18 Facts About VS Mama Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a willowy blond who has made a fortune modeling for Victoria's Secret. When she's not on camera, this VS angel usually keeps a low profile. This is why it's interesting to learn more about what makes her tick!

As far as fashion models go, Candice is actually fairly mysterious. She doesn't seem to feel the need to make an appearance at a lot of Hollywood events. She doesn't date famous musicians or pro athletes. She doesn't have a diva reputation.

She's a huge celebrity on social media, but her personality isn't as well-known as the personalities of other VS angels, including Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid.

Anyone who wants to know what's behind the perfect face and figure of this modern-day beauty icon will enjoy this list. Candice does have depth and substance. She's more than a pretty face and toned body. She's a fiancée, a mo, and a friend. She's into fitness and does plenty for a very worthy charity.

Candice has a little boy now, who is the apple of her eye. As of late, she's very vocal about the fact that women should be able to nurse their babies in public without being scorned or looked down on. This is why she's such a great topic for this BabyGaga list. Nursing is natural and women should be able to nurse their babies while they are out in public.

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18 She’s From South Africa

Daily Mail

Born in October of 1988, Candice made number 8 on the 2016 Forbes list of highest-paid models. Candice sells underthings like crazy and she doesn't stop there. She also models for skin care line, Biotherm, and has walked the runway for high-fashion atelier, Versace.

Lots of Victoria's Secret angels are from places other than America. Miranda Kerr, who used to model for the lingerie brand, is an Aussie. Behati Prinsloo is from Namibia. Candice Swanepoel is South African. Since VS Angels come from all over the world, they have a Bond Girl vibe. They bring international excitement. It might be less interesting if all of the models came from the USA.

According to Candice's Wiki page, she hails from an Afrikaner family that has Dutch ancestry. Candice went to boarding school close to her hometown. She was raised in South Africa and represents her home country so well.

17 She’s A Libra


Libras are known for their beauty and charm. They usually have ultra-symmetrical features which help to make them very popular people.

According to old-time astrological lore, Libras are born with a ton of blessings and tend to make their own troubles. Candice seems to steer clear of relationship difficulties and other common Libra pitfalls, such a laziness, and overindulgence in sweet treats.

She embodies the balance that this sign is known for, as well as the Libra gift for diplomacy. Libras know how to get along with others and they hate conflict. There hasn't been much bad press about Candice. She tends to stay off the radar unless she's under the spotlight, wearing wings for a VS runway show.

Miranda Kerr, who no longer models for VS, has gotten way more bad press than Candice. Remember when Miranda was linked with Justin Bieber? That strange, alleged romance was discussed in a US Magazine story and a million other places online.

16 She Grew Up On A Dairy And Beef Farm

Image result for candice swanepoel farm

Candice grew up on a farm that produced beef and dairy products, so she's not one of those vegetarian models. She was raised eating beef and dairy and she still indulges in both of these food items today.

After she had her baby boy, she embarked on the typical post-baby diet and fitness program. She had to get her VS body back as it's such a huge moneymaker. Plus, she's fitness-oriented in general.

According to the Insider, her days always begins with coffee, followed by a hot shower. She goes for smoothies or grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. She tends to do her workouts in the evenings and mixes yoga with other forms of exercise in order to tone many different parts of her body.

She's a woman who craves meat, because of her upbringing. She works out a lot and is very conscious of her body and what it needs. She bounced back really fast after having her baby. You can, too.

15 Her Brother’s A Pro Golfer

Height, weight and body measurements

Candice's bro is a pro golfer. His name is Stephen Swanepoel and he was born in 1986, which makes him two years older than his little sis. He's gorgeous, like his sister, and he and Candice seem to have a great relationship.

He's active on Twitter and has a positive attitude. He frequently retweets stuff from Candice and a lot of Victoria's Secret fans. He studied Clinical Psychology at college. One funny tweet that he posted instructed haters of Niki Minaj to "chillax". He frequently comments on the beauty of his sister, too, and says that he misses her and their parents.

Seems like Candice lucked out with her brother and vice versa. Things don't seem too dysfunctional in the Swanepoel family, which is really nice. Sometimes, Stephen takes a break from social media to just...live.

That's not really such a bad idea. He likes to be outside because that's where the golf courses are.

14 She Studied Ballet


Ballet is a type of exercise that forms the body. It's something that a lot of models and actresses did when they were growing up. Naomi Campbell is another model who started out with ballet and then developed an incredible runway walk. Candice has a perfect runway walk, too, even when she's barely dressed.

Ballet is about grace. When you do it for years, you'll tone your muscles and also learn to control your movements. Ballet training is helpful in the modeling and acting professions. Alicia Vikander studied ballet for years and she uses the discipline and grace that it taught her in her acting performances. Candice probably does the same to rule the VS runway.

Ballet is very hard work. When it's a serious hobby, it is demanding. Women who do ballet know that it's all about perfection. So, it's a good training ground for modeling, which is about presenting a perfect image.

You can watch Candice do ballet on YouTube. Try her ballet moves for yourself!

13 She Was Discovered At The Age Of 15


It didn't take long for the modeling scouts of South Africa to recognize the potential of young Candice Swanepoel. She was scouted when she was just 15 years old.

According to Marie Claire, Candice was scouted while she was shopping. This is a fairly common story. Lots of models-to-be are discovered at the mall or something like that. Model scouts check out public places to see where the next runway sensations may be found. Gisele Bundchen was scouted while she gorged on a Big Mac. Kate Moss was on a family holiday when she got spotted.

Candice is five foot nine. She may not have attained this height at 15, but she was probably already quite tall for her age. Height is important. Kate Moss was a "short model" at five foot seven. Candice's height was a lucky break for her, as was her naturally slim build. She works out to stay fit but has the right genetics to be a model.

12 Her Baby Daddy Is A Male Model

Daily Mail

Candice could easily have dated a famous rapper, or a troubled pop star, or a womanizing pro athlete. Instead, she chose a man who does the same job that she does. Her fiancee and baby daddy is her long-term partner, Hermann Nicoli.

According to a Glamour Magazine article, her partner is a male model, he's Brazilian and he proposed to her in the later part of 2015. His nickname for his gorgeous partner is "little cat".

Candice and Hermann still aren't married but have a second baby on the way. They are a rock-solid couple. It's a safe bet that they will tie the knot in the future. If you check out his official Instagram (@hermannicoli), you'll see a very handsome man with an adorable baby and a stunning fiancee.

11 She Nursed Her Son Until He Was 1 Year Old

Nursing is such a political topic these days, but it shouldn't be. Women should nurse if they want to and opt out of breastfeeding if that's their preference. Candice Swanepoel believes in breastfeeding and she breastfed her cute little baby boy until he was about one year old.

That's a fairly long time to nurse a baby. Her son's name is Anaca and he's clearly getting a lot of TLC from Mom. He looks happy and healthy, just like Mom does.

Will little Anaca be a model, too? Who knows? He's already exposed to the fashion world. A Daily Mail story discussed the fact that Candice took him along to a fashion show and breastfed him between sashays down the runway. That's real commitment to nursing.

There are pics around the Web of her nursing him in full glam fashion-show regalia. It's pretty cute how Candice won't let anything get in the way of breastfeeding her baby.

10 She Modeled A 10 Million Dollar Bra

Daily Mail

Would you feel powerful modeling a bra encrusted with ten million dollars' worth of precious gems? Or would you feel ridiculous? Candice wore this luxury bra during a VS show and moved gracefully, despite the bra's heavier-than-average weight. The brassiere was known as the Royal Fantasy Bra and she wore it in 2013. It was the handiwork of Victoria's Secret and fine jeweler, Mouawad.

Victoria's Secret is all about clever marketing. This lingerie brand stands out because they hire the most impressive models and then dress them in dramatic outfits, from jeweled bras to angel wings to wild boots and beyond.

In the past, Candice has actually gotten flak for being too thin and not muscular enough for the brand. However, she's a model that the fans love, so she's still with VS.

9 She May Have Feuded With Miranda Kerr

IBTimes UK

According to a story by The Sun, Miranda bailed on Victoria's Secret because the schedule was just too grueling and she didn't want to continue with it. But maybe there was another reason? There is some gossipy chatter about a possible feud between Miranda and Candice, but there's no actual proof of the feud. Like so many other rumors found online, it may not be accurate.

According to a Celebitchy story, Miranda has a "difficult" reputation and she was let go from VS, rather than leaving voluntarily. There are conflicting stories about why Miranda left. Was she pushed or did she bail out?  Did her relationship with Candice factor in?

Candice has done promotional interviews for Victoria's Secret with Miranda at her side and things seemed fine. However, a lot of fans who follow the brand and its models believe that these two women just don't get along.

8 She’s Friends With Behati Prinsloo

Candice has a strong friendship with fellow VS angel, Behati Prinsloo, who is married to Adam Levine from The Voice and Maroon 5. She and Candice have been spotted in casual clothes, doing a bit of shopping. Behati and Candice both seem like cool people. They're both from the same continent, so they probably have similar mindsets.

According to a Vogue story, these two models are expecting their second babies around the same time. This is great as they'll be going through pregnancy together and their second babies will be the same ages. Did they plan this? If so, they are BFFs for sure. If it's a coincidence, it's a lucky one. I wonder if they will both have boys or girls, or one of each? Will their children continue the fashion-friends legacy?

7 She Does Charity Work To Fight HIV In Africa

Daily Mail

Candice gives back by doing charity work for HIV in Africa. According to Glamour, she fights HIV and AIDS in Africa by collaborating with a brand called Mother Denim. She's designed some fun and practical pieces which women may buy to support the mothers2mothers charity. The clothes are basic, comfy and flattering, so they are cool choices. Plus, buying them helps others.

Candice's fave charity is committed to helping moms who have HIV get information from health care providers and then share it with other mothers and moms-to-be who are also HIV positive. This can save the lives of their children.

Clearly, this woman is beautiful on the inside and the outside.  She's thinking about a lot more than her looks. She's a loving mom and cares about other mom and babies, too.

6 Her Parenting Style Is Devoted

Daily Mail

Most of us are crazy about our babies. Babies are just so cute and they evoke our souls because they are a part of us. They're helpless and they need us. Candice is a very devoted mom. She brings her son to her fashion shows so she can nurse between runs down the catwalk. Her Instagram is plastered with pics of her baby. She's enjoying motherhood and IS giving herself to it one hundred percent. Candice is just like any other mom who is bewitched by her new baby.

It remains to be seen if she'll be strict or relaxed as a mom. Her son is still very little. She'll probably use her Libra sense of balance to create rules and structure, without going overboard. Either way, her kids will be lucky to call her mom!

5 She Had A Natural Labor

Candice did labor the drug-free way. Kudos to her. I couldn't quite achieve that goal myself. She was probably so fit due to her Victoria's Secret Angel lifestyle that she was able to handle labor pains better than most of us. It's hard to say just how easy or difficult her labor was. Labor hurts every woman.

She toughed it out without pain medication or an epidural. She's not judgmental about drug-free childbirth. It was just the right choice for her.

She told a reporter at People that labor without pain medication is "doable". She didn't go into gory details about her own labor. She also mentioned that she was happy with the way that her body reverted to its prior hotness (I'm not quoting verbatim) shortly after labor. I'm sure she looked gorgeous during and after labor, just as she looks gorgeous at all other times.

4 She Owns A House In Brazil


To relax and unwind, Candice heads for her house in Brazil. It's her fave place to relax. According to DivineCandice.com, she's anything but a city girl. She grew up out of the city and doesn't want to be in the city. This is why she escapes New York's hustle and bustle whenever she can. She heads for Brazil and it's her favorite place to buy bathing suits. She works a lot because it will enable her to live in Brazil full-time later. Smart girl.

Candice likes the Brazilian attitude towards body confidence. She shares it. She wears tiny bikinis and doesn't shy away from thong styles. She's quite comfortable wearing almost nothing. Since she takes such good care of her body, she's cool with showing it off during her downtime.

3 Her Son’s Name Is Anaci

Daily Mail

Anaci is a Brazilian boy's name. Candice's fiance is Brazilian. Candice's fave place is Brazil. So, it makes perfect sense that she gave her little one a Brazilian name. The baby is definitely super-cute. He has big eyes and he's usually being gazed at with adoration by one or both of his parents. He's often playing and having a good time.

Models who earn millions are able to provide their babies with enviable lifestyles from day one. However, you don't need to be a millionaire to make a baby happy. It's about proper baby care and lots of love. Rich, middle class or poor, it's always possible to have a baby as energized, smiley and full of life as little Anaci. Even if Candice and her hubby weren't a multi-million dollar couple, they would still make their home a happy one.

2 Candace Is Pregnant With Her 2nd Baby

Candice loves motherhood so much she's going to do it again. She's expecting right now and her friend Behati Prinsloo is also pregnant. They'll be able to push strollers together soon. According to Food for Better Health, she prepared for pregnancy by embracing an organic diet before she got pregnant. She stays on the organic diet while she's expecting.

You may have noticed that models and actresses use their lucrative earnings to buy the very best food. They know that splurging on organic food is one of the keys to great health. It also helps to build wonderful babies. Unfortunately, regular moms-to-be can't always afford to have everything organic, even if they want to. Whole Foods has been nicknamed, Whole Paycheck" for good reason! Just remember that as long as you're eating nutritious food full of vitamins and minerals, it doesn't matter whether it's organic or not.

1 She Goes Makeup-Free Outside Of Work


You don't get to be a top model by needing a ton of makeup to look nice. You get there because you look great in your natural state. This is true of Candice. She benefits from a little makeup but is noticeably beautiful without any at all.

Candice's everyday makeup look never changes too much. She's busy and she knows what works for her. She goes for Benetint for lips and cheeks. It's easy, fast and gives a bit of rosy color. She fills in her brows with a pencil. She loads on sunscreen before she puts on her makeup. For work, they use so much makeup on her, and even if they're professionals using the best products, it's going to take a toll on her skin. She doesn't want to wear all that in her free time.

References: People.com, Instagram.com, Celebitchy.com

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