2 Kids Were Left Without Both Parents For 8 Days After ICE Raid

In the aftermath of the multiple Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids across Mississippi, there's been a lot of consequences for each respective side. Parents have been taken into custody, children have been forced away from their parents, and ICE is being criticized once again for her actions. While there will be plenty of arguments as to whether their raid was right or not, there's no denying that their actions involving some of the affected children weren't the best.

It recently came out that for eight days, immigration officials didn't realize that they had detained both parents of two children. This meant that they were left at home without parents for over a week. The two children in question were 14 years old and 12 years old. Their mother, Ana, was only released last week; however, her husband remains in custody as of now.

Both Ana and her husband were among 680 plus people who were arrested at one of seven poultry processing facilities throughout the state of Mississippi. The raids were done due to a suspicion that the employers were hiring and employing undocumented immigrants. In Ana's case, she and her husband had worked for seven years at the Koch Foods plant in Morton.

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Ana allegedly told ICE that she had two children at home when she was originally arrested. Eight days after that, she was able to tell someone who works for ICE that her and her husband's children had been alone at home while they were housed inside a detention facility. The ICE officer proceeded to ask Ana her children's names and their dates of birth before she was finally released, no longer separated from her children.

ICE has already responded to the situation through ICE spokesperson Bryan Cox. Cox told the news that everyone detained during the raids who said they had kids at home were given priority processing. He also added that if both parents had been detained, one of the parents would be sent home within 24 hours of being detained.

Despite this claim, it appears as though there are still plenty of one-off situations where children suffer due to their parents being detained for immigration issues. Given the current political climate in the United States, it appears as though this will continue to be an issue for a long time. The only thing that would change that is new legislation and new people overseeing ICE- but it's going to take some time before that happens.

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