18 Interesting Facts About Royal Nannies

We have all dreamed of being a prince, princess, king, queen or any part of the royal family, but what about a royal nanny? The role of a nanny is a caring one, they are entrusted with looking after children day and night. The job of a nanny is very common and many choose it as a steady employment opportunity with stable pay, but being a nanny to little royals and their powerful parents is a totally different experience with a whole new set of rules (and a very appealing salary).

At the end of the day though, how good is the salary compared to everything these women need to put up with?

Expected to be as practically perfect as the iconic Disney nanny Mary Poppins, becoming a nanny to royalty requires a lot of jumping through hoops.

From the pros to the cons and everything in between, a royal nanny certainly has a lot on her plate, and this list is going to tell you all about that. Are you considering to start your training to be a royal nanny? Want to know what you could be in for? Then this article is the one to read, here is "Royal Nannies: 18 Facts That Left Us Speechless".

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18 Fired In A Flash

Are you not afraid to speak your mind and want your opinions to be heard? Well, history shows that those qualities are exactly what the royal family does not want in a nanny to little princes and princesses. Only speak when spoken to and follow instructions with no debate, is what is desired in a royal nanny, and if you do otherwise, don't be surprised if you are fired instantly.

In the past, it has been known that several nannies have been let go of within only one week (yeah that's right, only seven days!) for disagreeing with their royal bosses and trying to change the way that things are done. Not surprising, as royalty tends to like tradition and does not move with the times as quickly as the rest of us, so bringing new ideas or ways of doing things into the mix was a big no-no, but 2018 seems to be bringing hope.

17 Times Have Changed

Like I said, 2018 brings hope for those outspoken people longing to be nannies to the royals, because nowadays, nannies often have a good friendship with the royal family that they work for and can speak their mind freely, even offering alternative ideas and parenting tips. Hard to imagine advising a King or Queen on how to raise their little ones, but this is truly the way that things seem to be going now, which is a big contrast to the instant sacking you used to get for doing the exact same thing, oh how times change.

As an example, Prince William and his wife Kate (also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), have a very good bond with their children's nannies - you may even to go so far as to call them friends. This may be to do with the fact that they are younger and more up-to-date with the times. Who knows exactly why, but the good thing is that this seems to be a much healthier relationship and saves them continuous interviews for new nannies.

16 Nanny Becomes Tutor

A royal nanny's main job is, of course, to care for the children of whom they work for, but as well as this they have A LOT of other duties, one of which being teaching the small royals. By teaching I don't mean basic skills, but a full curriculum just as any qualified teacher would.  This again was a tradition as most royal children were home-schooled, either by several different tutors or as I said, by their nanny.

Don't worry however, if you think that you are not up to the challenge of  teaching children, let alone royal children - more and more members of royal families around the world are choosing to place their young ones in schools, so chances are that your role will be pretty much as expected, looking after the young ones minus the education.

15 Attached For Life

When your parents are busy attending to their important royal duties and your main source of love, affection, and security is your nanny, it is almost inevitable that you will become attached and possibly see them as a parental figure. It is very common for this to happen, and young royals often got very clingy to their nannies in the absence of their parents, calling their nannies 'Mother' or 'Angel' among other affectionate names.

In the picture above is the late Princess of Wales, Diana, with her then-young sons and, in the back, their Nanny. Although Princess Diana was a very hands-on mother, despite her royal status, Prince William still had a very strong bond with his Nanny. So strong, in fact, that he re-hired her when he eventually had his own children.

14 Wet-Nursing

In everyday society, breastfeeding is encouraged and often you are looked down on if you decide to bottle-feed - which should not be the case (FED is best, no matter how it's done) - but when it comes to royal families around the world, breastfeeding your children has been seen, in the past, as shameful, because it makes you neglect your royal duties and is simply impractical.

That does not mean that bottle-feeding was always the way to go. Instead, nannies were often asked to nurse the young princes or princesses so that they could still get the benefits of breast-milk, despite their mothers being absent due to their important role and the jobs that come with it. Obviously, this would require the nanny to be producing breast-milk, meaning they would have their own child. Talk about a lot of mouths to feed!

13 No Retirement

As I mentioned earlier, royalty tends to stick to what they know, and never stray from tradition, which can mean that if you take a job as a royal nanny to little princes and princesses, you are likely to be in that employment for a lifetime - as long as they like you, of course.

Royal nannies can be hired during their teenage years, and often stay until they are old, ready to retire and likely have cared for their fair share of small royals. It is at this point, that the family must let go of tradition, and move on to the next generation of nannies right? Actually more often than not, a king or queen has been known to ask a nanny to come out of retirement to look after their young ones, finding it just impossible to let such an important asset go. I think that a pay raise would be in order in that case.

12 Too Close For Comfort

Royal or not, of course, you want your children to be happy with who you have chosen to be their nanny and you want them to have a good bond, but how much is too much? Looking through history you can see that there is a clear line that is not to be crossed when it comes to how close a royal nanny should be with the little royals in their care.

Princess Diana (she is a great example to use and the media seemed to follow her and her life most ardently, judging by my research) at first, did not want  a nanny breastfeeding her children, and was determined to be a stay-at-home mother despite her royal stature, but duty called and her marriage to Prince Charles (the Prince of Wales) broke down meaning that assistance was called in. But this assistance was soon kicked to the curb, as Diana was not happy with how close the nanny was with her two princes - the nanny even went as far as calling them 'her babies'.

11 Nanny School

Being a nanny does not always require years of training and a strict uniform - a lot of the times, it is more laid back. But obviously, when it comes to becoming a royal nanny, everything is bigger and more intense - meaning you have to be ready to be put through the ringer, as they say, by going back to school.

One of the most famous schools for royal nannies is the 'Norland School For Nannies', once located in London when it was founded in 1892, before it moved to Bath in 2003, which remains its present location. The Norland College prides itself on training the best of the best when it comes to nannies and their training is intense. A lot different from hiring your neighbor to watch your children a couple hours a week, Norland Nannies are absolute professionals with advanced training in childcare.

10 Women Only... But That's Changing

Women have been discriminated against a lot throughout history and have faced (and still face) a lot of sexism, but in this case, it is the men who for many years were excluded and judged if they wanted to be nannies. In the past, the schools/training for royal nannies accepted women only and no men were ever let it. Years passed and one man was accepted into the training, but never hired, because women, as most will know, were seen as the caring sex and men 'incapable' of fulfilling such a role.

However, don't be disheartened boys, because times have changed and 2018 could be the year of the 'mannies'. As you can see in the picture above, more and more males are now being accepted into the prestigious 'Norland College' and are training as high-quality nannies.

9 No Waste

Nowadays disposable diapers are the thing to use on your babies because they are quick, easy and convenient compared to their cloth diaper counterparts, that take time and more effort to sort as you cannot just throw them out, they must be cleaned. But when it comes to royalty, disposable diapers are a big no-no! Little princes and princesses have always had cloth nappies used on their delicate bodies, and still to this day. Like I said, tradition is something most royal families try to uphold.

When royal nannies are being trained, they are told to use cloth diapers and taught not only how to use and clean them, but also they must know several different ways to tie/put on the cloth diapers in order to give the royal baby maximum comfort.

8 Keep It Tidy

This is most likely a standard that all nannies must uphold, whether they are looking after royal babies or not, but I guess that having such powerful employers adds an extra pressure when they come in to check.

The tidiness and cleanliness of the royal nursery is vital, meaning it must be presentable at all times, no matter what else you are doing. Sounds simple enough with help, but a lot of the time, the cleaners are busy elsewhere and it is up to the royal nanny to keep the nursery looking shipshape, all on their own. With several inspections a day, and lots of other jobs to be done (including as we mentioned earlier, teaching the children), it is not an underestimation when I say that these nannies must have superpowers.

7 Ready To Fight

Linking to the point I made in the previous entry, royal nannies have to have superpowers to do their job and that is including super strength. The everyday nanny is trained in how to care for children of all ages just as a royal nanny is, but on top of this, when caring for the young ones of kings and queens, the requirements are a bit more than just your basic childcare.

Due to royalty being in the public eye, meaning they are constantly chased by paparazzi and reporters, as well as always being under threat of attackers, royal nannies go through Tai Kwan Do training (a Korean form of the martial arts used for self-defense). You may laugh and think that this is all a bit dramatic but when it comes to the safety of the future rulers of our world, it is no joke.

6 Bare Face

Sorry if you are a lover of all things MAC. If you want a job as a royal nanny, it is time to wipe off your make up and pack away your liquid lipsticks and glittery highlighters - being 'on fleek' is definitely not a vital part of this job.

Many jobs prefer minimal to no makeup, so this is no surprise when it comes to being a royal nanny especially considering their love for traditional things, including looks. A royal nanny must refrain from wearing any makeup, bar the bare minimum (example in the picture above) such as a plain lipstick and subtle blush. Although how you look and what makeup you choose to put on your face shouldn't make a difference to who you are and how you do your job, in the case of being a royal nanny this is how things stand at the moment, but again, who knows, it is 2018, maybe royal nannies will be rocking some contour soon enough.

5 All Hours

A royal nanny's work is never done, especially when they not only look after the children throughout the day, but also through the restless nights too. When hired as a royal nanny, it is likely that you will be packing your bags and moving into their home, and although many people dream of living in a big castle, this is far from a perk of the job.

24 hour non-stop shifts looking after the little princes or princesses can be very tiring and your sleep is likely to be interrupted in order for you to adhere to the little royals' needs (especially during the baby years) as their parents need their sleep, to rule their country and what not. I guess it's not so bad when you see the smiles on those little faces, making the job all worthwhile.

4 Stunt Woman

Royal nannies have to be prepared for all situations, no matter how terrifying or dangerous, including paparazzi car-chases and drowning scares. Because of this, royal nannies are trained to swim exceptionally well so that they can save the little prince or princess if they're in danger in water. They're also trained in stunt-driving, so they can safely speed away from those persistent paparazzi and reporters. Sounds like something out of the movies, I know, but it's true. And you thought that being a royal nanny was boring when actually, they are basically James Bond in a nanny uniform.

This is an extra advantage to anyone training as a royal nanny as well, because if that career doesn't work out, then they always need more stuntmen/women in Hollywood! Think you have what it takes? Wait till the next entry to see what else royal nannies have in store for them.

3 Teamwork And Leadership

74900 PKT819A LP3D VARIOUS ROYAL FAMILY PICTURES Prince William of Wales arrives at Gatwick Airport today carried by his nanny, Miss Barbara Narnes after a 13,000 mile journey from New Zealand. The 10 month old son of the Prince and Princess of Wales has just completed a six week holiday in Australia and New Zealand where his parents had completed a highly sucessful six week tour. They were now on their way to the Bahamas for a 10-day holiday.

Teamwork and leadership are two very important skills to have when it comes to being employed as a royal nanny. Royal nannies must work with everyone, from cooks to the royal parents themselves to make sure that their child or children have everything that they require and that their needs are met. They must also be able to lead and instruct fellow workers and nannies on what to do (for example, what the royal children eat, what rules they must follow, what they like to play etc), at the same time as respecting the king and/or queen's wishes for their own children, because after all, they are in charge and they are the birth parents.

A royal nanny is entrusted with big responsibilities and giving others orders, and isn't partial to getting their hands dirty.

2 Bye, Bye Instagram

Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Are you a social media addict? Are you always on your phone, checking and posting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Well, I'm sorry, but being a royal nanny means you will have to delete those social media accounts and keep everything hush-hush, no more updating your status, posing for selfies or reviewing pages.

The royal family, as I already mentioned, are always in the media and constantly followed by reporters and paparazzi, so of course, they try very hard to keep what they can private, especially when it comes to the children. So that is why they get royal nannies to sign a confidentiality agreement and to delete all social media accounts. There is no sneaking it past the royals either, and having a cheeky Twitter account hidden away in the depths of the internet, because I can assure you they will check and if they do find anything, you are sure to be fired and possibly in trouble with the law, so don't chance it!

1 Money, Money, Money

Now for what you all want to know, the big reveal, what does a royal nanny get paid? Well, I can tell you it is a lot more than an everyday nanny would get. Royal nannies can make an estimated amount of $128,000 (£92,4o8 in the United Kingdom) a year for looking after the little princesses and princes- I bet that that has tempted you to train as a royal nanny if nothing else on this list has. With all living accommodations, bills and food paid for, if you work as a live-in royal nanny that money is yours to spend, just imagine what you could buy!

And that is it for this list. I hope you found these facts about royal nannies interesting and you have learned something new. Fancy training as a royal nanny yourself now? You better get searching on google because I am sure those jobs go fast - especially when you look at the salary!

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