18 Worst Vacation Experiences with Kids EVER

You know that it’s not as much a vacation if there are kids. Let’s face it, taking care of the kids and making sure they’re having fun while being safe takes a huge toll on your vacation relaxation time. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for some as some of us know that there are worse things that could happen. No, it’s not the degree of “worse” that you’re thinking of, but it’s just as memorable to witness.

There’s always that one time that a vacation went horribly wrong because of the kids. If you’ve been a parent or a guardian for as long as your adult, vacation-loving life can remember, then you can probably relate to some of these moments. Check out these true-to-life shared experiences from some of the most unlucky parents we’ve ever had the fortune of asking their worst vacation experiences with kids. This ought to be good.

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18 The Disneyland that Wasn’t

It was the first day we took our daughter to Disneyland. Well, that’s what she thought. She had been bad these past few days and she’s at this stage of her childhood that she just completely throws a fit whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

So, to try to teach her a lesson, we packed our bags and headed for Disneyland. The catch is though: we took her to a knockoff children’s theme park. After realizing that she’s been tricked, she cried for what seemed to be an endless 3-day stay at the town motel.

17 The Hotel Lobby Incident

When my kid was younger, he was a walking tornado. Every room would just look like a complete mess when and if he gets left alone. One time, while I was checking us in to the hotel we were going to be staying at. Turns out, he had already wreaked havoc on the lobby sofas and broke an antique vase. I had to pay for the damages caused, and they were a lot.

16 Stripper Day!

While I was swimming with my toddler on one summer vacation, a very awkward thing happened. He demanded for mommy’s milk. Of course, I had to say no and scold him because we were in the pool and he was furious about not getting his milk.

Before I know it, he had already untied my two-piece while I was checking on his sister. My bikini fell to the water my son ran away with it. Needless to say, that was the most embarrassing day of my life

15 Haunted Mansion: Enter, Those Who Dare!

My four year-old son and I went to this amusement park while his mom was out-of-town for her meeting. She was always uptight about him going to this horror house he always brings up.

This time, I wanted to take him there for him to be a man about it (and also because his mom isn’t around). We go in and the first thing he says to me is: I have to go number 2. Long story short, we both felt bad for the next group of suckers that might step on a trail of horror my son had left.

14 Throwing Tantrums, Literally

My family and I went to Italy for the summer. The thing is my husband mistakenly promised the kids that we’d go to Paris, not Italy. Unsurprisingly, my daughter wasn’t all too happy with the idea as she thought that she’d be running off into the sunset with someone in the city of love.

In a fit, she threw her phone and it hit this man that mistook my husband for the guy who threw the phone. It almost became the Thrilla in Roma.

13 Camp Mom: Mommy of the Year!

After my husband left for his business trip upstate, I thought it was the time for me and the kids to have a little fun with nature and go on a camping trip. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal seeing as my son was a boy scout and my 2-year-old daughter loved playing outside anyway.

When we got to the camp ground, my son had told me he didn’t actually become a scout as he’d always played hooky and played video games instead. Let’s just say I learnt how to fix a tent and a bottle of milk at the same time that day, along with the realization never to trust my own children ever again.

12 Bedwetting is Expensive!

My son always has a bedwetting problem. Whenever he sleeps, it’s always automatic that he’ll wet the bed. In our 7-day stay in Hong Kong, sad to say, the cleaners really had a rough time when they’d visit room 1406. We also had to pay extra for every sheet he ruined. That’s almost $90 for just the sheets.

11 Traffic Jam

On our home from my award event, my son had to go number 2 in the middle of the busy highway of Manila. It was our first time there, but the rumours are indeed true - the traffic was horrific. We were stuck in the middle of the highway, and traffic wasn't moving. We all had to wait 5 hours just to get back to the hotel and he actually got a fever for holding it in that long. The rest of our vacation was spent nursing our little boy.

10 Till We Meet Again... Err, Never!

While we were rushing to leave the airport, as our hotel reservation was on the verge of being cancelled, we forgot to pick up my daughter’s baggage from the airport.

We came back for it at the airport’s lost and found baggage, but realized the bag was different. Turns out some lady mistook my daughter’s bag for hers as it was identical. The matter wasn’t resolved until 56 hours later when we met up with the woman to returned what was rightfully ours. My daughter had to wear my obviously larger clothes just to get by, and boy, was she displeased about that.

9 Poolside Dilemma

My son is always a joker. This one time on a cruise, he thought it was funny to pull a prank on us where he faked his death by floating lifelessly in a swimming pool on our luxury cruise ship.

Before we could react, the lifeguard got to him first. But since he didn’t speak English, a lot of confusion ensued before we could calm things down. So many people were so upset when they realized that my son was just horsing around.

8 Swear It All Over Again

My 3 year-old son just started to speak and he really liked imitating everything he hears. One day while we were out on vacation in the UK, I was waiting for my wife to come out of the store she was shopping at (the place was packed, and I didn’t want my kid seeing underwear just yet).

A group of teens was just rambling on and on about something while they passed by. Out of the blue, one of them shouted a curse word. A few seconds afterward, my kid just blurted out the same word and wouldn’t stop repeating it, no matter what.

Wherever we went, he cussed and never in my life have I ever seen so many judgmental eyes on me.

7 Toddler Tattler

My kids have always been little troublemakers. They’re both 5 years old and still they manage to somehow cause so much trouble, this time is more irritating because we were on our way home from a vacation trip to China.

The boys made a toddler cry at the airport before boarding and thought they could get away with it. But as it turns out, the toddler, his brothers, and their mother were going to be sitting in the row next to us on the same plane. It just gives me a headache to think about the mouthful of words the toddler’s mom had to say and the attendants who had to help me shut the kids up when they fought with each other (which was constantly).

6 "I’m Blue Daba Dee"

We were all swimming in this high-end resort down South. The kids hatched the bright idea to relieve themselves all at the same time in the pool, just for the sake of it. What they didn’t know is that the chlorine in the water turned the water blue due to the presence of pee.

The resort people had to refill the water and fined me a hefty fee for my children’s fine idea.

5 Allergic Reaction

We were about to go home from our family vacation in Germany. My new husband bought some peanut brittle for his souvenir and snack. He fed some to my 2-year-old son, who, it turns out, is highly allergic to peanuts.

All I could say about that day is it was a good thing that the bus driver knew a nearby hospital.

4 Hide and Seek Championship

It was a long day for my husband and me on our last day in New York. We were at JFK waiting for our next flight. The kids were playing around and I specifically instructed them to not go too far.

My husband and I just took a quick nap and we woke up to my son asking me if I had seen his brother. They were playing hide-and-seek, and it turns out that my 3 year old is very good at it. After 2 hours of searching and 3 announcements later, we found him behind one of the urinals stalls. And of course, we missed the flight back to California in the process.

3 Dogs Aren’t Always a Man’s Best Friend

On our hiking trip, my 5 year old girl thought it would be a good idea to provoke a dog on a leash. And I don’t know how it happened, but the dog’s leash snapped in all the confusion. It’s a good thing we are all fast runners. I think we even broke some Olympic records that day.

2 Hotels Mini Bars, Ugh!

My husband took the whole family with him when he was asked to deliver a speech at a convention in Singapore. I had to do some grocery shopping, so I left my 10 & 12- year-old kids in the hotel room.

I really shouldn’t have left them alone, because when I came back, they have already finished up every soft drink they could find in the mini-bar thinking that it was paid for. It blew a big hole in our vacation budget, because of which we had to cut out trip short.

1 Fight Club

My son got into a bit of a fight while on our family vacation to the West Coast. My husband went to step in and end the fight, and the other kid’s father also did the same. What nobody anticipated was how a children’s fight could turn into a man’s fight.

It escalated to a fist fight between the dads and shortly followed by my son and his brawler. Boys will be boys, I guess.

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