2 Things Pregnant Women Won't Tell Their OB-GYN (18 They Spill The Beans About)

In pop culture, it is pretty common for female characters to start jumping around for joy the minute they learn that they are pregnant and have the happy event confirmed by a test at their doctor’s office. It is very rare for television shows and movies to portray a character who isn’t joyful and rather immediately starts fretting about being a parent—that is more of a plotline that is saved for the male characters once they find out that they’re going to be a father.

Thanks to these tropes in the media, Parents points out that many moms-to-be will keep their mouths shut to their ob-gyn if they are having any kind of doubts about how they will be as a mother or if they are feeling any other emotion other than pure, ecstatic joy because it is seen as taboo to admit that a woman is stressed out about whether or not they can handle the rigors of motherhood.

Even though some topics are often deemed taboo by moms-to-be in current society, Parents adds that these same moms-to-be will also go into great detail describing their morning sickness to their doctor and nitpick over their family’s medical history.

Read more to learn why it’s important to remember that honesty is the best policy with an ob-gyn, even if the topic seems taboo.

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20 Feeling Stressed Out Over Their Pregnancy

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Let’s face it, being an adult is hard work and it often comes with a ton of stress. There’s stress from your job, stress from all the bills that you have to pay on time every month and the stress of trying to keep on top of your rent or your mortgage for your house. Adding in a pregnancy can only add to the tons of stress that you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Parents points out that moms are more apt to tell their ob-gyn that they’re feeling stressed out and a bit tired from their nerves because it is more socially acceptable to talk about how they’re feeling frazzled with their doctor than it is to admit that they are feeling afraid of becoming a mom.

19 Discussing Travel Plans That Require You To Prep For Zika

Many moms-to-be have heard the warnings about traveling to countries where the zika virus is very prominent and so if they are thinking about traveling to a place where the virus could be lurking, that’s the first thing they will tell their ob-gyn at the next appointment.

Parents points out that ob-gyns will advise them of the pros and cons of the trip, including the fact that it is better to go on vacation to a country that isn’t affected by the zika virus during your second trimester. That way, you won’t run the risk of catching the virus and you’ll have more energy to enjoy the sights and sounds of the place you’re visiting.

18 You Haven't Kept Up To Date With Your Dental Health

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Parents adds that since dental health is very important for moms-to-be, some ob-gyns will ask their patients when was the last time they saw a dentist for a full check-up and a cleaning.

Moms-to-be will usually give an honest answer, even if it’s been a dog’s age since the last time they sat down to have their dentist check out their teeth to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. The reason why it’s so important to see your dentist on a regular basis when you’re pregnant is due to the fact that gum issues can wreak havoc with the timing of your labor, so it’s best to nip any potential issues in the bud beforehand.

17 Making Time To Work Out Is A Rare Occasion Nowadays

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According to Parents, doctors also have a tendency to ask their patients if they are keeping up with a workout regimen because making time to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day can help moms-to-be keep their energy levels up when they are pregnant.

Moms-to-be will sheepishly admit if they have been diligent about keeping up with daily workouts or if they have been slacking off a bit after they found out that they are pregnant. If you’re concerned that too much exercise will cause an issue, don’t worry—simply run it by your doctor, but most workouts are fine to do when you’re pregnant and shouldn’t cause an issue.

16 Slacked Off On Keeping Up To Date With Vaccines

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Let’s be honest here—no one really likes going to the doctor and getting a vaccination. I’m a stickler for getting my flu shot every year, and even I hem and haw about making the time to head to my nearest Rite Aid in order to give my immune system a boost every fall.

What To Expect notes that moms will be honest about their vaccinations status, even if they can’t remember the last time they got their flu shot because have been slacking off on getting it the past few years. Ob-gyns often urge their patients to get the flu vaccination and adult Tdap because it helps boost mom and baby-to-be’s immune systems.

15 Listing Off The Meds You Take Daily

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Due to the fact that some meds and pregnancy don’t play well with each other, it’s pretty routine for doctors to ask their patients if they are taking any type of meds on a daily basis the minute they find out that they’re going to be a mom because it’s important to stop any item if it doesn’t mix well with the entire process.

According to What To Expect, an ob-gyn will mention that over-the-counter meds such Tylenol can help ease any headaches and saline nose spray can be used if moms-to-be turn into a sneezing mess during the springtime due to allergies.

14 Recently Went To The Salon To Get Their Hair Dyed

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Even though some first-time moms might be confused as to why their ob-gyn is curious about whether or not they are going to the hair salon, they’ll tell them flat-out if they’ve gone to the salon recently in order to get their hair dyed.

What To Expect writes that even though there’s no evidence that the chemicals from the hair dye can cause issues in the early stages of pregnancy, most ob-gyns recommend that moms-to-be wait to dye their hair until they are in the second trimester. Or they can purchase BAQ (body art quality) henna from a reputable seller and use an all-natural method of covering their grays until the baby is born.

13 Chowed Down On Some Delicious Sushi Recently

What To Expect notes that there are plenty of moms-to-be out there that will answer truthfully if their doctor asks them if they have chowed down on some sushi for lunch or dinner recently.

In general, ob-gyns advise pregnant women to put down food items such as sushi, fish that can be high in mercury and soft cheeses because they can cause issues in pregnancy. They also feel that it is best for moms-to-be to increase their vegetable and lean protein intake because it helps give their body the fuel they need to deal with all of the changes taking place and helps give their immune system a boost too.

12 Going Into Great Detail About Their Morning Sickness

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When ob-gyns ask their patients about their bouts of morning sickness, most, if not all, of the moms-to-be will go into great detail when they discuss how their stomach feels like it is on a rollercoaster ride and how they’re constantly making friends with either their toilet bowl or their sink every day of the week.

What To Expect writes that the reason why doctors want to know what symptoms women are feeling during their bouts of morning sickness is because they’re trying to see if there’s anything unusual about what they’re feeling. For example, feeling queasy and easily tired is totally normal, but not being able to keep any food or liquid in your stomach is a sign that you need to see a doctor ASAP because that’s not a common symptom.

11 When You Last Got Tested For Any Contagious Health Issues

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It’s pretty standard for ob-gyns to ask their patients when the last time they had a round of testing and a thorough exam, especially if this is the first appointment with mom-to-be and they have not seen her at their practice before. Sure, it’s easy to get medical records, but it saves a lot of time if the moms can rattle off the answer off the top of their head.

Very Well Health points out that even though there are some women out there that groan at the thought of going through the whole rigmarole of some of the routine health tests when pregnant, most ob-gyns feel that it’s best to be safe rather than sorry.

10 If You Suspect That You Have An Issue With Your pH Being Off

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If a woman’s pH balance gets out of whack, it can cause a whole bunch of unpleasant symptoms, such as feeling itchy as all get out, and there are some folks out there that can get these sort of symptoms at the drop of a hat because their body is so sensitive to any sort of changes.

According to Parents, moms-to-be should keep a careful record of all the times they haven’t felt well due to their pH being off-balance and discuss it with their ob-gyn because pregnancy is well-known to knock a woman’s hormones out of whack, which leads to a whole host of annoying but easily treatable health issues.

9 Whether Or Not You Ever Had A Wonky Smear Test Result

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Very Well Family points out that it is very important for moms-to-be to give their ob-gyn a head’s up if they have ever had a wonky smear test result, especially if it was fairly recent. It’s best to keep a chart with the date of your last smear test and the results on your smartphone so you don’t have to mentally rummage through your brain to figure out when it occurred.

Even if you had wonky smear results, Am. Pregnancy adds that most treatments and procedures are totally safe to have when you have a bun in the oven and in some cases, the cells that produced the odd results are often washed away during the birthing process.

8 Having Allergies To Latex

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Allergies can be really difficult to deal with, and latex allergies are definitely not a laughing matter, which is why moms-to-be will immediately inform their ob-gyn from the get-go that they have this kind of allergy.

Very Well Health notes that not only is this nugget of information important so the doctor doesn’t use latex gloves during the exam, but it will also come in handy when the time comes for mom-to-be to welcome her little one to the world and the hospital staff knows to make sure there’s no latex in the room that would activate her body’s allergic reaction.

7 Family History Of Certain Health Issues

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Very Well Health writes that when most moms find out that they’ve got a little bun in the oven, they tend to pick their relatives’ brains to see if there is any kind of health issue in their family history that they might have forgotten about before they see their ob-gyn so that they can come prepared with a complete medical history.

It is important for doctors to have a clear idea of what your medical history and your family’s medical history looks like so that they can decide whether or not you and your little one need to go for further testing to make sure everyone’s in good health.

6 Use Of Contraceptives In The Past

The first thing most women that are trying to become mothers do is cease any sort of use of contraceptives ASAP. Sometimes that’s an easy process because all you have to do is quit taking a certain med at a certain time, but sometimes you need to see your doctor in order to wave good-bye to a certain device.

Very Well Health adds that it is a good idea to record the exact date that you quit using your contraceptive method and started trying to get pregnant because it will help your ob-gyn calculate the exact date that the happy event occurred.

5 Fessing Up If Close Relatives Had Issues With Their Own Pregnancies

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Once a woman is confirmed to be pregnant, it is pretty common for both her own mother and close relatives to give them plenty of details about the pros and cons of their own pregnancy. Often if a mom-to-be finds out that her own mother had a rough go of it due to medical issues, then that’s the first thing they’ll bring up at the next doctor’s appointment.

What To Expect writes that even though it’s good to be honest if your close relatives had any health problems during their pregnancy, it’s important to remember that not all issues are hereditary. Morning sickness is unfortunately genetic, but the jury is still out on a mom having an overdue baby

4 Feeling Nervous About The Results Of The Ultrasound

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It is perfectly normal for a first-time mom to tell her doctor about how she is feeling both nervous and excited for the results of her very first ultrasound because yes, she gets to see what her child looks like, but there’s also the chance that the test could yield news that she might not want to hear.

Romper recommends that first-time moms ask the ob-gyn how the procedure works and when exactly they are going to get the results so that you don’t waste any time fretting over what the future holds, since pop culture has cemented the idea that you get the results ASAP thanks to the countless movies and television shows featuring pregnant characters.

3 Admitting You Don't Know How To Perform Kegel Exercises

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Parenting writes that ob-gyns like to recommend that their patients perform kegel exercises because practicing these moves can help make the eventual postpartum recovery period a heck of a lot easier and the movement also helps to strengthen the muscles you will be using during labor too.

There’s no problem with admitting to your doctor that you don’t know how the heck to even begin practicing these moves; it sounds pretty easy, but some folks learn better with visuals and may need to watch a video online that is recommended by their ob-gyn rather than read a “how-to” hand-out or an article.

And finally, the 2 things pregnant women keep to themselves...

2 They Don't Confess That They're Nervous About Being A Parent

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In most television shows and movies, when a female character discovers that she is pregnant, she is depicted as being filled with nothing but joy and no doubts ever cross her mind. In real life, that isn’t always true—in fact, some women start worrying about whether or not they’ll be a good mom and often have mixed emotions; they just tend to keep these thoughts to themselves instead of discussing it with their ob-gyn.

Parents urges moms-to-be to not keep the fact they’re worrying over their pregnancy and struggling with all the changes going on in their body a secret from their ob-gyn. The doctor has heard it all and will be able to advise patients on how to handle their worries.

1 Staying Mum That They're Pregnant Due To The Fact Contraceptives Weren't Taken Correctly

Some women don’t like admitting to their doctor that they goofed up and did not take their contraception correctly and that is why they got pregnant because they are worried that they will be judged in a negative light for it.

The Mayo Clinic writes that while moms-to-be might feel uncomfortable talking to their doctor about their mix-up, their ob-gyn should know the truth. Don’t sweat it—doctors have seen it all, including contraceptive mishaps that lead to pregnancy and won’t even bat an eye if a mother-to-be ‘fesses up about how she goofed while taking some sort of contraceptive.

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