19 Pics That Will Traumatize Any Parent (And Hope It Never Happens To Them)

When it comes to things kids are capable of, the sky is the limit! Sometimes children do things that can downright traumatize parents and ruin the day. When parents can capture a picture of what their kids have done, it may be funny after the fact, and almost always funny to those who did not have to deal with the nonsense or clean anything up!

It only takes a second for a child to ruin an entire house. Don't believe us? Ask any parent. Turn your back for just a moment and then discover just what your kids are truly capable of doing- and destroying. The old saying goes that the quieter a child is, the more mischief he is up to!

Kids young and old do things that can certainly surpass our wildest dreams. Certain things children do can traumatize any parent just by the mere thought of it happening to them and their kids! Children are sneaky. They are curious. And they can make a room look like a bomb went off. Kids get into the craziest things. Nothing is off limits if a child has free access and a will to explore! Read on for pics that will certainly traumatize any parent!

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19 When Mom's Away The Kids Will Play

Do not test your vision. That white stuff you see is the stuffing from the couch. All of it. Lots of it. Parents everywhere are likely traumatized looking at this pic. How? Why? For the love of god, who is going to clean it all up?! You were only gone a second, how is that even possible?!

Most parents know that it only takes a second, maybe even less, for a child to do some real damage, as in this case with the poor- now skinny- couch. We all know how tempting it is to unzip that zipper from the couch pillow or cushion, just to see what is inside. Well, these kids were definitely curious. And perhaps they really wanted a winter wonderland. What kind of punishment would you give for this, anyway?!

18 That Sweet Face

Ask any parent, do kids and magic markers or sharpies mix? The answer is a huge NO! A kid with a marker is bound to do some damage, it's just nature! Kids are drawn (literally, haha) to markers. They are a forbidden tool. A piece of their parents or older siblings that a toddler is never allowed to touch.

Unless no one is around to see them use it, of course! Toddlers do not know how expensive a couch is. Nor do they know that permanent markers, are, well, permanent. Can you even imagine checking on your child to see that they not only took a marker, but proceeded to color not just themselves, but the couch, as well?! Your jaw would drop as you envision the dollar signs for a new couch. But boy, isn't his face so adorable? How could you get mad at that?!

17 A True Explosive Device

If you are a parent, or plan to become one, you will certainly be traumatized by this pic. Mostly because it has probably already happened to you, or if not, it is bound to occur in your near future! The poop explosions are what make babies babies, right? All babies have to have at least one poop explosion in their little lives. It is required, don't you know?!

Some babies do cry after a poop explosion, but not all. The best part about a true poop explosion is when your baby continues to play as if nothing has happened. Poop in his diaper? Check. Poop on his pants? Check. Poop on his shirt? Check. Poop staining the carpet? Check. Poop on his hand? Probably. A giant mess for mom and dad? You bet.

16 A New Place To Play

What is the fascination with toilets and our little ones? Something about that white bowl makes some kids want to dive right in. And as we see in this pic, they certainly will if given the opportunity! Parents are traumatized just thinking of their sweet baby swimming around in the toilet bowl. It is well, just, yuck!

And what's he doing with the toilet bowl cleaner wand?! Guess if baby decides to jump into the toilet, may as well put him to work! Seeing the look on his face, he was probably having a grand 'ol time until mom or dad popped in to check on him. Glad they were able to snap this pic first so parents everywhere could cringe at the thought of their child doing the same thing.

15 Mom, We Ran Out Of Peanut Butter

If you came upon your child covered in a brown gooey substance, you would be traumatized wondering what it could be? In fact, any parent is bound to be traumatized just seeing a pic like this! Then you see the empty jar of peanut butter and have somewhat of a relief. Of course, still traumatized because well, your kid is absolutely covered!

It only takes a few moments and apparently a jar of peanut butter for a toddler to make so huge a mess he will need a serious bath and you will need to mop! The smiling look on his face though, shows that he at least had a good time. And while this is still traumatizing, that brown stuff could have been something totally else that would be so much worse.

14 Kids Are Curious

Children love to explore. They really enjoy discovering new things. It doesn't matter what they are curious about, it is likely to get the better of them, and they will explore no matter where they are. And what they choose to explore can certainly traumatize a parent- especially if their exploration is in a public venue!

Take this boy, for example. Here is this life size doll. He took it upon himself to check out what was under the doll's pants. Was he wondering if the doll was like him? What made him so curious as to do this? We may never know. But what we do know is that this pic has parents everywhere cringing, just hoping their kid never pulls a stunt like this, especially if they are around lots of other people!

13 All Tied Up

Do you ever find that your child really does not need any toys? That they will play with the simplest things that makes you wonder why you spend so much money on expensive gadgets and hot toys? Kids can often entertain themselves for hours with the, well, stupidest things. Sometimes, it can make a parent gasp at the sight of their kid once they stumble upon what they are up to during playtime.

This boy is playing with yarn. Probably having a great time doing so, too! Just look at the big smile on his face! But as parents, it seems a bit traumatizing to see a kid basically tie himself up. How did he do that, anyway? No, serious, how?! Guess it is time to go hide any yarn or string!

12 Boys Will Be Boys

Oh boy, the things boys can get into. Boys will be boys, as the saying goes. But that does not mean that parents are not traumatized at the sight of these kids with fully painted faces. In fact, any parent looking at these two sweet, painted faces can only imagine the sheer horror of discovering their kids with a face full of paint. If it is on their faces, it must be other places too, like all over the house!

Maybe they are using their imagination and wanted to be The Incredible Hulk. Perhaps they were just playing and having fun. However, fun for a kid does not always mean fun for the parents. What a mess to clean up! We just hope that is washable paint on those two faces!

11 Gotchya!

Mackenzie, 6, gets messy in a giant kids food fight as part of the Persil "Cook with the Kids Promise", which is encouraging parents to get cooking with their kids. See SWNS story SWCOOK: Almost 90 per cent of parents avoid cooking with their children because they are worried about making a mess, according to a new study. Researchers found that 88 per cent of parents said cooking with their youngsters required too much clearing up. Just under half of those interviewed said that they were simply too busy to clear up the mess made by their children in the kitchen. The study of 2,000 people, conducted by Persil Washing Up Liquid, discovered that only 12 per cent of adults weren't worried about making a mess when cooking with their children.

An organized food fight is tons of fun, or is it? These kids look like they are all decked on for an amazing time, whether it was a planned food fight or something that got totally out of control! As parents, no matter what amount of fun the kids are having, all we see is a big mess. A really big mess that we have to clean up!

It is traumatizing to even begin to imagine a food fight in your own house. Or even in your presence. This little girl looks ready to get us into the  fight, aiming right at the camera. She is covered with spaghetti and sauce, and while she has a great big smile on her face, we are cringing on the inside.

10 Helping Out

We can hear these kids now, Mom, Dad, we were just helping you paint! If you are a parent, you might be having the shakes. Can you even imagine walking into your living room and seeing this occurring?! Totally traumatizing! Kids find whatever we do not want them to play with, that is for sure.

That looks like paint. And not the Crayola version either. That really looks like grown up only paint. As in paint that is meant for the walls. Paint that no child should even go near. Paint that does not wash out, at least not easily. And it is everywhere! All over the television, the floor, the wall, and those kids are totally covered. What do you do first? Yell? Scream? Cry?!

9 Time For A Slobbery Smooch

A fun trip to the petting zoo or farm can easily turn traumatizing if you have little kids. Especially if your kids, like most, have no sense of germs or grossness in general. This little boy has zero qualms about giving this dirty (yet you must admit, sweet) pig a nice kiss on the mouth. Not only is this child giving the piggy a smooch, but he is actually licking him!

Upon seeing this pic, traumatized parents everywhere are whipping out soap, wipes, hand sanitizer or whatever they have. Imagining your kid picking up pig germs is just, well, yuck! We have to wonder what that pig was thinking. Is he smelling Cheerios? Does it taste like apple juice? And did this little boy give his parents a sweet kiss right after?!

8 Don't Worry, I'll Clean Up

Little kids and bottles of well, just about anything, never mix. If a small child sees a bottle of paint, glitter, or anything else, they are destined to dump it. It is just common knowledge. Even if you put these items out of their reach, if they want it, they will figure out a way to get it. Just seeing those turned over bottles makes us start to shake!

It is traumatizing to parents to see messes. Even if kids are having fun, in the back of every mom and dad's mind is, someone has to clean this up. We see the broom lying there. Did this boy get the broom in anticipation? Is it a coincidence? Did his mom leave it there to see if maybe he will clean up his own mess?!

7 Make Room For Me

Nobody likes spilled milk. Oh the cats will lick it up nice and clean. Wait, is there a KID in there?! That is right, there sure is. This pic does not have four cats. There are only three cats and one little human. A little human who maybe thinks she is really part of the cat clan. Her and her feline friends seem to have stumbled upon something totally delicious.

The thought of your kid licking milk off the floor is traumatizing to begin with. But to see her doing so in the company of a few cats, well, that is a whole new ball game. And one that is so traumatizing we can hardly even imagine. At least the cats are letting her share...

6 If He Wants It, He Will Get It

Those are not shelves, they are stairs! That little boy knows exactly how to get to the top shelf in the fridge. All he has to do is climb the rungs of the ladder that is actually inside of the fridge. How easy is that?! And how traumatizing is this for parents?!

Kids will do whatever they can to get what they want. They often have zero fear, and perhaps that is what traumatizes us the most. The fact that we can walk into the kitchen and see our child climbing in the fridge. We may freeze and just hope he does not fall, nor does anything else in the fridge, say the milk for example. Got to love his sister just watching, and probably cheering him on.

5 A New Version Of Toy Story

You really have to give these kids credit. Using their imagination is a beautiful thing to witness. However, if it is messy, it can be just slightly traumatizing to any parent. After all, it is us, the parents, who must clean up the messes. But we must allow our children to be creative and use their imagination, right?!

This little boy is having a great time creating a battle of his Toy Story characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Clearly he needed some extra equipment from the kitchen it seems, and that included cups, what looks like flour (now that is a mess!), and are those marshmallows?! And he looks so teeny tiny next to the giant mess that he created, quite nicely too we must say!

4 Test Their Parents' Heartbeat

Imagine purchasing a gingerbread set, it is so cute and sweet. Your adorable daughter wants to make it into her very own. Put her very own touch upon the class holiday gingerbread house. You give her full reign to do what she pleases, eager to see just how it turns out. Kids are so creative. Gingerbread houses can easily be a work of art. What will your child come up with?

Suddenly, you smell smoke. The smoke alarm starts to beep. You hear your daughter screaming (and maybe laughing?). You run in and THIS is what you see! What are you to think about this?! Sure, kids love to take things to the extreme. But this gingerbread house is the gingerbread house of nightmares! Seeing this pic is bound to make any parent traumatized!

3 Mom, Look What I Did!

Magic markers and toddlers never ever mix. If a toddler is near a marker, only chaos can ensue. Take this traumatizing pic for example. This child got a hold of a magic marker and decided to give her little sister a make over. She probably thinks she did a great job. Who knows, she may have a future as a make up artist!

If you stumbled on to this scene you would likely be very traumatized and very upset. Even the sheer thought of this happening is traumatizing. You may let out a squeal or be utterly shocked you cannot get any words out. The baby's face is totally covered in magic marker! Will it come out? What will people think?! At least her sister is proud of her work of art.

2 Just Cleaning Out

The face on the little boy says everything. He is looking up as if to say: what, did I do something wrong? All he was doing was trying to get rid of all those old magazines with old stories. No better way to do that then to send it down the toilet. If only it was that easy! Perhaps he cannot potty train, but he sure likes to send anything else down the toilet!

Any parent would wonder though, did he flush anything? What else is in the toilet underneath those magazines? Or even worse, maybe you had not even read that issue of People magazine yet!! Traumatized parents everywhere are now in a rush on their way to the store to buy some toilet locks (yes, those do exist!).

1 The Most Fun In The Whole World

There may be nothing more fun than a roll (or multiple rolls) of toilet paper. Children from near and far are equally fascinated with this item that is meant to stay in the bathroom. Heck, even teenagers enjoy throwing around a roll or two on Halloween night. These kids are flinging the toilet paper around like it is the best thing in the world. And their parents are right there... well, that just makes this more traumatizing! Why are they letting this go on?!

To see or even imagine toilet paper all over your living room? Yeah, that is traumatizing. First, someone has to clean it all up. And second, that is some wasted toilet paper. Well actually, might as well make the kids use that toilet paper, they are the ones who wasted it in the first place!

Source: Buzzfeed.com

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