19 Fruity Names For Sweet Babies

With summer finally here and so many pregnant moms giving birth, it's only fitting to put together a list of the trendiest fruity baby names! Mamas these days are opting for out-of-the-box names for their sweet peas, and that's where these adorable fruity names come into play. Thanks to recent trends in baby names, moms are all about the meaning of the name and what it represents versus a common, easy to pronounce name that their child will probably end up sharing with three other classmates in school. Inspired by fruit, these names are fresh, summery, and give little ones a completely unique moniker to carry through life. Every mom wants to give the 'Apple' of their eye a beautiful name. These names make us want to be pregnant all over again just so we can use these sweet baby names with how adorable they are. Even the nicknames have us fangirl-ing over them! Some of the names surprised us with their hidden relationship to fruit.

It's totally possible that some of these names were probably inspired by some pregnancy cravings, but we are loving them. Read on to see our 25 choices for fruity baby names for sweet babies...

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19 Clementine

Clementine: mild, merciful

This sweet baby girl name is rising in popularity for millennial moms, and is the feminine version of the Latin baby boy name Clement. Clementines are a fruit that is basically a mix of a sweet orange and and a mandarin orange. We are loving this vintage re-addition to the baby name charts as a fresh and charming little girls' name.

This is a great choice for the mom that had cravings for this sweet fruit during her pregnancy! A cute nickname for Clementine would be Clemmie.

18 Huckleberry

Huckleberry: slang for 'humble'

This fruity sounding name is great for the Mark Twain fan! A few celebs have adopted this name for their little dudes, and we can totally see why! This little boy's name is derived from the 19th century slang for 'humble'. With an even more adorable nickname of Huck for Huckleberry, we are loving this literary baby name. We're guessing if this little guy gets a little brother in the future, his name will be either Finn, Tom or Sawyer.

17 Guava

Via Instagram: kimberlynoelhildebrand

Guava: name of the Guava fruit

This colorful fruit, known for being rich in Vitamin C and fighting colds and illness, is gaining some slow momentum on the baby name charts! It is a gorgeous soft green color on the outside, and a beautiful rosy pink color on the inside. Modern mamas aren't shying away form unusual names anymore, and are choosing some out-of-the-box monikers for their little ones. Guava is great for the little girl with parents who are obsessed with fruit and are wanting something other than Jessica or Cadence on their baby's birth certificate!

Ava would make a great nickname for Guava.

16 Anjou (pear)

Via Pinterest: ohdeerhoney

Anjou: sweet and juicy pear

This unique but darling name comes from the name of a sweet and juicy pear originating in Belgium. We could see this name being used for either a boy or a girl, depending on how open minded mom and dad are! This name evokes a sweet natured personality, and is still rare enough to be used without fear that your sister-in-law will choose the same name ;).

Angie/Anjie is a great nickname for this sure-to-please little girl or boy's name.

15 Mirabelle (plum)

Via Pinterest: jacksonsell1679

Mirabelle: marvelous; French plum

A name like Mirabelle, with a dual meaning of marvelous and French plum, is certainly on of our faves. It rolls off the tongue with grace and elegance, and holds the possibility of many adorable nicknames for a little girl! Mirabelle is the perfect mix for parents who want a nature-themed, yet adorable moniker for their princess, but don't want to settle for the wildly popular and already loved-by-many names of Isabelle and Annabelle.

Possible nicknames: Mira, Belle, and Miri

14 Olive

Olive: olive tree

We are head over heels for this baby name! A trendy alternative to the chic name of Olivia, Olive is a fresh and fruity name for little girls that even celebs are putting on their baby's nursery walls. Meaning olive tree, Olive evokes an accepting and peaceful attitude for your little sweet pea (er, olive...). It was also the name of Popeye's (of Popeye The Sailor Man cartoon) love interest, Olive Oyl.

An adorable nickname for Olive is Ollie/Olly, although Olive is already a very short name.

13 Persimmon

Persimmon: sweet amber orange colored fruit resembling a tomato that grows on trees and is native to China

Persimmon is still considered a very rare name, with not yet having scratched the surface of the top 1000 baby names yet, but moms everywhere are opting for it! With a sweet nickname of Perri, we are coming around to it as well. If you are a fan of Persimmon, then this sweet and fruity baby name might just be for you, if you can get your partner on board with a really nice middle name to go along with it.

12 Physalis

Via pinterest: swatisinghee

Physalis: aka Cape Gooseberry (part of the nightshade family), tangy orange berries surrounded by lantern-shaped husk that are popular in salads.

These sweet and tangy orange berries have prompted some parents to name their daughters after it, probably because it is one of their favorite berries! It takes the Physalis plant 8 months to grow its berries, and it takes a human mother 9 months to grow a baby, so it's kind of fitting for a little one, right?

We aren't sure on the nickname varieties for this pretty rare name yet, but perhaps Phys or Goose (for gooseberry) would make a comedic addition...

11 Quince

Via pinterest: carleetyler

Quince: apple-like fruit (pronounced 'kwins')

You might already be familiar with the word 'Quince' if you took Spanish class in high school, but this word isn't just the Spanish word for the number fifteen, Quince is also a gender-neutral name that comes from a fruit. Although, the quince fruit is pronounced differently, as 'kwins'.

The quince fruit resembles an apple or pear, but is actually very sour until it's been cooked. While the taste might be sour, the sound is very sweet, and perfect for boys or girls.

10 Victoria

Via StyleMePretty.com

Victoria: victory; English plum

Are you a fan of large, sweet plums? The baby girl name Victoria, meaning victory, is also a name for a type of plum used in desserts and is very sweet! This name rests comfortably in the top 20 U.S. baby girl names for ore than a decade, and is wildly popular, so chances are that you've probably met a Victoria in your lifetime.

Nicknames for Victoria include: Vic, Vicky, and Tori. And, of course, Plum.

9 Gala

Gala: calm, healer

This beautiful Russian-originating name, a form of the Greek name Galen, is also the name of a type of apple you can find in your grocery store. It means calm, or healer. It also means 'milk' in Greek. Many pregnant friends of ours have had cravings for fresh, crisp apples during their pregnancy, which might be a reason this name is gaining momentum on the baby name charts! We love that this name has been around for thousands of years, but is just now getting some recognition.

Gala can also be spelled Gaila.

8 Maize

Via ParkerAndCoBaby.com

Maize: bitter; another name for corn

This sweet up and coming baby name is great for both boys and girls, and is another name for corn and carries the meaning of bitter. A shorter form of the name Maisy (also spelled Maizy), this name has an old fashioned feel that mamas all over the U.S. are falling in love with. It is more commonly used for a girl's name rather than a boy's name.

A cute nickname for Maize would be May (and how cute is that?!)

7 Peaches

Via Pinterest: leah_bush

Peaches: peaches

Here's another food name we are kind of feeling! Perhaps it's the recent popularity of Instagram moms posting photos of their sweet-cheeked baby's bottom covered with a peach that has the modern mom considering this sweet name. Usually reserved as a nickname or stage name for past silent movie stars and other celebs, Peaches is rising on the baby name charts as we speak as a hip food name choice.

A nickname possibility for Peaches (although the name itself is already considered to be a nickname) would probably be Peach or Pea.

6 Apple

Apple: apple

Straight from the kitchen to the birth certificate, we're loving Apple for a baby name. Once considered to be a ridiculous name ten years ago, baby girl name Apple has gained some serious popularity after one actress chose it for her daughter, and really launched the beginning of odd, yet hip food names for babies. Apple is, for the moment, considered to be a girl's name, but we could certainly see it being used for boys in the near future as well.

5 Juniper

Via Instagram: kaleymunday

Juniper: small evergreen shrub

Okay, trend alert! Baby name Juniper has us head over heels as a fresh nature-themed moniker for both boys and girls (although it is more commonly used for girls thank to the 1969 song 'Jennifer Juniper' by Donovan). The juniper bush's berries are used to flavor gin, and its scent is mimicked in a lot of scented lotions and soaps. Juniper seems to be a safer and more practical baby name choice for moms wanting something less rare or radical.

Nicknames for Juniper include June or Junie.

4 Lychee

Lychee: fruit from the soapberry family

This very unique fruit baby name is slowly winning over moms and dads. The lychee is a fruit resembling a large raspberry that grows on a tall evergreen tree, and has a sweet taste. Fans of this red soapberry fruit will love that it's found its way onto baby girl birth certificates, and it is still pretty rare having barely scratched the surface of baby name ranking.

A nickname for Lychee would probably be Chee.

3 Citron

Via Blugraphy.com

Citron: lemon

This rising baby name Citron, meaning lemon and of French origin, is the perfect little girl's name for the parents who love citrus! It is This trendy baby name evokes a glowing, sunshiny, positive feel for a baby girl that mom and dad are sure to go for.

P.S. We totally think a little boy could pull off this citrusy name in the future as well, giving him a little edge.

Adorable nicknames for Citron include Ronnie, Lemon and Lemony.

2 Lemon

Lemon: lemon fruit

We are totally surprised to see so many parents opting for this food name, but we can totally see why some parents are choosing Lemon for their little girl's moniker. Unique, and likely more socially acceptable than its counterpart Citron, this citrus-themed name is much like our previously mentioned fruity baby names of Apple and Peaches, but with a modern and edgy twist. It's the perfect name for a summer-born little girl!

Cute nicknames for lemon could be Lemmy or Lemony.

1 Crispin

Via ModernHepburn.Tumblr.com

Crispin: curly-haired

Crispin, resembling the word crisp, has us envisioning a crisp, fresh apple. It actually means curly-haired, and is of Latin origin. Harry Potter fans probably recognize this name as one of J.K. Rowling's beloved characters. Crispin is a refreshing and modern baby boys name with much historical significance (including a Shakespearean play and speech based on St. Crispin's Day). This little boy's name is slowly but surely winning over parents with its refreshing feel.

A possible nickname for Crispin would probably be Crisp.

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