18Too Dangerous To “Circle” Tornado

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Tornadoes are quite scary and cause a lot of damage. Even adults fear them and no one wants to be caught in the path of one. Most would go into hiding somewhere safe and watch them from a distance. Kids have active imaginations, and sometimes fear the worst unless they have

an adult who can remind them that they are safe. Otherwise they may fear that they could be caught up in the tornado. Some kids though, like to have fun with their imagination. They will continue to make up games and scenarios whether or not they are true. These kids are truly outside the norm, and will probably be those quirky adults who start their own companies one day. They help the rest of us see the world in a new and cool way.

As we can see in the picture above, this kid is having a lot of fun with the idea of not “circling a tornado,” making the adult laugh and sigh at the same time. This is definitely a kid with a sense of humor and intelligence to boot that will keep all the adults around them on their toes. They are the original thinkers of the world, and the ones who will be speaking up at meetings due to their interesting way of seeing the world. They will probably have the most original ideas too that may not always resonate with everyone, but will make them memorable. People won't forget someone who thinks outside the box (or outside the tornado in this case). This is a kid to watch out for most definitely!

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