19 Celebrity Women Who Had Babies With Regular Men

Celebrities are known for sticking with their own kind when it comes to dating and beyond. The most iconic celebrity couples are, for the most part, made up of two celebrities, not just one celebrity who married a non-celeb. It makes sense as many celebs are more likely to find it easier to date, marry and have children with someone who knows exactly what the rigorous lifestyle of fame entails.

This is not always the case, though. Some women and men have dated, gotten married, and had children with a non-celebrity. This list will take a look at celebrity women who decided to have children with a regular average-Joe; giving a spark of hope to hopeless romantics everywhere! Patrick Dempsey met his wife when he went in for a haircut. Matt Damon met his wife while she was bartending, and Alec Baldwin married his yoga instructor! But men aren’t the only ones who have been known to look outside the realm of Hollywood when it comes to dating.

Below is a list of 19 celebrity women who had babies with regular men. And it may just prove that even non-celebs actually have a shot with their favorite icons. Either way, these women and their partners have made some pretty adorable children, who will grow up (or have grown-up!) with a good balance of the best of both worlds. Keep reading to find out just who these women are, and whether or not they are still with their children’s fathers.

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19 Ellen Pompeo


Our favorite Grey’s Anatomy star is, unfortunately, not actually married to McDreamy.

“Ellen, 48, met the music producer, 50, while shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles in 2003. They clearly made an impression on each other amid the aisles because the two began dating six months later. Incredibly, Ellen and Chris discovered that they actually grew up just minutes from each other near Boston,” shares CountryLiving.com.

And as for their kids? The couple has three children, Stella Luna (9 years old), Sienna May (4 years old), and Eli Christopher (2 years old). You can keep up with on her very active social media accounts.

18 Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon met her husband, Jim Toth, at a party where she was reportedly getting heckled by his intoxicated friend. Though Toth is an agent to the celebs, he’s not really a celebrity himself. But the duo are an adorable pair, with adorable kids, too!

Reese has two children from a previous relationship with actor Ryan Phillippe. Those children are Ava Elizabeth (19 years old), and Deacon Reese (15 years old). Reese and Jim Toth have one child together, Tennesse James (6 years old). The couple was married in March of 2011 and will be celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary this year.

17 Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman’s husband, Benjamin Millepied, was her choreographer for Black Swan. The couple was married in August of 2012 and they now have two children together. Their son, Aleph Portman-Millepied is 7 years old and their daughter, Amalia, is two years old. You can keep up with Natalie online @natalieportman, but she keeps her family life out of the spotlight for the most part.

Black Swan wasn’t the only movie she and her husband worked on together. More recently, the couple worked on set of Vox Lux together. “It was fun to get to watch him create because I don’t often watch him in the studio. Just to see the ease and the expertise that he has, and of course with different kinds of dance too, was really, really stunning,” said Natalie of working with her husband to People.com.

16 Meryl Streep


“In March 1978, Meryl Streep's boyfriend (and her Deer Hunter co-star) John Cazale passed away from lung cancer. Devastated by her partner's passing, Streep turned to a friend of her brother's, Gummer, for support,” shares TownAndCountry.com. And that friend was Don Gummer, her now-husband of almost forty years.

The iconic couple has four grown children together. Mamie Gummer is 35 years old and is an actress herself. Grace Gummer is also an actress and she is 32 years old. Louisa Gummer is 27 years old and is a model. The couple’s oldest child is their only son, Henry Wolfe Gummer, who is 39 years old and a musician.

15 Tina Fey


“Tina and Jeff met at Chicago’s Second City and they dated for 7 years before getting married in a Greek Orthodox ceremony. The Sid Miller Dance Band played at their wedding reception and the couple now has two daughters together – Alice Zenobia (born on September 10, 2005) and Penelope Athena (born August 10, 2011),” shares Heavy.com on this Hollywood couple.

Though Tina Fey’s husband Jeff was no celebrity when they met, he is now certainly a renowned and accomplished composer, actor, director, and producer. The couple's daughters, Alice and Penelope are 13 and 7, respectively and they are both darlings!

14 Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway is married to husband, Adam Shulman. Also an actor and producer, Adam Shulman is probably most prominently known for his career as a jeweler. The couple met for the first time in 2008, but didn’t become involved for several years following. The couple was married in 2012 and a year later, Hathaway expressed her desire to have children in an interview with Vogue.com.

Oh, my God. I want to be a mother, and I anticipate loving my children quite fiercely. I think about it all the time, though it’s a silly thing to think about because the kind of mother I’ll be depends on the kind of children I have. I can’t wait to meet them,” Hathaway told Vogue. Hathaway gave birth to the couple’s first and only child so far, Jonathon Rosebanks Shulman, in 2016.

13 Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts and her husband left the Golden Globes earlier this week and ended up at In-N-Out and, if that doesn’t make them #couplegoals, I don’t know what does!

“Roberts, who tied the knot with the cinematographer in July 2002, shares kids Phinnaeus Moder, 13, Hazel Moder, 13, Henry Daniel Moder, 11, with her longtime beau. During the interview with Paltrow, Roberts says that her life changed instantly when she met Moder.'I think that first kind of real 'seismic shift' was meeting Danny, getting married to Danny,' Roberts tells Paltrow. 'That was the first like, my life will never be the same in the most incredible, indescribable way,'" shares EOnline.com in reference to an interview between Julia and Gwyneth Paltrow that was broadcast on Gwyneth’s Podcast, The Goop.

12 Heather Morris


Actress Heather Morris, most known for her role on Glee, actually went to the same High School as her husband, though that’s not how they met!

The pair went to the same high school in Arizona, but that isn't how they met; they never made contact during that time. Nope, they did internet dating before that was a thing. When Morris moved to L.A., Hubbell contacted her via MySpace, and the pair hit it off,” writes Bustle.com.

The couple share two sons; Elijah Hubbell (5 years old) and Owen Barlett Hubbell (2 years old). You can keep up with Heather and her kiddos online @heatherrmorris where she often shares photos of her cute kiddos.

11 Julianna Margulies


Julianna Margulies is next up on the list. This actress married hubby Keith Lieberthal in 2007.

“Once again speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, Margulies explained that they met at a dinner, where she subsequently told him how hot he was and how much he looked like a pre-teen. Julianna Margulies might be me after a few beers. 'I said, "Are you an actor?" Because as much as I love you all, I can't. I’m done,' she recalled. 'And he’s like, "No, I’m a lawyer." I’m like, "Really? Where do you practice?" And he’s like, "I was a Wall Street litigator for six years." I was like "Really? You’re 12."'" shares Bustle.com

The couple shares one child, 10-year-old son, Kieran Lindsay.

10 Julie Bowen


Married in 2004, Julie Bowen and her now ex-husband, Scott Phillips divorced in 2018.

The couple, who married in September 2004 and separated after 13 years of marriage, shares three sons: Oliver, 11, and 9-year-old twins Gustave and John,” states People.com.

Phillips is a real estate investor. Julie is another one known to share her life and adventures over on social media. So if you are interested in keeping up with her, you can follow her @itsjuliebowen. Despite a rocky separation and divorce, Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips do seem to be getting the hang of the co-parenting thing.

9 Scarlett Johansson


After being married to fellow celebrity Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011, Scarlett Johansson married Romain Dauriac in 2014. Dauriac and Johansson share one child together, daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac.

Romain Dauriac is a journalist. He claimed to have been blindsided by the divorce and the duo had a dramatic custody battle that ended civilly with a joint custody agreement. Johansson started dating comedian Colin Jost soon after the divorce and the duo is still together.

Johansson has made it clear that throughout the divorce and her new relationship, her daughter, Rose, will always come first. Dauriac himself has recently made headlines for stepping out with a new girlfriend.

8 Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana is married to an artist, and an Italian one at that. Zoe Saldana married Marco Perego in 2013. The couple now has three children together; 4-year old twin boys Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio and another son, 1-year old Zen. And the family of five seems to be happier than ever, as spotted when Zoe received her star on the Walk of Fame.

“'You are my everything,' The Avengers: Infinity War star told her family during the ceremony. 'Every day you remind me to appreciate life’s journey. You keep me grounded. And you help me slow down when I need to take in a moment,'” shared USAToday.com

7 Lisa Kudrow


On May 27, 1995, Kudrow married Michel Stern, a French advertising executive. They have one son, Julian Murray Stern, who was born on May 7, 1998. Kudrow's pregnancy was written into Friends (season 4), with her character Phoebe having triplets as a surrogate mother for her brother Frank and his wife Alice because they were not able to have children,” writes Wikipedia.com on the personal life of the Friends star.

The couple’s son, Julian, is now 20 years old and the couple remains happily married. Kudrow also keeps an up-to-date social media account.  So, if you’re curious about what she is up to these days, you can follow her @lisakudrow.

6 Alison Sweeney


Alison Sweeney married a family friend, someone she had known since her childhood. Her husband David Sanov is a highway patrol officer. Alison and David have two children together. They have a 13-year old son, Benjamin and a 9-year old daughter, Megan.

Alison has a very up to date social media account where she showcases family photos, pets, holidays, cooking, her Hallmark family and even a highlight reel where she answers fan questions. And speaking of Hallmark, Sweeney has a new show that will be featured soon. "The Chronicle Mysteries" will debut on the Hallmark channel on February 17th.

5 Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore has been married three times in the past. Her most recent marriage was to Will Kopelman, who is an art director. The couple wed in June of 2012.

Barrymore and Kopelman have two daughters: Olive Barrymore Kopelman (born 2012) and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman (born 2014). On April 2, 2016, Barrymore and Kopelman released a statement confirming they had separated and intended to divorce. On July 15, 2016, Barrymore officially filed for divorce, which was finalized on August 3, 2016,” states Wikipedia.com.

And when it comes to raising her daughters, Barrymore is setting them up to make sure they have a positive outlook on their future careers. “'Work is the road to your dreams,' she adds. 'And they’re gonna need to know that, and they’re gonna wanna do something in the world themselves, and so I try to position it as the road to your dreams,'” said Barrymore in an interview with People.com.

4 Elizabeth Banks


Banks met her husband, Max Handelman, a sportswriter and producer from Portland, Oregon,on her first day of college on September 6, 1992. They were married in 2003. The couple have two sons. She and her husband had their first child, Felix, who was born through a surrogate in March 2011 In November 2012, Banks announced the birth of another son, Magnus Mitchell, also by a surrogate,” writes Wikipedia.com.

The couple's sons are one year apart, at 7 and 6 years old. Elizabeth Banks, like many others featured on this list, also keeps a very up-to-date social media account @elizabethbanks, though you will find mostly work-related updates!

3 Marcia Cross


“Marcia met her stockbroker husband in a flower shop when she noticed him from across the room, and slipped the florist her number to give to Tom. They've been married since 2006 and have two children together,” shares FirstForWomen.com.

And what a Hallmark movie moment that is! Cross gave birth to fraternal twin daughters in 2007, making the girls currently 11-years old. The girls are named Eden Mahoney and Savannah Mahoney. When her twins were just a few years old, Cross shared in an interview with Access Hollywood that motherhood made her become the ‘happiest creature on the planet!’

2 Stacy Keibler


After a relationship with George Clooney, this actress ended up marrying Jared Pobre, a CEO.

“Keibler began dating Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre in fall 2013, though they had been friends for several years previously. They were married on March 8, 2014 in Mexico. They have one daughter, Ava Grace Pobre, born on August 20, 2014, and one son, Bodhi Brooks, born on June 18, 2018,” states Wikipedia.com.

Her social media account @stacykeibler bio boasts the following, “Wife. Mother. Lover of all things holistic health and wellness.” She does post lots of updates on her kids, family and career on the account if you’re interested in what she is up to these days.

1 Jessica Chastain


Despite significant media attention, Chastain remains guarded about her personal life and chooses not to attend red carpet events with a partner. She considers herself to be a 'shy' person, and in 2011 said that she enjoys domestic routines like dog-walking and playing the ukulele, rather than partying,” writes Wikipedia.com.

She might try and stay out of media attention but of course, it finds her. Chastain has been married to Gian Luca Passi de Proposula since 2017. The couple reportedly have a daughter together born via surrogate late last year. The news was never confirmed until prior to the Golden Globes earlier this week when Chastain took to her social media accounts to share a photo of her daughter’s tiny fingers reaching for her ruby ring.

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