18 Things The OBGYN Really Wants You To Know

It may be mom’s first time having a baby, but the OBGYN has helped many expecting moms welcome newborns into this world. That makes them a great resource on how to have the best pregnancy and birthing experience possible. But if we ask them for their personal advice, just maybe they could be holding back, because they gave us their professional opinions, instead of their personal ones. So then mom’s will turn to google and search for answers to the questions that they may have.

With the information the moms found online, they were able to form questions to ask their doctor. So, when they got back to their OBGYN’s office, they were able to ask their questions and have them all answered. They were able to gather the information they needed for their pregnancy, and they can even learn things that they have never even heard of before. The moms will be able to make the right choices for themselves and their unborn babies without worrying. The soon-to-be moms will also be able to make the best plans for their newborn’s arrival.

Moms make all of the best preparations during pregnancy for how they want their childbirth to go, so that it goes the way they want, this way everything goes according to plan. Mothers work all this out with the help that they got online and from the questions, they asked their doctor. So hopefully all the plans will run smoothly, and the moms will have their peace of mind knowing everything is good to go.

18 The Makeup Bag: Proceed With Caution

Many moms-to-be use many different beauty products before and while they are pregnant. The truth is, there are a lot of different products out there that women use for different things. Some of these can really hurt an unborn baby and can cause some birth defects too. Mom needs to talk to her OBGYN to find out just what not to use, and if she is, what if any side effects it can have on her unborn child.

Mom’s should study up on everything they need to know to pregnancy-proof the beauty routine. Things like hair dye or hair coloring preparations, a small amount of dye can penetrate the skin of the scalp, but there is no harm to a developing baby. This is something all new moms-to-be need to talk to their doctor about.

17 Only 2 Ultrasounds Are Needed During Pregnancy (Yes, Really)

Moms-to-be get really excited when they see their baby on the ultrasound; it also puts mom’s mind at ease because they can physically see the little one growing inside of them. For some mom’s it puts the oh so real feeling of, “Hey, I’m really having a baby and I'm feeling great.” Some parents dream of who their baby will look like, mommy or daddy?

All of this is great but, we only need two ultrasounds throughout the entire pregnancy. The first one is called a nuchal translucency (NT) scan, and it is usually done between eleven and twelve weeks of pregnancy along with a blood test. The NT scan if done for birth defects like Down Syndrome, it can also give mom a good idea for the due date for the baby. The second ultrasound happens between the eighteenth and twenty-first week of pregnancy, and that screening is for the baby’s anatomy. As long as everything is good with the baby that is all mom needs in the ultrasound department.

16 Swelling Can Continue After Labor

After mom finishes the labor and delivery of her new born baby, she could be puffy all over from the IV that they were given during labor. The IV is given during the labor as a precaution against dehydration, although it is less routine than it once was. Some women still do need this, depending on how long the labor was.

The day after, some women are very swollen, they have big swollen faces or ankles, and sometimes it is just because they got a lot of IV fluids. Mom's body also produces and retains more fluid during pregnancy, which contributes to the puffiness. As the mom sweats or urinates more after giving birth the fluid leaves their system, and the puffiness will go away.

15 Draining Out The Bladder Is A Thing

If a mother had a C-section, planned or otherwise, doctors put a catheter in their bladder, so that it stays empty and clear of the surgical area where doctors are doing the work. It is there so the doctors can measure the urine that mom is emptying out. This sometimes makes anyone uneasy while it is in there, but it is there for a reason to make sure mom is doing okay.

Most of the time the doctors will put in order to have it removed the next day if all is going well. But in some cases, the doctors are worried about how much urine mom is making, or where there might have been scarring, they can leave it in longer. So when the doctor feels the time is best for mom to have it out, he will put the order in to have it removed.

14 Prepare For The Epidural To Fail

Mom’s shouldn’t panic if they are thinking epidural or bust, but there are times when the anesthesia doesn’t work. The epidural is injected using a catheter that goes just outside of the fluid around the spinal cord. If the fluid is scarred in any way from a previous surgery or an infection, the medicine may not spread, and that means that it limits the pain relief that moms will experience.

Sometimes mom can feel pain on one side of her body and not on the other. Other times mom can feel no pain relief at all, or she can feel no pain at all. It is important to talk to the anesthesiologist just before receiving the epidural so that they know what to do to help you get the relief that mom needs. Also maybe getting some other things to help relieve the pain mom is feeling without harm to the baby.

13 It's Not Just "One Big Push"

Most new moms-to-be don’t realize how long the delivery time of their new-born can be. A Lot of them can really benefit from taking a childbirth class, or a Lamaze class to prepare moms for childbirth. These classes will give them the preparation and the chance to learn all the coping strategies to help them along in childbirth.

The pushing time of childbirth can go on for an hour, three hours, eight hours, or even longer, and most first time moms don’t realize that the pushing can be a lengthy, especially with the first baby, and that’s normal. And that is okay, that is why it is emphasized ahead of time in the childbirth classes. So save some strength, for moms childbirth, it is going to be a long beautiful ride.

12 The Birth Plan Isn't A Contract

Having a birth plan is a great idea because it shows the doctor and nursing staff that mom is prepared, and has all of her priorities straight to help manage labor and that she wants to set the tone for the type of birth that she wants to have. Mom talked with the doctor about the type of pain management that will be done, and who should be in the room. She also talked about who the baby's doctor will be, and if she wants to breastfeed or bottle feed her baby.

There are still so many unknowns for what will happen once this day has finally come. One example is a mom doesn’t know what her pain threshold will be, or how the labor will progress and how the baby will tolerate labor. Instead of making hard and fast rules and expect everything to go as planned, go in with a set of really good ideas and then be flexible. Mom needs to expect the unexpected and go with the flow of her labor.

11 Don't Fear The Doo-Doo Baby

Most OBGYN will not tell the moms-to-be that they can poop during the delivery, but it is a very common thing that happens during the delivery of a baby. Most doctors do bring it up pooping when women start to push. That’s because most doctors tell moms to push as if you are pooping.

There are no hard and fast numbers on this one, but it is a highly common for women to go the bathroom during the labor. But most doctors do think if mom does go poop she is pushing the right way to get the baby out. Most doctors and nurses are not stressed by this action because it doesn’t unnerve them in the slightest. Often the women don’t notice that they did poop during the labor if they did they are not surprised by how little they care about it.

10 Say No To Food And Drinks

When moms are ready to give birth, most of the hospitals, birth centers, and birth midwives all have their own rules on this one. But in many settings, women are not allowed to eat while in labor. The rules are limited to clear liquids, or ice chips, mainly just in case anything would happen, like the possibility of a cesarean section. If mom is going under general anesthesia, doctors don’t want mom to aspirate, or get food in the airways.

In most cases, if a woman is in labor mom’s really don’t want food at this time. She really only wants to get the baby out. So if dad is sitting next to mom eating a pizza, she isn’t going to want it, she is going to be annoyed he is eating at this time.

9 There Will Be A Cheering Squad

The big day is here, and depending on what environment mom picked for her delivery plan, mom can expect that a lot of people will be looking between the legs. Every hospital is different what happens at a big teaching hospital may be very different from what happens at a smaller community hospital.If mom picked a home birth then most likely there could be one or two care providers looking between mom's legs.

Now if mom picked a bigger hospital, she might see one or two nurses, depending on how long the labor lasts. She will also see several medical residents, physicians assistants, and the doctor on call. Not to forget the anesthesiologist too, can’t forget the ones that do the pain meds. By the time all this is said and done, mom will have a lot of people looking between the legs to check on the progress that is going on has labor is going on from start to finish.

8 Natural Doesn't Have One Meaning

The key is to understand what natural means to mom and the care team she put together, wherever mom gives birth. Does mom want no interventions or minimal interventions? Did she want the option to walk, eat and drink during the delivery process? Did she want intermittent fetal monitoring to check in on the baby during this time? Also, mom must keep in mind that, of course, the plans can change. This is all things that should of be thought of before the delivery takes place.

If natural childbirth is a personal priority, be sure to be one hundred percent clear with the care provider or care team about what that exactly means to mom. Many couples and women spend more time shopping for a car than for how they’re going to give birth. That is why new parents should take the time to look for what they are looking for in the birth of their child, so all their needs can be meet.

7 The Third Trimester Is A Marathon

Sometimes the doctors think that they didn’t prepare mom for how tired they’re going to be, after the labor and childbirth they went through. A lot of the time the mother during the third trimester doesn’t get a lot of sleep in the final weeks of her pregnancy because she is so very uncomfortable by this time.

Many of the women find themselves getting up to urinate every few hours as the baby puts pressure on the bladder. After that, mom loses sleep during the actual labor, which can stretch over several days, before they are thrust into the exhausting job of caring for the new, tiny baby. Mom will feel as if she really did run a marathon.

6 Choosing The Right Doctor Is Crucial

In the first few hours of the baby’s life, mom will already need to make medical decisions for her newborn. Not a lot of first time mom’s know that they need to get prepped ahead of time for these choices. They didn’t know that they should already have a pediatrician for their newborn shortly after delivery.

One way to change this is to pick the child’s pediatrician before mom gives birth. Mom should start looking for a doctor for their child while mom is around twenty-eight to thirty-two weeks pregnant. Many of the pediatricians will offer a meet-and-greet appointment for ten to twenty minutes while mom is still pregnant, to pick the child's doctor that best fits the needs of both mother and baby.

5 What Happens If Mom Is Past Her Due Date?

A due date is really just a guess date, some women and their doctors may opt to be induced if a woman goes past 40 weeks. The fact is that women who are 42 weeks pregnant are considered overdue. Around 90 out of every 100 women will have contractions start on their own within two weeks of their 40 weeks of pregnancy.

A concern for women going past their 40 weeks is that the placenta will not work as well. This is rare, and mom’s doctor has all the know how to monitor the baby’s health. The doctor will put a mother on a fetal heart monitor or do an ultrasound to keep tabs on both mom and baby, to make sure all is going well. One other thing the doctor will do is a biophysical profile to help determine the baby’s well being and go over everything with mom and take a plan of action.

4 Ultrasounds Aren't Always Foolproof

Since an ultrasound can be off by as much as twenty percent in either direction, the doctor will also use a tape measure, and their hands to estimate the baby’s weight.The ultrasound is also more accurate in the first trimester than in the third trimester. Doctors can get a very clear idea of how big the baby is in the first trimester, but that doesn’t necessarily correlate to how big the baby will be at delivery.

The only way to measure the amniotic fluid level is with an ultrasound. If the umbilical cord or the baby’s hand is in the picture, it may mess up the accuracy. If the doctor is concerned about any of this, there are other things the doctor can use a non-stress test to see what steps to do next, to help the baby and mom.

3 Pregnancy Is Not An Illness

Pregnancy can certainly be a physically challenging time in a woman's life, and it can look different for every mom-to-be. Some moms will have a very easy time with their pregnancy, while other moms will have a hard time with the pregnancy. Women can’t view this as a barrier to physical work or exercise; they need to keep an open mind.

Pregnancy does take a large physical and mental toll on mom’s body, so the mother will likely not be able to exercise as much or as active and most definitely need more sleep. Mama also needs to change her diet and start eating much healthier, and remember she is eating for two now and needs to put a little weight on as well. But please do this in moderation, which means not changing mom’s lifestyle too much and listening to what mom’s body is saying.

2 There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

There is no such thing as a crazy question to ask the OBGYN about anything that is going on in mom’s pregnancy. Moms can ask about the discharge that they are having, or the changes going on in their sex life. A pregnant woman's body does some crazy things at this time in her life. Even all those embarrassing things the doctor will answer and who better to ask, the doctor has heard and seen many things and can help moms understand what’s going on.

Mom’s should even ask some questions that they may not understand about the labor and delivery, and all of what that entails. If any of the answers that the doctor is telling them if they don’t understand something, ask to doctor to put the answer easier to understand for them. It will help mom in a great way by knowing what is going on with her and the pregnancy.

1 Don't Pick Up The Mommy Juice

If mom had one too many drinks on the night that she conceived, she is not alone. Fifty percent of pregnancies are unintended, and the chances are, many a result of alcohol. Many mothers were drinking when they conceived, and it doesn’t affect the baby as long as she wasn’t drinking too heavily and she isn’t an everyday drinker.

Although alcohol can impact fertility and women should never drink during pregnancy, if moms were drinking when they conceived, it will not affect the baby. Moms just need to watch their health and start eating healthy, keep up with the OBGYN appointments and any test that they may need to have done for themselves and their baby.

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