18 Whisper Confessions Husbands Made About Their Pregnant Wife

From pregnancy brain to weight gain, these men reveal what they really think about their wife's pregnancy.

The popular phone application, Whisper, has been a great way for people to get things off of their chests anonymously and without anyone that they personally know finding out. It has especially been a helpful way for married men and women everywhere to say things about their significant others that they would not dare to say to their faces. Whisper is filled with confessions from married people who can not stand being around their partners anymore, and people confessing to their secret affairs as well as, on the brighter side, people announcing that they are pregnant.

Men especially like to use this app as a way to confess things that they have done or said behind their wives backs. Some of these confessions are ridiculous and totally uncalled for. They are men admitting to things like, getting both their wife and girlfriend pregnant, being sterile when their wives got pregnant, and even that they can not stand the sight of their pregnant, maybe some things are just better off left unsaid. In the following list we will look at 20 men who turned to whisper to confess some things about their pregnant wives that they did not want anyone to know about.

18The Pregnant Man

This man’s offer to switch bodies with his very pregnant wife is super sweet of him, although if he actually did switch bodies with her for a little while, he would probably regret the decision instantly. He is probably one of those men who think that pregnancy is a piece of cake and that women have it easy, but as soon as he would feel the heartburn, backaches, feet in his ribs, and intense nausea, he would be begging for it to be over with in the blink of an eye. His wife is probably thinking the same thing as him though, that she too would love to trade bodies with him, even if just for a day. As the saying goes, Be careful what you wish for.

17Sore Loser

This man's confession is adorable. He confessed that, while swimming in their pool, he raced his very pregnant wife...and lost. He goes on to crack jokes about how two against one just simply is not fair. What he did not realize was that gravity was not exactly on his wife's side and that he actually had an advantage over her. So what should his confession actually be? We were thinking something along the lines of, “I raced my very pregnant wife while swimming, and lost. I am a horrible swimmer, and my wife is better than me, she wins, she always wins.” this whisper was very cute, and definitely much more pleasant to read than most of the ones on here. Props to this man for being a good husband.

16Caught Red-Handed

This man, somewhat similar to the man above, has a wife who just revealed to him that she is pregnant. What this man’s wife does not know is that he had a vasectomy. It is unclear from this whisper whether or not this man told his wife that he was unable to have children after she told him that she was pregnant, but it is safe to assume that there is a divorce in their near future for them. Unless, he had just had to vasectomy done a couple of months prior to finding out that she was pregnant, then the likeliness of it failing and getting her pregnant are 0.15 percent, so it is almost certain that she got pregnant while having an affair.

15A Sad Excuse

Pregnancy can be tough on a woman, and we all gain weight during pregnancy, which is completely normal seeing as how are bodies are now holding a baby, fluids, and placenta, as well as our skin stretching out to accommodate the growing baby. Some women can gain upwards of 50 to 60 pounds. So when this man admitted that the fact that his wife gained only 20 pounds while she was pregnant, grossed him out and made him cheat on her, we were angry. If 20 pounds made that much of a difference to him, and it was that easy for him to go find someone else to sleep with, then this woman is better off without him. It is men like these that give all men a bad name, and nice women serious trust issues.

14Should He Take The Free Pass?

It is sad when a woman thinks that she needs to let her man do it with another woman because of her lack of drive during pregnancy. This man got, what most men want, a free pass to hook up with anyone that he wants because his wife felt bad that she has not been in the mood. He wants badly to go and do it, but naturally, is afraid that his wife will regret letting him do it. Something that they should both know is that the lack of drive is totally normal during pregnancy, But it does not last!!! He will be able to do it with his wife soon he just needs to be patient, and if he can't wait for his wife, and he has the urge to sleep with another woman then maybe he should not be married.

13Promises Are Hard To Keep

This whisper is a bit on the lighter side of things, and is a totally harmless confession. This man made a promise to his wife that since she could not drink alcohol (since she is pregnant) that he too would give up drinking for the full nine months of her pregnancy. He soon realized just how hard that would be for him when he started to crave a beer. Perhaps this man secretly gave in to his craving, or maybe he kept his promise to his wife, whatever the case, It is sweet that he would give up something simply because his wife could not have it. Not a lot of men these days are willing to do that, as we will come to see in the whispers to follow this one.

12Pregnancy Brain Is Real

Pregnancy brain can be such a pain to deal with. It is a real problem, we somehow end up becoming way more forgetful and way more clumsy than we were before. This man turned to whisper to complain about just how bad his wife's pregnancy brain had gotten. He says that he is sick of having to clean up the messes that she makes with her pregnancy brain, maybe he should just come to realize that her body is working hard to grow his child and be a little more thankful. When it comes to cleaning up the messes she makes, or actually growing a tiny human inside of our bodies, i think that it's safe to say that he got the easy job. Pregnancy brain is temporary and she will go back to normal shortly after the baby is born and then this man can stop his complaining.

11What Should She Do?

This whisper is just sad. The gift of life is a beautiful thing and there are people that spends years of their lives trying to conceive and never are able to. Then there are people like this man, who think that getting pregnant is a burden and he would rather get rid of it than grow up, be a man, and take care of his responsibilities. The man did say that his wife wants to have this baby, and that is, thankfully, her right. So the right thing for him to do, would be to go find a job so that he can provide for his wife and child. Hopefully he wised up and did the right thing before it was too late. Babies are little miracles and they should be treated that way, not just like some disposable piece of property.

10Selfish Wifey

This man claims that his wife is selfish, when really it is he who sounds like a selfish little child throwing a temper tantrum. He says that his wife finally got what she wanted, which was to be pregnant. Now that she is pregnant, he is mad because he doesn't get to do the dirty deed with her anymore, if he knew anything about pregnancy he would realize that the lack of drive is only temporary, and that it is hard work to grow another human being. He really should have some patience. It is understandable why she would be tired and not in the mood, especially in the beginning of her pregnancy when morning sickness and fatigue kick in. this poor woman deserves to be treated so much better than that.

9A Cup A Day...

For normal men, finding out that their wives are pregnant is an exciting time because they can not wait to start a family and meet the product of their creation. Although this man was a little different. He confessed that his wife was three months pregnant, and that the thing that he was most excited about was trying his wife’s breastmilk. While he may have to fight the baby for this one, there is no harm in him trying it, as long as she is into it too. It does come off as a little gross and weird though, that of all the things he could be excited for, he just simply could not wait to drink breast milk. Everyone has their thing and that's okay, it definitely is not the weirdest thing we have heard of.

8A Cruel Joke

All women who have ever been pregnant know just how bad the nausea can get in the beginning of the our pregnancies, so what this man did his wife whenever she was feeling nauseated was just down right mean. This guy confesses that when ever he noticed that his wife was feeling sick to her stomach during any of her pregnancies that he would go ahead and find the grossest thing possible on television and laugh at her while she gagged. While some people may find this one funny, this poor woman probably hated her husband for what he was doing, she probably slapped him in her mind a few times, and who can blame her? Maybe he should do what that other guy wanted to do, and switch bodies with his wife for a little while so that she can do this to him and that way he can see just how bad it gets.

721-Year-Old Dad

When a woman is taking birth control typically her spouse trusts that she will take it daily and on time so that they do not have to worry about her becoming pregnant, but it does occasionally slip our minds. Unfortunately for this man, when his wife forgot to take her birth control, she did wind up pregnant. The man did the right thing and stuck by her side and was there for the unborn baby the entire way, but now he seems to be feeling some regret. He says that he never wanted to be a dad, and he only wanted to be with her, not a child and her. Sounds a little selfish if you ask me. Hopefully he too changes his mind once he meets the little bundle of joy.

64 Versus 1

This man’s whisper can be understandable, he talks about how his wife is pregnant for the first time and it has been a rough one so far. He also then says that she is not aware that he does not want anymore, which is understandable since he is watching her go through something so tough, he might not want her to have to go through with that again. However, his wife says that she wants four children!! Maybe one day they can compromise and come to an agreement of two children. This way it is only one more, he does not have to see her go through a rough pregnancy four times, and they don't end up out numbered. This is something that instead of confessing on whisper he should definitely be talking to his wife about.

5Oh No...

This whisper is short and to the point. This man confesses in his whisper that his wife revealed to him that she is pregnant. At first, he was probably excited by the news and ready to be a father. That is until his dreams were crushed, and she told him that there is a possibility that the baby may not be his. This is something that, even if the baby does wind up being his, probably ends in the couple getting divorced. Even if this is his child, it does not change the fact that his wife had an affair and this man will probably never look at his wife in the same way ever again. Unfortunately these days this kind of thing happens a lot.

4Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

This man was somewhat excited when his wife revealed to him that she was expecting their first child together. That is, until the girl that he had been sleeping with on the side came to him and told him that she too is pregnant with his baby. This man admits that he is screwed, but it is no one's fault but his own. Maybe this will serve as a lesson to him, to when messing around with more than one woman, no matter how stupid of a choice that may be, to always use protection. Hopefully this guy got his stuff sorted out and stayed by both of their sides through this, since they are both his children. Things like this really make us wonder why men cheat at all when there are so many risks involved.

3The Newlyweds

This man married the love of his just two weeks prior to making this whisper. It was shortly after their wedding day when this man's wife announced to her husband that she was pregnant with their child. This is usually exciting news for all married couples, but for these guys it left them scared and unsure of what to do. The pregnancy was unplanned and they were both unemployed so they agreed that they did not want this baby, but that they just did not know what to do because they were too scared to get an abortion. The smart thing to do would probably be to go get a job and get ready for the birth of their first born child, because with a little hard work and some positivity they could make it work out in the end.

2Is He?

The answer to this man’s question, is yes. Yes he is a terrible person. This man left his wife when he discovered that she was pregnant. The reason that he said that he did this is because they were toxic to each other and he wants them to be able to work on each other individually outside of the relationship so that they can both be good parents. What it sounds like he is really saying is, “i want an out, this sounds like a good way to do it” it sounds like this man is basically just saying, i will still be there for my child but i want a divorce from a wife, without actually saying it that way. If this is the case he should just let her know so that she does not hang on to some false hope that he will eventually come back.

1If It's His?

This is another very short, very simple whisper. This married man goes on to confess that his wife has become pregnant and if it is his, then he is scared because it would be their third child and he does not think that he is ready for it. Its unclear here whether or not he threw in the if because he thinks his wife is having an affair or not, but maybe claiming that the baby is not his, is his way of getting out of having a third child.

If the man was that afraid of having another child then he probably should have been using protection to avoid this situation in the first place. Then again, maybe he is just so scared about having another baby because he is having second thoughts about his wife, or maybe he just isn't sure how he could possibly handle having a third child because two is a handful.

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