19 Parents Who Think Their Kids Need Help

Some kids have imaginary friends. Sometimes imaginary friends make kids do things they would otherwise choose not to. And some kids see their imaginary friends well into adolescence.

Kids are lovely, and their imagination can take them to places full of dreams, chocolate, and love. However, some kids may be more unusual than others, and that may be a sign of a mental illness. While the stigma around mental illnesses is devastating, identifying a problem can only help your child and the whole family.

Screening is paramount for kids who cannot communicate their own fears and worries.

There are many mental conditions kids can suffer from. From anxiety disorders to psychosis, the list goes on and on. Other common problems are social phobia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), eating disorders, depression, and schizophrenia. Note that schizophrenia often appears in the late teens.

Difficulties concentrating, isolation, aggression, intense fear, insomnia, among others can indicate a mental illness. In fact, substance use in kids is often a way to cope with such problems and symptoms. So again, screening is vital.

However, sometimes labeling people only does further damage, and parents may exaggerate.

Where’s the truth about mental health? Read some of these confessions of parents who think their kids are insane.

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19 Creepy Nights

Do you have a night phobia? Can you hear the monster under your bed? The mom who shared this Whisper confession finds her stepson insane. While his behavior can be a warning sign, for young children, talking out loud is completely normal. Children have a wide imagination, so talking out loud and imagining animals is quite normal. On top of that, some children can be affected by the divorce of their parents.

What’s more, sleepwalking is a common phenomenon. Somnambulism is defined as a behavior disorder which is common in children. Statistics show that one in five children sleepwalk. Note that sleepwalking can occur as a result of sleep deprivation. We should admit that seeing your child sleepwalk is scary. However, if you see a member of your family sleepwalk, try not to wake them up as this will be an unpleasant experience for them. Well, make sure your home is always kid-friendly, with or without a sleepwalker.

18 Four Past Midnight

Do you wake up at night? At 4? Four Past Midnight is a collection of short stories by Stephen King. But maybe some horror stories are real! It’s believed that between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning the veil that separates our world from the supernatural one is thin, and many evil forces may try to harm people.

However, many people talk to themselves. It’s a form of healthy communication, and in fact, psychologists reveal that most of the time we all talk silently to ourselves. Such inner talk helps people organize their thoughts and understand their emotions. Talking out loud is a form of this inner talk. In children that can’t control their motor and language skills completely, talking out loud helps them understand the world better. So, the mom who shared this Whisper confession shouldn’t worry so much, especially if that happened only once.

17 Does She?

Parents do worry about their kids, which is more than normal. However, this confession shows that sometimes parents worry too much. Labeling people can lead to many prejudices and emotional problems. When it comes to autism, people should understand that this condition refers to a broad range of behaviors. The autism spectrum disorder varies between different social skills and behaviors.

Experts say that warning signs may appear between 2 and 3, even as early as 18 months. For instance, if children under 1 do not smile or use gestures, this may indicate autism. Responding to names is also an important indicator. Note that 1 in 68 children have autism. To be more precise, figures show that 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls may be diagnosed as autistic.

16 These Thoughts Are Not Okay

This Whisper confession is really disturbing. This father clearly understands that being suicidal at 8 is not right, while the mother ignores the problem. Psychologists say that talking about loss and self-harm with kids should not make people feel weird. In fact, it can be helpful. Talking can decrease suicidal thoughts. When a parent is unsure, they can simply ask to make sure they know how their child copes with life.

Recognizing the signs is crucial. Often depressed or suicidal people send a cry for help. It’s alarming that more than 123 people take their own lives worldwide every single day. There are many triggers, from social anxiety to family problems, that can make kids depressed. On top of that, there are many ways to follow through. That’s why talking and medical help can save lives.

15 Dear Charlie

It’s not only parents who can sense that there’s something wrong and insane within the family. Siblings often become a buffer between the family harmony and the sad consequences of a mental illness. Often, in cases when parents have a favorite kid, the rest can feel excluded and emotionally damaged.

This confession is really dark. While kids have a wild imagination, there are some warning signs that should never be ignored. Having an imaginary friend is normal for kids. It can help them socialize and learn to control themselves. However, when kids start believing that their imaginary friend is real and present, things can get out of control. They can become violent and their imaginary friend can become their excuse to hurt or insult their own brothers and sisters. In the end, parents should always listen to their kids.

14 Dark Secret

This Whisper confession is heartbreaking. The mom who shared that had kept a dark secret for a long time... because all she ever wanted was to help her daughter enjoy life. Unfortunately, mental illness is a taboo and people, including doctors, label clients for life. As a result, the stigma of mental illness makes things worse. From patients to families and caregivers, ill people fear that they’ll become a target of ridicule and prejudice. Often stigma becomes a burden and an obstacle to adequate care. Note that statistics reveal that more than 450 million people around the globe suffer from mental illnesses, so more understanding is needed about the problem.

When it comes to autism, there are various tools that help experts assess behaviors and emotions. There are different variations for adults and kids. However, a multidisciplinary approach is needed to measure all aspects of life.

13 No Idea

While the stigma around mental illnesses is a huge burden to patients, families, and society, people need access to transparent information and care. This confession also shows that - due to social prejudices - this mom didn’t tell her son about his condition. Dealing with a behavioral problem is difficult but not knowing the source of your frustration or difficulties is also hard. Autism can come with some issues, such as ADHD, phobias, or even seizures.

As explained earlier, there are multiple questionnaires that can help experts assess autism. A multidisciplinary approach is needed to assess emotional, physical, and cognitive aspects of development. When an autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed later in life, an adequate diagnosis can help people understand their struggles in life and improve their health-related quality of life.

12 The Kid's On Meds

Anxiety is a common problem and many people can’t lead a normal life because of their anxiety. Worries, depressive thoughts, and phobias can stop people from enjoying life. On top of that, social anxiety may lead to isolation and despair. Anxious kids can’t focus, not because they are hyperactive, but because they can’t stop worrying.

Meds can help, for sure. But, unfortunately, even young kids are being medicated for no reason. Pharmaceutical companies often promote new meds and when doctors do not diagnose a child adequately, kids can be prescribed the wrong meds. For example, many kids take meds for ADHD without actually having ADHD. Note that depressants and benzodiazepines might have a negative effect on kids and lead to addiction. In the end, cognitive therapy can be more helpful, especially in mild cases.

11 End It

This is one of the darkest Whisper confessions on our list. As explained above, kids have a crazy imagination and talking out loud can be normal. On top of that, imaginary friends can be of great help. They can help children cope with stress and anxiety. When parents are busy and away, an imaginary friend can make a child smile.

However, if the child thinks that his or her imaginary friend is real, this is a warning sign of a psychological disorder. Aggression in kids is also a sign of a problem. Unfortunately, there are cases of kids harming their own parents or caregivers. While often family instability triggers such acts, mental illnesses can be also catalysts - aggression is real. Let’s hope that Puggy will stay calm and leave this family alone.

10 Cry For Help

It’s really sad to see a loved one struggling with life. This confession shows that the mom wants to help her son who has depression. Depression can occur even in kids under 10. In fact, more than 5% of children suffer from depression. Although people and media overuse words like depression, depression is a serious health problem. Warning signs are eating disorders, low self-esteem, social isolation, guilt, mood changes, insomnia, changes in appearance, harmful thoughts, and medication use. For teens is even more complicated as they go through hormonal changes and social identification.

The bright side of this confession is that the mom asks for help. Actually, if depression is left untreated, the illness can worsen in adulthood and lead to fatal outcomes. Families should not be ashamed to seek help.

9 Fake Mom

Depression leads to many negative outcomes for the individual and the whole of society. It can make people dysfunctional and even unstable. As this confession reveals, sometimes it might occur in all family members at the same time. Often, a tragic loss, an absent parent, low income or family instability may trigger depression. As explained above, professional help is always needed. In this case, family therapy might be a good idea.

The sad part of this Whisper confession is that the daughter accuses her mom of lying. Depression does not always come with crying and each person experiences different symptoms. What’s more, this confession proves that moms are strong and would do almost anything for their loved ones. Sadly, moms also need a shoulder to cry on, but for this mom, there’s only loneliness at night.

8 Hope Is All We Have

This Whisper confession is really sad. These parents think that their daughter might be autistic. While parents need to recognize warning signs, worrying too much is not helpful at all. While parents should trust their intuition, professional help is needed to diagnose autism. It’s a wide spectrum, so all social, cognitive, and emotional aspects of development should be tackled.

Note that each kid is unique. For some autistic children, signs become obvious in the first 24 months. In others, development might be normal and then, they might stop gaining new skills. Note that stats show that one-third of autistic people remain nonverbal. Also, if babies under one don’t smile, maintain eye contact or respond to names, screening is suggested. In the end, all kids need is love.

7 What If?

This Whisper confession is heartbreaking. It’s also about autism. In this case, the child has been already diagnosed as autistic. As the mother says, her little girl can’t talk properly, can’t feed herself or can’t be independent. Some autistic kids need assistance 24/7.

On the other hand, pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are miraculous, so there’s no doubt that all parents, including this caring mom, love their kids. However, when something unexpected happens, it’s a normal phenomenon for people to compare. Unfortunately, it’s not healthy. Comparing kids and making them competitive can lead to emotional and even physiological problems, such as bed-wetting. What’s more, comparing a child’s development can worsen the whole situation. In the end, all kids are unique, and as mentioned above, all they need is love and understanding.

6 Slow Down

This Whisper confession is more than disturbing. Imagine hearing your child talking to someone who does not exist. Or maybe the invisible person is real, but you can’t see them… Are there ghosts and evil forces among us? Look behind you!

With or without them, talking to yourself is a normal process for people, especially kids. Studies show that inner talk helps people organize and plan their lives and actions. Often people feel embarrassed because it looks weird. However, talking out loud is common in children. However, there are psychological disorders that are alarming. For instance, if kids think that the imaginary person who they are talking to is real and present. In adults, hearing voices is a sign of a mental illness. Nevertheless, maybe this kid was just trying to frighten his own mom. Just smile, mom... and he won't hurt you!

5 Insane Mom

Schizophrenia is a serious mental problem. Talking about hearing voices and hallucinating, schizophrenic patients may experience serious issues and some detachment from reality. Often medications are needed to help patients become active members of the community.

Still, this Whisper confession is really surprising. It shows that moms are strong and willing to do anything for their kids. Being a parent and struggling with a mental condition at the same time is hard, that’s for sure. Often, this has an impact on the kids. Kids may perceive themselves as socially inadequate and emotionally damaged. Sometimes kids need to take care of their ill parent. Note that social and family support is crucial and can help kids socialize better. At least, this cool mom manages to juggle, and her kid thinks she’s a really fun mom.

4 Karma Darling

This confession is really sad. First of all, it shows that many people obey stereotypes and prejudices. The stigma of mental illnesses is a burden to the whole of society, and often, it leads to fatal outcomes, such as loss of life. Calling someone stupid or laughing at someone with a physical or mental condition is wrong. As it goes, it’s karma. It always comes back to you. Sad but true.

However, in this case, karma is not so fair. In fact, this woman should not be so cruel because all kids deserve a healthy life. While the autism spectrum disorder has many variations, some children may stay nonverbal or may need assistance in adulthood. Autism is common, so people should stop blaming families, medicine or kids for nature. Kids deserve access to medical health and supportive environment.

3 Are Gays Insane?

This Whisper confession is really sad because it shows that social pressure leads to ignorance and shame. Although homosexuality has been treated as a mental illness, and in many parts of the world is criminalized, homosexuality is a normal part of one's orientation. There are no meds, clinics or prisons that can cure homosexuality – simply because it is not a disease.

This parent should not be ashamed and should stop insisting on psychiatric help. What’s more, there is no link between homosexuality and intelligence. In fact, there are many talented and famous people who are gay. Fortunately, more and more people have started to realize that being a gay or a lesbian is not insane. People’s orientation is so wild that things are never black and white.

In the end, kids need love. And love is not insane.

2 Funny Mistake

This confession is funny and disturbing at the same time. It shows that the kid takes meds for anxiety and depression. As explained above, meds are not the ultimate solution. On the other hand, the father suffers from male function problems. However, meds which are not prescribed adequately can lead to fatal outcomes. For instance, meds for erectile dysfunction can lead to side effects, such as vomiting, upset stomach, and even headaches. In the end, prescribed meds should be stored properly and kept away from kids and pets.

Just to mention an interesting fact: when it comes to potency, stats show that more than a half of all men above 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. Young men can also face such problems, which is often due to anxiety, social pressure or poor experience.

1 It's All Wrong

Body and mind form one harmonic entity. Witnessing self-harm is stressful. In fact, this Whisper confession is more than devastating. Preadolescence is a hard period for every individual, for sure. Hormones, school life, and a changing body... Sometimes stress or depression can cause feelings of detachment. Some transgender people also feel trapped in the wrong body. It’s great that this parent doesn’t find their kid insane and shows support.

However, depersonalization – or when one feels detached from their body – can be another explanation of this self-destructive act. Other mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, is also characterized by dissociative symptoms. As a matter of fact, data shows that more than 2 million people in the US have been diagnosed as bipolar. Still, emotional support and love is the only thing that matters.

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