18 Kardashian Pregnancy Moments Every Mom Will Relate To

Pregnancy differs greatly among many women, while some women may have easy pregnancies and never once get sick, some other women have a horrible time, always sick or dealing with complications. Some people say that how sick you are throughout your pregnancy differs whether you are having a boy or a girl.

There is no science to back this up, but many people claim that if you are pregnant with a girl you will get a lot more sick than with a boy. It can be quite the roller coaster of emotions, from the moment we see the positive test to the first time we hold our precious babies.

There are a great range of symptoms that we experience throughout pregnancy, such as nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, heartburn, swelling, back pain, and much much more. Then there is also the funny/embarrassing side of pregnancy. We get cravings, pass gas in public because, well, we can not help it anymore. A lot of women may feel alone in this, like what they are experiencing is not normal, so it’s nice to see when other people, such as celebrities, are experiencing the same issues as us.

Thanks to the paparazzi and social media we know all about the Kardashians pregnancy moments, from the test all the way to giving birth in front of the camera crew. So let's go ahead and take a look at the top Kardashian pregnancy moments we can all relate to.

18 When Kim Called Pregnancy The 'Worst Experience Of Her Life'

Kim doesn't hide anything from her fans, so it came as no surprise when she how much she hates being pregnant. She even went so far as to call it the "worst experience of [her] life" and doesn't "understand people who enjoy it." While some might have raised eyebrows at this statement, others commended Kim on sharing the harsh reality of pregnancy - it's tough, it's painful, and not every woman loves it.

In Kim's first pregnancy, most especially, everyone kept calling her fat and the paparazzi kept taking pictures of her weight gain. The second time around however, Kim knew what to expect, and accepted her pregnancy body knowing she would shed the pounds after birth.

17 When Kourtney Got Real AF About Pregnancy

Many pregnant women, and post pregnant women, have a little bit of a problem that occurs when they laugh, cough, or sneeze. That problem is peeing, and no I don't mean full on peeing, i'm talking a little dribble here and there, but still not pleasant and definitely annoying. If we did not do it when we were pregnant, we definitely do it now. During pregnancy babies put a lot of pressure onto the woman's bladder, muscles are more relaxed, and accidents are bound to happen.

Things can be a little harder control and because of that it's probably best to wear a liner for a while. Doctors suggest doing kegel exercises to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately that does not always work. Kourtney Kardashian was quoted on her show saying, “I pee a little when I laugh” which had many viewers thinking, hey me too. Although not a fun thing to happen at all, it does eventually stop for most women.

16 When Kim Brought 6 Pregnancy Tests On An Airplane

Kim Kardashian panicked after boarding a flight out of Los Angeles in 2016. The reason? She thought she was pregnant with baby #3. Kim bought SIX pregnancy tests and posted the results, mid-air, on her Snapchat account, where she revealed the words "not pregnant" to her fans and followers. It's common for women to get the baby scare. Their period is late and they end up buying the whole row of pregnancy tests so they can be certain there is or isn't a baby in the oven. Kim K is no different, stating that she was in the "airplane bathroom taking a pregnancy test because [she was] having a little bit of a scare."

Kim's first two pregnancies, with North and Saint, were not easy. The reality star suffered from pregnancy complications, which could be why panic set in when she thought she would be carrying once again.

15 When Kourtney Revealed Her 'Rubber Band Trick'

As women enter the final months of pregnancy and their stomachs grow larger and larger it can become difficult to fit into the clothes they once loved to wear. While there is a wide variety of maternity clothing on the market to wear, they usually are not as trendy and fashionable as the clothing women regularly wear. This leaves us to get creative with the clothing we already have.

There are many tricks to getting pre pregnancy clothing to fit during pregnancy on pinterest and youtube, but one of the most used tricks is, the rubber band trick. This trick allows us to use a rubber band in order to get our pants to fit over our huge bellies. Kourtney admitted in an interview that she takes her favorite jeans and loops a rubber band through the buttonhole and around the button, creating some give to pants to accommodate her growing belly.

14 When Khloe Asked The Most Heartbreaking Question

Khloe opened up about her fertility struggles on TV after visiting her family doctor, who told her that she had "fewer follicles than [he] anticipated for a normal 32-year-old." The appointment was intended to help her sister Kim find a surrogate for baby #3, but all the focus was on Khloe who seemed undoubtedly worried that she would never be able to get pregnant. Kourtney and Kim both have children of their own, so it's no doubt that that Khloe, who seems like a loving aunt to her nieces and nephews, wants to be a mother of her own. Khloe became that much more relatable after the episode aired, as it shined light on the many struggles women face when trying to conceive.

13 When Kris Slammed Her Daughter's Eating Habits

Kim faced some serious hate with her first pregnancy online, as people were constantly shaming her for eating too much. Kim has said that she just can't help it - she is always hungry. She was quoted saying, “I'm pregnant, what do they expect”. She is very right, she was busy making a human being, so every one else can hate all they want she was not going to change the way she was doing things, and good for her.

When Kim was pregnant with Saint, she once again caved to her pregnancy cravings, admitting to eating beignets three times a day while on a trip to New Orleans. But momager Kris had something to say about it, telling Kim that she's a "closet eater" and needs an "ankle bracelet that goes off every time she eats something bad."

12 When Kim Found Out The Dark Truth About Carrying

Preeclampsia is said to affect only eight percent of the pregnancy population, and ten to fifteen percent of all maternal deaths are due to preeclampsia. It can certainly be a scary thing to go through. It usually begins around the 20 week mark and presents with high blood pressure, swelling, and excessive protein in the urine.This condition can be fatal to both mom and baby and usually leads to a preterm delivery.

When Kim K found out that she was pregnant for the first time, like all women who test positive, she was excited and could not wait to start a family with her husband, Kanye. That changed when she started feeling sick. She was diagnosed with the condition and marked as a high risk pregnancy. She then ended up having to be induced at just 34 weeks pregnant to avoid any other complications. This of course made her scared when she got pregnant the second time around. While maybe not all moms can relate to this one there are a great deal of moms that can.

11 When The Spotlight Was On Swollen Feet

Pregnant women and moms all over can agree that at a certain point in pregnancy finding shoes that fit onto our swollen feet becomes just about impossible. We usually end up riding out the last couple of months in either sandals or slippers. Sometimes, however, we are not willing to risk our sense of fashion for comfortability. For Kim, this was always the case.

Kim loves her heels, and with the paparazzi always following her around she usually feels the need to dress to impress. So when her feet and ankles swelled up like balloons from preeclampsia she was not going to let that stop her from wearing her favorite shoes. Kim managed to stuff her swollen pregnant feet into her favorite heels every time, despite how painful it most likely was, and it certainly did look very uncomfortable. It would be nice if there were a maternity shoe line, for pregnant women with swollen feet.

10 When Kourtney Revealed Her Weird Cravings

Everyone knows that women have a lot of cravings while pregnant, pickles and ice cream seem to be the most popular ones. In the movies, pregnant women are seen sending their husbands out in the middle of the night to get them snacks because they simply can not sleep until they have what they are craving. For Kourtney Kardashian her two biggest pregnancy cravings were vanilla wafers, and cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Kourtney said in an interview that she tried her best to stay healthy and eat organic foods but a lot of times the cravings just won. She said it was fun to indulge, but that everyone thought she was gross whenever she would order the cheese and pickle sandwiches. To combat the calories she was consuming while taking in these cravings, she did yoga throughout her pregnancy. Despite giving in to her cravings, she remained a healthy weight and always looked good.

9 When Kim Had No Shame Admitting Her Fear Of Childbirth

With Kim's first pregnancy, delivery was very hard on her. She had to deliver the baby preterm and didn't properly deliver the placenta leading to a bunch of problems and Kim losing some blood. She was a very high risk pregnancy the first time, so it is understandable that she would be scared for the second delivery. For women who are pregnant the second time, it is a little more nerve wrecking when approaching the due date because they know what the pain is like, they know what to expect this time.

Kim did develop preeclampsia during her second pregnancy, like she did with her first and before delivering her son, Saint, Kim had to undergo a procedure to turn him around because he was breech. Although concerns did seem valid, she was able to deliver a healthy baby boy, full term, but was then told that she could no longer have any kids.

8 When Google Replaced The Family Doctor

Whether a woman is pregnant, we all do it. The slightest weird thing happens to our bodies and we hit the internet for answers. While doing this can sometimes help, it oftens times just creates panic as webmd almost always tells you that you have an incurable disease and are definitely going to die. The internet can sometimes be a good place to seek advice on certain issues, but it is never a good substitute for going to see your actual doctor.

Kim herself was quoted saying that, “I get paranoid and start googling things, the things that come up are really scary. It just freaks me out all the time.” we can definitely relate to this one. So, although the internet is right there at all times when you doctor is not, this should be a lesson that if you ever feel something is off we should really just call our doctors and ask, to avoid the death scares that google tends to give us.

7 When Kourtney's Water Broke On Camera

In the movies, a pregnant woman about to go into labor can be seen in a very public place as her water breaks all over the floor and she gets all embarrassed. This is usually never the case. Some womens waters didn't break until they are already in the hospital bed pushing, and some women need the doctors to break their waters for them. When a womans waters break it is almost never how they picture it in the movies, she's likely to just feel a slight trickle down her legs as if she has peed a little.

When Kourtney Kardashian's water broke, it broke at home. When her water broke instead of rushing off to the hospital like most women would she went on about her day, doing laundry, putting makeup on and waiting till the last minute to go to the hospital. On this episode on keeping up with the Kardashians her sisters are heard saying “ we should be in the car! Why are you doing laundry?”

6 When Kim Quit Mexican Food Because... Heartburn

Towards the end of pregnancy nearly all women experience heartburn. Heartburn during pregnancy is a result of the hormone, progesterone relaxing the valve that keeps stomach acid in and it gets worse in late pregnancy because of the growing uterus forcing the acid up. Women a lot of times need to give up their favorite snacks and drinks because they simply can not take the heartburn anymore. Doctors tell us to combat the heartburn that we should drink milk, or take tums.

Kim for one, loves her Mexican food, she cant get enough of it, and it was a big craving for her during her pregnancy. However she had to give up the delicious Mexican food that she so loved when the heartburn became almost unbearable. Of course, she was very excited when the pregnancy ended and she was able to consume it again without any issues.

5 When Pregnancy Caused A Storm Of Body Shaming

We have all been there. We’re walking...wobbling around with our big 8 month pregnant bellies, already feeling emotional and huge, when suddenly a stranger comes up to us and says, “oh wow you are so big, you sure you don’t have multiples in there?” as if we were not feeling self conscious enough already. Then there’s alway that one relative that makes a remark on how fat you seem to be getting before you even get your pregnancy belly.

For celebrities this can be even worse, they have people all over the world telling them how big they have gotten. Kim Kardashian got it from all angles, with people on social media saying that was gaining too much weight, to the tabloids writing stories on how she never stops eating and has gained over 65 pounds, as if they have never seen a pregnant woman in their lives.

4 When Kourtney Showed Us All How It's Done

Being in labor is tough, we are in a lot of pain and most of us are usually miserable until the baby is delivered. So of course we get frustrated with the amount of people in the room, everyone looking at our lady bits, and telling us to just breathe. I can only imagine that this was even worse for Kourtney as not only the doctors and nurses, but her sisters, mother, and camera crew sat in on her giving birth to her daughter. With a crowded room and lots of chatter it can be tough to relax. It’s easy to relate to her frustration because we have all been there. When in that amount of pain, and getting ready to push, it would be nice if we were given a little more privacy.

3 When Kim Found Out Carrying Was Out Of The Question

Being able to have children is an amazing thing, it is most precious and rewarding experience one could ever have. Some women however are not so lucky, and get told that they can not get pregnant. Some reasons that women can't get pregnant are, Anovulation, which is where a woman does not release any eggs, another being PCOS. whatever the reason, being told that you can not become pregnant when all you want is to create a big beautiful family can be devastating.

Thanks to science, however, we are able have surrogates, which an amazing gift. Kim Kardashian was told shortly after having her second child that she could not possibly get pregnant again. Kim was, of course, devastated, as she knew that she had wanted more kids. She dreamed of a big family with lots of children. After much consideration and undergoing a surgery to try to become fertile again, Kim and Kanye decided to go ahead and hire a surrogate. Unfortunately for them, that is how they will have to do it from here on out.

2 When North West's Gender Was First Revealed

Finding out the sex of the baby is probably the most exciting part of pregnancy. While doctors typically like to wait until the 20 week mark to determine the sex, there are places women can go around 16 weeks pregnant to find out early, for a price. Woman like to share the moment that they find out the sex of their baby with the special people in their lives. Some women bring their significant others with them and other women will bring their family with them.

Kim, brought her mom and two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, to the ultrasound with her to witness this precious moment. The camera crew was there to film this exciting moment for her show, keeping up with the Kardashians, although they did not reveal on the show what the sex was. We now know, that it was a girl, who Kim and Kanye ended up naming, North West.

1 And Kim Shares The Experience With Her Sisters

With any woman’s first pregnancy the very first ultrasound they have is very exciting, being able to finally see the little life that they have been growing inside of themselves. Most doctors will print out pictures from the ultrasounds as keepsakes and others will give the women a disc with the entire session on dvd. It can be a very emotional time and most women like to share the moment with their loved ones. Kim Kardashian shared this moment with her sister Kourtney back in 2013. Kim can be see lying on the bed with the ultrasound tech gliding the doppler over her not yet swollen belly, and Kourtney by her side amazed at what she was seeing. It was a sweet moment that the sisters will forever remember.

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