19 Most Hilarious Texts Parents Have Sent (And Later Regretted)

Parents embarrass kids, that is their job. Our parents surely made us want to hide in a corner, and once we become parents, it is our turn to make our kids say, stop it mom! Only nowadays, texting has taken embarrassment to an entirely new level.

Whether on purpose or by accident, parents have sent texts that make us all cringe. No matter what your age, when your mom or dad says, or in this case, texts, something inappropriate you are likely grossed out, totally horrified, start laughing out loud, or all of the above!

With auto correct and accidentally texting the wrong person, texting can often take a hilariously inappropriate turn. And when parents are involved, that just takes the cake! Parents may be embarrassed, the kids are rolling around in laughter, horror, or both, and the worst part, it will probably happen again!

Parents can be so guilty of texting errors and texting things they should not text AT ALL, that the rest of us really have to laugh. Read on for some super hilarious inappropriate texts that parents have sent, and try to not be horrified and laugh at the same time! And be careful when you text next time!

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19 Watch For The Comebacks

This dad wants to be cool no matter what. So here he is texting his son like crazy, and definitely not acting his age! He is trying to be “hip” as he puts it (yes, we know, who says hip anymore!), only to get a funny yet true reply from his kid (who kind of seems used to the way his dad is, doesn’t it seem?!

But who got the last laugh?? This dad’s kid was hilarious when he replied about the difference between hip and hip, which made us laugh! But dad did not care for that, and gave a quick reply that is funny, but also sad! But, it is clear it is in all good fun, no matter how inappropriate it all was (and hilarious, too!).

18 And The Truth Comes Out

This is definitely a hilariously inappropriate text exchange! We have a simple question asked about what is needed from the store, and then a possibly serious yet possibly not so serious ask for condoms (we cannot tell from the text whether this was a joke or not!). However, the general exchange seems normal, until dad took it to an entirely new level, and one that was perhaps unexpected!

However, dad got the ultimate comeback, don’t you think?! Why it seems mean spirited, we can tell it is in all good fun. Just a father making his kid feel bad about his looks! Well, in a just kidding, funny, hilarious, and totally inappropriate way! We laughed out loud to this, and bet both dad and son got a good laugh out of it in the end, too!

17 Aw, How Sweet

This father and kid have a fun kind of relationship, can’t you just tell?! While the exchange may seem a little cruel or mean, and even borders on inappropriate, it is obvious they are both enjoying their little back and forth texting match in all good fun!

We all are a little guilty of playing the favorite kid game, whether we did at as a kid, as a parent now, or both! What makes this text so funny is that the child states about being the least favorite, and then dad has a great, and hilarious, comeback about how all his children are disliked equally! And then the kid responds with a text that ends it on a perfect note. They both know the entire conversation is in good fun. So funny!

16 Well, That Is Quite The Oopsie

Auto correct gets the better of a lot of us, and for parents, it can create a seriously embarrassing moment, for both the parent who sent the text unknowingly and the kid at the receiving end of the inappropriate text! Auto correct can make anyone cringe at the changes that occur. Why does that happen, anyway?!

Take this funny text conversation, for example. The simple word Vicks changed into something much, much different than the medicine this mom was really talking about! It changed the word so that we laugh ourselves silly, and this daughter was probably laughing too, but also cringing inside! Don’t you wonder though, if the kid ended up telling her dad about this hilariously inappropriate text that mom clearly did not want her husband to know about?!

15 Excuse Me While I Go Cry

It is always a great feeling to see a text message pop up on your phone. You quickly wonder who it could be from as you grab your phone for a look. As fast as you felt happy, you feel sad, confused, and have a chuckle growing in your belly that erupts as a crazy amount of laughter!

That is likely the scenario that occurred with this hilariously inappropriate text! We cringe at reading a text from Mom, which says that she wishes her child was never born. How horrible is that?! It couldn’t have come out of nowhere right?! It must be a joke. Right? It must be! Either there is a mother out there who is really, really angry at her kid, or there is a mother out there with a hilariously inappropriate sense of humor, and a kid who enjoys that!

14 Why, Dad, WHY?!!

Here is a child who is likely scarred for life! This hilariously inappropriate text exchange between a father and child is definitely not a normal one. We laugh out loud but inside we are also horrified. Here, the poor kid thinks his dad made a horrible typo and blames auto correct. Only problem, dad meant every, single word. Even when his kid questions the fact that it must, indeed, be an auto-correct mistake, dad confirms that it was no error whatsoever!

There are a few unanswered questions in this text. Does the dad mean it for his child to not come home?! Is that the real plan, or is this just a joke on the part of a dad who is clearly inappropriate?! We may never know the answers, but either way, it sure is funny!

13 Things Need To Get Clean

This poor, clueless mom! Auto correct traumatized both her and her kid! First, she sends a funny, joking text saying she is divorcing the dad, and the kid has no idea why, but based on her response, this is not the first time mom has threatened to divorce her husband in a lighthearted, yet inappropriate, way!

Only problem is, mom wanted to complain that her dear, sweet, thoughtful husband gave her a Swiffer cleaning product (yes, they are amazing, but not for an anniversary present!). Except, auto correct had a different plan, and changed Swiffer into something else entirely horrifying. Worst part is that mom has no idea what the changed word actually means!! That alone may be the best part of this hilariously inappropriate text!

12 A Mom Can Learn New Tricks

This mom really showed her kid! We often assume our parents know nothing. They have no idea how to text, much less know what a certain scramble of letters actually stands for! However, our parents can often surprise us, and in ways that usually do not make us happy. Instead, we likely cringe and hide in embarrassment.

During this text exchange between child and mother, this mom felt the need to tell her kid to STFU. Now, most of us know what this means, but no way should a MOM know what it means! Which is exactly what her kid thought. Only mom proved him wrong, leaving him utterly speechless! Totally inappropriate but absolutely hilarious. Kids, get ready, your parents will surprise you, don’t assume they just don’t know anything!

11 Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Some of us rely on the man of the house to kill any and all insects or bugs that make their way inside. This daughter did. And she took it upon herself to text her dad when she saw a moth in the house. She probably wanted to use the bathroom, but the moth was in the way, and no way was she going to try to get rid of it (we understand that, we totally do!).

She asks her dad, who is not responding. Until he does respond in the most hilariously inappropriate way ever. Really, this dad needs an award. You would think he would just go to the bathroom, take care of the moth, and continue on, but no, he wanted to have some fun. Did his daughter think it was funny? We bet the moth was laughing!

10  Stating The Obvious

Fathers and sons can have great relationships. However, sometimes the things the boys talk about can take inappropriate turns. And when text messaging is involved, well, forget about it! Things can get quite crazy when a text conversation turns totally inappropriate, and enough to make us laugh out loud!

This father and son duo obviously do a bit of communicating via texting. The son took it upon himself to inform his father of his sexual orientation through text message. Now, we don’t know if it was something dad already knew about, or if it was entirely new information. Either way, dad’s response was epic- and hilariously inappropriate. Best part though, was that the dad’s end response to it all- that he knew all along. No judging, just loving.

9 Both Are True, Actually

How can simple instructions turn totally inappropriate?? With text messaging, of course! That dang auto correct can turn an innocent statement into one that is rated xxx. We have to say, why auto correct, Why???!

When things become inappropriate between mother and son, it can make for quite the awkward situation. Here is a loving mother who just packed her son, Josh, his lunch. What a nice gesture for a mother to do. Clearly, Josh appreciated it. Then, his mom wanted to inform him to not shake his drink, except that awful auto correct got involved… can you imagine your mother writing what Josh’s mom accidentally wrote? We’d all be horrified! Josh laughed it off, but we are sure his mom was mortified! I bet he did not look at his drink in quite the same way after that mix up!

8 And The Truth Comes Out

Sometimes auto correct messes things up to be hilarious, totally inappropriate, but somehow, amazingly realistic! Take this funny text exchange, for example. What began as somewhat of a history lesson, turned into something said that was a bit inappropriate, yet laugh out loud funny because, well, it was kind of accurate!

We all know what happened with Bill Clinton. The fact that this dad wrote squirted instead of acquitted is just so hilariously inappropriate we can’t stop laughing! Clearly, the kid got the joke, whether it was an intended joke or not. And his reaction of writing HAHAHAHAHA is exactly how much laughing we do reading this text message! Wonder if the dad was laughing at his own mix up joke about Bill Clinton too! We bet he was!

7 Too Much Information

Sometimes parents can be over-sharers, meaning they can share way too much information with their children. This is a prime example of just that. This dad has exciting information he feels the need to share with his child (whom we can assume is an adult based on the response). However, the information given is way too inappropriate, especially to say to your kid!

Yet, we gotta laugh out loud at the inappropriateness. It seems this kid’s mom and dad want to get help in the bedroom and did so by using a salt candle, which gave mom quite the steamy dream (which now their child knows about). Except dad does not leave it at that, and gives more information that is totally mortifying to their child! It makes us laugh!

6 Please Just Stop

Why do some parents feel the need to be totally inappropriate with their kids?! Is it that they want to be cool or is it that they like embarrassing their kids, or what could it possibly be?! Sometimes it feels like parents set out on a mission to say things that they should probably never, ever say to their kids.

And these days, texting things are the equivalent to saying them, right? So when this daughter texts her mom about something, the response from mom is just way too inappropriate, yet totally hilarious. And mom does not stop it either! The daughter seems a little put off by what her mom is doing, but just brushes it off, because, well, she’s hungry, and she wants her mom to bring some food home!

5 Where's Dad???

Give parents new technology, like an Iphone, and forget it. They will use it, abuse it, and not even know how to properly use it! This dad is trying to figure out how things work on his new phone, asking his kid for some advice. He plays around with the phone, and even snaps of picture of himself! It sure can be fun to learn how to use a new phone, right?

Except his kid is not amused when he notices that dad just sent him a picture that clearly indicates he is in the bathroom and on the toilet! Dad gets called out on this, but is in no way embarrassed, in fact, it seems like he is proud of himself! Making this text message conversation innocent at first, and then hilariously inappropriate!

4 Moms Can Be So Innocent Sometimes

The best way for a parent to be inappropriate is when they do not even know they are doing it! This sweet mom just wants to send a lovely kiss to her child. So she visits the emojis on her phone and discovers there is an adorable kiss complete with eyes that can watch over her child. How adorable is that?

Except, it’s not adorable, because the emoji this mom chose as a kiss, is in fact, a poop with eyes. We ALL know this, too. But this poor mom is way too innocent to even think something like that exists! We all know better, and now, so does she. But, you can bet that whenever her kid sees the poop emoji, she will be thinking about a kiss (with eyes!)!

3 Was That On Purpose?

This hilariously inappropriate text message is definitely one that makes everyone laugh. It has a bit of a hidden message, can you figure it out? Clearly, the child knows exactly what his parent meant, whether it was intended or not (and that, we may never know!).

When parents are inappropriate, and it involves text messaging, it can really get real funny. Something about texts being in writing, and coming from a mom or dad, can make something tame turn into something totally crazy and completely hilarious! Who knew that something as simple as the fourth of July and fireworks can become something hilariously inappropriate?! But we must say, this parent has some good advice for his son, that is for sure.

2 Does That Mean I Get An A?

What in the world is this mom up to?! Whether she is just trying to be funny or there is some kind of inside joke going on, it is still laugh out loud funny. Maybe his teacher is his dad for all we know, or they have an ongoing joke. We don’t know the back story to this inappropriate text, yet, we still find it funny!

This hilariously inappropriate text is funny because it is so embarrassing for the kid if it's true. Just imagine hearing your phone beep and then you look down and see this text from your MOM!. Totally crazy. Completely funny. Just downright inappropriate on so many levels! We wonder what else mom had to say to her child after she got home from this, ahem, activity!

1 Where Can I Go To Hide?

Oh, our parents. Their goal in life - to embarrass and humiliate us to every extent. Once we think they have done all they can possibly do, they come out with something else entirely. They are ready to shock us and make us crazy, in the most inappropriate ways humanly possible. It is really amazing, actually, at what a parent is capable of doing!

With text messaging, anything that comes to our head we can quickly text to whomever we please, including our unsuspecting children. As this text shows us, a simple, yet highly inappropriate song can have catchy lyrics that really make us think. This mom thought that, and also thought it would be great to share the news with her child, who was so happy, we’re sure of it! Definitely inappropriate, and so hilariously funny!

Sources: BuzzFeed.com

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