18 Men Who Kept Unforgivable Secrets From Their Families

Everyone loves Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who wants to become a real boy. The moral of the story? To tell the truth! However, life is not a fairy tale and many times people can’t tell if someone is lying or not. Simply because their nose will never grow!

In fact, some individuals may become compelled to lie and manipulate, and as a result, they may create a whole new parallel life. People who lead double lives manage to keep things separate and trick society.

From having multiple families to being involved in illegal activities, pathological liars who lead double lives usually end up hurting other people.

The sad truth is that sometimes, it might be our long-term partner who lives a double life. The good priest who lives next door might be an exotic male dancer at night. The sweet mom who works as a teacher might have a second family in another state. The quiet teen who always helps old people might have some questionable side hobbies...

Ready to hear some of the most shocking tales about double lives and multiple families? By the way, how well do you know your significant other? And would you really like to know all their dark secrets?

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18 The Other Woman

People are unique and full of surprises. In fact, our inner universes are so colorful that there are secrets and fantasies that one would never share even with their closest half. Nevertheless, there are secrets that are too dark and brutal.

This confession is devastating. Realizing that your partner has a second girlfriend and a baby must be terrifying. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of people who have multiple families. Leading a double life is immoral and disrespectful; infidelity and false identity come with broken hopes and trust. Frequent travels, a second home and lack of love are only some of the heartbreaking consequences. When children get involved, things get even more complicated. Well, let’s hope that this cowardly man has the moral power to be an honest and good father to his child.

17 Who Are You?

Love, respect, and trust are the main ingredients for any good relationship. On top of that, marriage is sacred and divine. Marriage is like a ritual: you wake up next to the same person every single day, you know their silly routines, you accept their body odor, and of course, you plan your future together. More than best friends! However, this confession shows that sometimes people fake their whole lives.

In fact, this confession is really devastating: they’ve known each other for more than a decade, they’ve been married for more than three years… but in the end, he has never been truthful. While infidelity is heartbreaking, some people can change and their partners may forgive unfaithfulness. However, moral deception is terrifying. Leading a double life is completely out of order.

16 Kiss The Wife And Run

Marriage is beautiful, but it requires a lot of patience and trust to keep things together. Sometimes it’s hard to wake up next to the same person every single day and still find them attractive and intriguing. Therefore, sadly enough, some people cheat, some have lovers, and some have multiple families. Although families should be a harmonic entity, some husbands disrespect their wives and make them feel unworthy.

This confession is heartbreaking because an ordinary day turned to be a real nightmare. Leading a double life must be hard: all those lies and different personas. The sad part is that some people are cowards and can’t reveal their secrets - they can’t even say a proper goodbye. As this poor woman says, often the wife is always the last to know. Well, now, all his long work trips make sense.

15 Broken Hearts

Leading a double life must be mad. Imagine coming up with excuses and lies all the time! This confession shows that some people are way too good at juggling people’s hopes and love. The guy had a long-term relationship but at the same time, he started another one... In fact, that's quite common. Figures show that men are more likely to cheat: 22% of men say they’ve cheated. In comparison, 14% of women admit to cheating.

Still, this confession is more than heartbreaking. Being with someone who lives a double life must be terrible. At least, the woman who shared this confession ended their fake romance in time. But what about the fiancee? Doesn't she have the right to know as well? What would you choose: the truth or some fake love?

14 Edit Your Profile

In today’s dynamic world, social media is vital. We post almost everything, we poke virtual friends, and we go to places only to use a tag. In fact, statistics show that there are more than 2.13 billion users throughout the globe. As experts reveal, "every 60 seconds on Facebook more than 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded." However, revealing everything on social media is a double-edged knife.

As this confession shows, Facebook keeps our darkest secrets. Of course, there are fake profiles, but when one uploads something on Facebook, their information can never vanish. Search engines and social media channels always keep some vital information about their users. We can't say if social media is good or bad. However, Facebook is definitely the worst way to find out that someone is leading a double life. Especially after seven years of fake love...

13 Big Family, Many Wives

Polygamy is the practice of having more than one wife. Many cultures allow polygamy, while polyandry – the practice of a woman having more than one husband – is seen as something weird. Evolution explains this phenomenon with our animal nature and the need to reproduce. However, modern times prove that gender equality is a must. On top of that, psychologists reveal that a stable family leads to many benefits for the offspring.

Thus, polygamy is a controversial topic. However, it’s a fact that plural marriages are common in Utah. Although many reality shows present polygamous families as loving and happy communities, jealousy and inequality can’t be erased. That’s why, this confession is a bit confusing. Is the guy who shared it married? If he is, does his wife know? Can one really love more than one partner?

12 Secret Mission

Talking about plural marriages and multiple families, we shouldn’t forget that polygamy was taught by many Mormon leaders. Nowadays, polygamy is not so common among the Mormon society, but still, there are people who would have loved to have more than one partner. However, for religious people, such as the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, faith and God are above love.

As we can see, this confession shows that for the devoted members of the Mormon community, relationships mean less than God. Sadly, religion can tear people apart. This active Mormon reveals his secrets and pain: his sinful affair… with the bishop’s wife. It’s interesting to mention that although bishops are important spiritual leaders, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this position is unpaid. What will you choose: God or love?

11 Macho Love

Double lives have many variations. It’s not only about having a second family but living a totally different life. This confession is surprising. It shows that people’s sexuality is a complex phenomenon. Although society has built some gender roles and stereotypes, people are not black and white. Unfortunately, we can witness gender inequality and politicians shaming women - due to the wrong assumption that women are obedient and weak.

However, as this confession shows, even macho men can be obedient lovers. Some men can have different preferences. As a matter of fact, many people experiment, and some men may choose to have a relationship with other men. Love life is complicated and dynamic: some people may be comfortable with being passive and obedient. Well, Fifty Shades of Grey and a new twist in the story!

10 The Power Of Social Media

Social media channels influence all aspects of people’s lives. Often the Internet can help one find a partner or just a shoulder to cry on. There are many dating apps, such as Tinder, that help people find someone to have fun with. Fetlife is also a growing network, described as "the Social Network for the [...] Community. Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me." People’s preferences are surprising, and it's okay if certain positions are not enough to satisfy one’s hunger.

Fortunately, homosexuality is not seen a crime anymore, at least in the US, and stats show that 2.2% of all American men identify themselves as gay. While there’s nothing wrong with that, this confession shows that double lives can ruin families. Wouldn’t it be better if the guy who shared this confession confess in real life?

9 Stop It!

One's orientation is complex and intriguing. Marriage may challenge one’s love life. Some married people may lose interest in their partners and find other individuals more attractive. Nothing to do with the way one looks... but habits. Sadly, some people take their loved ones for granted. At least, this confession shows that the homosexual man who shared it cares deeply about his wife and wants to put an end to his double life.

Note that although homosexuality is still a controversial topic in the US, surveys show that more and more people find it morally right, and in fact, the acceptance of the LGBTQI community is growing. Another interesting fact is that, according to recent figures, young people think that same-sex couples should be allowed to raise kids.

8 Quick Love

Nothing is black and white. People are not only straight or homosexual. Bisexuality is common, and more and more people admit that they feel attracted to both males and females. Interesting enough, experts claim that "most adult bisexuals, for whatever reason, wind up in opposite-sex relationships."

It’s a common misconception that bisexual people are cheaters. Although there are more potential lovers (men and women), we can't say that bisexual people cheat. Infidelity has nothing to do with one’s orientation. But as we can see, this confession reveals that the first love never dies. It’s terrible that this guy has lied to his wife and cheats on a regular basis. With a woman or a man, infidelity is devastating, and not being "man enough" to admit it is even worse.

7 Is It Binary?

Intimacy is all about biology and anatomy. However, our inner world might not match our chromosomes. Transgender people feel their sex doesn’t match their gender. It’s not only about clothes or surgeries. According to data, more than 700,000 people in the US identify themselves as transgender. As expert Helen Friedman says, "It takes a lot of courage to buck the culture's norm that gender is binary. The truth is, gender does exist on a continuum." True, our society needs to be more open-minded.

While it’s okay for people to decide on their own identity, choose clothes or even seek medical assistance, lies are never okay. Even if that person never cheated, relationships are all about trust and understanding. So, leading a double life is out of the equation.

6 Better Love

Sometimes leading a double life is not about having multiple families or different orientations. Sometimes it is our everyday life that can be immoral and cruel. As this confession reveals, cheating always breaks love. However, having a satisfactory intimate life is not only about the act. Emotions and trust are often more important than the physical side of it, and when two partners love each other, they can enjoy a great love life.

Cheating is a complicated problem. In fact, figures reveal that the fear of getting caught may influence one’s decision to cheat. 74% of men and 68% of women say they’d cheat if they knew they’d get away with it. Note that many affairs start at work or online. Some continue for years and may grow into an emotional connection. Is it worth it?

5 Too Late

This is one of the most confusing confessions on our list. Cheating on every single girlfriend? Clearly, it was the guy himself who had personal issues, which led to his infidelity and double life. Often people struggle with low self-esteem and poor self-love, so they cheat to prove they are wanted.

Cheating can grow into a way of life. Being obsessed, or having hypersexual disorder is a compulsive behavior, which is characterized by obsessive thoughts and engagement in specific kinds of activities. Data shows that more between 7 and 14 million people in the US suffer from this compulsion. We should mention that just like with other obsessions, all compulsions can lead to pain and guilt. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too late: constant disloyalty cannot lead to a healthy relationship in the long-term.

4 Supermom

Infidelity is a two-way street. Although stats show that men stray more than women, women are not innocent stay-at-home moms. As this confession reveals, mothers can have multiple families too. Having a husband and kids in one state, and a boyfriend and a baby in another must be complicated. It’s not only about lies and excuses but time and physical changes. This woman must've spent quite a lot of time without her first family to give birth to her other baby and recover.

One might wonder how she could live without her kids, though. As the confession goes, how much longer can one take that? However, a recent study showed that aspects such as maternal instinct and baby fever are just social constructs. In fact, experts claim that all people, men, and women, simply love enjoying themselves… without reproducing.

3 Could You Repeat That?

This confession also reveals the secret life of a mother. She slept with two of her friends who are in a same-sex marriage. Opposite-sex marriages are a controversial topic all over the globe, but now, more and more countries recognize their legal status. Also, statistics show that more than 20% of American agree that it’s okay for homosexual couples to raise a child together. In the end, gender can’t determine the love and commitment that exist between people.

What’s more, orientation is complicated, and people might enjoy different practices. As we can see, this gay couple is okay to spice things up and make love to their friend... who’s a woman. Isn’t that being unfaithful? In the end, she became a surrogate mother and gave birth to four kids. Still, she’s living with them, and as she says, they are one big... and weird family.

2 American Dad

American Dad is a popular show and there’s an episode in which Roger lives a double life. As this confession shows, there are people who feel like two different individuals in real life. Imagine having a family, a job, or a preference that nobody knows about. It requires a lot of imagination to come up with new excuses every day. Who knows!

In fact, all of us have different personalities. As the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung says, each one has different personas. Personas are defined as the social faces people project to society. To be more precise, Jung defines this phenomenon as "a kind of mask, designed on the one hand to make a definite impression upon others, and on the other to conceal the true nature of the individual."

1 TV Life

We all have different social masks and we all have secrets from our loved ones. From cheating to having a dodgy source of income, some secrets are too dark to be revealed. As this confession goes, TV shows about double lives are mild compared to some real issues.

Is this guy worse than the chavinistic characters in the great show Mad Men? Does he devote his life to lovemaking and financial secrets? Or is he involved in illegal activities like Walter White in the iconic program Breaking Bad? Does she cook substances at home? Or is he a psycho who pretends to be a good member of our society? Is he a real Dexter? We’ll never know. In the end, people with multiple lives can hide their secrets well!

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