17 Thinking Hard About The Answer

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Then there are the kids that like to show the adults around them that they are more than a pretty or handsome face. They will answer questions the way they think it makes sense, and will be kind of annoyed if the adults around them ask why they answered that

way. Whether this is a literary question or a numbers question, they will wonder, "Why do I need to prove it to you? I know the answer. Look, it's right here on my page written down." These kinds of brains think in a very specific way and don't see the world the same way the majority of folk do. It makes for a an interesting take on answering questions in the classroom, and sometimes can spark a new discussion on learning styles depending on the teacher.

The little boy that answered this math question was definitely on the wavelength of, "Hey, this is my answer and I am going with it because this is what I came up with." It is so funny in its directness, and the fact that this child has absolutely no qualms drawing out his response with a picture that says he is thinking. Brilliant. This is one of those "think outside of the box" kids. He most definitely has a very different learning style and would be a challenge for most teachers in the classroom, unless of course they are teachers who also think outside the box. It's important to embrace all types of learning styles, but it definitely has its challenges for all concerned in the education arena.

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