19 Pics Of Disney Princesses As Mommies

And they lived happily ever after… or did they? We have all seen the Disney Princess movies at least half a dozen times, going on to envision elaborate weddings, complete with a breathtaking ball gown, birds flying around everywhere and our very own Prince Charming at the end of the aisle.

But what about life after the wedding? Each Disney Princess is completely different in her very own way and would definitely handle motherhood in her own special way. One thing is for sure, they would all make amazing mothers and let’s just hope that Disney eventually gives them their own hopefully realistic sequels -- a little less of the princesses cleaning and a little more of stay-at-home-Prince-Charmings, yes?

In these 19 pictures, the different re-imaginations of Disney Princesses as moms is actually spot-on and accurately depicts how they may handle having kids. Having grown up with nearly all of these Disney movies, it’s definitely pretty fun to see them re-imagined in this way, especially since many of them also combine our current worries about car seat safety, public breastfeeding, colicky babies and gender-bending issues. Would Mulan let her daughter play with swords? Would Merida ever have kids? Would Snow White clean and cook everything while her husband enjoyed a nice cold one?

19 Anna - Not Taking 'No' For An Answer

As Olaf described it the best: "Love is putting someone else's needs before yours" and that's also exactly what it means to have kids. It’s easy to imagine Anna as a carefree kind of mom who would rather let her kids learn by playing and building as many snowmen as they might wish. Although there is no clear explanation in the movie as to why Elsa has powers, the general theory is that Elsa may have inherited her powers, a trait that simply skipped Anna.

If that’s the case, then there is a small chance that Anna’s kids may inherit powers as well, which would make Anna’s life as a mom that much more interesting.

Luckily, she would be better equipped with tantrums and her kids trying to run away from home, having gone through it with Elsa before.

18 Jasmine - Whispering Mischief Early

Can't you just imagine Aladdin telling the baby: "Trouble? No way. You're only in trouble if you get caught." Meanwhile, Jasmine would merely stare adoringly while thinking: “And that’s why I married him.” After all, you can take the rat out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the rat! This scenario would have probably have happened during a much-needed babymoon prior to the baby’s arrival.

Jasmine is definitely the kind of mom who would buy her kids the most high-end clothes and toys, while still making sure to instill the value of money. Although she is free-spirited, her short temper wouldn’t be one that her kids would dare to cross. By the time that Jasmine and Aladdin become parents, Rajah would already be a grand-tiger but you can bet your tail that he would protect the kids just as fiercely as he watched over Jasmine.

17 Jasmine - The Carpet Lady

Jasmine might be a daredevil during her adventures with Aladdin, but with her babies, she would definitely be one overprotective mama. If we compare it to the real world, it’s one thing to love to drive a car with the pedal to the metal and it’s a completely different thing entirely to drive with the kids in the back. Something about having your own flesh and blood in the back suddenly makes it that much harder to drive the same way as without the kids in the car. The same undoubtedly goes for joy rides on Aladdin’s magic carpet.

The better question is how dare Jasmine try to get rid of the very carpet that helped her and Aladdin fall in love?! But not to worry, Aladdin would undeniably sneak back into the shop during the night to rescue his trusted sidekick.

16 Ariel - Where Is Chef Louis When You Need Him?

If Ariel your favorite Disney Princess, then you're among the multitude who love Ariel for her spunky personality. But if she is your favorite, did you know she does already have a kid? This detail is particularly unique and intriguing when you consider that she is the only Disney princess to officially have a child. Whereas in the first Little Mermaid film, Ariel longed to walk on earth, in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, it's her daughter Melody who yearns to swim in the ocean despite her parents' strict interdiction.

In this re-imagined fan picture of Ariel as a mom, we see her feeding a baby boy, leading us to imagine that after having Melody, she would have had a little Eric Jr. This pic is particularly hilarious in how accurately it actually depict the reality of trying to feed kids. Where's Max, Eric's dog, when you need him?

15 Ariel - Everyone Has A Naughty Side

Just because you have had kids certainly doesn't mean that your naughty side needs to get shelved! This is definitely one side of the famed Disney princess that we don't ever get to see, but it's also one that is very much in line with the real world. Parents want to have fun too. Sometimes, you just need to either ship the kids off to the grandparents' or hire a babysitter while you hit up some clubs, the kinkiest Valentine's Day party or the taboo naughty but nice shows.

It’s nice to feel like you still got it even if you’re covered in baby puke or are elbow deep cleaning poop off the walls on a daily basis. Plus you don’t even need to actually go anywhere to dress up and have some one-on-one time when the kids are sleeping.

14 Snow White - Not So Happily Ever After

Oups, turns out that Snow White didn't exactly live happily ever after. It’s just one possible interpretation as to how Snow White’s life may have got post-marriage to Prince Charming, but it’s one that we are totally inclined to believe. Fact of the matter is that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released as far back as 1937 – nearly 100 years ago! Back then, the stereotypical roles were still very much in effect and it definitely wouldn’t have been unheard of from the husband to kick his feet up on a stool, while the wife looked after the kids, as well as cleaned and cooked everything all day long. This representation of Snow White also plays on the more motherly role that she takes on in her film when she cooks and cleans for the dwarfs.

13 Rapunzel - Not Bossy, Just Has Better Judgment

This representation of Rapunzel and Flynn as parents is hands down one of the most unsurprising given Flynn’s explanation at the end of Tangled that: “After years, and years of asking, [he] finally said yes.” The way that Rapunzel pretty much wears the pants during the entire movie also shows that she would probably be at the head of any parenting decision or initiative.

As parents, all of their conversations would probably go a little something like:

Rapunzel: I’ve read about it a lot and I think we should vaccinate.

Flynn: Sure, anything you say honey.

Rapunzel: And from now on you are changing all the diapers…

Flynn: Sure, any—WAIT, what?!

As a mom though, Rapunzel wouldn’t be the kind to stay home all day, choosing instead to go hiking and camping as soon as possible.

12 Pocahontas - Staying True To Her Roots

For those who may not remember the reference, Pocahontas had this very conversation on her first meeting with John Smith, when he famously told her that there is so much that they could teach them as they have "improved the lives of savages all over the world". Evidently, Pocahontas didn't take being called a savage very well, arguing instead that: "If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew".

Still we can’t help but chuckle at this portrayal of Pocahontas as a mom because there is a 99% chance that Pocahontas would totally have a similar conversation with her daughter. Teenagers are notorious rebels and basically do everything opposite from their parents' wishes. Whereas Pocahontas tried to stay true to her roots, her daughter wouldn’t necessarily want to do the same.

11 Belle - Worrying Stockholm Syndrome

The only thing missing in this representation of Belle as a mom is definitely a massive bookcase behind her, but she probably just has a whole portion of the house dedicated to her book collection! Teenagers are hard to manage and given her past imprisonment at the Beast’s house and all of the living furniture she met, it would not be too surprising if she had this reaction. Then again, wouldn’t she know if her own furniture was magical? And let’s not forget that technically, the curse was broken by the end of The Beauty and the Beast, unless she is still suffering from PTSD from the Stockholm Syndrome she developed.

As a mom, Belle can totally be expected to be the kind of mom that might home school and be stern about her house rules.

10 Belle - But Not Afraid To Go Against The Grain

Despite the previous scenario of how the mom life might be for Belle, she still has a bit of an unconventional personality from other Disney princesses. Whereas most Disney princesses fall in love with this Princes almost from the start, her friendship and subsequent relationship with the Beast starts off on a rocky foot. For that reason, we can also expect Belle to be the kind of mom to go against the grain and breastfeeds in public if she so desires. We regularly hear of controversies surrounding public breastfeeding and yet it’s almost sure that Belle would attend any boycotting nurse-in, whether she was actually breastfeeding or not. It’s clear from her movie that she is an outspoken character who doesn’t hesitate to stand up for what she believes in.

9 Tiana - Here Daddy, Diaper Time!

Judging by these two picture, Tiana would totally be the parent who would be back at work, while Prince Naveen would be the stay-at-home dad. The two pictures are actually different depictions as to how life after The Princess and the Frog might be as Prince Naveen holds a toddler girl in the picture on the left, while a baby boy is in his arms on the right.

We’re willing to bet that they had the baby boy first, followed by a more care-free parenting life once they had their little girl. The first kid is nearly always the toughest to parent, so they might have become a bit more carefree by the time the second was born! Still as you will see by the next picture, our money is on Tiana being the one bringing home the bacon or rather, the sweets.

8 Tiana - One Lucky Family

By the end of The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is shown to finally acquire the restaurant of her dreams with her hard-earned money. But something tells us that although she would be a loving and down-to-earth mama, that she simply wouldn’t be able to stay out of the kitchen and we don’t just mean her own one at home. As much as Prince Naveen would be the stay-at-home dad, it’s 99% sure that Tiana would be the parent who would go back to work in a jiffy. The life of a chef is such that they can nearly never stay out of the kitchen or stop thinking about a million and one recipes that they wish to create. On the bright side, she would probably stock the freezer with the most nutritious make-ahead meals and would have the most scrumptious baked good ready for breakfast every morning.

7 Cinderella - Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Both girls and boys love to play dress up and it’s a sure bet that Cinderella’s little tot would be raiding her mom’s closet from the start. How could anyone resist given Cinderelly’s awesome taste in shoes? Since its release in 1950, the animated movie has actually inspired countless of Cinderella heels, many of which are worn by brides on their wedding days every year. Her dresses from the movie would be far too big for her daughter to try on just yet, but maybe one day, they would make their way onto TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New.

This is definitely one of the best representations of Cinderella as a mom, especially since the artist nailed the bow imagery. In the original Cinderella movie, there is always some kind of cleverly placed bow on her dress, whether it’s in the back while she cleans or on the front on her pink dress. In this drawing, there are two bows in Cinderella’s hair, a bow in her daughter’s hair and a bow around the owl’s neck.

6 Cinderella - But Don't You Dare Make A Mess

As a mom though, Cinderella would handle everything like a champ. Morning sickness, long labor, colicky baby… no problem! The years that she spent enduring her stepmother’s and stepsisters’ abuse would have strengthened her and given her the ability to dodge life's worst curve balls with an optimistic smile on her face.

Something also tells us that she would totally always have her hair and make-up on point. Even if it’s just to quickly drop the kids off at school, she would likely be the most put together out of all the Disney princesses. But don’t you throw dirty clothes on the bathroom or leave anything on the kitchen counter. After having spent years cleaning endlessly, the last place Cinderella wants to live in is a mess. Although she would be a great stay-at-home mom, something also tells us that she would want to hone in on her hard-working skills and start her own business. This time though, her stepsisters would do her bidding.

5 Aurora - Knows The Importance Of Sleep

As one of the Disney princesses who is famed for sleeping a lot, it would be no surprise at all that Aurora would be the one breaking down for a quick-fix solution to her baby’s endless crying fits. Unfortunately, some babies cry more than others and as hard as it may be, the sleepless nights do eventually pass. Maleficient probably isn’t the best person to turn to in such a scenario though to make them go by faster. All in all, Aurora would likely be a cool, calm and collected kind of mama. Gentle parenting would be her parenting tactic, gaining respect from her kids by showing them respect first.

Yet by the time her children become teenagers, it would probably drive her up the wall to see them sleeping 16+ hours as most teenagers are known to do!

4 Mulan - Balancing Work & Home

Speaking of hiking and just generally being outdoors, Mulan would barely have time to give birth, before going on some new adventure. She is another Disney princess who is more than likely to take the baby on a trip across the world. Why worry about stockpiling diapers in the nursery when you can figure out how to be a mom while sight-seeing? With the gender-bending themes in Mulan’s movie, it’s also almost certain that she wouldn’t just cook, clean and take care of the baby while Li Shang went back to work.

While Li Shang may have been a tough leader to his troops, it was Mulan’s bravery on the field that made him change his viewpoint. He would definitely be a hands-on daddy with regards to changing diapers, feeding and just generally taking care of a baby. Although, we also wouldn't put it past Mulan to teach a martial arts class with the baby strapped to her chest.

3 Mulan - But At Odds With Feminism

For Mulan, life as a mom might actually prove more challenging than her time on the battlefield. While fighting for her family’s honor would have been a clear-cut decision, facing her children’s choices might be a challenge for her. It used to be that girls exclusively played with dolls, while boys played with cars. Times have luckily changed and both boys and girls play with a variety of toys, depending on what they feel like doing.

Maybe a little girl wants to wear blue, while a little boy wants to wear pink or maybe even, a little boy wants to play dress-up in Elsa’s dress – anything goes, but that’s something that might prove difficult for Mulan. While Mulan might want her daughter to train and learn how to defend herself, all her daughter might want to do is play with dolls. As much as Mulan might try to repeat that: “The flower the blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all,” ultimately, kids will do what they want to do!

2 Merida - Can't Escape The Triplets


Aside from Elsa, Merida is the only other Disney princess not to have a love interest in her movie (and also not to have her movie revolve on her finding and marrying a Prince Charming). But if she were to one day have kids, something tells us that there is a strong chance that might indeed find herself in this kind of situation, surrounded by little miniaturized versions of her own little brothers.

Her little brothers wouldn’t be so little by then anymore, but her kids might just inherit the triplets’ mischievous side. Not to worry though, her headstrong and quick-witted personality would allow her to efficiently deal with any attempt from her kids to defy her, continuously repeating to herself "Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it."

1 Elsa - Sweet & Frosty Moments

The burning question on everyone’s mind though is: but who is the baby daddy? In the first Frozen movie, we see the developing relationship between and Anna and Kristoff, which leads us to believe that there will eventually be a marriage and possibly kids in the next movie due in 2019, but what about Elsa?

The general speculation with Elsa has been that since the first movie solely centers on her breakdown trying to juggle her powers with her royal duties and that she has absolutely zero love interests, that in the subsequent movie, she might marry Hans. It’s definitely hard to imagine given his betrayal, but many support this theory because we didn’t really get to find out if he had ulterior motives for wanting to steal the thrown other than just being for power and money.

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