19 Parenting Pics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Thank goodness for the internet, the one place that can take some of the difficult things in life and turn them into hilarious memes. For whatever reason, it’s much easier to face the day when a mom can relate to a funny picture or comic.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, so it’s great to be able to laugh every now and again. Like when it comes time for the fifth diaper change of the day or when cleaning up toys has taken at least four tries, it’s great to get a smile. When the kids won’t eat the meal in front of them or they throw a full-on tantrum in the grocery store, it’s definitely important to find the humour in it all.

So get ready to smile, laugh and maybe even lol. I’ve rounded up the 20 most hilarious parenting pictures from around the internet that will leave moms speechless. Some parents out there seem to have a way with words and can phrase things in a way that makes things so relatable and hilarious. Every mom needs to laugh and to see that there are other moms out there going through the exact same things.

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19 You Spend More Money On Your Kids Than You Ever Would On Yourself

Before you have kids, you probably wouldn’t have hesitated to buy yourself that new dress or a nice handbag. If you were going to splurge, it would be on yourself. You’d hit the mall and leave with bags of dresses, shirts, pants and shoes all for you. It was easy back then to dress however you chose because you didn’t have to worry about dressing another human.

But once you’re a parent things change. All of a sudden you have to keep another person clothed. But the real kicker? Kids clothes are just so darn cute. You head over to Pinterest or Instagram and you are inundated with adorable onesies, tiny little suits, shoes that can’t possibly be that small and tutus that will make you beyond excited to dress a kid.

Was it ever this fun to dress yourself? Maybe, but who can remember.

So instead, moms put all their extra cash behind the cute outfits they put their kids in and they get by wearing whatever they can find lying around that fits and isn’t covered in spit-up. And why not? It's her money, she works hard for it, she should be able to spend it however she wants. And there's nothing more selfless than giving everything to your child, right?

18 When You’re The Only One That Can Get Things Done

Becoming a mother means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Blogger Jessica James defined motherhood as, “A blessing, a gift, a relationship that never ends and a love that never dies. It’s the best thing I have ever become, the greatest love I have ever felt and the best part about being me.”

It is all those things and so much more. Taking it on a different route, being a mom means being the household go-to gal. Instead of turning to dad, all questions will come to you. You will be the only one who can cut their hot dog in just the right way. Mom is the only one who can properly kiss a boo-boo better. And you will literally be the only one who can find anything when it gets lost.

Even if it is right in front of them, your kids will never be able to find anything. Are they not looking? Do their eyes not work the same as a mom's? Who knows!

It’s one of the many mysteries of parenting that have yet to be studied. Maybe one day there will be an answer, but for now, moms everywhere should expect to be called upon whenever anything is lost.

17 The Realest Kids’ Menu Ever Written

Taking your kids out to eat can be an ordeal. You need a place that your kids won’t be seen as a nuisance. A place that can accommodate a high chair, potentially. And enough snacks and activities to keep the kids entertained while you order and wait for your food to arrive. All the while, you spend time praying that they will behave today and not throw any tantrums for the 1-2 hours you’re out in public,

Once you’ve managed to get all that in place, you then need to worry about what your kids are going to eat. Does the restaurant have a kids’ menu that your kids will order from?

Well, this restaurant’s kids’ menu is a thing of honesty and beauty. From the “I’m Not Hungry” aka plain mac and cheese to the “I Don’t Care” aka a half a turkey or ham sandwich to the “I Don’t Want That” aka mac and cheese with bacon and smoked cheddar cheese. Best of all, every meal is served with a cookie, which means even if they won’t eat their macaroni and cheese, they’ll at least have a healthy, nutritious cookie for dinner.

16 Diaper Changes Are The Russian Roulette Of Parenting

We aren’t all as crazy as Hilary Duff who has been quoted as saying that she loves diaper changes. The rest of us live a little closer to reality. In other words, we get through diaper changes because it’s what we have to do. But we do not take any enjoyment out of it.

In fact, sometimes it can be the bane of a parent’s existence like Channing Tatum. “Changing the baby is an intermission — but our daughter hates getting her diaper changed, so it's almost like a break-dancing battle to get it on her. As soon as you lay her down, she's bridging out of it and doing some jujitsu windmill. It's pretty intense," he said on the Ellen Show.

The worst possible outcome is when you go in for the diaper change only to be faced with mid-diaper change explosion.

That being said, if your kid has never gone number one or number two on you, are you really a parent yet. So buck, grab a handful of baby wipes (and a shower as soon as you can) and remember, you just earned your parenting stripes. Feels good, doesn't it? No, not really.

15 When The Holidays Come Around It’s All Fun And Games

Is there anything more joyful than the holidays with kids? The excitement in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the pure joy you can see right on their faces. It’s a wonderful time of year. And once they start to tear into their gifts on Christmas morning, even within all the chaos, it’s a wonderful feeling to see them believe in magic. As Andy Rooney says, “One of the most glorious messes is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day.”

But not every aspect of Christmas fills every child’s heart with happiness. Case in point, the terrifying mall Santa.

While some kids absolutely love going to visit Santa, to sit on his lap and tell him all the gifts they want for Christmas, others have different feelings on the matter.

Mall Santas and kids who can’t handle him have given us some of the best photos the internet has ever seen. From screaming babies to toddlers trying to escape for their lives to school kids who just don’t seem to trust the man in red.

But what better describes the mall Santa experience than this little boy who is playing it cool as a cucumber as he negotiates the hostage situation he finds himself in. “We taught our baby sign language,” Kerry Spencer captioned the photo. “This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome.”

14 When Dad Loves Adrenaline

Are you slightly on edge when you leave your baby alone with your husband? It’s almost a cliche at this point. The idea of a bumbling dad that doesn’t know how to care for his own kid.

The dad who “babysits” his kids instead of just being a dad. It’s been played out in movies and television shows for years. And lots of internet dads have taken the cliche and ran with it.

They goof on the idea that they have no idea how to manage their own kids and sometimes they even punk their own wives. The jokes are hilarious and often go viral. This dad got a text from his wife to see how things were going while he was alone with his kid. He got the text while in the car, which we can only assume isn’t actually moving, and had a genius idea to make his wife smile.

He popped his kid on his lap, and the kid grabbed the wheel. How he managed to get his kid to make that amazing “ride or die” face we can only imagine. But the outcome is one of the funniest pictures the internet has ever seen.

13 Silver Lining: Tantrums Really Bring Us Together

Have you ever been in the middle of the grocery store or Target when your kid decides for one reason or another to throw a fit? Maybe they didn’t get to put the cereal in the basket or maybe you accidentally took a detour down the toy aisle. Or maybe you simply smiled at them… it really could be anything that sets a toddler off.

But when they get in a tizzy, is there anything better than the mom across the aisle who looks at you with a knowing, understanding look?

It’s the kind of solidarity that lets you know that you aren’t alone in this and that you really are doing your best.

Try to think of tantrums as positive things. I know it can be hard but hear me out. It means that your child feels comfortable expressing their feelings to you, even if those feelings can actually overwhelm them. It also can help tire your kids out and help them concentrate more afterwards. And most importantly, it’s better for your child to get those feelings out than it is to bottle them up.

So next time you see a kid throwing a tantrum in public, be sure to throw your fellow mother a knowing look of understanding.

12 When You Realize Your Kids May Actually Be Invincible

If you’re a parent and you haven’t stepped on a piece of LEGO, can you please tell me your secret? It seems no matter how often it is cleaned up, there are always a few stray pieces lurking about waiting to cause you infinite pain. In her book Sixth Grave on the Edge, author Darynda Jones hit the nail on the head.

“On a scale of one to stepping on a LEGO, how much pain are you in?” she wrote. And were truer words ever written? The feeling can’t even be accurately described with words but most parents wouldn’t wish the pain on their anyone.

So when I came across this photo, I couldn’t quite understand what I was looking at. Is this child some sort of wizard? Is he actually levitating above the LEGOs? Does he feel no pain? Or is he invincible, much like his parents captioned the picture?

I guess you should never underestimate the strength and power of a six-year-old who tired himself out while playing with his LEGOs. And also the power of a kid who has skipped his nap in favour of playing with his favourite toys

11 And That They May Be Smarter Than You Give Them Credit For

There are stages of terror that a parent goes through.

The first comes around when your child starts to walk. Is your home baby-proofed? You start locking up your breakables, put things up on high shelves, and making sure that all your cabinets can’t be opened easily.

Soon after walking comes climbing. From couches to chairs to literally anything they can get themselves upon, as your child starts to explore their surroundings it can be a scary experience for you.

After that comes the logic. They start to use the tools around them to start to get into even more trouble. This photo is something many parents probably hope they won’t ever have to relate to. “I think my 4-year-old son found the Halloween candy I had hidden on top of the fridge,” the caption says. The photo shows two chairs stacked up against the fridge, giving a 4-year-old just enough space to grab the Smarties and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups he just knows are on top of the fridge.

If you’re lucky, your kid will eventually grow out of this stage of life and will start to take more care of themselves. If not, parents get to look forward to years of watching their kid like a hawk.

10 Privacy Is Not An Option

Before you become a parent, you may not realize the small things in your life that really are considered luxuries once kids come along. You might not have time to sit and read a book like before. Date nights become a distant memory that you might be able to manage once every few months.

One of the things that literally feels like next to nothing now, but becomes a serious commodity once you have kids, is using the bathroom alone without any interruptions. As soon as you sit down to go to the bathroom, it’s like you send out a silent siren that only your kids can hear.

“Mom is alone! Mom is having alone time! Find her now!”

Within a few seconds, there’s sure to be a knock on the door if you’ve locked it. And if you haven’t you’re sure to have a guest on your hands.

This meme sums it up perfectly. A tiny little hand manages to worm its way under the bathroom door, reaching out for mom. Why? Probably for some reason that, in reality, can definitely wait, but seems to be of the utmost importance to your little one.

So always remember to lock the door!

9 When The Uninitiated Assume They “Get It”

It’s hard not to become a little bit jaded against your friends who don’t have kids once you’re a parent. They are living a life of freedom while you now have a tiny human that you need to keep alive. And keeping that tiny human alive really is no easy feat.

So when they start to complain about how busy they are and how tired they are, it can be hard to not come back at them with your reality.

Because while they may be busy and tired, odds are you are busier and more tired. It’s just a fact of being a parent.

You have late night feedings, early morning school runs, plus everything else you need to do to keep up with life, which involves a million different tasks that should take way more than 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But unless you want to lose all of your friends, try to keep these thoughts to yourself. Just because you are more tired, doesn’t mean they aren’t tired too. Instead of saying something to them, just share this meme with some of your friends who are parents. You can laugh together and commiserate your loss of sleep without alienating your kidless friends.

8 Like They Really Just Don’t Get It

Those without kids may have opinions that have been informed by their own experiences or thing they have read over the years. But there is no experience that comes close to actually living in the trenches. When gender comes into play, people often have misconceptions about raising kids. It really depends who you ask.

Some people assume that girls are easier to raise because they tend to be quieter. Others think that a boy’s excess energy makes it near impossible to manage.

And don’t even get me started on what happens when boys and girls become teens, that’s a whole other world that every parent gets to "look forward to" down the road. Parenting becomes a completely different game when there are hormonal changes involved, creating moody and confused teenagers.

Every kid is different. Boy or girl, there’s no predicting what a child’s disposition will be. But, this meme is sure to crack up the parents of any boys out there, especially those that always seem to have an abundance of excess energy. With these two boys, I am sure that their parents have never experienced a dull moment. But who knows maybe this picture caught them on a sugar high!

7 When You’re A Parent Of Multiples

If you have multiples, you are probably already familiar with the feeling of seeing more than one heartbeat on an ultrasound. But for the rest of you let me paint you a picture.

You have twin daughters who are about 4 years old. You and your partner decide to try for another kid. Three kids sounds perfect and you can’t wait to grow your family. When you get pregnant and head to the doctor for your first ultrasound, you have the normal butterflies in your stomach, plus a few extra because who knows if you’ll have twins again.

As the ultrasound technician starts the scan, they find a healthy heartbeat. You are over the moon. “Oh, there’s another heartbeat,” they say. And you quickly come to terms with four kids. But soon enough, there is a third heartbeat and a fourth. Quadruplets. Four new babies on the way. In addition to your twins. Woah. That’s a lot to take in.

When the babies arrive, all of sudden you’re family for four becomes a family of eight. What face would you make?

I’m pretty sure I would look something like the dad in this picture. Completely stunned, a little bit terrified and definitely overwhelmed.

6 Parenting Is A Lot Like The Law Of Diminishing Returns

If Instagram has taught me anything it’s that you can be a mom and still look totally out together. Even if you have two or three kids, there is no reason why you can’t have your makeup done, your hair brushed and washed and wear a super fashionable outfit (that sometimes matches your kids) every day of the week.

But if reality has taught me anything, it’s that getting yourself plus one or two or even three kids ready in the morning is no easy feat. In fact, sometimes it’s flat-out impossible. And it only gets harder as you add more kids to the equation.

Because as much as we are told that we should be our own number one priority, that is not often the case. You don’t need makeup on to leave the house, but you do need to make sure your kids are dressed.

Having perfectly coiffed hair isn’t a prerequisite for starting your day, but making your kids breakfast certainly is. And wearing perfectly matching outfits isn’t going to get you through your day any easier, but having a properly stocked diaper bag might. A mom's perfect looks and put-together outfit won't save her when the baby's acting up and needs to be changed.

5 Kids Really Are Angels

Getting a good picture of your kids can be a trying task. Getting them to hold still, not make a silly face and actually turn towards the camera involves a herculean effort.

More often than not, you end up with dozens of terrible pictures with one or two gems you can share with the world or put on a holiday card.

But even when they are making strange faces or doing incomprehensible things, kids still look adorable in their silly pictures. Take the above photo for example. Her parents got her into an adorable outfit complete with a sweet headband and little cardigan. They brought her to a great location with green grass, flowers and lovely trees. And it looks like they had a professional or semi-professional photographer on hand to capture the beautiful image.

So what does this little angel do? She decides it is time for a snack. And what does she feel like eating? The nearest tree of course! And man oh man, she really looks like she is enjoying her snack. It makes you wonder if she might be on to something: maybe trees are actually delicious! But that's a completely different conversation.

4 Family Activities Are The Best Way To Bond

The idea of baking or cooking with your kids is nothing short of perfection. You and your kids in a huge kitchen with adorable matching aprons on, working on a big bowl of cookie dough. A little flour on your daughter’s cheek and big smiles on everyone’s faces.

The reality may be a little bit different than that. Think a messy kitchen, kids fighting over the egg beaters and yes even a few pieces of eggshell in your cookie dough.

Still, spending time as a family is super fun and getting into the kitchen with your kids can be so rewarding.

As world-renowned cooked Jamie Oliver wrote in a piece for Huffington Post, “Cooking together is such a joy (OK, it's messy but you've just got to embrace that before you start - the results are worth it) and it's also one of the main reasons why some children have a wider variety of foods in their diets. If kids are involved in growing and cooking food, then they're far more likely to eat it.”

So don’t let the egg shells scare you off. Get you and your kids in the kitchen and start cooking up a storm!

3 You Didn’t Like Homework When It Was Your Own

I have a big fear. My child comes home from school. They have a look of fear in their eyes. From their bag, they pull out the one thing I have been dreading since Grade 12—their math homework. I barely understood math when I was taking it, so I know I am not going to be much help to my kids once they are wondering how to balance fractions and solve for x.

I don’t think I am alone in this fear. Every year kids seem to get more homework and it always gets more difficult. Maybe we should all go the way of Walt Disney, Richard Branson or Frank Lloyd Wright. They were all super successful, creative entrepreneurs who didn’t excel at school.

While that isn’t really a choice for most of us, instead it’s all about finding ways to help your kids with their homework without actually doing the work for them. “The purpose of homework is to help kids become independent learners,” says Cathy Vatterott, Ph.D., professor of education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Set up a routine for your kids, be there to help them along the way but don’t correct their work for them and make sure you keep in touch with your kids’ teachers.

And remember, you already went through this. It’s not on you to complete their homework, math or otherwise!

2 Weekends Will Never Look The Same

Ah, weekends. The work week is over, it’s time to let your hair down, relax, maybe even sleep in and enjoy the time away from the office right? Well, do you have kids? If you do, I am sorry to say that you most likely can kiss your idea of what a weekend is goodbye.

You are going to be up early, making breakfast and spending the weekend driving your kids to and from activities and birthday parties.

Blogger Meredith Gordon hit the nail on the head when she wrote about being a new mom and learning to survive weekends.

“As a new parent, everyone else seems so happy all the time. I take my kids to the park on the weekend, and the place is filled with parents who seem anxious to spend their whole day there. Me? Ten minutes in I'm checking my watch wondering how long until I can do something I want to do, like anything but watching my kid play. At lunch, while my kid makes a weapon of the salt and pepper shakers, other parents within earshot can be seen looking into their kids' eyes, saying, ‘I just love the time together.’ By Sunday afternoon, I'm counting the minutes until Monday morning, when I can get back to work and relax.”

So here’s to Sunday afternoons, the Friday afternoon of the parenting world.

1 When They Drop A Curse In Public

Oh goodness, kids really do say the darndest things! But they also tend to say some things that you probably wish they would not say, especially in public. From honest explanations of those they see around them to dropping an impromptu curse word, you just never know what you’re getting into with kids.

The bigger problem is when your kid misbehaves and you need to discipline them but all you can manage to do is stifle your laughter.

Bad Mom actress Kathryn Hahn, 43, opened up to People Magazine at the Alliance of Moms Presents Raising Baby even in Los Angeles about the first time her 7-year-old daughter Mae said her first swear word.

“Oh my God. My daughter said her first proper swear word. That was a milestone in our house. It was not a good one, but it was used correctly,” she says. “It was used as an adverb and there was a big old ‘ing’ on the end. Okay, alright,” Hahn thought. “At least it’s grammatically correct,” she joked.

At least Hahn was able to find a silver lining in the whole situation. Is anyone else dying to know exactly what word Mae used? I have a few guesses...

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