18 Things Pregnant Moms Can Stop Worrying About Right Now

Being an expectant mama can be a time that brings on a lot of hopeful feelings for the future, and equally, a lot of worries, doubts, and anxiety. Moms may question whether they are following all the healthy steps they need to take between attending prenatal examinations, taking prenatal vitamins, exercising, and eating healthy. Other mothers may have fears that they will turn out too much like their mom, to their chagrin. Some mothers may be consumed with worry about whether they will manage to get their figure back following delivery, or whether the baby will be healthy.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that all the while, a mother deals with pressure from herself, society, family, and friends, she is still supposed to manage to maintain her work life, home life, and a love life. With so many demands on a pregnant mother physically, mentally, and emotionally, it’s no wonder life can be stressful, exhausting, and a little ridiculous at certain moments.

There is no need for moms to panic. Although there are some legitimate risks to life and being pregnant, most of the time, things will work out just fine. Don’t believe me? Here are some things that expecting mamas definitely need to stop freaking out over during their pregnancy.

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18 If You're Going To Turn Out Like Your Mom

Pregnancy can bring out a lot of unspoken fears and anxiety in a new mother. Although many moms may vow to parent their children differently, it can be jarring when a mother finds herself reenacting an uncanny similarity to her mother with parenting style and behavior.

According to Psychology Today, when stressful situations occur, the human brain may seek out familiar neuron patterns and behaviors. Therefore, a mother may find herself blurting out similar words of her mother, or even making similar physical expressions when specific situations arise.

It may help if mom can forgive herself for any mistakes made while navigating motherhood. She might be able to laugh at any semblance of mirroring her mom, instead of fearing she is slowly becoming her.

17 Whether You're Doing Everything Perfectly

Happy pregnant woman smiling

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as the perfect pregnancy. However, there is such a thing as living out your own personal pregnancy experience.

According to sources like Fit Pregnancy, many first-time moms may stress out over the potential for miscarriage, labor pain, and breastfeeding. It can be challenging for a mother concerned with her pregnancy’s progress, and hoping that everything is perfect.

However, if a mother is healthy, chances are risks to her pregnancy being healthy is low. Plus, it doesn’t help to stress out over horror stories online or constantly compare to other mothers. Moms should take things a day at a time, consider real issues that can take place while pregnant, and do their best.

16 If You'll Get Your figure back Right After The Baby

Learning to live with and love a ever-changing pregnant body can be difficult for most women.

When it comes to self-love and personal image, putting on a healthy amount of weight to safely carry a baby can seem like too much. Other mothers may have difficulty putting on enough healthy weight or feel challenged to balance dietary choices, lifestyle, and pressure from family and society.

Before and after giving birth, many women may worry about how they will manage to lose the baby weight, or if it is even possible. According to sources like Healthline, losing weight after the baby takes time, and mothers should be more realistic when comparing to celebrity mothers.

Mothers concerned about losing weight should avoid processed foods, refined foods, be patient about their weight loss and should not give in to crash dieting.

15 Planning The Baby’s Future In Full Detail

Most mothers may have their personal wishes and dreams for their child’s future, even while they are in the womb. However, it’s no good if a mother stresses herself out about her baby’s future without any realistic ideas.

Sources like Nerd Wallet have some credible advice for expectant mothers regarding planning for their child. Recommendations such as a pre-baby budget, planning for maternity leave, and making the baby a beneficiary on insurance plans is a good start. And it’s not too early for a mom to think about saving for her child’s college education, or planning out retirement years while the bun is still in the oven.

14 Having A Miscarriage

The first trimester of pregnancy can be the most difficult, as a mother worries about the risks of pregnancy. However, according to some info from sources like Fit Pregnancy, most mothers shouldn’t be so freaked out.

If a mother is under the age of 35 and is healthy, she actually has a very low risk of experiencing a miscarriage. Women who are between the ages of 40 and 44 actually have a high risk of miscarriage, measuring at 34%.

Also, by the time the baby’s heartbeat is confirmed via ultrasound by the 7th or 8th week, the chance of a miscarriage taking place falls to under 5%.

13 If Labor Pains Will Be Unbearable

It probably doesn’t help a mother much, looking over videos of mother’s giving birth. The idea of pushing out a baby out of a very small space seems scary enough, let alone the thought of whether an epidural will be enough to deal with the pain of labor.

According to Fit Pregnancy, most women rate the pain of pregnancy at a 7 or 8, and not at 10. Also, moms can consider choosing a water birth, alternative birthing positions, and medication options to help cope with the pain.

As women have been giving birth for over a millennia and survived the pain, most moms are more capable than they might think.

12 Whether Baby Will Have A Birth Defect

It’s no wonder why some women worry that their bun in the oven may be born with birth defects.

With increasingly frequent articles and discussions about the causes of autism, fetal health problems caused by polluted water, or even how medicines can impact a baby’s health while in the womb, it is understanding why some pregnant mothers are anxious.

Thankfully, sources like Fit Pregnancy offer some good news for expectant mothers. About 97 out of 100 live births deliver completely defect-free babies in good health.

As long as a mother is in good health, is not diagnosed with gestational diabetes, eschews smoking and drinking, and is not obese, she is more likely to deliver a perfectly healthy baby.

11 If Baby Will Be Born Premature Or Overdue

Via: nightpsalms.wordpress.com

Whether the baby will be born prematurely, or prefer to stay in the oven for over 42 weeks is not written in stone. Moms should realize that due dates are simply an educated guess, and a birth plan may not go 100% according to plan.

Most mothers will not likely experience their bundle of joy arriving a little earlier than anticipated, nor coming into the world way behind schedule.

Mothers who have specific health complications during pregnancy, are at an unhealthy weight, engage in smoking, drinking, or are heavily stressed may be more likely to have a baby born early or late.

According to Fit Pregnancy, about 12 percent of babies are born prematurely.

10 If Sleeping On Your Back Will Affect The Baby

Sleeping on back while pregnant
Cute young pregnant woman lying on a bed on her back and trying to get some sleep

A pregnant mom who has fears about sleeping on her back is not completely overly panicked. During the early stages of pregnancy, when there isn’t a sizeable baby bump, it’s not so dangerous to sleep on the back for comfort.

However, as a mother progresses into the 2nd and 3rd trimester, she may definitely want to consider grabbing a body pillow and sleeping on her side.

According to sources like The Conversation, mothers who sleep on their back may contribute to an increased risk of experiencing a stillbirth. As the growing baby shifts organs around, and mom deals with a doubled blood supply, laying on the back puts pressure on the veins, placenta, and can impact the baby’s oxygen supply.

9 Worrying About The Worst-Case Outcome

Although there are plenty of technological advancements in medicine and modern childbirth in hospitals or birthing centers, it makes sense for some women to fear passing away in childbirth.

Whether a mother fears that she may end up experiencing a botched C-section, or develops a life-threatening condition during childbirth, women can still manage to pass away while giving birth.

However, all is not bleak. According to sources like The Bump, women who get prenatal care may have a lowered risk of a fatality. Secondly, in developed countries, the rate of mothers passing during childbirth is very low. Moms should let their significant other know about their birth plan and take care of their health.

8 If the Baby doesn't like your food

With all the advice a pregnant mom may receive from concerned friends, family, and doctors, it’s no wonder dietary choices may cause an expectant mama to break out into a panic.

Worrying about whether food is on mom’s fork will hurt the baby can quickly escalate to the point where a mom may drive herself crazy. In addition to making prenatal appointments, taking vitamins, and eating healthy, most foods will not hurt the baby.

Although a mom’s immune system may be suppressed, and old wives' tales may circulate that certain food will cause changes in a baby’s personality or appearance, there’s not much evidence to confirm anything of the sort.

So, moms should enjoy giving in to their cravings and forgive themselves for slip-ups on their diet.

7 Comparing Yourself To Other Moms

Worrying about being a good mom to the baby is a reasonable fear that may cross a pregnant mother’s mind. However, it doesn’t pay for a mom to constantly stress herself out comparing to other expectant mothers.

Life is complicated enough, without having to continually second-guess decisions about diet, baby planning, prenatal care, exercise, and healthy weight gain. Some women will carry a small baby bump and have no complications during pregnancy, other women may discover their baby will be born overdue, no matter how much they focused on creating a perfect birth plan.

Moms should relax, focus on living out their pregnancy, arm themselves with credible knowledge, and be good to themselves. Easing into the role of motherhood takes time, and patience with the self for the learning curve is a must.

6 If Laying On The Bump Will affect The Baby

Sleeping on the baby bump

So, many mothers may be freaked out enough about lounging around on their backs while pregnant, because they realize that there are some serious risks on oxygen levels to the baby. However, what about laying on the bump itself?

According to sources like Mumsnet, many mothers may worry that they will somehow manage to squish the baby while they sleep, after naturally rolling onto their tummy. However, mothers should put that fear to rest, as the baby is well protected in the womb.

To be on the safe side, it may be helpful for a mother to try to sleep on her left side, with a supportive pillow or cushion.

5 Baby Not Getting Enough Nutrition Because Of Morning Sickness

One pregnancy fear that some women may understandably have, is that somehow the baby will not receive enough adequate vitamins and nutrition from the food mom eats, thanks to morning sickness.

When a mom is finding herself often feeling nauseated and has difficulties keeping most of her meals down, it can be troubling. In extreme cases of morning sickness, mothers should consult their primary caregiver because it can indeed cause health problems for herself and the baby.

However, according to Parents, if a mother is experiencing a normal and healthy pregnancy with an average amount of morning sickness and vomiting, the baby will still manage to get whatever nutrients it needs from mom no matter what.

4 If You're Going To End Up Getting A C-Section

prepare for a c-section

It can be really disheartening for a mother if her birth plan goes off the rails, and she will end up steered into a C-section. Depending on how well childbirth goes, unless a mother is strongly urged to get a C-section delivery, most babies can be safely delivered through the V.

However, depending on various factors, from health complications that may arise, fetal heart distress, or a prolonged labor, it makes sense that some women indeed count getting a C-section as a pregnancy fear.

Moms can take a breath of relief, after considering some information from Parents. Only about a third of deliveries end up via a C-section, and this procedure is rarely a last-minute option.

3 If All These Physical Changes Will Be Permanent

Learning to live with and embrace the physical changes of pregnancy can be pretty tricky to bear. If it wasn’t challenging enough navigating when to pick out maternity clothes, or choosing makeup to cover the mask of pregnancy, it is reasonable for expectant mamas to have pregnancy fears regarding their appearance.

Thankfully, after enough time the pregnancy weight will come off. But, there is the potential risk that some physical changes may be more semi-permanent. According to Metro, some mothers have revealed that they still have larger feet after pregnancy, or have noticed that their bodies and faces are a bit rounder and softer than before the baby arrived.

However, learning to love the changes of pregnancy and delivery, and focusing on the baby and motherhood can take the edge off.

2 If Baby Is Going To Be affected By The Umbilical Cord

Pregnant mom lying awake in bed

Even though it may seem like a worrisome visual, the pregnancy fear that the baby will somehow become strangled by the umbilical cord in the womb is a fictitious idea.

The umbilical cord was created to help nourish babies while they develop inside their mama’s womb. Plus, some babies might get a kick out of playing around with their cord while hanging out in there. Who knew?

Sources like What to Expect, have this to say about this unfounded pregnancy fear. Keeping track of baby kicks will better help a mother keep tabs on her baby’s normal behaviors in the womb. Stress is never good for pregnancy, so mothers should find positive and healthy ways to relax, and push aside scary ideas about the baby and the umbilical cord.

1 Fear Of Falling And Bumping the Baby

When commuting on public transportation it is much safer for an expectant mother to sit than stand. And if a mother is a slave to fashion, then she should be conscious about wearing towering footwear with sky high heels and little support for her foot and posture.

Having a baby bump can certainly throw a mother’s center of gravity off balance, and causes most moms to eventually display a pregnancy waddle.

However, according to Parents, mothers who have a pregnancy fear of falling and hurting the baby should be cautious, but try to relax. In order for a baby to be severely harmed, a mother would have to incur a pretty severe injury or trauma to the bump. And if a mother does fall, she should consult her physician.

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