18 Guys Confess How They Really Feel About Pregnancy Scares

While pregnancy is a wonderful and magical thing that so many men and women want in their lives, it can also be the scariest time of your life if you are not ready for, or weren't expecting, a baby. Most people, even those who are at a stable point in their lives - they have a career, a house and are in a loving relationship, would call it a pregnancy scare. It might be a surprise, but the scared aspect comes in when the thought of having a child is absolutely terrifying for you at that time.

As hard as it is on women who are anxiously waiting for their monthly visitor, it can be just as hard, if not harder, for the men. Society puts an extreme amount of pressure on a male to provide for his family, to grow up and to "be a man".

However, some of these Whisper confessions are coming from guys that are just teenagers. It can be hard to think about fully growing up when you still feel like a kid yourself.

Of course, there is something to be said for taking responsibility for your actions. Even when you are scared in life, you usually know the right thing to do. However, there are a lot of feelings guys have in the midst of a pregnancy scare, and here are 18 of them.

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A Life Reevaluation
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18 A Life Re-evaluation

A Life Reevaluation

This guy is definitely speaking the truth. Often times we get caught up in our daily routines and just go through the motions of life. We probably are not doing things that make us the happiest, and we might even feel stuck in a rut, or scared to reach for the dreams that we truly have. However, when you are faced with the very real possibility of having a child with someone, it will make you reflect on your life very quickly.

Are you where you thought you’d be at this age? Are you happy? Will a baby make things a million times worse? A million times better? It can be a very scary time, but this guy seems to have an oddly fond and familiar tone when he thinks about pregnancy scares. It’s possible that he has lived through a few.

17 Three’s A Crowd

Three Is A Crowd

It is a little hard to tell if this guy is being serious or just trying to make a joke out of a stressful situation by making it even more stressful. Can you imagine going through the reality of a pregnancy scare? So many thoughts rush through your head from job security to finances and even health care. How are you going to care for this baby?

Then, the doctor confirms your pregnancy. Your nightmare is a reality. You will be having a baby that you didn’t want or plan for. Oh, wait, it is not just one baby you have to worry about. Your girl is actually having triplets! Not just twins, but three little babies. I don’t know what kind of crazy guy secretly hopes for an unplanned pregnancy of triplets, but at least we know he would have been supportive about the pregnancy.

16 Zero Say

Zero Say

In a way, this guy makes a really good point. Some could argue that having a pregnancy scare is terrifying in general, whether you are a girl or a boy. You could even claim that being a girl is a million times worse because they are the ones that have to go through all of the hormonal changes, morning sickness and pains of childbirth. However, when it comes to choosing to keep the child or to get an abortion, the man really doesn’t have a say.

What if the father of the child really wanted to keep the baby and go through with the pregnancy? What if he desperately wanted the opportunity to be a father and believed that his baby would bring joy to their lives? None of that matters in the end if the girl decides to go through with an abortion. But on the other hand, if the guy wants an abortion and the girl wants to keep it, the girl will win no matter what.

15 Don’t Tell Your Parents

Don't Tell Your Parents

The fear of disappointing your parents is all too real. There are so many young girls and guys out there who are working hard to be the perfect student, the perfect son, or the perfect daughter. They want to do everything right. However, an unplanned pregnancy is basically a huge statement showing that you messed up. You didn’t take precautions, you didn’t plan, and you were irresponsible.

Of course, there are some unplanned pregnancies that come from complete accidents or mistakes that really aren’t the fault of the girl or the guy. However, that feeling of public shame and embarrassment is still so real. If the hardest part about having a baby is simply telling your parents though, it is going to be okay. Fatherhood is not easy, but this guy isn’t scared of it.

14 Think About The Future

Think About The Future

This is an odd version of a pregnancy scare because it has a very different ending than most would expect. Usually, if you do not want, or are not ready to have a baby, you are so excited to find out that your girlfriend is not actually pregnant. Especially if it was a close call, then there should be some major relief. However, that is not what this guy is feeling at all.

The fact that her pregnancy scare did not end in a real pregnancy showed him that there might be some issues going on in the reproductive area. He is probably really overthinking things though because even doctors recommend that you try for about a year without protection before assuming that there might be something wrong. One time probably doesn’t show much.

13 He Just Needs A Friend

He Just Needs A Friend

This guy is definitely preparing for the worst. He is really scared about what is probably coming next, and he just wants someone to talk to him and give him some emotional support. His life is about to change forever and he will be responsible for another little life. Of course, that is, if his girlfriend really is pregnant. There is still a chance that it could just be a scare and that they are in the clear.

But, it is probably better for him to think the way he is because it will allow him to mentally prepare and emotionally prepare for the possibility of a baby coming. It can be a very scary time but as long as you have good friends and a support system to get you through it, things will be okay.

12 He Is So Sweet

He Is So Sweet

He gets to marry her? That seriously sounded like the sweetest thing on the planet. It is not easy finding a guy that is truly loyal and loves you, let alone someone who wants to spend their entire life with you as well. It makes sense for this girl to be scared because pregnancy is a huge deal and it can really change a relationship and both of your lives.

Luckily, this girl may have gotten pregnant by a really good guy. He does not seem to be scared of commitment or have any reservations about starting a family with her. These are the types of couples that end up making it in the long run because love is clearly there and is a core foundation of their relationship. This guy could have easily decided to step up and just be a dad, but he didn’t want just that, he also wanted to be her husband.

11 Not With You

Not With You

Some guys just don’t understand when it is acceptable to be funny and when it is necessary to be serious. Having a pregnancy scare seems like a pretty serious time and would not be the best situation to make a bad joke. The joke was not just unfunny, but it was also rude and inappropriate. It sounded mean and hurtful.

This poor woman is in the midst of a crisis. She thinks that she might have gotten pregnant by this dude who is showing her no support or sympathy. He even picked that moment to take time out and insult her. By saying that he doesn’t want a baby with her, he is probably making the girl feel worthless and not excited to have his baby if she is indeed pregnant. He should probably learn when not to make poor jokes.

10 What A Life

What A Life

Pregnancy is scary, whether you are prepared for it and expecting it or not. Bringing a new life into this world is a huge deal and a massive responsibility. However, as scary as it can be, it is also so extremely rewarding. Many people couldn’t imagine their heart feeling the way it does when you find out that a little human that is half of you is being formed. Happiness and fear is a very reasonable reaction, but the second part of the story is sad.

All of the first emotions are finally starting to settle in when the terrible news of a miscarriage comes. Some people actually feel relieved about a miscarriage when they weren’t expecting a baby in the first place. But, once you get your hopes up and become truly excited about this new little life, a miscarriage can be devastating.

9 Can I Be The Godfather

Can I Be The Godfather

This does not sound like a friend who is offering any sort of real-life support. This poor guy is going through the scariest experience of his life. He may have gotten his girlfriend pregnant by accident. When a baby is not expected it can really throw a wrench in a lot of your plans. It uproots your entire life and can be emotionally draining.

But, leave it to the best friend to make the entire situation lighthearted and funny. At least someone is excited about the idea of a baby being brought into the world. And, he is not only willing but excited to be the baby’s godfather. That means that he will take care of it if the parents cannot. But ultimately, we all know that this friend just wants the cool title.

8 A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Life

It is a really bold statement to say that you never want kids. There are a lot of people who think that at some point in their lives, but as they get older, they eventually change their mind and think that a little baby might sound kind of nice. The great thing about this Whisper confession is that this guy is sure that he will take responsibility for his actions. When you are sexually active, there is a chance that you could get a girl pregnant. Even if you are being extremely careful, nothing is 100%.

The fact that this guy already has it in his mind that he would do everything he could to give his child the most amazing life is actually really sweet. Even if he didn’t want kids, once he has one, there is a good chance that things will change and he would end up falling in love with fatherhood. He already seems to have good instincts.

7 Scared Out Of His Mind

Scared Out Of His Mind

This situation does sound pretty scary. This guy is still just a teenager who doesn’t really know what to do in order to make things right. The girl he may have gotten pregnant doesn’t even want to date him. This means that there is really no hope for them to fall in love or be a family. This may seem like it makes everything more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

There are tons of mothers and fathers who raise their kid separately. There is no reason to rush into a relationship just because the girl is pregnant. The baby would honestly be much happier if their parents were happy. If they have two separate lives but fill them with love and positivity, that child will have a great life. It is going to be a long hard journey for an 18-year-old, but he will get there.

6 They'll Find Out Sooner Or Later

They'll Find Out Sooner Or Later

His parents are definitely going to find out at some point. I mean, eventually, a baby is going to show up and they are going to have to explain where it came from. I could understand that telling your parents that you got your girlfriend pregnant would be a scary thing, but trying to keep it a secret and hoping they never find out just seems like a really odd way to go about things.

Unless this guy is planning on getting an abortion or having his girlfriend give the baby up for adoption, this logic makes no sense. He wants to keep the whole thing a secret, take care of the “problem” and then go back to normal and pretend like it never happened. This might come back to haunt him in the future, but in the midst of a crisis, it makes sense.

5 He Wants To Be A Daddy

He Wants To Be A Daddy

I literally melt when I read Whisper confessions like this. This guy is already emotionally on board with a surprise pregnancy and his girlfriend doesn’t even know that he is aware of the situation at all. She is probably trying to keep him in the dark, in hopes that she isn’t pregnant. That way she wouldn’t have to scare him for no reason.

However, somehow, this guy found out and he seems to be handling it pretty well. For someone that never wanted kids in the past, this is somewhat of a fork in the road. He is faced with the very real possibility of raising a child and it is actually making him excited. This will give his girlfriend so much hope if she really is pregnant, and possibly allow them to create a beautiful little family.

4 Period Week

Period Week

This guy’s Whisper confession is probably very relatable for so many other men out there. Usually, Aunt Flo's week is the dreaded week where men know that their woman is somewhat off-limits. They might even be grossed out about it and not want to do anything with them. However, when you are in the midst of a pregnancy scare, that week feels like heaven on earth.

This guy, like many others, will be celebrating it because one week of no action is so much better than a lifetime of a child that you were not expecting or ready for. The idea of an unplanned pregnancy is very scary and overwhelming, but when the possibility is extremely real, it can definitely put things into perspective. If her monthly visitor is late, the anxiety is going to be so much worse.

3 They Haven’t Been Together

They Haven't Been Together

Well, obviously they have had sex a few times if this guy can remember that they didn’t have any close calls. However, it is unclear as to what he is referring to when he is thinking back. Is a close call when his wife forgets to take her birth control or is a close call when they don’t use a rubber? There are a lot of ways a woman can get pregnant and it doesn’t necessarily have to seem like a close call for it to get her pregnant.

A woman can get pregnant from a man’s Cowper's fluid, which means the couple might think that they are totally in the clear when they are not. It seems like this husband is suspecting that his wife may have cheated on him. That is a scary thing to think about but there must be some trust issues if he is considering this as an option.

2 He'll Be There No Matter What

He'll Be There No Matter What

Being in high school is hard enough as it is. The idea of possibly getting a girl pregnant will make everything so much scarier. You have to grow up real quick and will most likely need the help of your parents. This guy acts like he doesn’t know what to do, but the truth is that he is just scared. His life might change forever, and that is a scary and overwhelming thought. Maybe he was planning on going to college, or maybe he was considering the military.

Whatever path he was going to choose, it is still possible to follow all of his dreams with a child. It may be harder, but he can do it if he puts his mind to it. He already claims to be really loyal to his girl which is a great first step.

1 It Was Nothing

It Was Nothing

Now, this is an example of a pregnancy scare joke that is actually funny and pretty acceptable. He already found out that his wife was not pregnant, so the fear and anxiety was already in the past. There wasn't an insulting spirit behind his joke was and it wasn’t even mean. He was just making a funny pun and also saying that his wife was slightly overreacting.

It’s easy to tell that he is only saying that because of the joke that he is trying to make by referencing his wife’s ovaries. If there was still a chance that his wife could be pregnant, the joke would have been a little worse because of the timing. However, the fact that they are already married makes things a little less stressful because they already have a solid foundation for their relationship.

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