18 Spectacular Spring Décor Ideas for Your Home


That’s right! Spring has been with us for many weeks now, but here’s a question for you: Have you updated your home to fit the beauty of spring? One should know that besides Spring Cleaning, you must at least freshen up that desolated, warm, dull winter look of your home with a brand new spring feel to add aesthetic pleasure to its appearance.

If you think giving a makeover is tough and expensive, think again! Spring decors are a must if one wants to invite and capture the vibe of spring inside the house. Not only that, the outside of your house might need some spring vibes as well.

Well, if the answer to all that is a big no; then worry not! I’m here to share with you a lot of awesome ideas to instill that spring essence right into your home. Let’s see some ideas that you can try at/buy for your home to really invite the spring onto your home, indoor or outdoor.

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18 Colorful Curtains

Curtains really help set beautiful décor. Although, this one won’t be used as much, it’s going to be more of just an addition to the home’s aesthetic value. Open curtains that invite in sunlight are absolutely another spring factor.

And if it gets too hot, it’s functional enough to reflect the color of the sun and keep away glare. It’s definitely better than blinds for spring. Although, it’s more of a personal choice, but please take our word for it: the more colorful it is, the more it’s for spring.

17 A Picnic Table!

What’s a better way to honor the spring season than with a nice picnic? Having a wooden picnic table is truly great as you’ll have a functional table and a stylish piece of backyard furniture, all in one. Your family and friends can have their own little feast under the spring sun with this bad boy.

That’s a kind of activity that can’t get any more “spring.” Just be careful, though, you might attract Yogi Bear and company if you have this piece and matching food items to boot!

16 A New and Very Colorful Table Cloth

That’s right, there’s actually something to go with that picnic table. In all honesty, any family table is going to go great with this.

Think you may go wrong with colors? Then opt for a good old classic checkered table cloth. You can just feel the open spring vibe with it; the bare looks of this thing just screams outdoor spring. It’s one of those little pieces of décor that’s very symbolic of life, happiness and…spring! And the best part is that it’ll never go out of style!

15 Eggshell “Vases”

Think we’re being weird? Think again. Eggshell vases are just perfect for a spring overhaul. Like the checkered table cloth, it’s also somewhat symbolic in a way. How? It reminds you of Easter, which always happens in the spring, silly! Some of you may even make the connection with hatching of an egg after the coldest of days of winter.

All distant artsy talk aside, it would really look nice on any table. Just remember that much like an eggshell, these pieces best go with white furniture and should never be dropped – you know, because “eggshells” and it’s a vase.

14 Encased Faux Butterflies

Framed butterflies in pretty cases make for great eye candy for most visitors. These beautiful creatures are also closely associated with spring. You can find numerous objects at very cheap prices in flea markets. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can even get knick knacks for as low as $1.

And there are so many ways in which you can use this idea – as frames, wall hangings, bowls, table coasters and what not! These faux butterflies are where they rightfully belong - in a living room as a home décor.

13 Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

If butterflies aren't your thing, don’t worry. Opt for the next alternative – flowers. And we don’t mean those boring baskets of jute and pails made out of clay (which remind us of the movie Ghost). Go crazy with the options – use real flowers as center pieces, inside watering cans or just as simple standalone decorative pieces. If real flowers are expensive for you, use fake ones for exactly the same purpose.

12 Rustic Chandeliers

And no, you don’t have to be a hipster to have a rustic chandelier in your living room. Just look at the picture. Don’t you agree that it’s the best choice of lighting for spring? It’s not too fancy nor is it generic – it’s just perfect and brings a little bit of the outside, inside your home.

If wood isn’t your thing, then buy a flower or spring themed minimalist chandelier so it can achieve its maximum effect on the overall “spring” decorum.

11 Earthy Birdbaths

Yes, birdbaths. No, your house won’t look like an “old people” home. It’ll actually serve as a two-function outdoor piece; it’s a unique conversation starter and a great place for birds to come and chill in the spring. It looks really classy.

For those of you who don't have a garden or much of a “backyard,” then small birdbaths inside your homes (especially living rooms) can serve as unique stools.

10 Make use of Artwork

Everybody loves paintings that are hanging on the wall. And what better way to liven up your home than to make sure you put up a painting or a picture that symbolizes spring in all of its glory? There’s so much you can use - colorful homemade painted flower pictures, commercial paintings, or even specially made paintings.

It’s also a great way to get the kids involved in some art projects.

9 Spring-Friendly Wallpapers

More often than not, it’s your wallpaper (or walls) that is guilty of being just plain, dull, and boring. Which is why it needs a makeover. Do you know the easiest and cheapest way to liven up a room? Why, by redecorating its walls, of course!

More suitable wallpapers would probably be along the lines of chic designs with bright colors (or dark colors, depending on your preference). Keep the focus more on colors and less on the print or patterns.

8 Give your bed a makeover!

Do you know the second easiest and cheapest way to liven up a room? By livening up your bed, duh! If the gloominess of the winter is lingering inside your room, it doesn’t exactly shout “spring,” does it?

Nope. So go to your nearest Walmart (or wherever you shop for cheap home supplies) and buy yourself 2-3 different bed sheet sets that include bed covers and pillow covers.

7 Hanging/Vertical Gardens

You can’t say “spring” unless there is greenery involved, right? That’s like saying “winter” without snow! Plants aren’t just for the outdoors; you can bring them right inside your home with a hanging garden! Or even better – a vertical garden.

Recycled, upcycled, commercial, or artsy - a hanging garden inside the house is always something that immediately grabs eyeballs, not to mention adding aesthetic value to your home.

6 Patio Furniture

People tend to stay inside for the winter, leaving their patios lonely and desolate, ridding them of their purpose. So for spring, it’s time to bring out those outdoor chairs and outdoor coffee tables because that patio needs a makeover. The possibilities are endless, so try to hatch an idea of your own on this one!

5 Tree Swings

If you have kids and a trusty old tree, try to install a tree swing. Tree swings can be used all year-long, even through the winter. They definitely give a spring feel and it’s great for getting the kids outdoors. What's not to love about that?

4 A Cute DIY Clothesline

This one is somewhat debatable, we know, but clothesline have a very unique spring vibe to them? If placed right and created aesthetically, they can prove to be a wonderful addition to your home décor. Plus, not only is a clothesline very functional, it's also a more environment-friendly option than dryers.

3 Indoor Hammocks

Just imagine yourself lying in one of these babies while you take a nap under the spring sun - with the flowers in bloom and the leaves of the trees blowing against the breeze of a windy day. If redecorating your interiors makes you tired, you can opt to laze around and rest on a hammock.

It’s functional, and a great hangout spot for introverted people who want nothing more than a cuppa coffee and a good book in their hands.

2 Interesting DIY tid-bits

Take a walk in the park, woods or beach and pick up interesting objects that you come across – dried flowers, pinecones, stones – whatever you think will look good. A vase decorated with dried leaves, a foot-mat made out of stones or a bowl filled with beach shells – the options are as limitless as your creativity. Sprinkle these tiny objects all across your home.

1 A Tree House

Yeah sure this one’s limited to those who own a backyard or a garden. But isn’t it a splendid idea nonetheless? A tree house is probably the best spring décor project you will ever make.

It may not be the perfect backyard décor piece for everyone, but these traditional installations are great for the little people who live in your home. It just screams “spring” and it’ll be a great place your kids and you will build memories that’ll last forever.

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