2-Year-Old San Antonio Boy Goes Viral As ‘Boss Baby’ After Aunt Posts Hilarious Pics

A  little boy in San Antonio is stealing the internet with his viral "boss baby" photos!

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One little boy has stolen the hearts of thousands by being an awesome little boss baby. Last year, in 2018, Jessica Leal took a few photographs of her handsome stud of a nephew, Anthony Valentino. She took several pictures of the little boy while he looked like the coolest little toddler in the world. The photos showed Anthony by a pool with tinted sunglasses, a silver chain necklace, swim trunks, and his hair is slicked to the side. In one of the photos, the toddler is in the pool with both of his arms stretch back resting on the side. Another photo is of the little boy sitting on the steps while holding a bottle of milk.

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When Leal originally Tweeted the photos on her Twitter account the photos went viral and stated that the little boy was a "boss baby." She received more than 20,000 retweets and comments on the photos. People were obsessed with how cute he looked. People commented on how they hope that their son will be that cool someday. Leal decided to update the post with a new photo of her nephew being a year older. She captioned the new photo with "Baby Boy still got drip." The new photo received 35,000 likes.

People were commenting on the original photos as well as the updated photo. Many men were saying that they felt sorry for all of the other boys because this little boy was going to get all of the ladies. Many people commented about how cute he was and how adorable the little guy is. One woman even retweeted the Twitter post and said, "I think I want a son." Many women were saying that they had decided to have a little baby after seeing the cute little guy.

Hopefully it becomes a tradition to add a photo of the little guy every single year and so we can see the boy grow up. We are curious to see how he will look in a year and see if he is just as awesome and adorable! Thank you for taking these photos and sharing them with the world so we could all see this perfect little baby boy!

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