18 Reasons We Would Never Want To Have A Baby At Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital

Grey’s Anatomy has enjoyed longevity and success, and for many reasons, it continues to captivate viewers as they laugh, cry, and follow along with the trials and tribulations of the doctors who work at the hospital, which is at the center of the storyline. The fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly referred to as Seattle Grace) is a place that’s filled with risky operations and drama, and it makes for great television, but no pregnant woman would ever want to give birth here.

The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is prone to bad fortune, and there have been so many events that have happened over the seasons, including a plane crash and a hospital blackout — while Meredith Grey went into labor. Keeping this in mind, the hospital would hardly be the place where an expectant mother would feel comfortable giving birth. The halls of the hospital are in constant chaos, the doctors are excited to perform rare procedures — when they are not consumed by their own personal dramas and relationships — and they have a tendency to bend the rules when it suits them.

For these reasons and so many more, we would never want to have a baby at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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18 The Doctors And Surgeons Are Eager To Perform Too Many Risky Operations

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular TV shows, but the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is problematic for many reasons, including the fact that the doctors and surgeons at this hospital tend to perform a lot of rare, and also incredibly risky operations. For example, Dr. Callie Torres’s approach to treating a patient with osteosarcoma (as noted by Cosmopolitan).

Are surgeons really so eager to get a patient under the knife? And do you really want to go to a hospital when doctors are willing to experiment with procedures, which in some cases pay off, but others could have a totally different outcome? Playing it safe is not in their guidebooks.

17 They Performed An Emergency C-Section During A Hospital Lockdown With A Code Cart

The staff at the hospital seem to have particularly bad luck (more on that later) and during a hospital lockdown, they had to perform an emergency C-section. Now, no woman wants to have an emergency anything happen when she has gone into labor, but knowing that the hospital is at least functioning at its full capacity, if this does happen, will at least take some of the pressure off.

As noted by BabyGaga, there was a scene in which a pregnant woman was being transported between wards during a hospital lockdown. She crashed on the trolley and required an emergency C-section, and the surgeon used a code cart to help him perform the surgery.

16 The Power Went Out While Meredith Was In Labor

If the thought of being involved in a hospital lockdown, as well as surgeons and doctors who are eager to operate, is not enough reason to put you off wanting to give birth in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, then perhaps the fact that the power went off while Meredith Grey (the main character of the show) was giving birth would be the final straw.

For those who don’t remember this moment, it happened during Season 9, Episode 24, when Meredith went into labor, just as the hospital experienced a power cut. According to Huffington Post, the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide that Meredith experienced “the exact opposite of any conditions under which anybody ever in the world would want to have to give birth.”

15 Midway Through A C-Section, Another Doctor Intervenes And Changes Her Mind: Not For The Faint-Hearted

One thing we can say for the doctors in this hospital is they have a lot of experience, and in one particularly memorable C-section episode, a doctor decided to perform the operation, and midway, another intervened. No one wants this to happen to them, two doctors undecided on the correct approach for the mother and unborn baby.

Cosmopolitan notes how Dr. Russo was going to perform a C-section at 24 weeks after the patient had a fall. During this operation, Dr. Arizona Robbins comes back and puts the baby back in the woman’s stomach. What just happened?! Luckily, the publication notes that in real-life, fetal surgeons would have discussed and prepared for this long before ever performing an operation.

14 Miranda Bailey Didn’t Deliver Her Son In The Dark, But She Did It During A Hospital Meltdown

Meredith Grey had to deliver her child during a power outage, in the least ideal birth conditions that anyone can imagine, but things were not much better for her fellow doctor, Miranda Bailey. If you think back to when Bailey gave birth to her son, William George Bailey Jones, it was during a hospital lockdown, and if this was not enough to make her seriously stressed out, her husband was also in the middle of surgery after a car accident, Fandom notes.

She named her son George, after the doctor George O'Malley who helped her with her labor. And sure, things may have ended well, but this is not a situation you want to find yourself in when pregnant!

13 The Doctors Often Abruptly Leave The Hospital...

Many of the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy meet a tragic end (for reference, think back to Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, Derek Shepherd, and George O’Malley), but there are others who have chosen to simply, and abruptly exit the hospital.

Now, for those who have left, among the many, many doctors, there is Dr. Cristina Yang, who Entertainment Weekly notes left for a job post in Switzerland, Dr. Preston Burke who simply walked away, and Dr. Erica Hahn who didn’t like the direction her romance was going in. It seems far too easy for them to walk away from everything, with very little explanation, let alone a goodbye.

12 And Do Moms Really Want A Doctor Who Is Not Dedicated To Their Ongoing Care?!

In a continuation from the last point, if your doctor is willing to leave the hospital because of the outcome of a romance with a colleague, or because they simply couldn’t face the music, then it doesn’t say much for their dedication to not only the hospital but also to their patients.

If that was your doctor, and you had come to trust them after multiple consultations, you would probably feel a bit panicked when they suddenly left. This may also cause distrust with the other medical professionals, because how would you know if they too would suddenly up and leave, too?!

11 The Doctors Are Way Too Distracted By Their Own Personal Issues

A position in a medical profession can be stressful, and these dedicated individuals work long hours to better the lives of so many. But the doctors in this hospital have a lot of personal stuff that they are trying to work through, and often, this personal stuff finds its way into the workplace (more on that later) and no one wants to be in the care of a group of doctors who are discussing their private lives at every chance they get.

In every spare moment, they seem to be leaning on each other, sharing their sob stories, or asking for advice, including medical advice — ScreenRant notes that the doctors have also performed medical procedures on each other, which is a conflict of interest.

10 And They Don’t Leave These Problems At Home, They Bring Them Into The Workplace

Everyone has personal things that they are dealing with, the skill is to try and separate those issues and not bring them into the workplace. Of course, this can be easier said than done, and there will be moments when even the most dedicated employee is distracted by something that is happening in their personal life, but usually, a company is not run by multiple employees who are distracted at once. The same cannot be said for Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital because although their staff are dedicated, they are also particularly emotional individuals who bring their issues into the workplace.

9 Can We Take A Moment To Mention The Massive Breach Of Confidentiality That Happens At This Hospital?!

Dr. Derek Sloan wanted to propose to Meredith Grey, and because they both worked in the hospital he felt this would be the perfect place to ask her to be his wife. What is far less romantic is the fact that he totally disregarded patient confidentiality in order to make his grand proposal, as noted by Cosmopolitan.

The publication spoke to a real doctor, Dr. Emma, about how Shepherd plastered the scans of multiple individuals (the surgeries that he and Grey had performed together) in the hospital elevator, and whether or not this could be done in real life. It should not be unexpected that the answer was a gigantic ‘no’ due to a confidentiality breach.

8 Almost All Of The Female Doctors Have Been Pregnant And Dealt With Complications

Many of the female doctors in the series have fallen pregnant (including Christina Yang, Meredith Grey, Teddy Altman, Miranda Bailey, and April Kepner), and while some really wanted their unborn child, others were less certain initially about whether they would make a good parent. Regardless of how the baby was conceived, it is worth noting that so many of these individuals have dealt with complications. None of this is the doctors' faults, but again with the bad fortune.

Meredith Grey had to give birth in a power outage, Miranda Bailey gave birth while her husband was in surgery, and April Kepner’s baby was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2, and she learned he would not live long after the birth.

7 The Grey's Doctors Don’t Seem To Recognize What A Flutter In The Stomach Of A Pregnant Woman Could Be

A flutter in the stomach could be a sign of so many things, and we certainly do not expect doctors to be able to diagnose this straight away without following the normal procedures and ruling things out. However, when you’re a female doctor, and you’re pregnant, and then start to feel a flutter in your stomach, is it not logical to at least consider the possibility that this could be a normal symptom related to pregnancy? Apparently not.

BabyGaga noted how Meredith was unable to recognize her pregnancy symptoms, and that when she experienced a fluttering in her stomach she was concerned, instead of realizing how this could be a common sign of an unborn baby moving.

6 And Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital Doctors All Tend To Bend The Rules When It Suits Them

The doctors in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital can be brilliant at times, and they have gone above and beyond when it comes to caring for their patients. But they are also so eager to break the rules, or just bend them a little, whenever it suits them.

We saw an example of this when Dr. Izzie Stevens decided to manipulate the transplant list, so Denny would find himself at the top of it. She cut his LVAD wire to put him at the top of the transplant list, Screenrant notes, which allowed him to get the heart he needed. It also caused another doctor to lose her patient because of Izzie’s selfish actions.

5 Women Are Recommended To Take A Pregnancy Test In The Morning, But Lexi Took One At Night

Most women know that the best time to take a pregnancy test (early in a pregnancy) is in the morning. It is recommended by many pregnancy test companies to do it at this time of the day, because, as noted by Very Well Family, “morning urine typically contains the highest concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).”

Yet Lexie Grey, who is meant to be a brilliant doctor, took a pregnancy test in the evening. She is a trained doctor and someone who should know about something as basic as the best time to take a test, which makes us lose faith in the overall abilities of the hospital.

4 The Hospital Is Absolute Chaos And Hardly The Environment Where You’d Want To Give Birth

You may think that we are being overly critical at this point, and every hospital trauma ward is complete chaos and not a place anyone would ever want to find themselves in. But it’s not just the trauma ward of this hospital that is absolute chaos, it’s everything!

There are so many things happening at once that it can all be a bit dizzying; personal conflicts between medical professionals, a power cut or dramatic event, or doctors performing risky surgeries left, right, and center. Needless to say, this is not a place where any woman would want to give birth.

3 And Seriously, How Is One Hospital So Unlucky That They Have Experienced So Much Drama And Bad Fortune?

How is one hospital this unlucky, seriously? This hospital has had more bad fortune than we care to remember, but some of the bigger issues include an explosion within the hospital and an ambulance crash into ER bay. But Seattle (the city in which the hospital is located) has also had an earthquake, a ferry crash, a sinkhole, and so many more major incidents happen, which drove patients to the hospital.

Putting this all aside, the doctors and surgeons also seem to be incredibly unlucky, and we refer you to the plane crash that happened while six of the main characters were onboard!

2 Plus, The Doctors Get Involved With Patients Who They Have Treated

Getting involved in romantic relationships with each other is one thing, but when the doctors of the hospital start romantic relationships with their patients (without seemingly giving this decision a second thought), it is something else entirely. We are all human, sure, and we cannot help who we fall for, but the faith in the doctor who is treating you disappears when you learn how easily they can get emotionally attached — and we have seen this cloud their judgment multiple times, including the case of Dr. Izzie Stevens and her patient, Denny.

Other examples of doctor-patient relationships, as reported by E! News, include Dr. Alex Karev and his patient, Ava, and Teddy Altman and her patient, Henry (who she even ended up marrying).

1 Or With Each Other — And Their Personal Relationships Are Super Distracting (And Annoying)

Via Grey's Anatomy Instagram

It’s one thing struggling to separate your personal issues and your work, it’s something quite different when those personal issues are working right alongside you. So many of these doctors are quick to get into relationships with each other, and these relationships are often volatile and dare we say, toxic, at times. Does anyone really feel comfortable knowing their doctors had been fighting five minutes before their consultation?

There are many doctors who have had a relationship with each other on the show, Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan, April Kepner and Jackson Avery… The list is long, and there is a new relationship just about every season!

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