20 Adorable Baby Names With The Most Powerful Meanings

One of the first major decisions parents make when they find out they're expecting is picking a name. Some parents care more about the actual name than the name's meaning, but some care about picking a name that has an impact.

A name should be powerful and strong as well as stand the test of time. A great and influential baby name is not just for parents having a baby boy, but girl parents are often looking for the same greatness in their choice.

Some parents may be searching for name that are whimsical in nature, names for dreamers and idealists, while others prefer names that are fierce and strong in nature and meaning. These kinds of powerful baby names with great meanings can be drawn from histories greatest icons.

We've put together a list of both girl and boy baby names with some seriously great meanings. Some of these names will be familiar and some may not, but either way, their meanings are sure to win parents over!

No matter what parents see as their definition of power, there is bound to be a name on this list that shows enough greatness for their future little one! Worry not! Grab a pen and paper and jot down some of these powerful baby names with great meanings!

20 Liam

Liam has been on the rise as one of the top baby names for several years. It is currently ranked #2 and has been in the top 10 since 2012. This adorable moniker is not only trending, it's extremely powerful and has an even greater meaning.

Liam is the Irish form of the name William meaning, "resolute protector". One of the most appropriate bearers of the name to mention is Liam Neeson. He can be given some credit toward bringing the name into the spotlight.

Liam gives parents a fresh take on the name William. It has seen a lot of popularity both domestically and internationally. For parents looking for a name that has a surly and masculine strength with an even stronger meaning, Liam is the perfect choice.

19 Alessia

Alessia is a non-traditional sweet name that exudes power and greatness. Alessia is the Italian version of Alexis.

This moniker may sound gorgeous and feminine, but its meaning is tough and fierce. Alessia means, "defending warrior". This beauty is one of the fastest rising girl's names of the year.

Alessia's soft and effeminate charm is a great contrast to its meaning. A girl with a name that means defending warrior can only grow up to be strong and independent, a woman who is going to do great thing.

For parents looking for a strong name for their baby girl, Alessia is not only strong, but it has a powerful meaning as well. It's also a breath of fresh air from the overused Alexandra, Alexis, and Alexa.

18 Julian

Julian was one of my top choices when we found out we were having another little boy. It's a strong and powerful name, but also has a gentleness about it too.

Julian is the English variation of the Latin name Julius, as in Julius Caesar. It's meaning, though not as powerful as you might think, is "youthful and downy". Julian's meaning probably didn't get it on this list, but its famous name bearers did. If Julius Caesar isn't enough of a historical figure to attribute power and greatness to this moniker, than no one is!

Julian is currently ranked #39 on baby name charts after modern day parents have decided its a solid pick. There are almost too many famous Julians to count. They have ranged from musicians, emperors, saints, authors, activists, and politicians. Julian is a top choice for parents seeking something unique with powerful roots.

17 Layla

Layla is spirited and energetic, but also has a serious strength and fierceness to match. This #30 moniker is seeing huge success, especially over her "l" sisters Lilly, Lillian, and Leila.

Layla is variation of the Arabic name Leila, meaning, "night". Layla has been the name of several great women. And who could forget the classic Eric Classic song, "Layla". His song may have given a boost of fame to the name, but it has been sitting pretty in the top 100 for quite some time either way.

Layla is not only #30 here, but also Australia and the UK. For parents looking for a feminine, yet fierce name for their baby girl, Layla is definitely a viable choice. However, for parents seeking something rare and a bit different, they may want to look elsewhere.

16 Aaron

This #49 baby name has been making history for a long time. Aaron is a Bible name that has been in the top 50 baby boy names for nearly half a century.

Aaron was the older brother of Moses in the Old Testament. He was appointed the first High Priest of the Israelites by God. It has been since then that famed Aarons have been making the name notable. Aaron is Hebrew for, "enlightened, exalted".

Other famous name bearers include Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, as well as characters in novels by notable authors Shakespeare, James Fennimore Cooper, and George Eliot.

Aaron is a timeless and classic name for parents searching for a powerful baby boy name with an even greater meaning. The double vowel beginning gives it an extra rarity too!

15 Faye

Here's a name that we have all heard, but rarely hear anymore. Faye or Fay has been seen more as a middle name these days, but around the 1930s, the name was making waves. Faye was extremely popular from 1900 until about 1934, when the name slowly loosing appeal.

Faye, though short and sweet it may be, is a powerful and alluring name. Faye is a name associated with hope, it means, "fairy". Fay has been the name of legendary Arthurian sorceress, British novelists, and actresses.

Today's parents prefer the added "e" to give it an extra oomph. For parents looking for a short powerful name for their baby girl, Faye is just that! This one-syllable moniker is spunky and feminine and will suite your little girl at every age.

14 Austin

Austin is one of the top baby boy names of the last century. Hitting and maintaining a spot in the top 10 in 1990, Austin hasn't veered off of the top 100 list.

Austin's meaning couldn't be more compelling. Who wouldn't want their baby to be named something that means, "great and magnificent". It's only setting your kid up to do great things in the future.

Not only does Austin have an extremely powerful meaning, but it has been the name of several key people throughout history. After all, it has been a first name since medieval times and a surname since Anglo-Saxon days.

For parents looking for a strong and attractive name with some serious cool kid vibes, Austin is perfect! It's a name that flows off the tongue and has a great meaning, making it doubly appealing.

13 Mila

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This Slavic moniker is another name that we have seen take a fast ride up the baby name ladder. Until 2005 Mila had never been ranked below the top 1000, but it has made its way to #48 this year.

Mila is not only dainty and feminine, but it is Slavic, "industrious and hardworking" and Russian for, "dear one". There may not be a better meaning for a baby girl born in this decade. This name screams girl power!

Thanks to Mila Kunis, the name has become a huge trend. Parents love the name for its simplicity and charm. Mila may be a great name with a powerful meaning, but for parents looking for something rare and unique, Mila may not be the best choice. It is a name that is hard to resist though!

12 Alexander

Alexander is ageless. It's been in the top 25 since 1991, and is currently sitting comfortable at #11. This name isn't going anywhere any time soon!

Alexander may be so powerful because of its mighty meaning. This historical name means, "defending men". It's meaning doesn't even give it the credit it deserves, at least not compared to the notable Alexanders throughout history.

It is said that the first name bearer was Alexander Paris. He defended some shepherds flock of sheep against robbers, which earned him the nickname Alexander. The first Alexander was followed by Alexander the Great, perhaps the most famous Alex in history. Alexander the Great conquered all most all of Asia during his reign.

For parents who want their kid to be named something that is historically known for being a strong and powerful name with a great meaning, Alexander is it!

11 Vivian

Vivian is a Latin name that may sound slightly like a name for your grandmother, but it has actually begun to be seen in a different light. After celebrities like Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen and Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone chose the name for their daughters, Vivian got a boost up the baby name ladder to #95.

Vivian means, "life". This is a super deep and poweful meaning for the name of your baby girl! This moniker rolls sweetly off your tongue and has a very deep-seated connotation.

Not only is it a powerful name, but it also has lovely variations like the Gaelic version, Vivienne. This version was also shown some love by celebrities when Rosie O'Donnell and Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie chose it for their daughters.

10 Magnus

There probably isn't a name with a greater meaning than one that literally means, "great". Magnus is not only adorable, but it's currently relatively rare, making it a unique choice for parents.

Magnus dates all the way back to Charlemagne, called Carolus Magnus. It was also the name of 6 kings of Norway and 4 kings of Sweden. Several celebrities including Will Ferrell have chosen it for their sons as well, perhaps giving it its first glimpse of the top 1000 baby names.

Magnus has been the name of kings and rulers and is the perfect name for a baby boy destined to be great. For parents looking for a name that isn't as traditional as some, but still contains the same great qualities, Magnus is just that!

9 Reagan

Reagan is a perfect unisex name to consider for your baby. It has been hanging around the top 100 since 2012 because of its popularity for both baby boys and girls. It is currently ranked #97 on baby name charts.

Most will link the newly popular name to President Ronald Reagan. I've known a few Reagan fans who have named their daughters after the president, lucky for them it happens to be a pretty cool and trending name!

Reagan is a name with hipster vibes, but the meaning of the name is anything but soft. Reagan is Irish for, "little king". Though the meaning is a little boyish, maybe we can think of it as, "little queen" instead. Either way, the name exudes power and greatness.

8 Edward

Edward is another classic name that has had some seriously powerful bearers. This moniker screams royalty and nobility. It has a greatness about it that has withstood the test of time.

Edward is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning, "wealthy guardian". It has been up and down baby name charts since its beginning, but it has never completely tapered off. Its a name that we have and will always hear.

There have been numerous notable name bearers including 8 English kings. Twilight's Edward Cullen gave the name a whole different appeal. Edward has been seen in literature, movies, royalty, and politics throughout its existence.

For parents looking for a name with a strong meaning, you need look no further! Edward is as strong and powerful as they come. We will continue to see this traditional choice in the future!

7 Kendra

Kendra is a sweet baby girl name with an even sweeter meaning. Though the name might not sound super powerful, it means, "knowing". What could be more powerful than that?

The all-knowing Kendra is the feminine form of the equally as popular Kenneth. Kendra has been on a roller coaster ride up and down the baby name charts. It is currently ranked #347, but has been ranked in the 200s since 2013.

Kendra has had several powerful name bearers including model Kendra Wilkinson, famous basketball star Kendra Wecker, and princess Kendra Spears, just to name a few.

Kendra is a more modern baby name that emanates power and greatness. Parents seeking a contemporary and trendier baby name that's equally impressive and influential, Kendra might be just what you're searching for!

6 Owen

Owen is a classic name that parents have seemed to love for quite some time. Owen is currently ranked #23, its first time in the top 25! It has found a lot of favor with today's parents, perhaps because of its tough and masculine meaning.

Though Owen has a softer sound, it doesn't lack in grit. Owen is Celtic for, "young warrior; well born". Owen has been popular among celebrities in the U.S. and overseas.

This moniker has been chosen for Saints, tv characters, and literary characters. Its a more traditional take on trending names like Rowan. Owen can also be used for a baby girl, but it is far more commonly used for a baby boy.

Owen is a perfect name for your baby boy to grow into. It's not only adorable for a baby boy, but it is totally fitting for a man as well.

5 Stella

Stella was one of my top choices if I ever had a baby girl and I didn't even know what it meant! Stella has risen to the number 45 spot after being claimed by some top celebrities. The name is a new and fresh take on some overused ones like Ella and Isabella.

Stella is Latin for "star". It was actually founded by Sir Phillip Sydney in 1590. Since its beginning it has been a favorite among parents. It has been the name of several famous celebrity, characters, nobles and more.

The famous literary work "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens gave us another variation of the name, Estella. She was the beautiful and wealthy Estella as the leading lady in the famous work.

Stella is a lovely and charming, yet powerful and strong name for today's baby girl. Parents already have been loving the name and most likely will continue to favor it for some time.

4 Xander

Though Xander is a fairly new choice for parents, it has been seen quickly rising to the top of charts! It now sits at #201 for baby boy names.

Xander is a short form of Alexandar, but can surely stand on its own as a first name. Xander is Greek for, "defending men". Xander can also be spelled Zander for parents looking for a less trendy option.

This moniker has been hugely popular in television shows and movies. It has an ancient Greek appeal combined with a contemporary sound. Xander is an all around tough and masculine name that has an even tougher meaning.

For parents who are concerned about the meaning of their baby's name, Xander will not dissapoint! A baby boy with a name that means, "defending men" is sure to love it!

3 Audrey

This old Hollywood name is exuding with glamour! Audrey's Hollywood appeal is not all that it has going for it. Audrey's allure can also be attributed to its meaning. Audrey is currently ranked #39 on baby name charts.

This English moniker means, "noble strength". The meaning of Audrey combined with its inherent cuteness makes it a super powerful baby name. The most infamous Audrey that comes to mind is, of course, Audrey Hepburn. To this day she is one of the most notorious Hollywood icons. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill chose the name for their baby girl as well.

Audrey was also the name of saints, actresses, and literary figures. Audrey is a soft feminine name with a super fierce meaning that is perfect for your strong and independent girl!

2 Oswald

Though Oswald might sound a bit old school, there have been some seriously powerful name bearers throughout history. This old English name a strong aura that screams strength and greatness.

Oswald means, "divine power". Its a name with a strong masculine sound, but is also a name with great influence. One that a baby boy can grow into and do great things with.

Take Oswald Chambers, for example. He was a famous author in the early 1900s. There were also other literary Oswald's and a famed cartoon character, The Lucky Rabbit. Another famous Oswald is scientist Oswald Avery, who discovered cell transformation and DNA alterations.

Oswald may sound a little outdated, but it has the cutest nickname options like Ozzie, Oz, and Ozzy. Parents looking for an alternative to the exhausted Oliver, Owen, and Oscar might find Oswald and its variations an appealing option.

1 Kano

Kano is an African place name that has a rarity like no other. The meaning of Kano is, "one's masculine power, capability. It's often used as a surname, but is an adorable and unique first name.

Kano's meaning alone gives it a really strong and gallant appeal for parents looking for a powerful name for their baby boy. Though Kano doesn't have many famous name bearers, at least in the U.S., it doesn't lack in strength.

Kano is a commonly heard surname in Japan, but its meaning is different. The Japanese version of the name translates the same. A baby boy with the name Kano is destined to have masculine power and capabilities. The name emanates vigor and courage. For parents looking for a name outside of the box, but still has a great meaning, Kano is the perfect fit.

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