19 Most OTT Requests Hollywood Nannies Found In Their Contracts

When it comes to celebrity parents, they need help every now and again to keep their household and their children on track while they balance their celebrity life and jobs. At any given time, they can have an army of make-up artists, hair stylists, personal assistants, wardrobe personnel, and, of course, nannies that help to keep their family life stable and how they like it.

From Kim Kardashian to Angelina Jolie, celebrity nannies are a vital part of the Hollywood lifestyle when there are children involved.

Now, working as a nanny for a celebrity might sound like the most amazing job ever. One gets to be in the presence of the great Queen B herself! How amazing is that? Plus, let’s not forget about the money. One must make a butt-load to take care of a celebrity’s household and care for their child.

Well, don’t get too excited, though. It is not all rainbow and sunshine as many might think. Catering to a celebrity’s every whim can be pretty demanding and there are many celebrity nannies that have found this out the hard way.

>Here are 19 of the most over-the-top rules that nannies had to follow while in the employment of a celebrity.

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19 All Hail Queen Mariah Carey

Lipstick Alley

Mariah Carey is known for her incredible beauty and angelic voice, two key features that help with her fame and fortune. Her voice was even the first thing her twins, Morrocan and Monroe heard when they were born. While in the delivery room, Mariah made sure to have her song "Fantasy" playing in the background as she gave birth to her two little ones.

When it comes to Mariah, many see her as a caring, loving, and sweet-natured woman, but to her nannies, she can be a little conceited.

According to mommyish.com, Mariah makes her nannies constantly praise her on her beauty and talent multiple times throughout the day, as well as bring her children to her bedside every night where they must encourage them to also praise her.

18 Victoria Beckham Nicknames All Her Nannies Jo


Victoria ‘Posh’ Spice Beckham and her husband David Beckham have been married almost 20 years and together the power couple has welcomed Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

According to mommyish.com, ex-nannies of the family have complained that Victoria is known to be very demanding and hard to work with. Nannies in her employment must be qualified seamstresses and able to make a fancy frock at any time, as well as always keeping Harper fashionably dressed. Along with all that, the nannies must also cook, clean, and take the brunt of all the posh tantrums.

That’s not all. In the beginning, Victoria had a nanny that her children were quite fond of whose name was Jo. Ever since Jo left, she has nicknamed all new nannies Jo to help her kids manage the loss.

17 Going Green With Gwyneth Paltrow

ABC News - Go.com

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known actress who likes to live a healthy lifestyle. She restricts herself to a very strict macrobiotic lifestyle, something she also expects her nannies to do also.

According to mommyish.com, Gwyneth, along with her nannies, start their day with a nice almost milk smoothie that includes coconut oil and vanilla mushroom powder. Sounds yummy right?

Almond smoothies and yummy greens are not the only thing Gwyneth and her nannies do for their strict meals. They also must avoid any type of coffee, sugar, wheat, dairy, and adult beverages.

Don’t worry though. Her children, Apple and Moses, do not follow their mother’s strict eating styles all the time. They are allowed an occasional treat now and again to break away from the constant kale and other greens.

16 All Forms Of Affection Are For Halle Berry Only


Halle Berry is a great and talented beauty who has created two gorgeous children, Nahla Ariela Aubry and Maceo Robert Martinez. When it comes to her children, Halle has nothing but love for them and is a huge mamma bear.

According to mommyish.com, between Halle’s sad childhood and the recent divorce she went through, she is pretty protective of her children. So-much-so, that she has a strict no hugs or kisses policy for her nannies.

That’s right. Nannies employed to take care of her children are not allowed to show any sign of affection to her children while with them.

Maybe she thinks that if they get love from others, they won’t want cuddles with her?

15 Just Call Her Madam Kourtney


When it comes to the Kardashians, they always have a team of personal assistants, makeup artists, hair stylists and personal bodyguards around them at all times. When it comes to their nannies though, they must go through not only fashion testing, but also rehearsals.

According to mommyish.com, any nanny in the employment of a Kardashian must make sure that their children are always fashionably dressed, are not allowed to ever discipline the children in any way, and are to never, ever question a command they are given.

For those nannies in the employment of Kourtney Kardashian though, they must make sure to always call her "Madam Kourtney," a title she has bestowed on herself and gets offended if her staff does not use it.

14 Kate Gosselin: My Way Or The Highway

NBC Los Angeles

Having one child is a handful to some, having two is even a bigger handful, but eight is something that is hard to imagine. It is no wonder Kate Gosselin uses nannies to help her keep organized and her children on a schedule.

According to mommyish.com, Kate’s nannies aren’t just there to help with the children though. Kate likes her house a certain way, and to keep it the way she likes it, she has created ‘household manuals’ for the nannies in her employment. The nannies must study the manuals and do whatever it says to do in them. For example: how to wash the cutlery a certain way, what times they must wash the drapes, how to take care of the family chickens, and the timetable and instructions for how to take care of her children.

13 No Talking While Working For Charlize Theron


It is common to sometimes talk and joke around with one’s boss now and again, for anyone in Charlize Theron’s employment though, talking or even making eye contact with her while on the job is strictly forbidden.

According to mommyish.com, Charlize likes to keep those in her employment in their ‘right place.’ When it comes to communication for her nannies who watch over her two children, Jackson and August, they must come to her and provide handwritten notes to communicate with her.

The staff aren’t the only ones who do not make eye contact either. Apparently, Charlize refuses to look directly at them also, due to it makes her feel uncomfortable.

12 Chris And Elsa Hemsworth Believe One Can Learn Another Language In Their Sleep

Just Jared

Chris and Elsa Hemsworth once read in a book that if a parent plays a recording of a person talking in a different language while their child sleeps, they will absorb the language.

According to moms.com, ever since they read that piece of information they have made their nannies speak in Spanish for two hours before the children go to bed.

Wonder what they talk about for that long?

On top of that, at the time they had this rule set, their nanny at the time didn’t even know another language. “I didn’t even speak [another language],” she said during an interview. “I used to read from a book and make up funny phrases that made me laugh.”

11 Red Hair Is A Must In Julia Roberts' House


Julia Roberts first shot to stardom in her romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Since she has entered the spotlight, she has been known for two trademark features, her brilliant smile, and her amazing hair.

According to mommyish.com, Julia is the proud mother of three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry. When it comes to parenting, parents typically have a set way on how they want their children raised. Everyone is different in their methods, what one parent does, another parent might disagree on. For Julia Roberts, when it comes to the nannies she hires, they must wear a red wig during nightly tuck-ins. She feels that her children miss her when she is gone so much that seeing the red hair before going to bed will help them feel more secure.

10 No One Shall Disturb His Highness Kanye, And His Wife Kim West

The San Francisco Examiner

When it comes to their sleeping schedules, Kim and Kanye West do not mess around. They have busy schedules after all and require their beauty sleep to keep up with their lavish lifestyle.

According to moms.com, one rule the couple has for their nannies is that they are not allowed to be woken up during the night be either the nanny or their children. If at any time, one of their children find their way to their room, the nannies pay will be immediately cut, which they currently pay their nannies around $2,000 each for the night, but that is only if the children do not bother them.

Those nannies must be doing everything they can to make sure those children stay in their beds.

9 Gwen Stefani And The Manny In Tights


Gwen Stefani has always been a bit unconventional and likes to push the boundaries to see how far she can go and what she can get away with.

According to mommyish.com, when it comes to nannies to help her with her three sons, she prefers to hire ‘mannies’ instead. Why? Well, it might have something to do with the hidden relationship her ex-husband had with their nanny for three years, or maybe because her sons relate to them more. Who knows?

What is known though that those men that take up the role of ‘manny’ must be ready to embrace the superhero lifestyle and dress in super tight costumes. Not just at the house either, they must be willing to go out in public dressed this way.

8 If Angelina Jolie Calls, They Come Running

La Nación

Brad and Angelina have their hands full with their little village. Together, the once dynamic duo, share six children together, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Leon.

According to mommyish.com, when it comes to parenting, Angelina likes to raise her children with a ‘free range’ lifestyle, while Brad is more about the traditional lifestyle of routine, discipline, and responsibility.

To help Angelina with her children, she has hired six nannies, one for each child, whom must always be at the beck and call of herself and her children at all times. The children eat and sleep whenever they want, have no chores or responsibilities, and are encouraged to ‘speak their mind.’

Maybe that is why they aren’t together anymore?

7 No One Can Be Prettier Than Jessica Simpson

OK! Magazine

When it comes to nannies, there are quite a few families who have split-up over the man of the household straying. When it comes to Jessica Simpson, she is taking no chances when it comes to her husband, NFL player Eric Johnson.

According to mommyish.com, Jessica has three children with her current husband, Maxwell, Ace, and her newest edition, little Birdie Mae Johnson, who was born March 2019.

Over recent years, Jessica has struggled with insecurities, but what new mom hasn't been insecure around other women taking care of their children before?

6 Beyonce: Dance For Me, Please!

Marie Claire

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter not only has her own trademark name, but also has her own IG account with over 149k followers, her own fashion line, and even her own wind machine and throne.

That’s right, she owns her very own throne.

According to mommyish.com, any nanny hired to watch over Blue Ivy must produce the wind machine on demand and perform any dance for her amusement any time she wants them to.

Hmm, not only do they have to dance for a child, but they must do it while she sits on her throne. It sounds like she turns them into her own personal jester.

5 Off With Their Head If They Forget Kris Jenner's Broccoli


Although Kris Jenner’s children are all grown and living their own lives, back in the day when they were young and she required nannies to help her take care of them, they had some crazy claims that made the family seem almost not quite right.

According to moms.com, Kris is known to be quite a demanding person when it comes to her staff. One nanny of hers that worked for her in the past talked about a time where she went grocery shopping and forgot to buy broccoli. Kris lost her temper pretty badly and let’s just say, that nanny never forgot to buy broccoli again. Things must always be done Kris’s way, or it’s the boot.

4 Speaking Local Australian Lingo Is A Must

Daily Mail

Nicole has traveled far and wide with all her different movies and because of this, she has homes in LA, Nashville, and even Australia. When it comes to her true home though, Nicole Kidman will always call Australia her one and only true home.

According to mommyish.com, for those employed by her, she always makes sure that they use some of the local Australian lingo while in her company so that she is always reminded of home. The nannies that help raise her two girls are required to wake the family up each morning with a hearty ‘Gday Mate!’ It is a wonder what the girls reply to this good morning with?

3 Madonna: No Man Made Fibers For My Kids


Since Madonna’s two biological children, Lourdes and Rocco, have grown up, Madonna has adopted four new little ones: David, Mercy, and twins Stella and Esther.

According to mommyish.com, Madonna has some pretty strict rules her nannies must all follow when it comes to her children. All her children’s clothes must only contain man-made fibers and be either 100% cotton or 100% wool only. There is absolutely no newspapers, magazines, or television allowed in her house. Not only do the nannies have to find other ways to entertain themselves, but they also have to find creative ways to entertain the children.

Oh, and they are only allowed to drink blessed Kabbalah water.

Maybe a little over the top?

Even Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s ex-husband, once bluntly stated: “Thank God I am out of that place.”

2 Sarah Jessica Parker Is A Penny Pincher

Closer Weekly

Sarah Jessica Parker has been married to her husband, Matthew Broderick, for over 20 years. The pair of three children together, son James and twin daughters Marion and Tabitha.

According to mommyish.com, Sarah comes from a pretty large family that consisted of eight children. It is no wonder Sarah is known to be such a penny pincher. Nannies that have worked for the starlet in the past have claimed that Sarah has some pretty strict rules in her house, some including: how much dish soap one uses to wash dishes, making sure the shampoo and conditioner bottles are refilled every day with a pre-measured amount, and they must sing "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" to the girls every night before bed. No other lullaby is allowed.

1 Having To Wear Negative Expelling Eye Jewelry


Philippa Christian has some crazy requests in her many years as a nanny to the stars. Some including having to run diamond baths, having to take children to school instead of the parent, or having a curfew where she had to be home by 10pm, and even not being allowed to leave the gated community.

According to dailymail.co.uk, one request in particular that trumped all those was when she had to wear a certain style of necklaces and bracelets.

“All of the staff had to wear evil eye jewelry, which is gold necklaces and gold bracelets with a little eye on them, to deflect any negative energy and negative spirits from the house and from the children,” Philippa stated about one mystery family that she worked for in the past.

Sources: mommyish.com, moms.com, dailymail.co.uk

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