19 Things Moms Should Know If The Baby Will Be Born In 2019

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, many people can’t wait to greet 2019 with bubbly champagne and magical firework shows. That’s right - it’s time to finish the stack of Halloween candy!

For some people, though, 2019 means more than New Year’s resolutions and presents. No, no, we’re not talking about Westworld Season 3 nor the final season of Games of Thrones, but parents whose babies will be born next year. There’s no doubt that for new parents, 2019 will bring lots of joy, exhaustion, and laughter. Pregnant women will challenge their bodies and couples will test their love to welcome the best miracle that 2019 can bring them – their little bundle of joy.

No matter when your due date is, mama, there are some interesting facts you need to know about the year your little mini-me will be born. From new celebs to changing parental leave policies, 2019 will have a huge impact on your little one. Here are 20 things Mom needs to know before you change your wall calendar.

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19 Differences Between Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, And Gen Z


Labeling generations has become trendy. However, labels and letters can be confusing. The main thing moms-to-be need to know is the difference between Gen X, Gen Y, the Millennials, and Gen Z. According to communityrising.kasasa.com, Gen X (born between 1965 and 1979), Gen Y or the so-called Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994), and Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2015, more than 74 million people only in the US) are reshaping our society.

But with the end of the alphabet soup, you may wonder what the generation of your 2019 baby will be called. No need to wonder anymore, mama - Gen Alpha is the answer!

18 Is Global Warming Real? Ask Your Representatives!


Global warming is challenging our future generations – and us right now! Scientists claim that climate change has accelerated in the past 40 years. 2018 is not helping, so 2019 babies might witness alarming changes, such as hot weather, endangered species, and air pollution.

Chemist Sarah Green told mashable.com, "When a record is broken once, it’s a fluke. When it happens again, it’s a coincidence. When it happens three times, it’s a trend, but when it happens every single year, it’s a movement."

Although some people claim that global warming is just a game of speculations, it’s up to us to teach our little ones environmental responsibilities.

17 Education: Trends, Costs, And Global Concerns


We all want the best for our little ones, with education being one of the main concerns families worldwide have. Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular, and parents are challenging social roles. To set an example, more and more girls are joining STEM classes. According to blogcapterra.com, another positive trend is that the US is "on track to reaching a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020."

In addition, your 2019 baby will enjoy numerous tech advancements. Stats show that virtual reality is going to have a huge impact on education, and soon interactive nurseries and classrooms will become a reality.

16 Who Are The Digital Nomads? Hint: They're All About Traveling With A Baby


We all know that digital nomads and influencers are changing our society. But did you know that the majority of today’s influencers are actually moms? In fact, according to Forbes. there are more than 4.4 million mommy bloggers. Working remotely helps moms balance work and family life better.

What’s more, modern parents do not hesitate to travel the world and work online. 2019 will open more online jobs and allow you and your little one to explore new places and cultures. Although your newborn might not remember all their adventures, experts agree that by exposing kids to new people, stimuli, and environments - traveling benefit families.

15 Parental Leave Policies: The US Vs. The Rest Of The World


With more and more people working remotely, HR leaders are changing their hiring decisions. According to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association, the HR changes that people saw in 2017 and 2018 will resonate in 2019.

The US is notorious for its lack of good parental leave policies, so more law changes are about to take place. In other words, maybe your 2019 baby will be lucky enough to spend more time with you. Note that more than 50 countries now provide more than six months paid maternity leave.

14 Self-care: It’s Time For Moms To Be Heard


Pregnant women know that health comes first. From following a healthy diet to exercising, new moms value self-care. We all know that parenthood devours our time, so moms worldwide are realizing that self-care is a necessity. Interestingly, according to wellandgood.com, Google searches for self-care are 25% higher than they were last year. These numbers are likely to increase throughout 2019.

It’s not about marathons and yoga at 4 in the morning. As expert Nikisha Brunson says, self-care is "everyday healthy rituals that help keep your body and mind energized. Like going to bed at the same time every night and eating wholesome foods."

13 Technological Advancements In Real Life And Their Impact On Children


There’s no doubt that technology has changed the way we perceive childhood. Tablets, phones, and computers are an integrated part of our lives. As children enjoy copying their surroundings, it will be hypocritical to limit screen time when you and your partner are online 24/7. Data shows that 66% of kids under two have watched TV. In fact, videos and games can be educational.

Yet, technologies affect the way kids think and socialize. In addition, research shows that smart devices emit harmful light which can cause headaches and nausea. Embracing all the pros and cons of our digital world, 2019 will help parents find a balance between technology and outdoor activities.

12 Baby Fun: New Stars & Celebs Your Little One Will Fall In Love With


Walkman, Alf, Tamagotchi, Boney M, Pee-wee’s Playhouse - things many young kids have never heard of. Pop culture and fashion are changing at a rapid pace, so it’s not surprising that your 2019 baby will have new idols and favorite stars. Perhaps even Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Taylor Swift will sound too distant to your bundle of joy.

But who knows?! Maybe the next generation of Kardashians will be ruling social media channels, bringing generations together. Actually, we should mention that Dream, Rob’s daughter, has already 921k followers on Instagram, which is surprising for someone who has never posted a picture on their own account.

11 Influencers: Who Are These Mythical Creatures?


2017 set numerous social trends, which peaked in 2018. So, you may wonder what 2019 has to offer. From influencer marketing to smart speakers, the digital marketing world keeps changing. For instance, according to socialreport.com, in 2019, people will spend 2.6 hours a day online and 2.7 hours a day watching TV, which proves that the Internet has already become a huge part of our lives.

With the influence social media platforms have, the role of today’s influencers is growing. Although some children call themselves Influencers on Instagram, influencers are people who can shape purchase choices, mainly through live videos and social media ads.

10 Big Data: Your Baby’s Data Is At Risk


Do you think that Big Brother is watching us? While mass paranoia can be destructive, it’s not a secret that big data has become a powerful tool. 2018 startled the world - the data of more than 87 million social media users got hacked.

It’s not surprising that more and more parents are trying to keep their lives private. Sharing baby photos is adorable, but moms and dads-to-be should start respecting their 2019 baby’s privacy already in the womb.

9 To Stream The Birth Of Your Child Or Not To?


Social media has a huge impact on parenting. For instance, stats show that 81% of mothers use social media. Videos are slowly replacing pictures, with birth videos becoming more and more popular. Do you remember when Kourtney Kardashian pulled her baby out? Well, it’s not surprising that many pregnant women consider filming the birth of their child.

It’s interesting to mention that the amazing video of Simone Thurber giving birth in a stream has been watched more than 76 million times. Simone told parents.com, "It was the singular most transforming event of my life and my most conscious act as a woman to date."

8 Birth Trends Worldwide


From home birth to c-sections, birthing practices vary between societies. In South Korea, for instance, new moms may spend up to several weeks with their babies at a postpartum facility - simply because parents and experts know that recovery is crucial.

Yet, there are some trends that are similar in our rapidly aging Western world – many families are having fewer babies. According to ourworldindata.com, "after the world population increased more than 400% over the 20th century", the population growth has reduced significantly since the 60s. Therefore, mama, there’s no doubt that your 2019 baby will be a miracle for the whole world.

7 Global Matters: Will We Remain Safe And Will Your Baby’s Voice Change The World?


The international affairs around the world are crazy. Ongoing tensions throughout the globe, conflicts between China and the US, and Brexit, of course. In fact, the 2018 China-US trade conflict may affect our lives. We can’t deny the fact that many products, including baby toys, come from China. In fact, a professor said that "the USTR case is an embarrassing symptom of a scapegoat mentality that has turned the U.S. into a country of whiners."

Yet, 2019 will bring numerous opportunities for your little one to gather information and express their opinion later in life – with the sole purpose to change the world.

6 School Life: Is Your Child Safe?


From road traffic safety to online privacy concerns, parents are concerned for their child’s safety. According to usnews.com, 1 in 3 American parents worry about their child safety at school, which, in fact, is the highest level of concern in the last 20 years. Therefore, mama, your 2019 baby may grow up in a more secure environment. 

Screenings at school can apply not only to staff but students – and it’s not only about physical safety but kids’ emotional well-being. Psychometrics, for example, can help parents, teachers, and kids prevent social phenomena, such as bullying.

5 Healthcare: Are Those Who Are Against Vaccinations Changing Policies?


With concierge medicine and other medical practices reshaping the traditional healthcare system in the US, babies may witness some incredible changes later in life. Yet, one of the most divisive movements of 2019 will be that initiated by the so-called anti-vaxxers. Although there is questionable data on both sides of the debate, it looks like things are still up in the air and will continue to change in the near future.

It’s a fact, though, that the anti-vaxxer movement is spreading even across Europe. Additionally, more and more cases of measles have been documented, with more than 41,000 people in Europe being infected in the first half of 2018.

4 Social Media: Consider Privacy Settings


Social media, as explained above, will influence the future of your 2019 baby. Since personal data is a powerful tool, privacy concerns become alarming. Parents are advised to respect their kids’ privacy.

In fact, a campaign started in 2018 is educating parents about possible online risks. The campaign started by the Child Rescue Coalition, called @KidsForPrivacy, reveals that oversharing pictures can be embarrassing. Dad Peter admits, "When he was really young, we posted a lot on social media. And continued - as parents do. The campaign definitely made me think about what I was doing and how I was interacting with social media and exposing my children."

3 Work: Working Moms Vs. SAHMs


Our society is changing dramatically. For instance, modern moms have the freedom to work, stay at home, or work from home. Interestingly, stats show that 71% of moms work outside of the home and 29% are staying home. In comparison, in 1967, more than 49% of moms were stay-at-home moms.

It’s interesting to mention, though, that although women do not need a working husband anymore, the number of stay-at-home moms today is increasing.

Nevertheless, whatever a new mom decides, it’s time to end the silly online war between working moms and stay-at-home moms. You and your family are just perfect, mama!

2 Chinese Charts: The Year Of The Pig & Your Baby


Exploring a baby’s personality can be challenging. Can we raise a genius or create a monster? Astro signs are among the most popular predictors of a person’s personality. Horoscopes, ascendants, and stars mix in one. The Chinese astro system, in particular, is loved by many people around the world. It forms a recurring 12-year cycle. Note that the Chinese New Year starts in February.

It’s not a secret that 2019 will be the Year of the Pig, the last animal on the Chinese astro charts. According to the Chinese astro charts, your little piglet will be happy, trusting, and educated… but sometimes too stubborn.

1 Love: All 2019 Babies Need Is Love


2019 is just around the corner. Perhaps most of us will give up on our new year’s resolutions. "I’ll never eat chocolate again!" Good luck with that! Yet, 2019 will be more than exciting. Trade conflicts, new celebs, healthcare reforms, and so on and on.

For moms-to-be, though, 2019 will be more than magical. While giving birth is empowering, becoming a parent comes with lots of responsibilities. Parents should become good role models who can set boundaries and give love all at the same time. And there’s one thing that all babies who’ll be born in 2019 need: love.

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