure. Throw in an old fashioned pirate ship wheel on the bedroom door and you're pretty set.

9 Harry Potter

Okay, so yes, your newborn baby will not be born with an affinity for Hufflepuff of Griffendor, but you can totally bring your love of the magical series together with a whimsical twist to make your newborn's nursery a room for all to enjoy. Like your baby's name spelled out in the letters of the famed Harry Potter font, or the half of a basket of toys jutting out of a wall that has "Platform 9 ¾" written on it.

8 Robots

A fun thing about robots is that you can definitely incorporate them as plush stuffed toys long before your kid will be ready for harder, heavier toys. You can also adorn your baby's wall with decals of turning gears and colorful robot parts, giving them something fun to look at while they get used to their crib.

7 Shabby Chic

What new parent isn't totally into the idea of creating a nursery of shabby chic frills and springtime colors? It's a nursery that your kid can enjoy well into their adolescence and while decorating it, you know you'll find a few ideas to update your own bedroom. So it's a total win-win.

6 African Safari

This is the anti-zoo animal nursery, and for good reason. As African safari theme enables you to use the warm and rich brown and gold tones to focus on animal favorites like lions, cheetahs, and anything else your baby might come to love from Lion King. It also sets you apart from the parents who are content with just throwing a zoo-themed crib liner in the room and calling it a day.

5 Music

We aren't saying that your baby will grow up to be the next Mick Jagger, but having a music-themed nursery certainly can't hurt your chances, right? Line the entire edge where your ceiling meets your walls with old records, and be open to the idea of tiny instruments in a little jam corner for when your baby is mobile. Kind of amazingly cute.

4 Aeronautical

Having a nursery that promotes all things planes is a perfect way to steer clear of cartoon characters, if that's your goal. You can frame photos of older model planes, create a mobile of Wright brothers-esque versions, and yes, create a ceiling skyscape if you're feeling extra creative.

3 Modern

Creating a modern-looking nursery for your baby lets you be realistic and truly original. With chevron patterns, maybe a round the crib, and possibly a tiny chandelier in place of that boring old ceiling light you find in every other room of your home, you can pretty much go all out with some of your own taste in there.

2 Dreamy

Create a totally relaxing atmosphere for your newborn with a dreamy nursery. This includes soft lighting, a mobile of puffy clouds and hot air balloons, and lots of uncomplicated visuals for your baby to enjoy.

1 Cool Kid

In the age of all things Pinterest, if you too are a Pinterest parent, then creaking a cool kid nursery for your newborn is absolutely the way to go. Create a magnetic wall with metal sheeting and make it into a place for your little one to eventually play with magnetic letters and numbers. Or, convert a corner of the nursery into a mini ball pit that even you can enjoy with them. And we can't forget all of the DIY shaggy rug possibilities.

Creating a nursery for your newborn can be totally fun and yes, stressful, if you let it. But the important thing to remember is that you're creating a whole new space for a whole new person to explore and come to love, and the excitement in that alone is kind of amazing.

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