18 Party Ideas for Baby's First Birthday

Your baby's first birthday is a momentous occasion. You're probably planning a birthday party, but here are some other ways to commemorate baby's first year. Here are 18 first birthday party ideas to help you celebrate!

18 Baby's First Painting

Commemorate baby's first birthday with an original piece of art. All you need is a canvas and some finger paints. Place the canvas on the grass and let your baby go to town! You can also use stickers to spell your baby's name. Apply the stickers to the canvas, let baby paint, and then peel off the stickers!

17 Baby's 2D Hand Print

Buy a small canvas or even a plain white tile and some finger paint. Paint the palm of baby's hand and flatten it out on the surface. If you do this on every birthday, you'll have quite a collection of handprints in a few years.

16 Baby's 3D Hand Print

You can also make a 3D version of baby's handprint. Use dough or plaster to make an imprint of your baby's handprint and then preserve it in a shadow box. You can also buy a special keepsake handprint kit. (It makes a great gift, too!)

15 Cake Smash

A lot of people celebrate the baby's birthday with a cake smash. You don't have to do it just once. Consider getting a photographer or taking pictures of your own cake smash moment ahead of time and displaying them at the birthday party.

14 Photo Collage

If you were good about taking pictures of your baby every month, a great way to display them at the party is with a photo collage. You can either cut and paste your own or use a site like Shutterfly to create a compilation of pictures from baby's first year. It's amazing to see how they've grown!

13 Photo Banner

Another variation of the photo collage is to create a photo banner. Buy or DIY a pennant and then add baby's pictures to each piece. You can do one for each month or just a mixture of your favorite pictures from baby's first year. Display on the wall or across a mantel for guests to ooh and ahh over.

12 Photo Wreath

Greet your guests at the door with a wreath made up of baby pictures. Tuck baby pictures into a wreath on your door, or create your own!

11 Custom Candies

Celebrate your little sweetie's birthday with some sweet treats. Look for candies that you can customize. You can personalize Hershey's Kisses with a sticker on the bottom or have M&Ms custom printed with your own message, clip art, or even a picture. Candies make a great party favor!

10 Picnic in the Park

Take your party outside! If the weather is nice, consider having your baby's first birthday party in the backyard or in a local park. Kids can play in the grass and get some fresh air. Or, look into having your party at a restaurant or in a baby gym. Lots of places have party rooms or party packages that may include food, cake, and decorations.

9 Pick a Theme

Does your little one like rubber duckies? Do they like to help out in the kitchen? Or, do you just love ladybugs? Pick a theme and run with it. There are party ideas aplenty out there for you to use. You can carry baby's party theme all through the food, the cake, the decorations--even your baby's outfit for the day!

8 Pick a Color Scheme

If a theme isn't your thing, pick a simple color scheme. Perhaps tie in the colors from baby's nursery or birthday party invitation. Some pretty color combinations are mint green and gold, navy blue and coral, and gray and yellow.

7 Seasonal or Holidays

Consider what time of year it is, and you might be able to use decorations that you already have. If your baby's birthday is in the winter, you can use snowflakes and stars as a theme. If your baby has a summer birthday, maybe you can tie it in with the start of baseball season or summer holidays.

6 Manly Little Man Party

I "mustache" you a question: have you seen anything cuter than these little gentleman birthday party ideas? Celebrate your little man in style!

5 Girly Girl Party

If you have a pretty little princess, consider hosting a very girly celebration. Make sure your little girl dresses like royalty with a birthday tiara!

4 Make a Playlist

What's a party without music? Consider making a playlist of kid-friendly toddler tunes, or make a playlist that the adults will enjoy. Try using only songs that have "one" or "baby" in the title. (You can use "Hit Me Baby One More Time" or "Ice, Ice, Baby.")

3 Consider a Caterer

It might sound a little over the top, but do you want to spend all your time at your baby's first birthday standing over the grill or running around taking things out of the oven? If you can't hire a caterer, enlist someone to help you prepare and make as many dishes and snacks ahead of time as possible. Don't spend all of your time in the kitchen.

2 Don't Forget the Finger Foods

If you're going to have lots of little ones at the party, don't forget to have age appropriate snacks for them. Little pieces of fruits and veggies, small crackers, and cereal necklaces are all great finger foods for little hands.

1 Hand Over the Camera

Over the past year, you've probably taken hundreds of pictures of your little one. Of course, you want to remember today by taking lots of pictures, but perhaps consider handing over the camera (or the phone) to a friend or family member so that you can enjoy the party and be present in the moment. Plus, it would be nice to make sure that you're in the pictures, too!

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