18 Most Obese Kids From Around The World

The Obesity Epidemic in North America is likely not a surprise to many, but it is very real, and very dangerous...

The fact that there is an Obesity Epidemic in North America probably doesn't come as much of a surprise for most of us. According to the OECD, obesity has been on the rise for the last few years and is currently at its all time peak, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Increasingly unhealthy diets with a surplus of food availability have lead many of us, along with our kids, to succumb towards an entirely food based world in which the most important times of the day are meal times. With this epidemic on the rise, Americans need quick motivation to help themselves and their kids avoid going down the socially and physiologically taxing road of obesity.

Human beings learn through experience, so for those of us finding it difficult to find the motivation to straighten up our kid's diets, it would be a great idea to take a look at children who are already suffering from this condition today.

The saying that human beings are visual creatures really shines through in this article. My hope is that after reading about, and seeing pictures of small children who are suffering dramatically because of obesity, you may decide to clean up your diets and do everything possible to avoid getting in this condition yourself and more importantly, saving your children from it.

18Ten Years Old And 450lbs - Arya Permana

10 years old and 450 Pounds, this Indonesian boy just didn’t know when to stop eating. According to his father, it seemed that Arya, currently the most obese boy in the world, had absolutely no sense of feeling full. He would eat two packets of noodles, a kilo of chicken plus snacks and just keep going on and on. His parents tried their best to help him out and forced him to go on a crash diet but nothing seemed to be working.

Arya's parents only came to terms with his obesity when doctors told them that Arya was in critical condition, and his life was in danger. In desperation, they opted for a gastric sleeve surgery, which was supposed to make him feel full for longer, and luckily for them, it was a great success. Arya lost 70lb in one month and doctors predicted he would lose another 220 lbs by the end of the year.

17Only Eight Months Old And Already 20Kg - Santiago Mendoza

An 8-month old that weighed as much as a 6-year-old is now undergoing medical treatment to overcome his obesity. Santiago’s mother states that she feels it was due to her own ignorance that her son had packed on so much weight. She states that he was an anxious baby from birth and every time he cried she would quickly feed him milk and cereal.

Unfortunately, Santiago rapidly gained weight to the point that he was taking multiple visits to the doctor's office for respiratory problems and other health condition brought on by his excessive weight. It truly is sad that he was born in a healthy weight group but due to his anxiety and his mother's lack of knowledge, he gained so much weight that it affected his daily functioning. His mom states that she finds it hard to go out because of his excessive weight, but all is not lost as medical practitioners are now working on a way to reduce his weight.

16Eight-Month-Old Weighing In At 38lbs - Chahat Kumar

Another sad story of a baby who was born with average weight but ballooned up to the weight of a four-year-old in only eight months. Chahat Kumar's parents state that they feel upset when people make fun of their baby for being fat, and her obesity doesn't have anything to do with the way she was brought up. Chahat’s mother states that she eats excessively and if she’s not give food she cries a lot; she basically has a never ending appetite.

The truly sad thing about Chat’s condition is that her family cannot afford to get her proper help and medication, their local doctor was unable to extract blood samples from Chahat because her skin was too thick and despite multiple attempts, her excessive weight would not allow a blood sample to be taken.

15Transformation From 420 To 100lbs - Jessica Leonard

Many cases of Childhood obesity are saddening and seem hopeless, but the case of Jessica Leonard truly is inspirational. An 8-year-old girl who weighed 420 pounds was transferred to an obesity clinic in Virginia and amazingly lost 320 pounds without any form of surgery. Jessica's legs bowed under her weight and she had to roll on the floor to move around.

How did she reach that state in the first place? Her mother admits that she had stocked the fridge and pantry with as much food as her daughter could eat. Jessica’s mom was enrolled in parenting classes, and she now takes extreme care in providing a healthy diet for her daughter. Jessica states that she feels addicted to food and despite reaching a healthy weight, still needs to lose 20 pounds of excess skin through surgery.

14Six Years Old And Weighing 88Kg - Sumun Khatun

Another Indian girl is eating her family out of house and home at only 6 years of age. Sumun has an insatiable appetite and eats constantly to maintain her weight of 14 stone! Her afternoon snack consists of 10 bananas and multiple biscuits! Her parents have tried to decrease her food intake as her dad's entire wages go to feeding her to no avail. Sumun’s parents complain that their disciplinary attempts fail miserably because she just begs for food from neighbors and throws rocks at anyone who won't feed her; as a last resort she even starts eating mud, which obviously can’t go ignored!

Sumun’s problem lies in the fact that nothing can satiate her hunger, she is forever hungry. Her father blames himself for this as she was born a healthy weight of 8 pounds but since he could not afford milk for her he would feed her crushed grain.

13Four Years Old And 62Kg - Lu Hao

Weighing 62 Kg at the tender age of four, Lu Hao is referred to as the fattest kid in China. His parents who have never suffered from weight problems are increasingly concerned as to why he is so over weight. Doctors are puzzled and believe that Lu Hao has literally just eaten himself to obesity. Lu Hao attends school like all other children but has a hard time controlling himself from taking other students' lunches! Unlike other families on this list who know why their child's weight is so out of control, Lu Hao's parents are mystified as to why their son is so overweight, given that he was born at a healthy 5.7 pounds.

Luckily for him and his parents, a weight loss company has offered to help Lu Hao get fit, for free. The young boy is now on a strict diet and with the help of his parents, he is trying to make a recovery.

12Britain's Fattest Child Weighs Sixteen Stones

This 10-year-old weighing 16 stone has broken all records for weight in the UK. On average a man weighs 12 stone. This means that this youngster weighs much more than what an average man should weigh! The NHS dish out over 5 billion dollars in aiding individuals who suffer from obesity in Britain alone!

These numbers are astounding but can be blamed to our 21st-century lifestyle. Excessive TV and video gaming thrown alongside extremely fatty and instant food have made our day full of extra calories and not enough energy used to burn it off. This boy whose name was not disclosed was only one of 21 children who were at risk of becoming morbidly obese in a study conducted in Birmingham. According to the study, boys had a higher risk of obesity than girls.

11Needed Surgery At The Age Of Two

It’s shocking to hear about children who weigh so much more than what is healthy for them, but it’s worse when obesity strikes babies and toddlers. A 2-year-old boy in Saudi whose name has not been disclosed, became the youngest child on earth to undergo an LSG (Laparascopic Sleeve Gastrectomy). His weight was ballooning, as he already weighed 72 pounds at only two years old! Were the doctors right to prescribe him such a drastic surgery despite his condition?

This surgery received much criticism as medical practitioners stated he could easily suffer from vitamin deficiency from the future due to the procedure. The LSG did manage to cut off 20 pounds in the next month so it wasn’t a failed procedure.

10Yogita, Anisha And Harsh

These three siblings are known in their village as Sumo babies. Both their parents are of average weight and so is their eldest sister. However, the three small children ages 3, 4 and 5 surprised everyone when they started ballooning almost instantly after they were born. After much waiting and praying, their father, who is a laborer, received enough funding from online donations to get surgery for all three of them.

Initially, the surgery seemed successful as the children lost 1 stone each. Unfortunately, this did not last, and the effects of the surgery suddenly failed miserably. The children are now gaining weight more rapidly then ever. Their father now plans to sell his kidney to afford proper treatment for his little ones. He says that he can’t see them die in front of his own eyes.

9One-Year-Old Already 53lbs - Aliya Saleem

One-year-old Aliya Saleem weighs an unbelievable 53 pounds. Once again, her parents are a normal weight, but she has ballooned continuously since she was born. Since obesity did not run in the family, her parents were baffled at her increasing appetite and weight gain. Luckily for them, unlike so many other Indian parents living in remote areas, they were able to get a proper diagnosis for their child. Their pediatrician believes that she is suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome.

Prader-Willi Syndrome is a rare disease which not only entails excessive weight gain but also learning difficulties. Aliya’s parents find it more difficult to see their daughter in this condition, because their previous daughter Sumon had died due to obesity. She had been eating her lunch as usual when she suddenly collapsed with a brain hemorrhage.

8Born Weighing 16lbs - Waylon Cole

Waylon Cole surprised everyone with his weight when he slipped out of his mother's womb. The doctors thought perhaps the scale was broken, and he was weighed three times before everyone concluded that Waylon was indeed 16 pounds, at birth! His mother knew that she would have a large baby because she had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her pregnancy, but she could never have expected this!

Waylon weighed 9 pounds above the average newborn's weight! As soon as he was born his parents rushed to go buy him 6-9 month clothing because they knew there was no chance he would fit into anything less than that! Though Waylon doesn't have any health problems, and being 16 pounds at birth does not necessarily put him at risk, it is vital that his appetite is watched carefully so that he does not begin ballooning and gaining excessive weight.

7Eleven-Year-Old Weighing 330lbs - Li Hang

Eleven years old and weighing 330 pounds, Li Hangs' parents have done literally everything they can to try to get their son to lose weight, to no avail. Li Hang suffers from a rare genetic illness (Prader-Willi Syndrome) which causes him to have an appetite which is insatiable, alongside developmental and learning disabilities. His parents have had him undergo surgery at the best hospital in China, but Li Hang only lost 15 pounds, which he quickly recovered.

In a final and desperate attempt, his parents have resorted to traditional Chinese healing. Traditional Chinese healing includes fire therapy and cupping. In fire healing, the practitioner covers his belly with a wet towel and then burns an alcohol soaked tissue directly on top, now that’s literally called burning fat.

6Brain Surgery Backfired And Left Him Obese - Freddie Hunt

Obesity is an emotional trial in itself, but when that obesity is brought on by medical intervention, that brings on a whole different level of emotion. Three-year-old Freddie hunt was born with no weight problems but had to undergo brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. After his brain surgery, Freddie developed hypothalamic obesity, and could not stop putting on weight.

Apart from obesity, Freddie is also suffering other problems. Due to his tumor, Freddie is blind in one eye and hyper sensitive to touch. Freddie is only 3 years old but already weighs 38 kilograms. The most heart breaking thing of all is the optimism with which Freddie has taken his entire ordeal; him mom states that whenever anyone asks how he is he just smiles and says ‘good, thank you!’.

5Five Years Old And 76Kg - Misael Condogno Abrea

A five-year-old Brazilian boy has eaten himself to 76 Kg. Just like most child-obesity cases, Misael was born at a perfectly normal weight. His mother breastfed him exclusively but he was still putting on much more weight than expected. Now he is five years old and morbidly obese. His parents cry often and say that while he sleeps they often check if he is still breathing because they are sure his weight will crush his organs one day.

Despite his weight, Misael is a very happy and brave boy, he wishes to play with all the other kids and attempts to try new things, even if they seem almost impossible for his size. It’s very sad to think that Misael could easily be enjoying life and living to the fullest, but he is unable to do so just because of his weight.

4Born Weighing 14lbs - Carisa Rusak

A Massachusetts girl was born at an alarming large size of 14 pounds. Her parents literally had to take a picture of the scale because they could not believe what they were seeing. The hospital she was born at stated that she is the heaviest newborn ever to have been welcomed under their roof. No need to worry about her mother's health because this was, very gratefully, a C-Section.

Carisa was born healthy and with no problems, but her parents fear that she may begin to balloon excessively in the near future. Being born a heavy weight is of no concerning matter. It is much better, in terms of health, then being born under weight, but it should open the parent's eyes to be cautious of their baby's food intake so that they can continue living a healthy life.

3Heaviest Newborn Girl In The World

A 19-year-old mother was surprised when she gave birth to a 15-pound baby girl in India. Her entire pregnancy had been very smooth and she had, very gratefully, concluded with a C-Section. Everyone, including the nurses and the doctors, found it very difficult to believe that such a large baby could be born without any complications. The young mother did not suffer from gestational diabetes or any other condition that could have affected her baby's weight.

The nurses were initially worried about the baby's thyroid and sugar levels, but all was well and all the tests turned out to be completely normal. The only course of action needed to be taken now is for the family to ensure that they instill healthy eating habits in their daughter so that she does not suffer due to excessive weight gain in the future.

2A Newborn Weighing 14lbs - Loyalty Adonis

Another large baby was born at 14 pounds. Loyalty Adonis was the third, and according to his mother, final child of his family. Loyalty’s mother states that her previous two babies were at a normal weight when they were born so she was astounded to see a baby born at such a large size. The first thing she heard after giving birth was ‘Wow, that’s a big baby!”.

Loyalty skipped the newborn outfits and skipped straight to size three diapers! Despite his heavy weight, Loyalty did not suffer any health problems. The best his parents can do is ensure he lives a healthy lifestyle by instilling appropriate eating habits in him and hopefully he will continue to be a lovely and happy child as he continues to grow older day by day.

1Two-Year-Olds In Obesity Programs

The staff and management at Specialist Weight-Loss Programs in the UK had their minds blown when they realized two-year-olds were being enrolled by their parents to combat their obesity. It takes around 500,000 pounds per child to get the treatment they need to begin reducing their obesity. Obviously, the parents were enrolling these children because the quality of their life was suffering a serious decline since their weight began ballooning.

Experts are deeply concerned as to why the number of children that are obese is increasing, while the age at which they become obese is declining. Some believe that this can be combated by the mother's diet during pregnancy. Experts are calling this epidemic a great horror, and saying that it honestly provokes fear for the future of humanity.


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