19 Celebrities Who Bailed On Child Support (And The Media Knows It)

When children are involved in the split between parents, things can get pretty complicated. There are many negative impacts on a child once his or her parents decide to separate. For example, the child has to witness the love between his two parents dissolve (although sometimes this can be over many years), custody battles are fought, the child has to endure travelling back and forth between two different households and learn to adjust to living with one parent while the other parent is absent daily.

A relationship breakup can happen two ways; it can either be mutual and respectful or it can be hard and miserable. For celebrities it is no different, however, the more difficult a split or divorce is, they tend to end with a large alimony and child support payouts that are splashed all over the media outlets for the whole world to see.

Although a court agreement is rendered, it does not necessarily mean that one or both parents will be compliant with the judge's order. Fans of some of these less-compliant celebs have to (sometimes) endure the news that their beloved star or idol has been arrested for failing to pay or falling behind on the, usually, outrageous child support amount.

Here is a list of celebs who were forced to pay child support and chose not to. We're not judging, you are.

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19 Bobby Brown's New Editions Aren't Cheap

Almost everyone knows Robert Barisford Brown, also known as Bobby Brown, was married to the late Whitney Houston and fathered their child, Bobby-Kristina. What you may not know is that he fathered four children with three different women. In 1989, the former New Edition singer began a relationship with a woman named Kimberly Ward. In 1990 and 1992, Kim gave birth to their daughter, La'Princia, and their son, Bobby Brown JR, respectively.

The singer faced prosecution multiple times for falling behind on his child support payments for La'Princia and Bobby Brown JR. with his former girlfriend.

The two have a court-ordered agreement that Brown is to pay 5,500$ a month to aid in the support of his two children.

In March 2004, the R&B music star was apprehended for owing 63,000$ in back child support payment to Ward. A month later, Brown was sentenced to 90 days in jail unless he paid the outstanding amount of 15,000$ he owed to his ex-girlfriend. However, a few months later, a family judge ordered the singer arrested if he re-entered the state of Massachusetts when Brown failed to appear to a court hearing over his failure to make consistent child support payments.

In February 2007, Brown was sentenced to 30 days in jail for owing 20,000$ to the Ward family. After three days in jail, the host of radio station HOT 99.5 FM confirmed that after talks and negotiations with Brown's lawyers, the music station would pay 19, 150$ the singer owed in late child support payments and court fees, in exchange for Brown to work for them for one week and issued a tell-all about the hearings and custody exchange.

18 Evander Holyfield's Keeps On Growing

The former professional boxer, Evander Holyfield, was once known to be the first and only boxer to be an undisputed champion in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. However, lately, it seems to be his financial troubles that are making headlines around the world.

Fathering eleven children from six different women, each divorce took a financial toll on the former boxer's pockets. In 2008, Holyfield was evicted from his 10 million dollars, 109-room 17-bathroom home and which was auctioned off which was the result of 14 million dollars in unpaid mortgage payments.

To add to the champions financial woes, Evander Holyfield was held in contempt of court for failing to pay over 300,000$ in back child support for his daughter, Emani Holyfield. Court documents later revealed that the amount that was actually owed to his daughter was just over 500,000$. The boxer paid a whopping 17,000$ to reduce the debt owed and was then ordered to pay 2,950$ a month until his payments were up to date. Unfortunately, Holyfield's payments were not consistent, leaving a judge to allow the Division of Child Support Services to begin the processes of having Holyfield's license revoked. The judge hoped that this would be an incentive for Holyfield to pay the 300,000$ he owed to his daughter Emani in back child support.

Reports state that he and his daughter have a good relationship despite the large sum that is still owed.

17 DMX Should Consider Stopping

Being the father of fifteen children would take a financial toll on anybody. This was no different for Earl Simmons, also known as DMX.

In July 2013, the rapper filed for bankruptcy. According to the Wall Street Journal, DMX had about 50, 000$ in assets and was between 1 million and 10 million dollars in debt. It was reported that he owed 1.24 million dollars in back child support payments at the time he filed for bankruptcy. The filing was dismissed by the U.S Bankruptcy Court in November 2013.

Simmons has been arrested twice for failure to pay child support for the four children he had with his ex-wife of eleven years, Tashera Simmons.

In June 2015, the rapper was apprehended for owing 400,000$ in child support payments to Simmons. The arrest happened as he was preparing to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

“All I have is my name and my reputation,” Earl Simmons said, adding that rapping at shows is the “only way I can make a living.”

In October 2015, DMX has been detained once again for failing to pay the court ordered 10,000 $ a month to his ex-wife. The judge in the ongoing case had set conditions in exchange for the release, “I expect to see you back here on Nov. 18 to resolve this case in its totality,” Judge Marx said. If not, he warned, “things will not go well for you.”

In December 2015, an arrest warrant was issued as the rapper failed to appear in court on November 18th. According to Simmons' lawyer, Murray Richman, the two were under the impression that the date had been changed as the rapper had scheduled to perform at a show the previous night.

16 No Love Or Hip Hop At Rich Dollaz's House

The Love & Hip Hop television personality has made headlines, not for his accomplishments on the reality TV series but for failing to pay child support for two of his ten children.

Richard Trowers, also know as Rich Dollaz, was taken into custody in October 2014, when police ran the license plate of his car that was double parked outside of a Five Guys restaurant. The star was taken apprehended when police learned that there was an outstanding warrant issued for back child support, owing 21,000$. The star was released two days later on a 10, 500$ bail.

"Please stop lying... no, he don't. flew there when my daughter was in the hospital for despression because of RICHARD to make a settlement. You had a warrant out for you then. I screen shot everything! You also said you only made 89 000 a year deadbeat! U screw yourself everytime... smh @rayj @mzprincesslove RICH DOLLAZ as he calls himself is a LIAR!!!" Chaundrea Nicolle captioned in a personal Instagram account.

It was not long before Trowers was once again arrested for failing to pay child support. In February 2015, Trowers was arrested on two counts of unpaid child support; one in the amount of nearly 188,000$ and the other around 12,000$! Due to this, his license was suspended until payments were made.

15 Sherri Shepherd's View Crew Need To Appear

Although Sherri Shepherd pays child support, she has been making newsworthy headlines in her ongoing legal battles with her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, over there son Lamar Sally Jr.

Sherri Shepherd and her ex-husband, Lamar, have a son via surrogate using a donor egg. In 2014, the couple separated and began a long court battle to determine who would be financially responsible for the child in question. As Shepherd does not have genetic ties to the, now 3-year old, she wanted the court to legally remove her name from his birth certificate.  The judge in this proceeding denied her request and ordered the former The View host to pay child support for her surrogate son.

However, the reality star has made some tasteless jokes that truly shows her character. When Shepherd returned to The View to make a guest appearance, ex-co-host Raven Symone discussed how much she wanted to have a baby when Shepherd interjected and said,

"Girl, I got one or two you could have of mine. I'll give them to you."

Shepherd's court-ordered child support is 4,100$ a month, although, Sally had filed to have this increased and which was denied.

"Even now, he never has to worry about anything as long as I'm working. He's on my health insurance. He's got a life insurance policy in case anything happens to me. He'll be taken care of the way Jeffrey [her other son] is. I've just chosen to take myself out because I think it's worse for a child with two parents not getting along." said Shepherd's ex-husband, Lamar.

14 Dennis Rodman's Questionable Parenting Decisions

The former NBA player, Dennis Rodman, has also found himself in legal troubles for failing to pay child support for his two children to his ex-wife, Michelle Moyer.

In May 2012, Rodman was found guilty on four counts of non-payment of child support between 2009 and 2010. He was sentenced to serve 104 hours of community service.

A few months later, in December 2012, the star was sentenced to an informal probation when Moyer and her lawyer argued, in court, that Rodman owed about 850,00$ in back child support for his children. The former couple met outside courtroom doors, after the hearing, and settled on the amount of 500,000$.

In March 2013, the former basketball player's attorney told the courts that he could not afford to pay child and spousal support any longer. According to Celebrity Networth, the former NBA player owes over 800 000$ in back spousal and child support payments. In fact, the exact number is 860 376$, which Rodman believes his lack of funds is partially due to his alcoholism and lack of assets. However, Rodman is said to have made more than 27$ million in his NBA career. So the real question is, how much money has he donated to some of his more questionable friends when he can't pay for his own flesh and blood?

13 Jermaine Dupri Needs To Own Up To His Responsibilities

In March 2011, internationally known music producer, Jermaine Dupri, found himself being sued by his baby mama, Sarai Jones. The amount in missed child support payments is not clear, however, a judge ordered Dupri to pay 2,500$ a month and an additional 7,500$ to Jones, after a paternity test confirmed he was the father of her 7-month girl.

"She wants to resolve it without having to go to court and work together with him to raise their child," Kessler tells E! News. "She has nothing negative to say about him."

The court ordered child support payments to be enforced at the same time that the music producer was facing financial hardships. The week before the hearing, his mansion was set to be auctioned after it went up for foreclosure. The auction was later canceled without explanation. But all good things come to an end when your hands aren't clean. In 2014, Jermaine Dupri did lose his 5 million dollar mansion to foreclosure after years of fighting with the banks.

It is not reported how active Durpi is in his daughter's life. However, a rare photo of the two was finally shared with his fans via Instagram, in 2015, on his little girl's birthday.

12 Stay Away Darius McCrary

The Family Matters star was taken into custody, in 2015, for owing 5,500$ in back child support payment to his baby mama from Michigan, in relation to their son, Zechariah. He was given a choice to either pay what he owed or spend 14 days in jail. McCrary was released later that day when he wrote a check for the full amount.

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be his only legal concerns. Two years later, in February 2017, McCrary's ex-wife, Tammy Brawner, was granted a restraining order for herself and their 16-month old daughter. Brawner accused McCrary endangering their daughter, Zoey, multiple times and even accused him of physical harm. However, McCrary told the judge hearing the case that, in fact, it was Brawner who was the violent offender. Brawner requested that all of McCrary's visitations rights be revoked, after filing for divorce against the Family Matter actor.

In November 2017, McCrary pleaded to the court to suspend his monthly child support payments, stating he had only made 500$ that year and could no longer afford to pay child support for his daughter. He also requested the court to have unsupervised visits with his daughter as he could not afford to pay for the court-appointed monitor, which was later denied.

11 Levi Johnston's Political Views Aren't Helping Him This Time

Levi Johnston is a name that many have not heard of. However, I'm sure if we said "Mr. Bristol Palin" our viewers would know exactly who he is. Accusations of carelessly spending on cars, hunting trips and vacations landed Levi Johnston with a judgment rendered against him to pay over 62,000$ in unpaid child support, to his twice over ex-fiancé to Bristol Palin (former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin's daughter.)

In 2010, Johnston was ordered to pay 1,750$ per month to Palin for their son, Tripp, which was not paid while the former couple was fighting in court over their son's upbringing.

Levi Johnston had filed for joint custody over Tripp in 2013. Palin pleaded to the court that this was an attempt to reducing the child support payments owed to her. Palin explained to the court that he still owed her 66,000$ at the time that he filed for joint custody. She also stated that Johnston did not visit their son on a regular basis.

After six years of courtroom battles between Johnston and Palin, the judge warned Johnston that the total amount of owed child support would accumulate 6% interest until it was paid in full. They were also awarded joint custody.

10 Terrell Owens: From Superstar To.. Wait, Who?

NFL football superstar and legend, Terrell Owens, who gained 80$ million in his 15-year football career, has fallen into some financial trouble. Terrell Owens has four children by four different women. To make matters worse, Owens is ordered to pay a combined total of 44,600$ to pay in child support a month.

T.O has requested that three of the four child support payments be reduced as he does not have any source of income at the moment. In fact, T.O. has such a little income, that not one but two of his condos, in Dallas, were set up for foreclosure in 2012.

In November 2011, a judge issued an arrest warrant because the former superstar missed his court date with his ex-baby mama, Monique Reynolds. The court date that was set up to review his child support payments for the mother of his then- 11-year-old. It was agreed upon the pair that the payments be reduced from 20,000$ a month to 11,202$ a month.

According to T.O., blames his financial rough patch from over trusting in people and the large sums of child support payments that he owes. However, if you play you pay, and the famous receiver is clearly paying for it now since he has nothing to show for his hard work on the field.

9 Shad Moss Is Broke But Has Money. What?!

The former rapper, also known as Bow Wow, has a beautiful daughter named, Shai Moss with his ex-girlfriend. Although Moss had become accustomed to a grand lifestyle at a young age, his fans have watched him ease back into reality while he focuses on giving his little girl everything she needs.

In 2012, a judge ordered the rapper and television host to pay 3,000$ a month in child support. In addition, Moss was forced to pay the outstanding balance of 11 500$. This may not seem like much trouble.... yet.

In the same hearing, Bow Wow failed to mention that he was in the process of signing on as the host of BET's reality television show 106 & Park, which would make his income substantially greater than the 4,000$ a month he testified to.

He later stated, "One thing about me, I'm a smart guy. Very smart. Things that I do, are for reasons. Things that I don't do are for reasons. So for myself, I'm comfortable, very comfortable. For me, it's all about the work. But as far as rumors, those are people's opinions - until you see me on a corner with a cardboard box saying I'll tap dance for food or canned goods, then you can say that [I'm broke]."

In December of the same year, the judge ordered Moss' child support payments be increased to 4,000$ a month and the remaining 11,500$ in back payments must still be owed.

8 Stevie J. Is A Federal Case

Another Love & Hip Hop star in trouble for failing to pay the child support set in place for his children. Steven Jordan has six children with five different women. Unlike most child support cases, the producer and television reality star was faced with a federal case as he owed more the 1$ million dollars in unpaid child support and the case involves women from multiple states.

“We’re still negotiating that. We are still filming right now. We are gonna take it all as it comes and be optimistic. My kids all know I love them and we are best buddies and we have to go through formalities in life. Once you go through things it just makes you a better person. Sometimes you make a wrong turn and you have to rise out of the situation and that's what we are doing,”

In 2017, he pleaded guilty to failing to pay his child support payments that amounted to 1.3$ million dollars. The judge ordered Jordan to pay at least half of what he owed at the time. He was also placed on three years probation unless he was able to pay off what he owed before that time.

In March 2018, the judge was informed that Stevie J. had stopped making his payments. The judge ordered Jordan to serve prison time as a consequence. He is currently facing a possible six months in prison, although he doesn't seem too worried about it

7 15 Years Later For Steven Cimini

Credit: Courtesy Nicole Curtis (Nicole, Harper & Shane) 4/16/17 Shane, Nicole and Harper† Sent in by SHAB AZMA FLUTIE ENTERTAINMENT† 5161 Lankershim†Boulevard†|†Suite†400†| †Los Angeles CA 91601 310.247.1100 (main)†| sazma@flutieent.com WE ARE NOW AT†ENDEMOLSHINE NORTH†AMERICA

Nicole Curtis' ex-husband, Steven Cimini, has a warrant for his arrest in the case of the 20-year-old son, Ethan. Yes, you read that right and it's not a mistake on our part, Ethan is 20 years old. It seems as though the battles started well before Ethan became an adult, as the last time the court addressed the issue was way back in 2015.

This was not the first time that Cimini has been in trouble with the law. Back in 1996, Cimini had missed the birth of their son, Ethan. At the time, Curtis claimed Cimini had a work-related issue to attend to.

It was later released that he was arrested for fatally striking an innocent bystander while Cimini was driving under the influence.

Cimini is accused of owing more than 14, 000$ in back child support payments. He failed to appear in court, in December 2017, when the judge issued an arrest warrant for Cimini to be taken into custody the next time he comes in contact with law enforcement.

The couple was in a long custody battle over Ethan after they split up when he was just one year old. In fact, the custody battle lasted for a long 15 years.

6 Allen Iverson's NBA Fortune For The Kids' Education

Former basketball superstar, Allen Iverson, has five children with his ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson. In 2010, the couple filed for divorce and Iverson's ex-wife requested full custody of the five kids, as well as child support payments and alimony.

The star was ordered to pay 8 000$ a month. However, TMZ has reported that Iverson failed to pay and continued to owe, 40,000$ in back child support. His ex-wife claimed that she has had to drag the NBA star to court multiple times because he refuses to make any of the payments.

In July 2013, a judge threatened Allen Iverson with jail time unless he paid the full amount of child support that he owed. Iverson managed to avoid jail time by paying what was due. Unfortunately, his ex-wife was not happy with this and wanted Iverson to pay 1.2$ million dollars right away so that she could put the funds in a trust for their shared children. The amount added up to the 8 000$ monthly payments until their youngest child turned 18. She explained to the courts that she did not want to run into the same problem of the former star bailing on his due diligence.

Later in 2013, Allen Iverson filed court documents explaining he doesn't have the financial means to pay the requested 1.2$ million.

5 Na - Na Batman, Time To Pay Up Val Kilmer

Former Batman Forever superstar, Val Kilmer, has found himself in trouble with the courts when his ex-wife, Joanne Whalley, alleged Kilmer missed some of his child support payments.

The couple divorced in 1996 and Kilmer agreed to 27,500$ a month in child support for their two children, Mercedes and Jack.

In 2011, Whalley filed court documents to put a lien on his New Mexico six-acre ranch until he was up to date with his payments. The alleged amount Kilmer has fallen behind was not released, however, the ranch was listed for sale in the amount of 33$ million dollars, which later dropped to 23$ million and finally settled on a resting price of 18.5$ million dollars for the ranch.

This isn't the first time the former actor fell behind on his child support payments. In fact, in 2007 Whalley had filed for a lien on Kilmer's possession as well.

In the United States, a lien is when the courts are ordered to prevent any property from being sold, without the person issuing the order from being notified.

4 Halle Berry Making The Best Of The Court Order

Beverly News / Rex Features (1533898f)

Although Halle Berry pays her court-ordered child support, she is no stranger to court proceedings. She and ex-husband, the Canadian native, Gabriel Aubry, divorced in April 2010. In 2012, Berry was ordered to pay 20,000$ in child support payments.

In 2014, a judge approved the request to lower the child support payments from 200,000$ a year to 16, 000$ monthly. Berry also had to pay their daughter's tuition.

“Our issues were never about fighting for her. We both know a child needs both her parents. But what I want to say about it is sometimes, as a couple, you reach an impasse. We needed a court and a judge to help us work out some of the delicate issues … because for her sake, this is the best way. We both love her more than life.”

In 2015, the former couple went back to court. The actress asked the courts to reduce her monthly payments from 16,000$ to 3,800$ as she believed her ex-husband was living off the child support money and not actively looking for employment. It is reported that Aubry pays 700$ for the gym, 1000$ in clothing and 2000$ on his cars, and that's just to name a few of his reckless spending habits.

3 Ed Furlong Needs To Stay Clear

Famously known for his role in Terminator 2 and American History X, Ed Furlong has a long list of legal and substance abuse troubles since 2001. As a result, he explained to the courts, in October 2011, that he could not keep up with his child support payments. His ex-wife, Rachael Kneeland took the actor to court, in January 2011, to have his child support payments increased. He was taken into custody the day before their court hearing for violating his temporary restraining order that Kneeland has against him.

In October 2011, it was reported that Furlong owed his ex-wife over 15,000$ in back child support and had only paid a total of just over 3,000$ since the beginning of the year.

He still owed 12,108$, as well as 3,840$ in interest.

As if the missed child support payments weren't enough, as mentioned earlier, Kneeland has a temporary restraining order against Furlong. The first order was issued in September 2009, when Kneeland accused him of pushing and grabbing her and threatening to physically assault her with a list of harmful weapons. He was, then, ordered to stay 100 yards away from his ex-wife.

However, it didn't stop there for Furlong. He was jailed in early 2011 for violating the restraining order and coming within 50 yards from Kneeland. He was released after posting bail.

2 Skeet Ulrich Needs To Scream At The Amount

Famously known for his role in Scream, Law & Order: LA and the more recent, Riverdale, Skeet Ulrich (also known as Bryan Ray Strout) was charged with contempt of court in January 2013 when this ex-wife, Georgina Cates, shed light that he owes her just shy of $285,000 in back child support payments. Ulrich plead not guilty to the contempt of court charge placed against him. The actor and his ex-wife share custody of their twin son and daughter, Jakob and Naiia, after filing for divorce in 2005.

“This would not have happened if his not paying had just started, but it has been going on for years,” a source close to the case explained.

In most states, including Colorado where the divorce was filed, child support payments are court ordered. Failing to comply with these orders can lead to contempt of court charges. However, this Law & Order: LA cop has been heard saying he no longer wanted to be a "walking human dispenser" to his ex-wife.

1 Flavor Flav Needs To Call Planned Parenthood

Rapper and actor, William Jonathan Drayton Jr., also known as Flavor Fav, faced 180 days in prison, in June 2012, for falling behind on his child support payments for three of his seven children.

When he was released he made the following statement to TMZ:

"No matter what's in the media, I am a good father to all 7 of my children. I'll never let my family do without! I do the best that I can with what I got and I try to make it work, and any man that doesn't take care of his kids is not a real man and he doesn't get good luck. I am satisfied with the judge's decision and I thank the judge for being understanding. Operation No Doubt is now in progress!!!"

Flavor Flav and his ex-wife, Angie Parker, went in front of a judge when he missed his child support payments that added up to a whopping 111, 186$.

That same day, Flav made a big enough payment to please the courts... for the time being. In addition to paying the reported 25,000$ lump sum, he also agreed to pay 1,200$ a month to Parker.

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