19 Things Fans Should Know About Bradley Cooper As A Dad

For years, fan have watched hunky actor Bradley Cooper fine-tune his craft into an absolute art form. Everyone loved him in the Hangover trilogy where his sarcasm and blunt humor ruled the screen. Fans were then wowed when they saw him transform into a completely different character, portraying the relatable and unsung hero in American Sniper. Viewers then got completely blown away as Cooper took on A Star is Born both in front of and behind the screen, pulling double duty as the director and lead actor. The film is now gathering rave reviews, and the buzz has already begun when it comes to the upcoming awards season.

So everyone is aware of Cooper for his many talents in the entertainment and artistry realm, but many don't know Bradley Cooper as the person, the family man, the partner and, yes... the father. He is a fiercely private person, choosing to stay tight-lipped when it comes to his sweet little family. Even so, here are v20 things that give fans a better look at Cooper, the dad. Just when everyone thought they could not love him more, his insights into fatherhood and family make him the favorite dad crush.

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19 Outnumbered By Ladies

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Bradley Cooper is most definitely a ladies' man. Not only do we female fans love his charisma on the screen and in rare interviews, but we love him for how attentive he is to the women in his life. After Cooper's father passed away, Bradley felt it was best to have his mother come and live with him.

He caught some heat for being a mama's boy, but Cooper couldn't have cared less. He is also a devoted partner to the mother of his child, model Irina Shayk, and of course his sweet little daughter whom he has been smitten with from the get-go.

18 Becoming A Dad Has Been A Dream For Him

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Cooper is now in his forties, and for a while there he looked to be the next good looking, Hollywood forever-bachelor. When his father passed away, Cooper revealed everything changed in an instant. Suddenly his priorities and focuses shifted, and instead of jumping around from film project to film project, he slowed his roll. This shift in how he chose to live his life resulted in some of his most celebrated projects as well as starting his family, which he has said was his greatest dream finally realized.

17 He Keeps His Family Life Private

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While many actors out there can not help but gush over their wives and children, Cooper chooses to remain mum when it comes to his girlfriend and his daughter. For him, it's important to keep his work life and personal life completely separate, and we completely respect that! Good luck opening a magazine and finding a spread of Cooper and his family. He manages to keep his one and a half-year-old daughter pretty shielding from prying eyes. The only glimpses we get of her is when her fiercely protective father is carrying her from one place to another.

16 He Considers Parenthood A Miracle

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While Cooper isn't likely to share any tidbits on his kiddo's first steps or latest blooper, he doesn't take the parenting experience for granted. Just because he doesn't choose to talk about it publicly, doesn't mean that he doesn't appreciate it. More than once, Cooper he has referred to starting his family as "a miracle." Bradley. When we look at our babies, we can not help but think the same thing. His take on fatherhood is both honest and refreshing — a miracle indeed, Bradley.

15 His Late Father Inspires Him

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Will Bradley Cooper be a fantastic father as the years roll on? If his father is any indication as to how Cooper will turn out in the parenting department, then the answer is an absolute yes! Cooper's late father has been his greatest influence and inspiration in the dad department. He has said that he watched his dad be so joyous simply from being around his children. Sound's like the late Mr. Cooper certainly did something very right in raising his son to be an excellent parent himself.

14 His Daughter Has A Very Long Name

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Cooper and his longtime partner named their little girl Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. That is a whole lot of name for a tiny little girl! We have to say that we love how this famous power couple gave their daughter a simple, sweet name that is not too wild and outside of the box. Lea is perfectly delicious. She shares both her mother and her father's surnames, so the pair is not married, but still entirely committed to one another. Love the name as we may, it's going to take some time for little Lea to master writing all of her names once she hits elementary school.

13 Parenthood Has Forced Him To Live In The Present

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For so many of us, the parenting experience profoundly changes the way we look at and approach the world around us. Bradley Cooper is no exception here. When Cooper had his firstborn child, he started thinking about where he was in like and what he wanted to do with that life. Cooper has said that having a family of his own has forced him to open up more to each day and focus on living in the present. Fatherhood will do that to a person Bradley. Suddenly you have this little human beside you, and you don't want to miss a moment of their life.

12 His Daughter Will Always Feel Loved

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Bradley Cooper has been in the public eye more than usual recently because of the movie promotion he has been a part of for A Star is Born. One thing he has commented on is his deep connection with his costar, Lady Gaga. The actor has said that the two were both raised in families where they felt very loved and cared for as children. He has gone on to say that when it comes to his daughter, that is all he wants for her as well. His wish is for little Lea to grow up feeling loved by her family.

11 His Daughter's Gender Was A Surprise Until Birth

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While some celebrity couples go over the top to find out if a darling baby girl or bouncing baby boy is growing in the belly, Cooper and his partner chose to go about things the old fashioned way and wait the nine months out. When it came to the big gender reveal of their first born child, they stayed mum regarding the pregnancy and even the details of the baby's birth. No major social media announcement was made for this pair. They chose to be surprised at the birth, only then learning that their baby was indeed a little girl.

10 He Was A Supportive Partner To His Baby Mama

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Cooper has been a very busy man over the last few years. He has had no shortage of work and seems to be entirely devoting his time and energy to his craft. As hard working as he is, when Bradley and Irina found out that a baby was on its way, he made sure to carve out time to support his partner in her pregnancy.

Sources have said that Cooper accompanied his partner to her many doctor's appointments, making sure to remain as involved in the experience as he possibly could. Everything this guy does makes him attractive.

9 There May Be Another Baby Soon

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It seems as if Cooper truly relishes in being a father to his little girl. Considering the joy that she has brought into the actor's life, might another mini-Cooper be on its way in the near future? If the murmurings are correct, that prospect may already be in the works. According to sources close to the pair, the couple is already working on giving little Lea a sibling. Go for it, you two beautiful people. No doubt baby number two will be just as adorable as little Miss Lea.

8 He Wants Another Girl

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Cooper has suggested to sources close to him that if he were given a choice, he would love to have another baby girl. He has said that he would like nothing more for Lea to develop a sisterly bond with her future baby sister. Irina, on the other hand, is said to be desperate for a baby boy next time around.  They are even taking bets on what gender will join the Cooper Clan next. While Bradley and his partner have differing wishes as to what gender would complete their family, they agree that a healthy baby is the ultimate end goal.

7 He Keeps A Good Sense Of Humor About Personal Matters

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So while Mr. Cooper keeps the most intimate aspects of life close to his heart and out of the conversation, he still has a good sense of humor about his approach to family and privacy. He appeared on both Howard Stern and The Ellen Show to promote his projects, and when the conversations turned to his partner and child, he used his wit and humor to shut down the interviewers' questions and shift the topic back to his films. Somehow he always makes it clear to those he speaks to that his family is entirely off limits without appearing rude or standoffish.

6 Family Time Is Everything

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While Cooper is busy traveling around the world promoting his latest project, Irina is juggling her aspirations as well as the couple's young daughter. Because of their hectic schedules, family time is at a whole other level of importance for this family. Whether we catch a glimpse of Bradley and his ladies strolling around towns or making a quick run to their local grocery store, they seem to both be smitten with their child, happy to be able to spend quality time with her whenever they can. There is little doubt that Lea will grow up knowing that she was her parents' number one priority.

5 He Learned To Slow Down Because Of The Baby

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Sometimes it takes a significant life event like a close one's passing or a birth to put our lives into perspective. In Bradley's case, both happened in a reasonably short period, forcing him to reflect on what was truly important to him. His father passed away in 2011, and his daughter was born in 2017. Losing the person closest to him and gaining a love he never dreamed was even possible allowed the actor to slow down when it came to work and not take every possible project head on. He stopped jumping from film to film and let himself recenter both his personal and his professional life.

4 He Got Schooled In Children's Music

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Being a father or a mother means that suddenly you are shown a whole new realm of entertainment. No longer are late night concerts and foreign films up your alley. Daniel The Tiger, Peppa Pig, and the infamous Daddy Finger song take over your life. Cooper is no different than us when it comes to this. When asked about his new experience as a first-time father, he told NPR Radio that after having his daughter, he had been "opened up to a world of children’s music." We wonder what Lea thinks of his and Gaga's tunes in A Star is Born?

3 Trouble In Paradise For The Couple?

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We can't deny the amount of time that Cooper and his A Star is Born co-star have been spending together. He and Lady Gaga have an intense and undeniable chemistry as well as a beautiful friendship, and because of this, the gossip mongers have started to suspect that there is trouble in paradise for Cooper and his child's mother. Despite the murmurings, Cooper and his girlfriend are still solid, and Gaga continues to be engaged. Cooper proves to us that you really CAN be friends and coworkers with the opposite gender without turning them into something more than a friend.

2 He Keeps His Family's Secrets (Nice Try, Ellen)

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So many interviewers have tried to catch Bradley Cooper say something about his relationship and his child that is new and juicy, but really to no avail. He works almost as hard at staying mum about them as he does his acting! Howard Stern tried to get him to spill the beans on his girlfriend, plenty of interviewers thought they were going to crack his tight-lipped shell, and even Ellen failed at softening up the sweetie. She made a joke of his new fatherhood status, trying to ease him into talking about his daughter, but he managed to laugh it off again and move onto a more comfortable subject of discussion.

1 His Daughter Never Got To Meet Her Grandpa

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It doesn't seem like Bradley Cooper lives his life with a whole lot of regret, but one thing he does regret is his little daughter never had a chance to meet his amazing father, hero, and inspiration. Bradley and his dad were especially close while Bradley was growing up and Bradley has spoken of his dad in only the highest regard. He surely wishes that his dad had gotten to see him take on fatherhood during his lifetime. We don't doubt Bradley's beloved dad is looking down on his family though. Keep being you, Bradley Cooper. Never change!

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