19 Pics Of These Pregnant Celebs Right Before They Were About To Pop In 2018

It seems like everywhere fans turn, there is a pregnant celebrity about to pop! 2018 has seen many pregnant stars, some expecting their first child, others expecting new additions to their growing families. It is always fun to see how different each mama-to-be looks when she gets nearer and nearer to her due date.

We all have our favorite celebs, and when this celebs get pregnant, we love to watch them grow! They are already in the spotlight since they are actresses, singers, reality stars, and more. But once they announce that they are indeed having a baby, we really cannot get enough of these pregnant stars!

Guessing whether the baby will be a boy or girl, or who knows, even twins, always gets up excited. We wait until the big announcement that the baby has been born! Read on for some pics of pregnant celebs right before they were about to pop in 2018. Some of these celebrity expecting mamas have already had their baby, while others are still baking that little bun. Some of these celebrity moms you may have seen a lot of while they were pregnant, whereas others may be a totally surprise to you that they were even expecting!

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19 Cardi B

Cardi B was one big shock of a pregnancy in 2018. She revealed her growing belly on stage, when no one really even knew she was pregnant at all! She liked to show off her bump, and let’s face it, she did it well, and certainly Cardi B style! Cardi definitely learned fast how to accentuate her baby bump. She was not the kind of mama to try to hide it! Cardi has given birth. She had a little girl, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who is just about 2 months old now. Cardi continues to stay in the spotlight since giving birth, for many different reasons!

18 Claire Danes

Claire Danes, star of the hit show Homeland (as well as what we all know her from- My So Called Life!), has since given birth to her second child, back in August. She waited until, as she said “deep into her second trimester”, before even announcing that she was expecting another child. Doesn’t Claire Danes super pregnant remind you of, well, all of us?! She has her big belly, she looks tired, and she just seems like she is thinking, get this baby out of me already! Claire now has two boys, her newborn baby boy, and a 5 year old.

17 Kate Hudson

Actress Kate Hudson has been one super happy mommy-to-be! The lovely Kate is already mom to two boys, Ryder age 14 and Bingham age 7, and now she is getting the daughter she has always wanted. Many media reports have indicated that Kate is over the moon to be having a little girl. And who could blame her?! Just as we have loved watching Kate throughout her third pregnancy, we also cannot wait to see what her adorable baby girl is going to look like. If she didn’t already have the baby, she probably will any day now, so keep an eye out!

16 Jordin Sparks

Singer Jordin Sparks gained her fame from her beautiful voice that was showcased on the hit television singing competition, American Idol. Jordin won many hearts over, and continues to do so today, in particular her husband and her baby boy! Yes, Jordin has already given birth to her son, Dana Isaiah Thomas, Junior. He is about five months old today. Jordin had a natural birth and likes to share her story. She has called her son perfect, which we, as moms, can all relate to that feeling! Congratulations to Jordin and her husband. We bet little Dana will have some of their amazing genes!

15 Hilary Duff

The lovely Hilary Duff is positively glowing as she shows off her ever growing baby bump. The Younger on TVLand actress is set to deliver a sweet baby girl, if she has not done so already! She is supposedly due just about any day now. Hilary is also a mom to a little six year old boy named Luca. This next baby however, is with her current husband. It seems clear from many of her photos, such as this social media snap with her sister Haylie, that Hilary is as happy as ever. And we are so happy for her!

14 Joanna Gaines

Everyone’s favorite HGTV star, the amazing home fixer upper Joanna Gaines, recently welcomed a baby in 2018. Now with the addition of her newest bouncing baby boy, Crew, who is about four months old now, she is a mama of five kids! Crew’s big siblings are Drake age 13, Ella age 12, Duke age 12, and Emmie age 8. He will get a lot of love! People, including us, could not get enough of Joanna while she was pregnant with her fifth. Mostly because we were all in awe! How does she do it all?! She is truly an amazing woman.

13 Carrie Underwood

Singer Carrie Underwood recently announced that she was expecting her second child, and is supposedly due sometime in 2018. We were able to find a few snaps of the mom-to-be looking just like the rest of us! She’s got comfy clothes on, her hair up, and wearing her shades, just like any of us would be doing. And we can all agree she definitely carries well! Carrie already has a son, Isaiah Michael who is three years old, with her husband, professional hockey player Mike Fisher. We look forward to more pregnancy photos of Carrie as her due date nears!

12 Kirstin Dunst

Exclusive, Burbank, CA - 20180502 - Pregnant Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons Go Grocery Shopping -PICTURED: Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons -PHOTO by: INSTARimages.com This is an editorial, rights-managed image. Please contact Instar Images LLC for licensing fee and rights information at sales@instarimages.com or call +1 212 414 0207 This image may not be published in any way that is, or might be deemed to be, defamatory, libelous, pornographic, or obscene. Please consult our sales department for any clarification needed prior to publication and use. Instar Images LLC reserves the right to pursue unauthorized users of this material. If you are in violation of our intellectual property rights or copyright you may be liable for damages, loss of income, any profits you derive from the unauthorized use of this material and, where appropriate, the cost of collection and/or any statutory damages awarded


Actress Kirsten Dunst is known for being in a slew of movies and television shows, most notably, Spiderman, where she played the one and only Mary Jane (and did a great job, too!). Kirsten was very pregnant in 2018, and recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy. Kirsten definitely waited quite a while before she announced her first pregnancy, just three months before her son was actually born. He is about five months old now, and has a rather interesting name, which, of course, the media cannot get enough of! Kirsten’s sweet baby boy is named Ennis Howard. It is surely unique, but we like it!

11 Tia Mowry

The one and only Tia Mowry, of Sister To Sister fame with her twin sister Tamara recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl! Tia was very pregnant in 2018, and now is proud to show off her postpartum body, often in a hilarious manner. Tia is well liked, just as her twin sister is, because they are very relatable, and just seem, well, real. Tia definitely handled her second pregnancy in a fashionable way though, dressing how she wanted and showing off that belly! Tia’s daughter, who is about four months old now, was named Cairo Tiahnah. Cario has an adoring big brother, too, Tia’s son, Cree Taylor, who is seven years old.

10 Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky is known for her appearance as a cast member on the hit ABC show The Bachelorette, as well as other television roles and appearances. Ali is now also known as mom! She just had a baby here in 2018, and has another little one as well. Very pregnant in 2018, Ali loved to showcase her belly. There was no way this mama-to-be was hiding that bump! She was really all belly, too! From behind, you could not even tell that Ali was even pregnant! She looked great. Ali gave birth to a little girl, Riley Doran, just about four months ago. She also has an older daughter, Molly Sullivan, who is two years old.

9 Jamie Lynn Spears

instagram / jamielynnspears

Jamie Lynn Spears, who really only is well known to us because of her superstar singing sister Britney, was one of the original teen moms that the media could not get enough of. At just age 17, Jamie gave birth to a sweet baby girl, Maddie Briann, who is now ten years old. Well, recently Jamie made headlines again by announcing her second pregnancy! With her current husband, who also happens to be named Jamie (how strange is that?!), they welcomed a baby girl, giving Maddie a little sister. Born about five months ago, Ivey Joan is the delight of her adoring parents.

8 Kat Von D

You know Kat Von D. She is a unique personality, that is for sure. Known for her amazing tattoos and artistic ability as a tattoo artist, the reality star recently announced that she was expecting a baby boy, sometime in 2018. We think she might be due any day now! Kat Von D keeps with her signature style, looking stunning in all black in this photo. She holds her growing baby bump, and you can tell, she is happy, even if she is not jumping around with glee! We really can’t wait to see what she named her little one. That should be a good one, we hope!

7 Chrissy Teigen

Oh, Chrissy Teigen! We all love her, don’t you? There is something about the model and funny lady that just makes her so real and so relatable, even if we all just wish we could look like she looks while pregnant! In this photo, she is quite pregnant with her second child. Of course, Chrissy looks completely stunning, and we can bet that she wakes up that way! She loves showing off her bump, and making her baby the star. Chrissy was very pregnant this year, welcoming a son, Miles Theodore, about four months ago. Chrissy is already mom to the cutie pie Luna Simone, who is two years old.

6 Khloe Kardashian

We really cannot get enough of the Kardashians, let’s face it. But one Kardashian we really wanted to follow while she was pregnant, and that was Khloe! Khloe has previously shared how much she wanted a baby, so when she actually got pregnant, we were not only happy for her, but also kept a watchful eye out, we wanted to see that growing belly! Khloe handled her growing bump quite well, even though she did try to stay out of the spotlight in the beginning. Khloe welcoming her beautiful baby girl, True, about five months ago.

5 Gail Simmons

Top Chef judge and cooking star Gail Simmons kept on cooking while she was baking her bun in the oven! The amazing chef was very pregnant in 2018, and recently gave birth to a bouncy baby boy, named Kole Jack. Kole is little brother to a big sister named Dahlia Rae, who is five years old. We bet those two will have some serious cooking chops as they grow up! Gail looked amazing while she was very pregnant, and really never missed a beat in her culinary lifestyle. Can’t wait to see more of Gail Simmons’ adorable little chefs!

4 Brigitte Nielson

Actress and model Brigitte Nielson was in the spotlight for her 2018 pregnancy. She gave birth to her adorable baby girl, Frida Dessi, about three months ago. So what is the big deal about that? The big deal that shocked many fans was that Brigitte is 55 years old!! That is right, she actually had a baby at 55. Good for her! Frida has some really big siblings, though. Brigitte’s other children are Julian, age 34, Killian, age 28, Douglas, age 25, and Raoul age 23. Pretty crazy it seems, but if Brigitte can make it all work out, than more power to her!

3 Jamie-Lynn Sigler

We all know the lovely Jamie-Lynn Sigler from her starring role as Meadow on the hugely popular HBO series, The Sopranos. Jamie-Lynn has come a long way since her role as a mafia daughter, and now she is a mom of two! Jamie-Lynn was very pregnant in 2018, but carried quite well. A classic beauty, she looking amazing throughout both of her pregnancies. Jamie-Lynn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Jack Adam about eight months ago. She also has another little boy named Beau Kyle who is five years old. Jamie-Lynn always talks about how much she loves being a mom.

2 Miranda Kerr

The absolutely gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr was stunningly pregnant- and very pregnant- in 2018! This beauty looked completely amazing while pregnant, of course, no surprise there! Miranda is already a devoted mom to one boy, who she shares with her ex, actor Orlando Bloom. That little boy, Flynn Christopher, is seven years old. Recently, Miranda had her recent baby boy with her current husband, Evan Spiegel. They welcomed their son, Hart Spiegel, about four months ago. We bet both of Miranda’s boys will grow up to be heartbreakers! We definitely cannot wait to see more of both of Miranda’s kids.

1 Eva Longoria

Don’t you just love Eva Longoria?! She is absolutely gorgeous while pregnant, and let’s face it, she is kind of like the rest of us! Eva is short, and she gained weight, and was not ashamed to say she gained weight. As she got closer to her due date, Eva shared how uncomfortable she felt. She sure had a big baby bump! Eva spent a big part of 2018 pregnant, and now is has all paid off, because she gets to snuggle with her sweet baby boy. Eva gave birth to an adorable little boy about three months ago. She named him Santiago Enrique. Congrats to the beautiful mama!

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