18 Super Dangerous Things Pregnant Woman Have Craved (Other Than Food)

When it comes to cravings during pregnancy, nothing is off limits. Expecting women everywhere have craved things that have- and have not- included food. From crazy food combinations to weird and unusual behavior, pregnancy cravings can definitely be more than what any of us would ever expect.

Did you, or do you currently, have pregnancy cravings? If so, you probably know that they go beyond the stereotypical pickles and ice cream cravings. Pregnancy cravings can reach far past strange food choices, and into realms that we never imagined. Some women who are expecting a bouncy baby boy or girl suddenly feel the need to ingest odd things, things that are not food at all.

Some pregnant mamas have crazy cravings that have nothing to do with eating! They wish to do things that are truly spectacular, and perhaps a bit odd to the rest of us. Imagine craving something that requires an action on your part? Who even knew you could have those types of pregnancy cravings?! When it comes to super dangerous things pregnant women have craved other than food, the sky is the limit. Read on and see if you craved any or think you just might, you never know!

18 Toothpaste For More Than Cleaning Teeth

When you crave something that is not food it is referred to as pica. Many women have strange pica cravings during pregnancy, and the cause is usually unknown. One common pica craving is toothpaste. No, not wanting to brush your teeth, instead, you have the desire to actually eat toothpaste. Mint flavored, Colgate, or even fruity kid bubble gum flavored, it is all up for game with this type of craving.

That is right, there are pregnant women out there who want nothing more than to devour an entire tube of toothpaste, and some actually do. Some expecting mamas give in to their pica cravings and go ahead and eat up. These same women could even have no desire to actually brush their teeth at all. Toothpaste is looked at in an entirely new light. They probably have fresh breath at least!

17 A Wrestling Match With An Alligator

If there ever is a non food, super dangerous craving that a pregnant woman may experience, it is certainly having a wrestling match with an alligator! This craving definitely seems over the top, and one that is totally and not surprisingly, crazy dangerous! Yet, it may be an unexpected craving we never saw coming.

There is an infamous pregnant woman who wrestlers alligators. She loves it. She enjoys doing it, and pregnancy only brought it out more in her. You have to give kudos to a woman who will do what she wants to do, pregnant or not. While it is not something the majority of us would partake in, rolling around with alligators is a dangerous craving that has happened to some wrestler moms to be!

16 Different Colored Chalk For Different Flavors

Another odd pica craving that can occur to some women during pregnancy is wanting to eat chalk. You see some children playing with chalk on the sidewalk, and all you want is to take a few bites. Yep, that may not seem normal, but to some expecting moms it is a craving they may have difficulty controlling.

This pica craving could even lead to pregnant women wanting to taste different colored chalk to try the different flavors. While we all know that chalk is not edible, and that colors do not have flavors, to a pregnant lady with this type of craving, she sees it a whole different way than we do. Her craving to eat chalk may be all that she even thinks about. Again, there may be no rhyme or reason for this type of craving, but it can, and does, happen to pregnant woman.

15 A Little Dirt Never Hurt

Mud pies are just what the pregnant woman ordered, in some cases, at least! There are expecting mamas out there who really crave dirt. They have an overwhelming desire to eat the dirty stuff- no pun intended. And we are not talking about the kind made with chocolate pudding and gummy worms!

Again, this is a pica craving. Dirt is a common one, too. And if you think it won’t happen to you, don’t be too sure about that. This common pica and must be say, risky, pregnancy craving happens to quite a few moms to be. Gardening is a hobby that these pregnant ladies think of in a whole new light! The desire to eat dirt is often met with confusion and misunderstanding, since in most cases, the reasons behind these crazy cravings are unknown.

14 Some Soap With That

What was once a punishment for cursing in front of your mother is now something that some moms-to-be crave! Washing your mouth out with soap to many of us, is what would happen for that bad behavior that comes out of our mouths. But, to some expecting mamas, they may have never expected to actually crave soap.

Pregnant women can certainly crave strange things that are not even food, and soap tops the list. Craving soap while pregnant is one of the strangest, yet more common, pica cravings that an expecting mother may experience. The question is, how many moms to be give into this craving and go ahead and wash their own mouths out with soap?! Some may not be able to get over the craving until they give in to it!

13 Downhill Skiing Is The New Rush

Hitting the slopes on a snowy day is perfect for those ski lovers out there. But what if you are pregnant? And what if you wish nothing more than to ski downhill at an extreme rate all day long? Never mind the fact that you are a few months or more along in your pregnancy.

The rush that many people get from downhill skiing is a craving that expecting mothers can experience. It may seem odd to crave this sort of activity, but it does happen. In fact, some moms to be who crave the rush of skiing are not even skiers! Yet, they really, really want to get all suited up and feel the wind rush through them as they head downhill as fast as they can go.

12 Why Brew Coffee - Go Straight To The Source

Thoughts differ on whether or not pregnant woman should have coffee. Some think one cup is okay, while others ban it completely. However, what chances some moms to be by surprise is having an immense desire to not just have a steaming, hot cup o’ joe, but to actually eat the coffee beans or even the coffee grinds.

This tends to shock pregnant women when it first happens to them. Perhaps they think they are craving caffeine, or are having a caffeine and coffee withdrawal if they were big coffee drinkers beforehand. Needless to say, this pica craving is one that is a bit odd, but it is one that is more common than any of us may think it is. And it can definitely be a yucky thought when you want to bypass the coffee and go right for the bean.

11 Don’t Toss That Burnt Match

You know that smell of something that was lit, like a match or a birthday candle that was just blown out? That can be a craving that pregnant women experience. Some moms to be can even smell that burnt scent when the rest of us cannot! Their senses are heightened, especially the sense of smell.

These pregnant woman may find that they really enjoy the smell, and it can even overtake them. They wish to ingest a burnt match or candle, as odd as that may seem. This is a pica craving that is far more common than many of us realize. Some expecting mothers crave the smell, while others crave the taste. Some many even crave both. Seems crazy and possibly carcinogenic, but it is a pregnancy craving that many moms will admit to experiencing.

10 Long Hikes On A Hot Day

It may seem kind of dangerous for a pregnant woman to crave doing anything physical on a super hot day, but it does happen!

Some moms to be get a bolt of energy. In fact, it can be even more than just that. They actually crave doing something, and sometimes it is something the rest of us would not want to do, pregnant or not!

A long hike on a hot day seems like nothing that a pregnant woman would ever want to do. Yet, there are expecting mamas out there who want nothing more than to trek into the wilderness on a steamy, summer day. They have this immense craving to take these hikes that exhaust us just thinking about them! Who even knew that moms to be could crave such a thing?!

9 Hand Over The Sand Shovel

You are enjoying a beautiful day at the beach when suddenly a crazy craving hits. Being pregnant, we know cravings happen. However, we usually think cravings are limited to food. That is not always the case, as we have learned. Pregnant woman can crave just about anything and everything. And that includes that grainy, gritty sand.

One pregnancy craving that falls under pica is craving sand. Forget building a sand castle, you want to fill your plate and go at the sand with a spoon straight into your mouth! Some experts say these types of pica cravings during pregnancy are due to your body looking for the minerals they are missing, while other experts say there is no known reason why these pica cravings occur to some women during their pregnancy.

8 Mothballs Are Mighty Good

To many of us, mothballs are just plain gross. Sure, we may use them to keep the moths out of our closet, but many of us do not even wish to handle them. Which makes the desire to eat mothballs during pregnancy a craving that is not just unexpected, but outright dangerous. And must be say, kind of gross.

To moms to be who crave mothballs, they may find it to be very strange. They do not know exactly why they are craving just an odd thing, but they do. It can be quite overwhelming, too. Some pregnant moms may even take a lick to a mothball just to see if that stops the immense craving. In some cases, it only makes it worse! Craving mothballs is a pica craving.

7 Rock Climbing As High As You Can Go

The view from the top of a mountain is awe inspiring. But how do you get up there? Believe it or not, some pregnant women actually crave rock climbing! They wish to experience the rush from the climb, the wind on their back, their legs getting strong, and finally, that view from the top.

Super dangerous for a pregnant woman to climb a mountain? Probably! Yet, it is something that is craved by expecting mamas. Some of these moms to be give in to this craving, and while they may not be rock climbing to the top of Mount Everest, they may enjoy an indoor rock climbing facility that they can navigate with a growing belly. Hey, as long as they are safe, may as well give in to this crazy pregnancy craving!

6 Charcoal Never Tasted So Good

You may be turning your head in disgust at the thought of eating or licking charcoal, but to some pregnant women, this craving is totally real. For some reason, this relatively common pica pregnancy craving can happen out of nowhere to unexpecting moms-to-be. Suddenly, they are overcome with the desire to consume charcoal.

We all know that you do not eat charcoal. You can grill with it, but wanting to taste it is just, well, gross and dangerous. You never know what can happen when you are pregnant. You may just find yourself at a barbecue unable to control your sudden craving to bypass the burgers and hot dogs and go straight for the hot charcoal! Seems totally crazy, yet it happens to many pregnant ladies.

5 Who Says Pregnant Women Can’t Go On Roller Coasters

If you enjoy visiting amusement parks, you may be a thrill seeker. You love the rush you get from the rides that make us all scream at the top of our lungs and put our stomach into our mouths and make us sick. Roller coasters, in particular, are not for the faint of heart. Just because you are pregnant, does not mean you will not get the desire to go on your favorite rides.

Believe it or not, some expecting mothers actually crave riding on roller coasters. Some of these pregnant mamas are roller coasters fanatics, while others are scared to death to ride a roller coaster, yet suddenly are hit with an incredible desire to go super fast, up and down, backwards and forwards, just making us dizzy thinking about it!

4 Hot Yoga Is Good For Baby Too

Most yoga is safe while pregnant, and in fact, there are many facilities that offer prenatal yoga. It can ease stress and keep you fit while you are expecting. However, it can become super risky when a pregnant mama wants to do hot yoga!

Hot yoga is a style of yoga that is done under hot conditions. The yoga is performed in a super hot and humid room, so that participates sweat like crazy while doing their yoga poses. Is that safe to do while pregnant? Many people would immediately say, no way. We cannot really picture a pregnant woman doing hot yoga, yet it can be a craving that expecting mothers could very well experience, and some may give in to the crazy, dangerous craving! Makes us sweat just thinking about it.

3 Some Detergent In The Laundry - And My Cup

Imagine this- you are expecting a baby when you go to put a load of clothes in the washer. You start to pour in the laundry detergent when suddenly you are hit with a immense desire to take a sip of the laundry detergent. You may immediately think you are crazy.

Craving laundry detergent is a real pica craving that pregnant woman may experience. In fact, it is far more common that we may believe it to be. Something about the smell brings out some sort of craving that some women say they cannot stop thinking about. Of course, in this case, it is not very safe at all to go ahead and consume laundry detergent. So, if you are hit with this craving, looks like you may have to put someone else in charge of doing the laundry!

2 Hop In The Cart And Go

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to crave a rush. You may want to race around without a care in the world. Not only is this a desire of many pregnant moms, but it can actually turn into a craving. And when a craving hits, it can be hard to think of anything else until you satisfy that craving.

It is usually not advised that a pregnant lady should hop in a go cart and speed off. Yet, when this craving strikes, an expecting mama may do whatever it takes to indulge her craving. If mom-to-be wants speed, she is probably going to find a way to get it! This may seem like a super dangerous craving, but it is totally one that many moms-to-be experience!

1 Zip Lining For A Good Breeze

A growing baby can really weigh you down, especially as you head towards your due date. There may be nothing more that any pregnant woman wishes to experience than to feel lightweight. We can all likely agree on that! Feeling weighed down is no fun at all.

That feeling can quickly become a craving. Pregnant mamas who crave the desire to feel as light as a feather may even go to extreme lengths to satisfy the desire and craving. That can even mean zip lining. Zip lining is typically not recommended for most pregnant woman, but that does not stop some moms-to-be. They will go zip lining and enjoy that breeze through their hair, as they feel like a light bird in the wind. Super dangerous? Probably!

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