18 Pics That Show What Farrah Abraham Is Really Like As A Mom

TV personality Farrah Abraham seems to be making headlines every other day for her wild antics and questionable parenting. The mom-of-one first got her big break when she signed on to star in the first season of MTV’s Teen Pregnant, which explored her experience of welcoming her daughter, Sophia, when she was only 17 after her baby daddy lost his life in a car accident. It wasn’t long before the Armenian beauty signed on to star in its spin-off series Teen Mom, of which she starred from 2009-2017.

Aside from her work in reality television, Farrah has become equally well known for her adventures in the adult film industry. Though the celeb claims she’s not an adult actress, Farrah has released two tapes in 2013 and 2014, and has starred in a handful of webcam shows, made appearances at adult-themed events, and has even come out with her own line of bedroom toys. The star has received immense backlash from fans who argue that her lifestyle isn’t appropriate for a child to be around, but Farrah just keeps ignoring the haters.

Check out these photos to see some of the ridiculous things Farrah has done over the years and why she’s such a controversial personality. If you haven’t check out Farrah Abraham As A Parent: Part 1, then we suggest also taking a look at that list to get the full Farrah effect. Do you think Farrah could use some parenting lessons, or if she's doing the right thing by ignoring the haters and living her life as she wants it? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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18 She Gave Her 7-Year Old Special Tea

via instagram.com

Like many B-lister celebrities (and A-listers, too, if you count the Kardashians), Farrah Abraham is no stranger to advertising weight loss tea on her Instagram. But the reality star took things to a whole new level when she let her then-7-year old daughter also advertise the dieting product.

Back in November 2016, Farrah got a ton of hate online after she posted a photo of what appeared to be Sophia drinking a detox tea out of a coffee mug. “Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy,” she captioned the mother-daughter selfie. Flat Tummy Tea is advertised as a dieting product that helps reduce bloating, decreases appetite, and allegedly increases energy, though its website acknowledges its never been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

In other words, this product acts as a laxative, which can be unsafe for adults to consume let alone a child.

Farrah’s post prompted many fans to warn the young mom about the dangers of giving her child such a questionable drink. “Girlfriend you need to grow up and seek help. Please try your hardest not to mentally scar your daughter at such a young age,” a concerned fan wrote. “Please tell me that you’re not giving this garbage tea to your daughter! It’s a laxative!” another Insta user commented. One of Farrah’s followers went so far as to write, “Please don’t give her that tea..it’s not designed for children. Their bodies can’t handle it. People need to go through psychological evaluation before they can be allowed to have children!”

17 She Let Sophia Watch Her Get A Procedure

There are tons of moms who aren’t against getting plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements, but that doesn’t mean they’d let their 9-year old have a front row seat to watch the procedure in its entirety. But evidently, Farrah thought it was a body positive move to allow her daughter Sophia (and their two dogs, if it wasn’t already weird enough) to watch her get butt injections.

Farrah wasn’t acting shy for the camera when she shared a video on social media of her at the doctor’s office about to enhance her booty. In the background, fans could clearly see Sophia smiling while sitting with their furry pets as she had a full view of her mom’s work-in-progress rear.

“We’re putting sculpture in there. And we are just smoothing it out, keeping it normal, keeping it natural with our regular collagen, not any extra fillers,” Farrah explained to the camera.

Needless to say, the reality star faced a ton of backlash from fans online who were shocked by the TMI video, and especially the fact that her daughter was allowed to be in the room. “This is the weirdest video ever.. she’s teaching her child she needs to get work done to feel normal,” one fan commented. “OH My Gosh I just watched the snap and she literally has her daughter videotaping her from behind! What’s wrong with you @F1abraham!!!!! Why you subjecting your child to look at things like this? Why don’t you get a babysitter! Poor Sophia!” another upset fan tweeted the mom-of-one.

16 … And Another Procedure

If you thought that Farrah couldn’t go any crazier than letting Sophia watch her get butt implants, then think again. The mom didn’t think twice about allowing her 9-year old to watch her get surgery on her lady bits. Evidently it's sexually empowering. Um, okay?

Farrah received major backlash after posting a video of herself getting labiaplasty while Sophia was in plain eyesight. Basically, this is a surgery where the patients’ privates are shaped and sculpted to be more aesthetically pleasing- yep, this really is a thing. What had fans horrified was that Sophia was not just able to watch the entire procedure, but Farrah was also allowing her to comment on the Instagram Live feed that she was running. As Farrah flaunted off how things were from her angle, Sophia kept leaving comments like ‘Hi Mom! Hi Mom!’ from her own verified Instagram account, much to fans’ distaste.

“IDK WHY YOUR STILL ALLOWED TO BE PARENTING YOUR CHILD,” one concerned fan wrote in all capital letters on the Instagram post. Another angry fan wrote, “Sick daughter, person, and mom you are. I feel horribly sad for your daughter and your mother. Somebody knock her down please.” Do you agree that this is taking things too far?

15 She Made Sophia Quit School So She Can Work More

via instagram.com

In recent seasons of Teen Mom OG, fans have noticed that Farrah has been traveling more and more for work-related events. The celeb has always been adamant that she hates spending time away from her daughter, who would usually stay with her grandparents if Farrah was away for work. But evidently, the reality star couldn’t deal with the separation anymore since she recently decided to pull Sophia out of school so she would be free to attend more trips and events with her mom.

“She’s doing homeschooling, so she gets to come to more events and that’s awesome,” Farrah told InTouch magazine of her decision, which many fans don’t think was in Sophia’s best interest (but rather in the best interest of Farrah’s career). “I decided to do that because, at school, I didn’t really want to make it about the bullying, dating, those things,” the star continued, adding this is a good step for Sophia’s career in show business. “It’s focusing more on her studies, traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is going to school. She’s doing more runway so she’ll be at New York Fashion Week. She has a lot going on and this just helps her be the better her.”

14 She Lets Her Daughter Take It Out On Grandma

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Most parents are horrified when their child simply back talks to their grandparent. But, then again, not every parent is Farrah Abraham. Not only does the reality star not have a problem with her daughter trash talking her grandmother, but apparently hitting is okay in her books, too.

Fans were alarmed when a December 2015 clip from Teen Mom OG showed a then-8-year old Sophia slapping her grandmother in the heat of an argument between Farrah and her mom, Debra Danielson.

In the clip, Farrah was explaining to her mom how to care for her household while she’s away on a work trip. The mom and daughter eventually get into a bizarre argument about dish soap, which eventually brought Debra to tears.

“You know how serious it is to me that I let you stay at my house and watch my daughter when I’m gone for a month?” Farrah was caught yelling at her mother. “It’s so serious that I think of it as if I pass away and I need somebody to watch my daughter for 18 years to get her through life and make her successful that you would do that, and you’d better listen.” However, even worse than the horrible things Farrah is yelling at her mom is when Sophia begins slapping her grandmother after Farrah calls her mom a “b***.” The clip ends with little Sophia putting her hands on her hips and then telling her mom, “You are having a bad attitude,” in reference to her grandmother.

13 She Bullies Her Daughter For Being Sick

via people.com

Farrah proved she may be missing her maternal instinct when her first instinct was to get mad at her 7-year old daughter for being sick rather than to make her feel better. Fans of Teen Mom were confused and concerned after a 2016 clip showed Farrah calling her daughter a slew of horrible names, including “stupid” and a “heathen,” simply for being too sick to make their plans, which included a kid-friendly Easter party.

Upon receiving immense backlash for her actions, Farrah eventually issued a public statement to Radar Online apologizing for her actions.

"I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid. I keep it real. I'm not allowing my daughter to be spoiled or not responsible for her actions,”

she explained of her questionable word choice. “It's difficult with grandparents and cameras around for my daughter. My daughter is very bright and wonderful and I keep it real on Teen Mom OG with real feelings and thoughts in my every day life."

After Farrah’s statement, many fans pointed out that it seemingly lacked the actual words ‘sorry’ or ‘apology.’ The mom’s words haven’t been much kinder to her daughter or family or more recent season of Teen Mom, either.

12 Her Family Is Worried For Her Mental Health

via mtv.com

For years, many fans have accused Farrah of not being in her right mind given all of the bizarre things she’s done. But now it seems like her family is also voicing their concerns over the reality star’s mental health, and how it may be affecting her child-rearing capabilities.

Recently, Farrah’s estranged mom, Debra Danielsen, came forward to publicly express her concern for her daughter. On the Facebook series Shot Topics, the 60-year old explained she heard about her daughter’s firing from MTV’s Teen Mom OG from the tabloids, not from Farrah herself. Debra claimed that she believes Farrah is suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, and says that she needs help. “If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, if you have narcissism, any of these kinds of things, they’re all highly treatable,” Debra explained. “All is not lost, but I will say that deep down inside I know my daughter. She is kind, loving and she is sweet and very compassionate. I think she works extremely hard, I think she just needs to step back a moment, and take some time and get healthy and take time for her so she can heal.”

Farrah has responded to her mom’s controversial comments by dismissing them as untrue. “[It’s] sad to hear my own mother would say these untrue things about her own child. It’s evil and alarming,” the mom-of-one said in a statement to People Magazine. “After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart.”

11 She Makes Videos About Her Feet… Seriously

It’s been years since Farrah made her first adult-only video, but the celeb shows no signs of slowing down. Though she claims not to be an adult actress, Farrah has been making dozens of explicit videos and sharing them on her social media pages, even going so far as to team up with several adult production companies to release her own limited edition toys and accessories.

But no one saw Farrah’s most recent video coming! In a very bizarre move back in March, the celeb released a naked video of her rubbing what appears to be a lubricant to her feet. “Watch as I oil up my pretty feet and toes for you,” she captioned the provocative video, though the clip seems more hilarious than steamy. “I remove my sexy gold heels and start playing with my feet. It feels so good. Do you like my perfect soles,” she continued teasing the camera. It seems Farrah was trying to sell the lubricant to her fans, as one of her follow-up tweets said “Thank you for buying!” and provided a link to where fans could find more info.

Many fans took to social media to tell Farrah how inappropriate and cringe-worthy they thought the video was. Eventually, the video and its subsequent tweets were deleted from Farrah’s feed, though it's unclear if she deleted them or if they were removed by Twitter.

10 She Uses Unkind Slurs And Phrases

via youtube.com

Despite branding herself as an anti-bullying activist, Farrah has made headlines recently for her use of racial slurs and phrases. During her stint on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, the celeb made racist comments towards Paula Johnson, mother of Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. Farrah’s co-stars and viewers were all horrified when the celeb screamed towards Paula, who is African American, “[You] disgusting, black piece of s***!”

The horrible insult came after Farrah tried to insinuate that Paula had a drinking problem. “Trash like [Paula] needs to go to jail and needs to get the s**t beat out of her,” Farrah was filmed saying to her co-stars as Paula was in earshot. “This little b**** again, I would f*** you up. I dare you to rise, rise to the occasion, puffy faced b****!” Paula yelled in response. Things came to a head after Farrah spewed her racist comment, which seemed to even shock her father Michael, who had to prevent her from throwing a plate at Paula.

Many of Farrah’s co-stars were furious over the comment, including Kendra Wilkinson, who is married to an African American. “That racist b****,” Kendra told the cameras. “She didn’t just offend Paula. She offended my husband and children and me.”

9 She Wants Sophia To Read Her Book Series

If you didn’t know, one of the many adult-themed projects Farrah has been a part of includes a series of erotic books. But what’s even more surprising than learning Farrah can call herself an author is that she hopes her daughter will one day read her work – even though they’re supposedly based on her own life experiences. Who would want to read erotic fantasies based on their mom’s bedroom history? Yikes!

“If she wants to read it later in life, I might blush a little, but I wouldn’t stop her,”

Farrah told Radar Online when asked if she was okay with Sophia reading the series. “Eventually, she will have to find out that Mommy is a sexual person, just like the rest of us.” The three-part story is loosely based on Farrah’s own experiences in the industry. The series follows the tale of Fallon Opal, a reality TV star who gets caught up in a dark and mysterious world after an adult-tape is leaked. Sounds eerily familiar to Farrah’s story, huh?

Interestingly, Farrah adds that no ghostwriters were needed in penning the book, and that she did it all by herself. “There were no ghost writers,” she insisted. “The story and words all came from my imagination.” With that being said, we can’t say we’re anymore curious to read this series!

8 She Plans Her Own Wardrobe Malfunctions

Farrah showed she will do just about anything to make the news after video footage proved that she perfectly timed her infamous Cannes crotch flash just this past Spring. In May, the Teen Mom alum made headlines after she flashed her lady parts to the world while walking the red carpet at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The celeb initially explained the accident away as a ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ but it didn’t take long for video footage to surface showing that it was all staged.

The video, which was released by The Blast, shows Farrah sitting front-row at the fashion show while trying to make eye contact with the paparazzi. It appears that the actress tried several times to stand up in between the models until she was finally able to do so, and she then expertly lifted her dress with her hand ever so slightly to reveal her assets. It’s pretty clear by the video that Farrah intended to flash the cameras, and this was in no way an innocent accident.

Of course, the celeb received a ton of hate online after the video was published, with so-called fans calling her everything from fame-hungry to indecent. If anything is clear, its that Farrah really loves attention, good or bad.

7 She Let Sophia Star In A Music Video

via instagram.com

Back in 2014, Farrah tried her hand at a music career when she released the music video for her first single ‘Blowin,’ which unfortunately wasn’t well received amongst friends. Aside from the haters who criticized Farrah’s vocal abilities and the lyrical content, many fans were concerned as to why the reality star allowed her daughter to take part in the video despite the mature content.

According to Farrah, the video is about blowing her haters away and rising up against the negativity. “I think all of the bully types I deal with […] who are determined to be against me in my life,” she told InTouch Magazine at the time. “I want others to see they don’t need to be a follower or conform to what others think or do and let them live their lives to their full potential.” The music video features the mother and daughter walking through a whimsical field amidst other scenes showing Farrah passing out drinks to guys at a club and taking selfies with friends.

Despite the seemingly positive message, some fans suggest that the song actually has a hidden message, especially considering Farrah’s experiences in the adult industry. You know, since ‘blowing’ might refer to something other than just ignoring your haters. Do you think Farrah should have thought twice before allowing her 5-year old to be a part of this project?

6 She Keeps Sophia From Her Paternal Grandparents

via youtube.com

Any Teen Mom fan will know that Farrah has a very strained relationship with her parents, Debra and Michael. It appears that she and her daughter went months without seeing her parents, which definitely must be stressful on 9-year old Sophia.

But if you think Sophia’s relationship with her maternal grandparent is sad, then listen to this. What many fans likely don’t know is that Sophia isn’t allowed to have any relationship with her paternal grandparents. Although Sophia’s father, Derek, passed away in a car accident before she was born, his parents have seemingly tried to remain present in their granddaughter’s life. Derek’s parents have been featured several times on Teen Mom in the past, but nowadays it appears they have very limited contact with Sophia or Farrah.

“So Derek’s mother stole Sophia from a babysitter,” Farrah explained in a YouTube video posted to her account last month about why Sophia doesn’t visit Derek’s parents. “Your child cannot talk yet. You can’t ask your child what happened that day. I saw something that I had never seen before in my child. When I drove up to the baby-sitter’s house, Sophia would start crying, like [she was] shaken. For two days she was traumatic.”

5 She Plucked Her 3-Year Old’s Eyebrows

via instagram.com

Given the amount of money she spends on clothes, makeup, and plastic surgery, it would be an understatement to say Farrah is a little more than obsessed with her looks.

But many fans feel that the celeb took things way to far when she transferred her obsession onto her toddler, and began plucking Sophia’s eyebrows when she was only 3-years old. “Cosmetic surgeries, to me, is something that is way different from plucking your eyebrows,” Farrah said on Good Morning America in 2013, explaining why she waxes her child’s Unibrow.

“If I can help my daughter in a little way by just plucking a few hairs, I think I did something right.”

After the interview, many fans began tweeting the young mom to explain why waxing her daughter’s brows at such a young age was sending a negative body image to her, and could hurt her in the long run. Despite the hate, Farrah took to defend her decision, and she doesn’t sound like she stopped waxing Sophia anytime soon afterward. “Unibrows are not sacred! Do the right thing. Tweeze no matter what age,” Farrah tweeted. “Sophia’s beautiful with a unibrow or without! Point is take care of your child’s hygiene."

4 She Lets Her Daughter Control Her Dating Life

via mtv.com

Most parents believe its best to keep their dating life completely separated from their child until they’re in something serious. But, in Farrah’s household, it sounds like she lets Sophia decide who she can and cannot talk to… which is an awful lot of responsibility for a 9-year old!

Last September, Farrah admitted that she wasn’t on speaking terms with her ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran, and her mother, Debra Danielson, because her daughter wants things that way. While speaking with E! News, Farrah explained she’s “cordial” with her ex, but that they’re currently not on speaking terms.

“I’m not allowed to talk to him because Sophia doesn’t like him,” the reality star explained.

Even more bizarre, Farrah then explained that Sophia has ordered her not to have a relationship with her mother, though Farrah is trying to convince her otherwise. Is Farrah sure she’s not just projecting her own feelings onto Sophia? “Sophia doesn’t really want a relationship with my mom but I’m still trying to make sure that she is around and keep that relationship is surviving and alive,” she explained, adding that she was unsure if she was going to attend her mother's wedding (spoiler alert: she did!).

3 She Gave Sophia $600 From The Tooth Fairy

via instagram.com

$5 is a large gift from the Tooth Fairy for most kids, so the world was surprised when Farrah dished out a cool $600 from the Tooth Fairy to her daughter Sophia back in 2015. A clip from Teen Mom showed the celeb putting wads of hundred dollar bills underneath her 7-year old pillow. It’s hilarious when Sophia finds the money and doesn’t seem to understand just how generous the Tooth Fairy was being. Perhaps a Barbie would have gotten a bigger reaction.

Though this isn’t the most controversial thing she’s ever done, Farrah still faced a decent amount of backlash for her extravagant Tooth Fairy present. Despite the plethora of fans who alleged this would only spoil Sophia, rather than teach her the value of money, Farrah took to defend her antics. “Loosing [sic] your teeth should be special, I like to add passion and something special to everything including loosing [sigh, sic] teeth,” the mom-of-one wrote online. “These years are flying by [sic] and soon $600 won’t be surprising to my daughter and the tooth fairy will just be imaginary and made up."

"So $600 for one tooth is a great addition to her college fund and let’s [SIC] her have a big surprise when she woke up that morning,” Farrah continued, implying that Sophia would be directed to save the money for the future. "You’re only a kid once! I look forward to surprising my daughter and cherishing our special moments as she grows up into an adult.”

2 She's Hypocritical About What Her Co-Stars Do

via hollywoodgossip.com

Farrah is no stranger to taking her clothes off. After all, this is the girl with two professionally produced tapes floating around and who takes part in all sorts of adult-themed activities (you do you, girl!). So, fans found it pretty hypocritical when Farrah slammed her Teen Mom OG co-star, Maci Bookout, for going sans clothes on the reality show Naked and Afraid.

“If you’re saying I do [adult] things, then I think that’s really [out there],” Farrah said on the podcast Teen Mom Time when asked about what she thought of Maci’s latest project. “Was I on a celebrity [adult] tape? Yeah. Things happen… You have to roll with the punches.” She continued, “To hate or be jealous… I think that’s narrow-minded. I get Maci’s point of view, but the realization is you’re on Naked and Afraid now. At least I’m not naked and afraid!”

Many Teen Mom fans took to defending Maci online, saying that starring in an adult film is racier than simply going without clothes on a Survivor-like TV show. Some weren’t afraid to point out that Farrah had posted a naked video of herself advertising lubricant on her feet just days earlier, pointing out how hypocritical Farrah was to be criticizing someone else for baring it all.

1 She Doesn’t Censor Her Daughter’s Music

via instagram.com

Given how accessible different forms of music are nowadays, many parents prefer to monitor what their kids are listening to. But it seems that Farrah doesn’t like to filter the type of music that 9-year old Sophia can rock out to, even though fans would recommend otherwise.

Farrah received a ton of hate online after Sophia posted a video to her public Instagram account lip syncing to a rap song that discusses mature subject matter, including everything from implants and big butts. Even more, the kiddo said that she dedicated the song to her mom, who was recovering from plastic surgery at the time. Sophia likely got the idea considering that Farrah isn’t shy about bringing her daughter to her plastic surgeries, and letting her sit through the entire thing. The post was soon flooded with comments from concerned fans who didn’t think this was appropriate music for a 9-year old.

“Sophia you poor girl. You’ll never know what natural beauty is... inside or out. Farrah doesn’t have it. She’s as fake as the smile on her face,” one fan commented.

“I believe this kind of procedure is for adults and children need to know they are beautiful the way they are,” Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielson, told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup about Farrah’s parenting decisions. “Children should be nurtured with a positive body image and have the confidence to go achieve great things.”

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