18 Dads' First Reactions To Her Pregnancy

For most men, a pregnancy announcement isn’t a joyous occasion. The thought of losing their freedom is enough to send even the most well-meaning husband spiraling into a frenzy. Sure, they eventually calm down and stop freaking out, but their reactions are then forever ingrained in their wives’ or girlfriends’ minds. After all, there is the saying that women hold on to every word and it’s almost 99% certain that they would never let him live his spazzy reaction down.

Others are happy with the news of a baby, but many more still are shocked for entirely different reasons. It’s one thing to be in a stable relationship, possibly married, but it’s a whole other kettle of fish to have the one-night-stand didn’t exactly go as anticipated.

Worst still, when the baby is as a result of being unfaithful. Pregnancies aren’t as straight-forward as they seem and most of the time, happen at the worst of times.

Here are 18 confessions from men who revealed their reactions to finding out about her pregnancy – not just the wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnancy either! Many of these pregnancies were as a direct result of a bad decision gone even worse.

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18 Shouldn't Have Left

She's probably cheating. But realistically, he might actually be fertile despite thinking he isn't. It happens. Blowing up the marriage before getting all the facts isn't exactly recommended.

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Arguably, there is a far bigger issue than just her possibly cheating. They are married and he has never told her that he knows that he is sterile? Assuming that he doesn’t just think he is sterile because of past fertility problems and that a medical professional has told him this fact with certainty, then why has he never told his wife? This would have been a mighty important conversation to have prior to the marriage. He may have made his peace with being sterile and not having kids of his own, but it doesn’t mean that she would have made the same choice.

17 About To Get Ghosted

Dannie wrote: "Probably wasn't your kid anyways." If that were true, then it would definitely add many levels of intricacies to his Whisper. If the kid wasn’t his, then it wouldn’t make sense for her to consider reconciling. With that in mind, the pregnancy is probably the only reason that she even considered getting back together with him.

No matter how toxic a relationship is, thinking of separation when a baby is on the way is a hard thought that many choose to put on the back burner until later. They end up separating at some point anyways, but thinking of doing it now with an incoming baby would have just been too overwhelming. With that being said, we can say with 99% certainty that with her seeming “more distant than ever”, she will probably ghost him soon enough.

16 Just A Fling

The concept of one-night stands is a great one and one that works for many, but no matter what, protection needs to still be the number one priority. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen and this Whisper is a good example of the worst that can happen.

Nikki wrote: "You should shop she doesn't know any good hackers. I could track you down by your Skype name."

Others weren't nearly as nice, calling this Whisper user every name under the sun. Even though he used a pseudonym and a Skype name, there is still a small chance that she might be able to find out his true identity. Especially in today’s technological day and age, there are always ways. Let’s just hope that she did manage to track him down.

15 Controversial Decision

Most Whispers get close to no replies, but this one probably is among the most replied on Whisper. Getting close to 800 likes and nearly 1400 replies, it definitely ruffled more feathers than sympathy it received. Most implored her to take the honest route, but others' response actually tried to be helpful: "Do the abortion and say you miscarried. How would he ever know the difference. Just keep that secret to your or his grave."

Of course, many weren't as nice and called her all sorts of names. The general consensus definitely resided in telling him the truth, with one user asking: "If you weren't even going to discuss it, shouldn't have even told him. Rude."

Another wrote: "You should have told him and discussed the decision with him and YES I get that it's their baby and it's her body but still they both made the baby and they should both have a say in what happens."

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14 Should Have Made A Plan

If they already raised a family, then why didn’t they take any precautions to avoid having more kids? If you’re going to have fun in bed, then you better make sure that you’re ready for the consequences if you don’t do it safely. It sounds as though this married couple totally avoided “the talk” that all couples must have at some point. If they both agreed that they didn’t want more kids, then steps should have been taken to prevent this kind of situation. All things considered, even with the birth control pill, condoms and IUDs, there is still a tiny chance of an accident happening. One of the best ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy later in life is arguably a vasectomy for him or getting tubes tied for her.

13 Bye Bye Baby Mama

Sarah hilariously asked: "Because he's taking you on holiday?" Ha! Pretty sure that not the reason behind him telling her to pack her bags.

Anne better understand the intent behind the words, suggesting: "Sue him for child support. It will screw him until your kid is 18."

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Another user anonymously wrote: "This can't be real." Despite many Whispers verging on being real or not, this one definitely doesn't sound like it could be fake. It's a situation that happens to all too many women all across the world. It’s clear that the guy freaked out upon finding out her baby news, but the better question would be: why did he? Is it because they already have a lot of kids, more than he is willing to handle? With them being married though, telling her to pack her stuff and leave is definitely abusive. If he’s not happy, then he should be the one to leave.

12 Safety First From Now On

Out of the four replies that this Whisper received, none of them actually hated on her. Christian wrote: "Good luck to ya'll and ignore the hates. They don't get to make your life decisions for you".

But it's almost guaranteed that if this same confession had been posted on Facebook, it would have received an abundant amount of hate. Abortion is an incredibly controversial procedure that continues to be heavily debated to this day. Just like talking about whether to vaccinate or not, it’s another one of those topics that has the power to ruin friendships and relationships. At the end of the day though, the decision is solely this couple’s. The good news is that they seem to be talking about it civilly, so let’s hope that they came to a decision that they were both at peace with.

11 Devastating News

As sad as this Whisper is, it’s still endearing that this dad was looking forward to the baby’s birth. There are too many stories on Whisper and the web, in general, detailing the future dad's unhappiness at his girlfriend, wife or ex choosing to keep the baby, when he would prefer to go the abortion or adoption route. Although they broke up six months ago, it’s nice to see that he was excited about becoming a dad.

Stories like this are incredibly sad though. Since they broke up six months ago, then she would have definitely been nearing the end of the pregnancy and would have likely been in her third trimester or close to it. The fact that they haven’t been together for a couple of months already would have likely made the situation even more complicated.

10 Blame It On The Hormones

Aside from the fact that this Whisper has no clue how to spell "doesn't" properly (not exactly a coincidence when it happens twice), the entire confession truly makes us wonder her age. Thinking that crying a lot would make her boyfriend decide to come back makes it sounds like she must be on the young side. She says that he doesn’t care “anymore”, so did he care at any point that she is pregnant? Maybe he was excited at first, but ultimately couldn’t handle all the crying and emotional rollercoasters. All we can do is speculate, but it’s not exactly uncommon for the guy to freak out and try to distance himself from his future baby mama as the situation gets a little too real and scary for him to handle.

9 Victim Blaming 101

Fiona asked: "Did you know he had a girl before ya'll messed around? Shouldn't be surprised he f----d you over (literally and figuratively). Get that child support money though."

Always enlightening when the original user actually replied and this one did, writing: "I didn't know he had a girlfriend. He never mentions anything for a month and I didn't think to ask. He said it was because it never got brought up in conversation."

That is pretty much victim manipulation right there. It's not her fault that he didn't tell her that he had a girlfriend. It was his responsibility to first of all, not cheat, and second of all, to let her know that he has a girlfriend. Fortunately, she can collect child support from him even though he doesn’t seem to want to help at all.

8 Yes, You Are

After someone replied: "Sounds like she gonna hate the baby too", the soon-to-be dad wrote back: "I don't hate my kid. And she would never hate it. I was venting this morning. I would never cheat on someone."

As for this reply, it couldn't have come from anyone other than a fellow dad: "No. But the women can lose sexual interest for years. You definitely need to have a serious talk with her."

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At the end of the day, the best advice would definitively be that if he's going to cheat, he should just leave. Marriages and relationships, especially with kids involved, go through highs and lows, all of which come accompanied with fun-time droughts. It's just the reality of the matter, especially due to the extreme stressfulness of life nowadays.

7 Why Can't They All Be Like This?

Unlike most of these whispers would have us believe, most dads’ reactions to finding out that their girlfriend or wife is pregnant is actually one of true happiness. The fact that he can’t wait for him to get here, to be a dad and even more sweetly, to hold him for the first time, is beyond endearing. Too bad more men can’t be like this! Men, in general, have a bad reputation for not handling the news of pregnancy well, but it’s confessions like this one that truly show how not everyone is made the same. Good on this dad for being as positive about the future as he is. It’s the kind of reaction that totally has us thinking that he probably spent lots of time putting his ear to her belly.

6 Solutions Exist

The general consensus with this one is that it was his own fault for not getting a vasectomy or using a protection in general. But even vasectomies have been known to fail because too many men fail to go for the check-up to confirm that their sperm account is now at 0. Much rarer, there is also the chance of recanalization failure, which happens when blocked sperm tubes reconnect after the procedure.


"I had three kids and then got a vasectomy. It felt like somebody kicked me in the balls 10 times as hard as they could. Would not recommend it." It may have been painful the first couple of days, but surely the benefit of not having to worry about "accidents" would have been well worth the short bought of pain?

5 Best Friend Goals

Cathy replied to this confession saying: "Sounds like you deserve each other. Your wife deserves better."

He blames the best friend’s wife but they are both equally responsible for the consequences of their infidelities. Not only did he have an affair with his best friend’s wife, but he also figured that bashing her on Whisper would gain him sympathy. The better question is whether they ended up fessing up to their affair to their respective partners. It would be even more messed up if they didn’t and if she went on to lie to her husband, telling him that the kid is his. As horrifying as such a situation sounds, it’s one that does actually happen, and which comes up in the news every once in a while.

4 Women Are Complicated

Oh snap, someone actually replied: "Hopefully it's not because she thinks it might be someone else's." It’s certainly not outside the realm of possibilities that it might be someone else’s. Reading just a few Whispers on the popular site is enough to make anyone realize that the world isn’t as peachy as we might hope it to be and that people do all sorts of unimaginable things.

Another more sympathetically wrote: "Hug her", to which he replied; "She pushes me away."

Depending on the amount of time that she has been refusing to talk to him, it might be because she is considering abortion. If it’s already been a couple of months of the silent treatment, then it may very well be due to hormones or her considering leaving him, but being on the fence about it because of the pregnancy.

3 Tit For Tat

To this Whisper, fellow Whisper user Sadie replied: "Nope. Ghosting her was kind, comparatively."

Ghosting is a highly controversial method of ending a relationship, but one that many would likely agree with in this situation. Of course, it does depend on how long they had been together. Most wouldn’t bat an eye if the relationship had only been a few weeks or even months long, but if it had been a couple years ago, then things definitely become trickier.

Still, most would agree that he wasn’t wrong for leaving. There is no “good way” to end such a relationship, especially his bitterness over her getting an abortion previously. Maybe the circumstances weren’t right before, making her choose abortion instead, but it’s clear that it’s not a decision that he was in favor of taking.

2 Get It Together Dude

There is always at least one person who goes where no one else would dare. Anthony asked: "Wow. Whose it it?"

Given all the previous confessions, it’s certainly possible that cheating could be the reason behind him being a “mixed bag of emotions right now”, but it probably isn’t. The pregnancy announcement came as a shock, but with the limited amount of information presented, it’s impossible to know if he’s feeling emotional because he’s happy or because he wasn’t ready yet. It can easily swing either way, but let’s just hope that despite the shock, that he was truly happy about it. Even when hoping for a baby, the news can be shocking because all of a sudden, the reality sets in that in less than nine months, there will be a tiny baby to look after.

1 Doomed From The Start

Sounds like this Whisper user needs to take a page out of the author confession author’s page and ghost his girlfriend as well. Given that he asks: “Why can’t I just be happy for once?” does make us wonder if he truly felt happy with his relationship prior to finding out that she cheated. If things were going good, then it theoretically wouldn’t have made sense for her to want to find comfort in someone else. It’s possible that he had deluded himself into thinking that everything was fine, when it actually wasn’t. Either way, it’s probably time to hit the road. It’s clear that the relationship isn’t going to magically work itself out. Even if she finds out that she isn’t pregnant, there is probably no fixing this one.d

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