18That Sweet Face

Ask any parent, do kids and magic markers or sharpies mix? The answer is a huge NO! A kid with a marker is bound to do some damage, it's just nature! Kids are drawn (literally, haha) to markers. They are a forbidden tool. A piece of their parents or older

siblings that a toddler is never allowed to touch.

Unless no one is around to see them use it, of course! Toddlers do not know how expensive a couch is. Nor do they know that permanent markers, are, well, permanent. Can you even imagine checking on your child to see that they not only took a marker, but proceeded to color not just themselves, but the couch, as well?! Your jaw would drop as you envision the dollar signs for a new couch. But boy, isn't his face so adorable? How could you get mad at that?!

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