18 Kids Who Talk To Their Imaginary Friends

When you were little, did you have an imaginary friend? Thinking about these friends, who no one else can see, can easily give any of us the heebie-jeebies. Yet, every day there are tons of children who are playing with their imaginary friends, and lots of adults who remembering having imaginary friends.

Thanks to the Whisper app, we get an inside peek at what it is like for children who do have these friends that only they can see and interact with. The only thing, though, is that sometimes once the adults discover certain bits of information, their little imaginary friend from childhood suddenly has a deeper meaning and even a haunting backstory.

As for kids, and even teenagers, who are currently sitting side by side with their imaginary friends, we feel for them. For some kids, these friends are the only ones they have. For others, their so-called friends, even though supposedly imaginary, can make their lives one that is not very enjoyable, and even scary. Read on for some truly interesting and crazy stories about kids who have and who had imaginary friends. Then, think back to some of your own experiences. Does the puzzle fit, now??

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18 A True Friend

In a child’s mind, imaginary friends, when they are the positive kind, will do no wrong. They are like a best friend, and for some unfortunate kids, they are their only friends, and therefore, are their best friend by default. These kids cope with loneliness by coming up with imaginary friends.

As this Whisper confession shows us, sometimes the only friends a kid can count on are the ones who are imaginary. How sad is that? We feel terrible for this child who wishes more than anything that her friends would just come to life and no longer be imaginary. Perhaps she does not get along with other non-imaginary kid or just is one of those kids who has trouble making friends. Either way, she relies on her imaginary friends to provide a friendship that is lacking in the real world.

17 It's A Lonely World

For children without true friendships, it can get awfully lonely. Imagine being a kid who has zero friends. Who has to eat alone at the lunch table. Who has no one to share a laugh or a story with. Who has to go home and be alone every day, with no friend activities or parties to look forward to. That seems so incredibly sad.

But for some kids, that is the reality. That is every day. For whatever reason, they have no friends. They have not been able to forge solid friendships, and therefore, they are left very lonely. Like this Whisper confessor, they come up with a way to cope with this loneliness, and that is by hanging out with their imaginary friends. At the very least, it makes them feel a little less alone.

16 Not The Greatest Friend

Reading this Whisper confession from a teenager is sort of horrifying. This teen is remembering the time he had an imaginary friend that obviously scared him so much that he had to come up with a solution to end it all. He killed him. Now, how does one go about killing an imaginary friend? This confession does not elaborate on that, so we don’t know if it was just pretend or if it was something a bit more extreme (yet, still pretend, since we are assuming the imaginary friend was not real!).

Even though this child is older, he is still painfully afraid of something that is imaginary. He is actually scared of his imaginary friend returning. Perhaps his imaginary friend was not so imaginary? Could it have even been a ghost? You never know.

15 Coincidence?

They do say that when a young child has an imaginary friend, sometimes, they are not really imaginary. Sure, they can be totally made up, but other times, there are forces beyond our control, things happening that we have no idea about, that causes a deceased person to actually be a kid’s imaginary friend.

Does that give you goosebumps?! It sure does with us! Here this child was, playing with an imaginary friend, only to discover years later that it may just have been his Grandpa. They had the same name, Peter, and his grandfather died before he was born. Was grandpa making sure his grandchild was okay? Was he still checking up on his family? In a way, this can give you comfort, even though it is a little bit freaky!

14 The Mystery Is Solved

Wow, imagine discovering this?! We all hear the horrible stories on the news of children who go missing. Sometimes, we assume the worst has happened to them. Little did this Whisper confessor know at the time that he actually had some information that revealed what likely happened to that poor young, missing child.

Do you think the imaginary friend that this Whisper confessor had was indeed a child who had gone missing? If the friend was imaginary, it obviously meant no one else could see him. Only the one telling us about the imaginary friend could see him. Does this mean that the missing child passed away? And he came back to have a playmate? Gives us goosebumps and a terrible feeling, doesn’t it? We could not even imagine realizing that this was happening!

13 A Friendship That Surpasses Generations

When a strange connection like this is made, we are shocked. That is exactly what happened to this Whisper confessor. She always had an imaginary friend growing up. This boy was like a best friend to her. Always around, always there for her, even though she was the only one who could see him.

So, just imagine what she must have thought and felt when she was looking through old family photographs and came across a picture of the boy she was friends with?! And to top it off, she learned that her imaginary friend was actually her great grandfather! That is unbelievable! She was seeing a deceased relative, and no one ever knew it. This is just proof that perhaps not all imaginary friends are made up in a child’s mind. Perhaps there is more to the story.

12 Even Animals Can Be Our Friends

It is truly amazing how powerful our minds can be. Small children can develop relationships with supposedly imaginary friends (though, sometimes we realize they were actually the ghosts of friends or family!). This Whisper confession really takes the cake! We bet there are few imaginary friends who are animals and who create something so powerful in a child.

This Whisper confessor admits that she had an imaginary friend who was actually a giraffe! That is funny and cute. What an imagination this little girl must had had! But then, things got kind of strange. Her imaginary friend, her dear giraffe, died in a hurricane. Was that still part of her imagination? What happened next is shocking - it was actually extremely traumatic for her to lose her imaginary animal friend in this manner, and it caused her to develop a physical ailment.

11 Something Out Of A Movie

It is one thing to have an imaginary friend. It is a whole other thing to know someone who has an imaginary friend. And even more so, to know someone who has this imaginary being who wants to harm you. What is that about?!

This Whisper confession is something out of a horror movie! This child’s sister had an imaginary friend, who supposedly told her that he wanted to kill her sister! Who is more deranged? The child who sees and hears this imaginary being, the imaginary being itself -  who may or may not be totally imaginary, or the sister who possibly believed it?! No matter which way you look at it, this Whisper confessor is right, it is just downright creepy, and is maybe one of the creepiest things she has ever had to deal with.

10 Knowing A Friend Still Exists

As moms, as parents, and as adults, we often have a difficult time truly understanding what's going on when we discover that our child has an imaginary friend. It often will cross our minds that these imaginary friends may not totally be just in the active mind’s of our children, but instead, could be something much deeper, even from beyond the grave.

That is exactly what this Whisper confessor discovered, and it may have actually given her some comfort. She knew her daughter had an imaginary friend, and through some information, strongly believes that the imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all, but it actually someone who was very dear to her, but unfortunately passed away. Well, looks like the friend is back and still wants to be a part of her life!

9 When Your Imagination Plays Tricks On You

The crazy things we learn when we grow up! This Whisper confessor got a bit of a shock when she inquired as to what happened to her dear childhood friend. Her parents had absolutely no clue who this friend was! After further investigator, she learned that her friend was one that only she could see!

This brings us back to the question of whether imaginary friends are just that - pure imagination, or if children see things that us, as adults, are not able, or not open enough, to see. This Whisper confessor now wonders just this. Who was this mystery girl who was her sweet friend. To her, it was very, very real. But only she could see her, and it went on for years! This is all definitely freaky!

8 How Could She Know?

If you didn’t get goosebumps reading this Whisper confession then you better go back and read it again! How creepy, yet amazing, is this confession? The pain of losing a baby is devastating. This Whisper confessor likely felt an array of emotions when she learned about her niece’s imaginary friend.

A young child cannot just make up this information, especially a name as unique as Aurora. This is incredible. This young lady is seeing and playing with her cousin who had passed away at such a young age, and before she was even born. This woman’s niece had likely never known Aurora had even existed. What an beautiful, yet freaky discover for this family. It tells us perhaps there is always more to the story. Or maybe she was just inspired by the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

7 No One Will Know The Truth

We know exactly why this teenage decided to come to Whisper to reveal her friendships. While 14-year-olds want to be grown up, many of them are still little kids inside, just like this Whisper confessor. She is not ready to let go of imaginary friends. She is well aware that she should not have these made up friends anymore, and keeps it a secret for obvious reasons- her peers would certainly tease her about it.

Because of the Whisper app, this teen is able to confess to this imaginary friend situation with zero judgments. She is not alone, there are at least a few other teens who've made up friends when they're lonely. If she feels comfort from having these imaginary friends, there is likely not much harm in it. She will eventually grow out of it, after all.

6 Could It Really Be The Same One?

Here is another goosebump-worthy Whisper confession! We again see the innocent nature of small children. They see things we cannot. We look at imaginary friends in an entirely new light, as they may not be so imaginary after all. Children are open and receptive to things that are beyond our world.

This Whisper confessor has revealed something that likely shocked her very much. Her daughter plays with an imaginary friend who just happens to have the same name as the baby that she lost, years before her other child was born. Coincidence? We think not! We have to wonder if this gives the mother some kind of comfort, knowing that Amanda may be on the other side, just waiting for her, but in the meantime, will play with her sister in a way that only her sister can see. Amazing.

5 Discovering What Really Happened

If we have learned anything from these Whisper confessions, it is that not all imaginary friends are really imaginary. Many of them are the ghosts of a deceased person, often another child. Children can see this ghosts, but us, as adults, do not have the capacity or belief to see them, and thus, they are deemed imaginary.

Take this Whisper confession, for example. This person knew her imaginary friend had a bigger story to tell. She used to live in her house! She was a real, living girl at one point until she suffered a horrifying end to her young life. This so called imaginary friend, or ghost, gets into the head of this Whisper confessor. She thinks about her often, sees her, and even dreams about her. Maybe this ghost was just finally happy to have a friend to play with.

4 Need To Go Pick Up The Friend

Mothers will do anything for their children, even going back to retrieve an imaginary friend! This Whisper confession is all different things - from ridiculous to loving to creepy to thoughtful. To small kids, imaginary friends are their world. They are not so imaginary to them, and if those friends get left behind, that can be very upsetting!

This mom did what so many of us would do. She turned the car around and went straight back to the store to get her child’s imaginary friend who was left there, all alone! We know why she probably revealed this on Whisper - she did not want anyone saying she was giving in to her kid or being stupid or anything like that. And with Whisper, she can do it all totally anonymously!

3 What Could It Have Been?

Now this Whisper confession is definitely creepy! Sometimes, imaginary friends are not exactly what we picture them to be! As with this Whisper confession, imaginary friends can be unlike friends completely, and even scare us very much, especially when we're dealing with the young minds of children.

What is interesting about this confession is that she never said she was scared of her imaginary friend. We might assume she was, since she said the friend walked on all fours and was very disfigured. But kids can be very accepting. Maybe the imaginary friend was born disfigured and passed away, or was in a horrible accident. Maybe the imaginary friend was not imaginary at all. Maybe all she wanted was a friend, and found one in this little girl. Still, it is definitely a creepy confession!

2 Imaginary Friends Can Be Educational

One way any parent knows if their kids are up to something is if they talk in ways or in terms that are far beyond them or totally unlike them. This is what happened to this Whisper confessor when she was a child. She shared some interesting informative with her parents who were likely very shocked and freaked out to hear their kid talking about this imaginary friend!

For a small child to learn about dying in surgery and have all these details in regards to their imaginary friend, that is definitely something creepy. Her parents must have been asking her all kinds of questions! To learn that their child was talking about her imaginary friend, who clearly was not so imaginary, was something that stayed with them, since they posted this Whisper confessor about it so many years later!

1 When Your Entire Life Gets Turned Upside Down

We saved the best for last! This totally creepy and goosebump-inducing Whisper confession is one that is sure to rattle your cage. Can you even imagine?! This Whisper confessor found out something incredibly shocking. Really, it was actually life changing. This revelation probably changed his outlook on life!

As children, we see things and hear things that adults cannot. And as children, we are not privy to information that our parents have, even if it is about us. This small child had no idea he had a twin who passed away in the womb. Instead, what he did know was that he had this not-so-imaginary friend who looked very similar to him and was the same age. He may not have given it much thought, until he found out the shocking truth so many years later. Wow!

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