18 Of The Trendiest Names From The 1930s

When you look around and see vintage wear, they are most likely inspired by trends of the 1930s. Vintage wear enthused by the 1930s is often seen as hipster fashion; the kind of fashion that people wore before it became trendy. Fashion trends are not the only thing that has been brought back from the 1930s. The 1930s was also hopping in trendy names. This article is a list of the top 18 trendiest names from that time.

19 Paul

Paul is a name that became trendy in the 1930s. Paul comes from the roman family name Paulus meaning small or humble. Paul has become a very popular name in the English language, as well as its feminine versions of the name, Pauline and Paulina.

18 Jack

Jack is a popular name many people are familiar with. It was one of the trendiest, male names in the 1930s. The name even appears in the common saying ‘Jack of all trades’. The name became slang for the word, man, in the middle ages.

17 Harold

The name Harold comes from the English word meaning army, power, leader, and ruler. You can see why the name proved to be a trendy one. The name represents the values of that time.

16 Albert

Albert, also known as the feminine version, Alberta, is a name that has its roots in German. The name means noble and bright; two characteristics that are always trendy.

15 Billy

Billy is a name that we can guess almost everyone is familiar with. Although the name has a very juvenile sound to it, it was a trendy name that came from the formal name William. The nickname on its own became so trendy that people began naming their babies Billy as a full, official name.

14 Arthur

Nowadays, the name Arthur can attribute its trendiness to the story of King Arthur. Back in the 1930s, the name was trendy as it stood for the words man, king, and bear – all strong characteristics.

13 David

David was a trendy name in the 1930s because of its religious affiliations. He was known as the hero who defeated the giant Goliath. The name David was synonymous with strength and bravery.

12 Louis

Louis was the name of 18 kings in France. As you can tell, the name Louis was popularly given to royalty, thus being trendy, because who doesn’t want to resemble royalty.

11 Anthony

Anthony was a trendy name back then and still is now. It originates from the Greek word Anthos, which means flower. Your little one can become trendy as he blooms into this name.

10 Joseph

Joseph is a great, classy name for a boy. The name Joseph has its roots in the Hebrew language. The name translate to “he will add”. The name is also comes from the bible, whereby Joseph was betrayed and mistreated, but later on rose to power in Egypt.

9 Annie

Many of us are familiar with the famous fictional Character, Annie. Annie was a little Orphan who is generally described as charismatic, caring, and hopeful. The comedy drama about Annie came out in 1932. It is no surprise that many female babies were named Annie after the release of the movie.

8 Florence

Florence, or stylishly nicknamed Flo, was a trendy name for females in the 1930s. Florence is a common English name, but comes from the Latin word meaning blossoming. The name itself sounds flowery and youthful – things that are always trending.

7 Donna

The name Donna became trendy for its exotic origins. The name Donna means ‘lady’ in Italian. The name is also considered the feminine version of the name Donald. If you have a special man in your life named Donald that you want to name your baby girl after, Donna is the perfect, trendy name.

6 Beverly

Beverly was a trendy name back then, and still remains to this day. Beverly reminds us of the glamorous Beverly Hills, where trends are created, followed, and inspired. Although the name has flash and glamour written all over it, its origin and meaning is humble. Beverly is an English name meaning beaver stream.

5 Catherine

It’s no surprise that Catherine was one of the trendiest names in 1930s. Catherine is considered a classic name that is also synonymous with Royalty nowadays, i.e. Kate Middleton. Catherine is both a French and English name that means pure.

4 Gloria

Who else thinks of Gloria Estefan when they hear this name? Gloria Estefan is one of the trendiest songwriters from Cuba. Although she’s not from the 1930s, her name is. Gloria is a Latin name meaning glory. Your daughter will get all the glory with a name like Gloria.

3 Lucille

When you hear the name Lucille, you think of an old, timey name – but in a good way. Lucille was a classic, trendy name in the 1930s that literally shined, as the name meant ‘light’ in the French language.

2 Edith

Edith is a name that is starting to pop up again. Edith was a trendy name derived from old English meaning wealth and fortune. Fortunately for us, the name has made its way to becoming trendy again.


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