18 Men Who Were Pranked By Pregnancy Tests

Stop him from leaving the relationship by showing him a fake pregnancy test. Okay so, faking a pregnancy test isn't exactly advisable but these 18 confessions show the dark side of relationships and the cost that some women will go to keep him from leaving.

In fact, the sale of pregnancy tests has boomed in recent years, with many pregnant women opting to make a little extra cash peeing on sticks. Good on them for trying to make more money with a little bundle of joy on the way, but what about the women who actually buy these tests?

They don't always do it to keep their boyfriends or husband from leaving either. Many of them take advantage of fake pregnancy tests to stop him from cheating, which is enough to make anyone wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just find someone else at that point instead of resorting to lying.

Some women just do it as a prank, but it's important to remember that whether on April Fool's or any other day, fake pregnancy tests should never be used as a prank. Pregnancy is not a joke and countless women would give anything just to have children.

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18 Her Plan Sort Of Worked

If anyone feels the need to "test" their significant others in a relationship, then that's a pretty good indication that the relationship is doomed to fail. It's especially true with this Whisper given that she unintelligibly felt the need to keep the lie going for nearly half a year.

But technically speaking, her test did work. It just didn't work as intended. She faked a pregnancy test with the intention of finding out her boyfriend's true intentions and all things considered, it does sound like he may have committed to her. The problem is that she apparently didn't have the common sense to end the lie, causing him to notice the due date discrepancy. At that point, her only option would have probably been to fake a miscarriage, but as Sarah pointed out: "That's insane. Sticking through the pregnancy doesn't mean he's stay anyway."

17 Three-Step Plan

There’s nothing better than posting your plans online to have others suggest “even better” ideas. Cara suggested: "No to all those. What you want to do is tell him you got diagnosed with an STD and that he should get tested and be swabbed. They will swab his p---s with a long q-tip."

No words on that one. For her part, Diane offered advice that was a little more logical: "Don't be silly. Move on with your life," to which the original Whisper author replied: "Nah I'd rather be silly."

Her plans are pretty crazy though, when you consider how much time becoming “bffs with the other girls” would actually take. Sounds like instead of going through all this trouble, she should just dump his cheating butt and move on with her life.

16 Was That Necessary?

The good news is that unlike most confessions on this list, her plan didn’t actually backfire, but it still might. If she ever reveals her deceitfulness, then he might just feel too betrayed to continue his relationship with her. She “loved his reaction”, but certainly it would have been way better if she would have been honest with him from the start… or rather, not fake any pregnancy tests and wait for it to truly be positive.

The better question is whether they agreed together that they would try for a kid. There’s the very real possibility that they hadn’t actually agreed on it, otherwise she wouldn’t have needed to fake any pregnancy tests. Her last words are particularly revealing since she says that she thinks it’s time. But what does he think?

15 Different Intentions

This confession really shows the importance of being on the same page when getting involved with anyone. While he just wanted to have some fun, she clearly wanted a relationship. It’s possible that the reason that he was afraid that she would “get pregnant all the time” is because their birth control method wasn’t the best. In a way, the guy actually deserved major props for not pursuing things further with her since he realized that their goals weren’t aligned.

But did he stop talking to her before or after she sent the fake pregnancy test? The timeline does make a difference since he either ended things before they could escalate or realized that the test was fake and hightailed out of the “relationship” as fast as possible. Either way, it’s probably for the best that they’re not having fun together anymore.

14 Beyond A Prank

With regards to sending tests through the mail, here’s a truly brutal one. Crazily enough, this confession garnered over 350 likes. She says it’s just a prank, but let’s get real: it’s a test to make sure that he isn’t cheating on her. As one anonymous replier said: "You know if he gets concerned about it, he's been cheating on you, unless this is an open or new relationship."

Just because he gets concerned doesn’t mean that he has been cheating though. Most would probably be quick to identify this one as a prank even if they were cheating! Either way, anyone would surely be able to recognize the Sharpie line right away. In any case, there is also the bigger concern that he might try to contact exes to check with them the truth.

13 She Tried

Speaking of faking a pregnancy test with a Sharpie, here’s an undoubtedly failed one. If he actually believed her in this one, then they clearly deserve each other.

Most replied with "SMH" or saying how messed up it is, but Anne brought up a good point: "Yet a b---h going through her friends car and posting her shit online for everyone to see is not shady as well? You two deserve each other." Since there wasn’t actually any personal information, then it’s not exactly “for everyone to see” though, so no harm, no foul there. However, she does make an excellent point about snooping in her friend’s car. On the flip side, she managed to deter her friend from going along with the deceitful plan, then she definitely did a good thing.

12 Words Filled With Deceit

After someone asked why she wouldn't just break up with him by talking to him, Rachel brought up a good point: "Overly attached bf? Abusive? Money hungry? Freeloader? Any of these reasons would make it hard to break up with someone." Luckily, it doesn't seem to be due to any of those reasons.

"Did it work?" was the number one question on everyone's minds to this Whisper, to which she actually replied: "Yep, he was a d---k. If he loved me, he would have stayed. It's hard to find good guys nowadays."

This means that despite initially writing that she wanted him to break up with her, it really was just to test his commitment level. Either way, Gigi replied: "You could've just broken up with him... But the guy that'll leave a woman carrying his baby isn't a real man anyway, so still works I guess."

11 Her Plan Backfired

It may have been funny to her at first, but she definitely isn’t laughing anymore. Putting saran wrap on the toilet bowl, replacing his shampoo with Nair, almost anything else is a prank, but faking being pregnant isn’t. There isn’t anything funny about it and in almost every situation, everyone involved is left with negative feelings. Sadly, we have no way of knowing what ended up happening with her situation. Did she end up fessing up to the prank? Let’s just hope that she didn’t fake a miscarriage or keep the lie going for a while like some other women on this list. With any consideration for his feelings, she would have revealed the prank right away and not got along with shopping for the “baby”, but there are all kinds of people in the world and you just never know.

10 Revenge Best Served Faked

Truth is that many would actually agree with her vengeful action, but once again, there is just no wining with this one. Sure, it shocks him initially and sends him into a tizzy, but eventually it’s inevitable for him to learn the truth. Oddly, she actually followed up on her confession, adding: “He left the other girl for me.

But then again she also wrote that this happened with her “ex”. As much as she pranked him and he left the other girl, it does sound like she ultimately walked away from the whole thing regardless. Definitely good on her at that point, but there is also something to be said about her claim that he had “made [her] go on birth control”. It’s possible that he was emotionally abusive and that him cheating was just the final straw.

9 An Almost Deadly Prank

The good news is that his mom “almost had a heart attack” and didn’t actually have one, but this Whisper does show the dangers of faking a pregnancy test. The fact that “her dad is still giving [him] the death state” definitely also makes it seem like they might be a young couple, but he doesn’t specify their ages. While some would argue that faking pregnancy tests isn’t funny, many more would say that this one would have been funny.

It’s one of those that if filmed, would have beyond a doubt went viral on the web. He doesn’t mention anything about how he felt at the surprise gift, so maybe he would have been happy had she actually been pregnant? Anything is possible, but one thing is for certain: pregnancy tests shouldn’t be used for pranks!

8 Need To Delve Deeper

The thing with this Whisper is that there is likely only one reason for which he doesn’t believe her. She undoubtedly would have showed him the three tests, so for what logical reason would he still think that she is faking? Sure, he could indeed be in denial, but judging by the numerous women who have faked pregnancy tests, we’re willing to bet that this Whisper author cried wolf one too many times or maybe she just has a penchant for pranking frequently. But for him to not believe three separate tests definitely points towards her probably having faked some tests in the past. Can’t really blame the guy, but since she really is pregnant, it looks like it’s time to take a trip to the doctor’s office together.

7 He Deserves A Chance

As Aly pointed out: "You need to give him a chance to be a dad. I'm a teen mom and I didn't want my boyfriend to be in my baby's life but he really stepped up and he is an amazing father to her."

Truer words certainly couldn’t have been spoken. Just because they haven’t been able to make their relationship work doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t make a good dad. He 100% deserves the chance to decide for himself whether he wants to be a part of the baby’s life or not, but she can’t withhold the baby from him. It’s even worse if she had no intention of ever telling him, but let’s just hope that she ended doing the right thing. At this point, it wouldn’t be for her sake in terms of child support, but more importantly for the child’s own sake to have the opportunity to grow up with both his parents in his life.

6 Karma Is A B

Faking anything is never a good idea, especially as fellow Whisper user Luna sympathized: "Three weeks ago I was feeling mischievous and send a pic of a positive pregnancy test to one of my friends. I have every early pregnancy symptom now."

With regards to the original Whisper author, she definitely had it coming. As with most Whispers, she doesn’t elaborate if she kept the baby or not. We’re leaning towards the former, but anything is possible. But since she doesn’t call him her ex and still continues to call him her boyfriend, then at least there’s the possibility that they are still together. Chances are though that she still hasn’t fessed up to her lie and probably never will. He may not have been ready to start a family when she faked it, but let’s just hope that he came around to the idea.

5 And The Award Goes To...

It’s common for women to keep their positive pregnancy tests as mementos but to use them as a prank later on is without a doubt conniving. It’s clear that they already have one child, but they quite possibly have had a couple of already and may even had decided that enough was enough. After making that decision and prior to the snip or the tubes tying, there is always a period of intense worry while doing the deed. You still want to have fun but without the accidental consequences.

So we know that she went to the extent of fake crying, but he doesn’t mention whether he was upset, angry or happy? Since he doesn’t say anything negative about it, then he may even have been slightly happy at the idea of another little munchkin.

4 Now Time For The Backlash

Faking a pregnancy test is never a good idea, but especially not on as an April fool’s prank. There are some many other good-hearted pranks but to get everyone ecstatic at the idea of a new baby is simply cruel. They don’t mention anything about the sister’s significant other, but he likely would have been one of the main ones getting pranked. To prank the whole family definitely takes it a step further. How would the sister even have gotten out of this one? For everyone to be ecstatic means that there would have probably been loads of congratulations and especially tears. How do you then let everyone down saying that it was just a prank? Not only will no one ever believe her in the future, but she will massively regret her prank if she ever has a hard time getting pregnant.

3 Manipulative Intentions

If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, then there is no sense in forcing his hand. It’s not by forcing someone that we keep their love and especially with regards to faking a pregnancy test, there are just too many things that can go wrong. First of all, there is no guarantee that he would even stay and secondly, he might still leave the moment she either cops to the truth or fakes a miscarriages.

Other Whisper users were understandably angry with this one, commenting: "You have no idea what it's like not to be able to have kids."

For her part, Georgia was more positive: "People do crazy things when in love, but I'm sure better things are too come!" Hopefully, “better things” did come but we’re not convinced.

2 That's Because It's Not A Joke

Kat, another Whisper user wrote: "You sound crazy in the politest way possible."

It's rare for Whisper authors to clarify their posts, but this one actually did, adding: "He should have put on a condom if he didn't want me to take advantage of this opportunity to scare him to death." If they don’t want to have kids, then the responsibility is on the both of them to take the necessary precautions. She could have insisted for him to put one on regardless or refused to proceed. Also, if she knows that in the moment, there are going to be issues like that, then there are lots of others options such as birth control. But faking a pregnancy test in the hopes of scaring him isn’t the answer.

1 Healthy Relationship... NOT

It’s hard to sympathize with Whispers like this. It’s terrible that he doesn’t believe her now, but she definitely had it coming, as Mandy replied: "Sorry to say, but it serves you right. I'd never joke about being pregnant."

Even worse is that she wrote that she “used to give [her] husband fake positive pregnancy tests to scare him.” For what possible reason would she want to do that? She didn’t clarify, but it was possibly to try to scare him into staying with her. Maybe she feared that he was cheating and would take advantage of his happiness to reel him back in. Either way, it 100% serves her right that he doesn’t believe her. A trip to the doctor would set things straight, but there is still nothing guaranteeing that he would stay with her.

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