18 Hilarious Pics That Prove Kids Are Smarter Than Us

Kids say the craziest things. We’ve all heard the comments made by parents, teachers, camp counselors, and babysitters that children tend to surprise us all with what they come up with. They will say shocking things, will make us laugh, and sometimes push our buttons with the inappropriate things that we can’t believe they know, yet they do. Sometimes they learn it from older children, and sometimes they learn it from other adults. And sometimes, they even learn it from us, their parents. That is embarrassing for certain, but hey, we all make mistakes. Some of these kids are just a little more ahead of the curve than others and just think of life in a different way.

Most of the time though, kids just seem to be extra impressionable and advanced these days. They are genius in the way they figure things out, whether it be life in general, school work, or personal relationships. Many of us can learn a thing from these “geniuses” who make us think twice about our own childhoods and what we knew and didn’t know back then. They seem to be way ahead of most of the kids we knew growing up, and even ourselves. They shock us and make us laugh with their knowledge.

Now, lots of kids are still typical kids, don’t get me wrong. They don’t really push the envelope in society. But there are some kids out there that just have that extra spark and gumption. They amaze us all with their knowledge and what comes out of their mouths at any given moment. They will educate, entertain and show us how they see the world. Here are examples of 19 Hilarious Pics that Prove Kids Are Geniuses:

18 Too Dangerous To “Circle” Tornado

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Tornadoes are quite scary and cause a lot of damage. Even adults fear them and no one wants to be caught in the path of one. Most would go into hiding somewhere safe and watch them from a distance. Kids have active imaginations, and sometimes fear the worst unless they have an adult who can remind them that they are safe. Otherwise they may fear that they could be caught up in the tornado. Some kids though, like to have fun with their imagination. They will continue to make up games and scenarios whether or not they are true. These kids are truly outside the norm, and will probably be those quirky adults who start their own companies one day. They help the rest of us see the world in a new and cool way.

As we can see in the picture above, this kid is having a lot of fun with the idea of not “circling a tornado,” making the adult laugh and sigh at the same time. This is definitely a kid with a sense of humor and intelligence to boot that will keep all the adults around them on their toes. They are the original thinkers of the world, and the ones who will be speaking up at meetings due to their interesting way of seeing the world. They will probably have the most original ideas too that may not always resonate with everyone, but will make them memorable. People won't forget someone who thinks outside the box (or outside the tornado in this case). This is a kid to watch out for most definitely!

17  Thinking Hard About The Answer

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Then there are the kids that like to show the adults around them that they are more than a pretty or handsome face. They will answer questions the way they think it makes sense, and will be kind of annoyed if the adults around them ask why they answered that way. Whether this is a literary question or a numbers question, they will wonder, "Why do I need to prove it to you? I know the answer. Look, it's right here on my page written down." These kinds of brains think in a very specific way and don't see the world the same way the majority of folk do. It makes for a an interesting take on answering questions in the classroom, and sometimes can spark a new discussion on learning styles depending on the teacher.

The little boy that answered this math question was definitely on the wavelength of, "Hey, this is my answer and I am going with it because this is what I came up with." It is so funny in its directness, and the fact that this child has absolutely no qualms drawing out his response with a picture that says he is thinking. Brilliant. This is one of those "think outside of the box" kids. He most definitely has a very different learning style and would be a challenge for most teachers in the classroom, unless of course they are teachers who also think outside the box. It's important to embrace all types of learning styles, but it definitely has its challenges for all concerned in the education arena.

16 Seeing It When You Don't

Then there are the kids who have so-called “hawk eyes” and can spot things from a mile away. They may not see the world like the rest of us. Their answers may differ from the majority and they may not see too many greys. But their black and white view of the world is rather refreshing. It kind of shakes things up for the rest of us and helps us see things in a whole new way. They are concrete kids who tell it like it us, and make the rest of the adults around them see what the whole point of being direct. It makes things simple, and keeps us all, children and adults, on an even keel. These kids can be thought of as unoriginal, but they are the farthest thing from it. They keep everyone around them on their toes.

The child that circled ALL the zeroes in the diagram, including the 0 that is part of the number 10, is one such child. He or she is technically right when you think about it. But the teacher still marked it wrong, because it is wrong in the way most people would view this answer. But this kid does get the rest of us to think of the answer in a whole new way. There was a 0 in the answer 10. Why should that be marked wrong? It is direct, concrete, makes sense, and though it is not 0, there is a zero in it, so isn't it technically considered to be right? It's all in the way one looks at the question and answer. This is a different perspective and a cool way to see things.

15 The Socially Aware Child

Kids sometimes have a keener eye than most adults for socially wrong things. And though it is serious, it is also sometimes funny when they catch us in a faux-pas. Sometimes it is an expression like “kill two birds with one stone” that a child may question due to its gruesome overtones. Other times, it’s something more grammatically inappropriate that may help them express their social consciousness. They could feel that some adult turn of phrases do not make much sense. This is when they will answer the adult in a matter of fact way. For example, if an adult says, "I am freezing to death out here," a child that is more literal would answer, "Um no. You're not dying. You are only cold."

This little exercise is the perfect example of a kid with a good social conscience trying to make the adults around him/her change their ways. Well, they succeeded with their reminder that we should not hit dogs. Wow. Sobering and funny at the same time that it took a child to remind the adults to watch their choice of words. It is also encouraging to see that some parents are managing in this increasingly violent world to get the message out to their children that violence is not only wrong, but is inappropriate in all manners of speaking. It is great to see these same children spreading that message to their parents and to the rest of the world. They are not afraid to stand up for what is right and tell everyone what is the wrong.

14 The Kid Who Spoke Truth

Then there are the little darlings who speak the truth so candidly, that sometimes they come across as, shall we say, rude? They are the kids who will answer honestly if you ask if you look good. He or she would also say they do not want to play with so and so because they find that kid boring. They make the rest of us laugh with their candor and honesty. At the same time, they can understandably ruffle some feathers, particularly the feathers of those that are more sensitive to what people say. It's like the child who will tell an adult who is a talker, "Gee, you sure talk a lot." Or, when they see someone who is large, the child comments quite innocently, "My Daddy has a big belly too." Parents usually want to die a thousand deaths when their "truth teller" opens up, but most folks get it.

As this tweet demonstrates, this is one such darling of a child who is literally speaking the truth. Of course mom got the chocolate for Mother’s Day due to having him and being a mom. But really kid, it’s mom's gift to decide what to do with, right? Still, we can’t fight his logic to try and get that yummy chocolate in his belly. This is the kind of kid that gives us all a good laugh, but parenting them and being on the other side of the joke is not always the easiest thing in the world. They have logic to back up their comebacks as well as honesty, so even if what they say is offensive, it is still rather funny. The adults around them can't really fault them for saying it either.

13 The Kid On Another Level Completely

And then there are the kids that are not only very visual, but so descriptive that they see numbers the way they would see literary phrases. They are literal children who take their homework very seriously, and want that good mark for describing everything they are doing in perfect detail down to the last letter. Or else this is just the way they view everything in the world and so be it. They are logical, practical and see things in a linear way. They tend to be literal thinkers, which is good. But it can have its drawbacks if they are talking to people who see the grey areas in things instead of just black and white. They also can flip things around in a way others cannot, and this can make for some communication challenges.

This eight year old is one such child. He goes so far as to describe the shape of the numbers with the curl of the tails. Wow. This kid is truly thinking outside of the universe, never mind the box. Lots of interesting things are happening there for sure. He will go far in life and get the people around him looking at things in a whole new way. He is literal. He is picking up on a detail most of us would have missed. Eight is curly and six is not. This is true, even if it is not the answer the teacher was looking for or even thinking of. Hopefully he got points for this kind of thinking.

12 The Future Avant Garde Artist

Picasso and other famous artists long gone were often misunderstood in their own time. Even some people today think that those artists did not know what the heck they were doing. Still, they were geniuses, even if not everyone shared their tastes. To each his own for sure. Yet a lot of our modern day Picassos are doing the same thing. Not every person will understand their quirky sense of humor, art, language or imagination, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. These kids truly have a cool way of viewing the ordinary, and if parents and other adults let themselves, they can learn a lot from these youngsters.

The avant-garde little artist who drew the picture in the image above, really, really had an interesting reply to the question of what she drew. A blob. Wow. And then she said she didn’t even know what is was. Now, if that isn’t the mark of future artist in bloom, I don’t know what is. She is truly unique and what a hoot that she had fun with this assignment. We don't know what grade the teacher gave to her, but we hope she got partial points for originality, sass, and humor. It takes a lot of guts to answer with something like this. It is quite interesting that she admitted drawing something, but even she did not know what it was. This kid is not afraid to talk about her limitations and show us her strengths.

11 It's All About Perspective

We’ve all been that kid at some point. Our parents want us to eat a certain type of food that we may not want to try or have tried and don’t like. They remind us about the importance of eating a balanced meal with all the food groups- meat, grains, fruits and vegetables. But we don’t want to eat a particular fruit. So some kids try and find a sneaky way to get around eating their fruits. Kids are crafty, and the smart silent ones are the ones parents have to watch out for. They will try whatever they need to do to avoid eating something they do not like. These kids are always a step ahead. Parents need to learn to be too.

Ah, yes. The literal child who found the way to get around eating ALL his fruit. His mom asked him to eat half his grapes and that is what he did; he ate exactly half of the entire stem of grapes and left the other one for mom or dad to finish. Absolutely hysterical. Only mom and dad may have been torn between laughter and annoyance at the same time. These kids learn to give parents the go around at a young age, and they can be both entertaining and exhausting. Their answers are correct, yet they find a way for parents to be both impressed and frustrated. This child will have no issues taking care of themselves one day for sure! They know how to work a room full of adults.

10 Logical Kid

Some kids are all about logic front, center and back. They answer a question as they see fit, and respond with yes or no to everything. Was school good? Yes. Did you like the pasta? No. How are you feeling? Good. Their answers are one word, quick and direct. There is nothing left to the imagination, and parents can basically trust that these kids are honest and logical. It is hard to get detail out of them, and this can be annoying for the parent or adult quizzing them. These kids will also get annoyed by the adult attempting to extract more information from them because they feel that the adult is bothering them with so many questions. It is a challenge for the more chatty adult and the child of few words to hold a conversation together.

The child that answered this question was nothing but logical. What a cool kid to solve a problem in a simple and direct way. It is also funny because the answer rings true. Now, how many of us would have had the courage to answer like that? Of course, this is only one way to interpret the question. There is a standard answer that the teacher was obviously looking for, but then again, not all kids are your standard kids with the typical answers to questions. This is another example of a kid thinking outside the box. We hope that this child was given some points for the original answer, but then again, it would depend on the teacher. I'm sure regardless the teacher paused and had lots to think about after seeing this answer.

9 The Hero

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Okay, how many of us could be calm, cool and collected in a huge emergency that involved one of our parents not being conscious? Not many without panicking, to be sure. This little girl not only called 911 when she could not revive her mother, but even took the extra precaution of trying to revive her by hitting her with a piece of pizza! Yes, that’s right. I said hitting her with pizza! We have to laugh at her ingenuity at using whatever was nearest. She didn’t go and panic more than necessary. And all jokes aside, she must have been super scared. This kid has chutzpah, bravery and will go far. Help came and everyone was fine. It was a happy ending. And hey, they probably even had dinner to boot!

8 This Kid’s Interesting Logic

Some kids march to the beat of their own drummers from a young age. They dress, talk, and interact differently than the rest of us. Some kids laugh at them. Some kids admire them. Some kids can’t figure them out. But most people have to admit that these unique kids are pretty neat in the way they see the world and everyone’s role in it. They open up the rest of our eyes and help us to stretch our own boundaries. These kids will usually dress differently, talk with their own type of language, think outside the box as far as music  and art go. They don't really care if people like what they say or do or not. They leave it up to others to decide what to make of them.

7 The Colorful Imagination Kid

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This is the kind of kid who would never color with anything but the bright colors or paints on the canvas. This is also the kind of kid that is only too happy to put on a play with dramatic car chases, police hunting down the criminals with the hero saving the day. Life is never boring with this kid in your home or classroom. However, the only problem is that sometimes teachers say these kids are dreamers who have a tough time focusing in class. This type of child has to learn to use his/her incredible gifts to succeed at school, but also has to know when to reign them in so as not to disrupt the class. It requires a fine art of balancing both sides of his/her brain.

Let's be honest: Seahorses are way cooler and less scary than barnacles. Indeed, what a question! Who would pick a barnacle over a seahorse? And not only is the kid sassy enough to give that answer in detail, but even gives the teacher heck for the question. Though I'm not sure the teacher appreciates being called an idiot. This is where said child has to learn to balance their creative and fertile imagination, with respect, tolerance for those whose opinions are different from their own, and of course, respect for authority. It is a hard balance for many of these kinds of thinkers, so sometimes this side of their personality will come out.

6 Genius Shortcut

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There are some kids who like to take shortcuts when they answer questions. They are truly geniuses who see the world in a whole new way, and they take the rest of us along for the ride. They will often cut across a soccer field to find the easiest way to score a goal. So, they broke a few rules. At least they scored. They will also answer a question with an answer that is true to some extent, but that leaves the rest of us pondering their unique take on the question. Most people, and especially kids, would have answered a standard question in school the same way. A kid who takes genius shortcuts is the one who has us marveling at their answers and trying to figure out, now where did he come up with that?

And then there are the kids that get around one question by using their knowledge of another subject. Instead of using science and biology to answer this question, the kid went with what he knows about girls. How old is this kid? He has gumption, we have to say that. However, his answer might be true, but it needs to be written with more polite language and perhaps explaining in detail what he means without sarcasm. One has to admit though, he makes a good point about dating and relationships in our modern day world. But his teacher would probably prefer for those answers to stay outside the classroom. This kid is obviously very mature for his age and we imagine has picked up a few pointers from an older sibling or cousin. We are sure he kept his teacher plenty busy!

5 The Economist

A lot of kids have a hard time understanding how the world works and everyday things like how to pay bills, buy food and take care of themselves. In fact, some adults still struggle with this! As kids get older, their parents speak to them and teach them how to handle things. If they are lucky, they have parents who involve them in political and economic discussions so they can learn about the world around them. These are the kids that end up giving very thought-provoking answers. We can visualize them as little accountants, business men/women, philosophers and the like. They thoughtfully pause before answering a question, and give the most profound answers to some of life's questions. These are the kids that both ask and answer questions about politics, the battle of the sexes, the environment and religion. We are usually amazed by what comes out of their little mouths.

This kid in this image answers a simple scientific question with such a logical answer. It leads us all to wonder what kind of interesting home they must be growing up in. Hey, they know the difference between political systems. That is progressive and very intelligent of them. They will go far in life. Again, this is obviously a child that grew up hearing a lot of political discussions around him or her, and they felt confident in their one word answer. The parents of this child did them a huge favor in having these discussions as it helped this child learn about the world around them. Of course, not everyone will share their beliefs, and that is something else that this child has to remember when answering questions.

4 Thinking Outside The Box

There are so many cool characters out there that see the world in a whole different way than the vast majority of people. They like to look at the whole and not just the parts. They also like to see things from a different perspective than the rest of us, whether it is on a test, answering in real life, or in other situations that arise. Their answers are always outside the box, and help the rest of us learn to bend the rules a little bit in our way of thinking. They are unique in every single way and make the rest of us take notice of them because of it. They are not the easiest kids in the classroom as it can throw teachers and others students off, but they teach us a lot.

Just look at the way this child answered the question of the longer line. Instead of looking at the lines in the question and measuring those, this kid took all the lines on the sheet into consideration and made his/her decision. How cool is that? The teacher probably had to at least pause a second before correcting the answer. Even though the child did not answer the question as it was intended, we have to admit, the answer they gave is also right on the mark. It's the unconventional way of answering a very conventional question. Hopefully they got some kudos for their chutzpah in answering the question this way. Who knows? It really depends on the way the teacher runs the classroom and what they are expecting their students to take from the subjects.

3 Just Go Poop

Many kids are taught by parents from a young age the importance of going to the bathroom regularly. Parents will often encourage their children to try going to the bathroom when they have an upset stomach. They'll encourage their kids to eat foods that aid in digestion and discourage anything that might make going number two harder. And it looks like the kid above learned that lesson very well. He is happy to have done his number 2, probably got a sticker or other reward, and life is good for him all around. Kids who form good bathroom habits and other routines, usually are able to handle stress better too. Parents do them a favor when they help their child out in this area of life.

How sweet that he wanted to try and help his teacher feel better! And, of course, he's going to offer her the only medical advice he has. He even included a little drawing, in case she wasn't getting the point. Now this is a kid who was raised right! Of course, telling a teacher that she needs to poop is not appropriate conversation, but after all, he was just trying to be helpful. After the teacher stopped laughing, she probably realized that. However, this kid seriously needs to have some boundaries about what is appropriate to write to his teacher and what is not. We have a feeling mom and dad did not get a chance to see this get well card until much later on! Then most likely they had a long time with junior about it.

2 How To Handle Problems

Get up and deal with it! Priceless! Many kids do exaggerate little boo boos so I could see this kid's mom and dad talking to him, telling him to stop making a big deal and handle it. Well, it looks like he learned the lesson and is teaching the teacher now! It's refreshing when one sees a child that is able to make light of little problems and move forward towards helping others solve it. They are not the overly sensitive adults we sometimes see who did not have the fortune to be taught good coping mechanisms to handle life's small problems. That is the first thing that parents need to teach: "Is this a big, medium or serious problem? How would you solve it?"

1 School in One Word

Well, we all know a kid who does not like school, or certain parts of school. Maybe they had a bad experience with daycare, or maybe it began in kindergarten when they started to have a little bit of work to do. All the same, these kids begin to associate school with things that are not too positive at all. They may refuse to go to school, and if forced, will give funny or snarky answers. It is a parent's job to help them see the positive things about school and learning. Eventually, these same kids will see how school is preparing them for life and for doing a job they will one day love and be incredibly good at. In the meantime, they have to do all the subjects, including the ones they are not super excited about.

The kid in this question really believed that the one word that describes school is HELL. It’s both funny and sad that he/she would share this with their teacher. At least you can say they are honest and don’t leave much to the imagination about where they need help. And come on, all of us that have heard our kids say their favorite subjects are gym and recess will love this one just a bit. The only issue is if this child keeps this attitude up, all jokes aside, they will not learn anything that will prepare them for life. Mind you, a child that doesn't like the curriculum may help the adults around them understand that some programs in school may need an overhaul but a positive attitude towards learning is key.

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