20 Adorable Baby Products Other Moms Will Be Jealous Of

Having a community of mom friends is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to getting recommendations for baby products. Sure, it's cool to hear that a friend found a way to be more productive during her twins' nap times, or to get some other helpful advice. But since there is such a sea of baby products out there, it's super useful to know what to buy. Word of mouth is often a good way to know which baby products are worth it. And if the products are cute, all the more reason to pull out our wallets.

Whether we attend a friend's baby shower and become envious of the amazing gifts that she has been given or we visit a new mom and see the cool stuff that she has in her baby's nursery, it's pretty common to want to buy these products ourselves.

We know that we've found great baby products when they are not only really cute but we also have a feeling that other moms would be green with envy looking at them. From bottles to toothbrushes to onesies, there are many products that make us go "awwww" when we see them... and we need them immediately.

Here are 20 adorable baby products that other moms will be jealous of.

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20 NUK Perfect Fit Baby Bottle, Girl

via Carousell and IG

Who doesn't want a baby bottle that has a pattern on it? The NUK Perfect Fit Baby Bottle, Girl is absolutely adorable. The turquoise, pink, purple, and mauve hearts look so cute, and it's only $17.98 for three bottles. Many moms like this brand as each bottle has a "Perfect Fit silicone nipple."

According to one mom's review, she has a large family and really loves this bottle: she wrote, "So glad I took a chance and tried something new. They are adorable, baby has no colic, easy to clean,...nothing to complain about. I'm a stay at home mother of SIX, so this ain't my first rodeo. I know good and bad product[s], I've tried [quite] a few lol."

You can find the bottle on Amazon

19 Boritar Fox Baby Blanket


When moms are picking out baby blankets, they want something made of a soft material, sure, but they also want a beautiful blanket that either matches the nursery decor or just looks too cute not to purchase. The Boritar Fox Baby Blanket is an adorable choice. It's $14.99 and actually has two sides to it, which is helpful. And, of course, there are little colorful foxes on it, which is a cute design that babies will enjoy.

You can find the blankets on Amazon

Many moms wrote reviews saying that their older daughters like this blanket, so it's perfect for families with older kids as well. One mom shared in a review that she likes the material: "So so so soft. Perfect for a [newborn] throw. I will be getting more of these."

18 The Honest Company Diapers - Variety 16 Pack Unisex Boy Girl Newborn Size

via Amazon and IG

You might not look at a package of diapers and think, "Those are totally adorable." Sure, you will definitely say that about your baby girl or boy who is wearing said diaper. But plain white diapers are just kind of, well, plain.

You can find the pack of diapers on Amazon

That's not the case with these diapers from The Honest Company. These are so adorable that they will make other moms jealous. This package of 16 diapers is $21.99 and the diapers come in incredibly cool designs. One diaper has yellow flowers, one has bananas, and another has anchors, just to name a few. They are also good for boys and girls which is good news.

17 Newborn Baby Girls Flower Animal Print Romper Bodysuit by Happy Kiddo

via Cartoon Clown Shirts

Another baby product that other moms will be jealous of since it's so adorable, this Romper Bodysuit by Happy Kiddo is priced at $7.99-$11.99.

You can find it on Amazon

This pattern is so adorable, fun, and colorful. One mom wrote in a review, "Love this. The lightweight material makes it perfect for warm summer days and it looks super cute. The 6-12 month size fit my 10-month-old (20lbs) baby perfectly." Many other moms shared that their baby looks so cute in it.

If you buy this adorable romper for your baby girl, other moms will definitely want it for their own little ones.

16 Luvable Friends Coral Fleece Bathrobe, Penguin

via PicClick and IG

Regular bathrobes aren't that adorable. A bathrobe with a penguin hood on it? Now that's really cute.

The Luvable Friends Plush Bathrobe in Girl Penguin is an adorable baby product that other moms will be jealous of. It's only $12.08 and one mom even shared in a review that she was envious: "Listen...this was a gift and I'm jelly."

You can find the product on Amazon

The brand also makes bathrobes in other varieties such as blue flowers, baseballs, pink flowers, yellow flowers, and so on. There is even a bathrobe that looks like a lion, which is adorable, but there is something extra cute about the penguin one.

15 Munchkin 6 Pack Soft-Tip Infant Spoon

via PicClick and IG

Are there more adorable baby spoons than these ones?! These are really cute, and for a pack of three, these spoons are $14.84.

You can find the spoons on Amazon

These spoons are such fun colors that moms will be jealous if you buy these for your baby. And, of course, you'll enjoy how adorable these are every time that you give them to your baby. The purple, blue, orange, red, and green colors are really cheerful.

A dad shared in a review, "My wife and I got these after trying a few other types of spoons, and these have been amazing - just the right size and very flexible and durable."

14 Baby Bib Large Toddler Burpy by KUDL

via YouTube

Baby Bib Large Toddler Burpy by KUDL come in such adorable patterns, you will be envious that your baby gets to use them, so your mom friends will be jealous, too.

You can find the bib on Amazon

These bibs are $19.99 and come in a set of four. There are multiple patterns to choose from and they are all adorable. One pack called "Lullaby" has a purple bib with white stars, another pack called "Tropical" has a pink bib with yellow pineapples and lemons, and another pack called "Safari" has cute animals. It might be tough to decide since they are all equally cute. According to one mom's review, "I wish I knew about these bib burp cloth combo products earlier. It’s small enough for our newborn to use and will grow with him when he is a toddler."

13 Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine & Sleep Aid Night Light

via Juliana Meda

The Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine & Sleep Aid Night Light is $29.70 and is super adorable. It's definitely a baby product that other moms will be jealous of.

You can see it on Amazon

White noise machines are really useful for helping babies sleep well, and it's great that this product looks like an adorable owl. One mom shared that she would have loved to have it with her first two kids: "My little one is 3 months old and I've been putting her to sleep with the same song and stars every night. She absolutely loves it, I normally use it only at bedtime but today she was having a really hard time I turned it on and she instantly relaxed. She is my third and I wish I'd had it with my other two. Great product!!"

12 Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Toy

via Picbon

The bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Toy is only $6.47, which makes this a great product at an awesome price. There are three animals: an elephant, monkey, or a giraffe. When you buy this product, you will get one of these three. They are all absolutely adorable and will make other moms jealous.

You can see it on Amazon

One mom shared in a review that her baby girl was so happy with this toy: "My baby girl fell in Love with the monkey... NO OTHER toy, stuffy, or teether could compare. The feet were perfect to chew on, soft yet firm, perfect for her to chew on. The crinkly tummy was great entertainment and learning/stimulate for her."

11 CHUBS Nerd Bird, Unique Baby Onesies


Onesies don't have to be white or even a plain color like yellow or gray. They should look cute and this one will deliver. Other moms will be so jealous of these onesies by CHUBS. These onesies have an adorable "nerd bird" on them: the onesies are gray or pink and the bird has glasses. Just imagine how cute a baby boy or girl will look in this great product, which costs between $14.99 and $15.99.

You can find these adorable onesies on Amazon

Many moms have reviewed it saying how great it looks: one wrote, "So cute! Great quality." Another mom said, "Bought as a gift, arrived quickly, very cute."

10 Jiaqee 8-12 Pack Baby Girl Cute Headband Headwraps


These headbands are adorable and since a pack of eight costs only $9.99 they are a really great price, too. They are brightly colored and you can pick out red, pink, yellow, green, etc.

You can see the headbands on Amazon

When other moms see your baby girl wearing one of these, they will be jealous and will want to know where you bought them. And they will love the price.

One mom even tried them on herself: she wrote in a review, "So cute and so stretchy they’ll fit for life. As pictured they’re small enough to fit my 15-week-old and stretchy enough to fit my big noggin!"

9 Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy with Multi-Sensory Rattle and Textures, Fox


This teething toy comes in different animals, and while they are all equally cute, the fox one is particularly adorable. It's brightly colored and costs $14.99. There are textures that babies will love and there is also a rattle.

You can find the teething toy on Amazon

As this mom wrote in a review, her baby boy enjoys this toy like nothing else: "This fox holds his interest like nothing else we have seen. He gets excited staring at it, gets tired and looks at other things and when he realizes the Fox is still there gets excited all over again." She also wrote that she could do laundry while he was using the toy because she attached it to his activity gym.

8 Patterned Utility Bag by April Fashions


Other moms will be jealous of this gorgeous bag by April Fashions. It's adorable and comes in many different colors and patterns. One of the most adorable patterns is dark red with white elephants on it. This bag is only $19.99 and can be used in a few different ways, including as a diaper bag.

There is no way that you'll buy this bag and use it around other moms that you know and not receive lots of compliments. They will want to know where you got it and you can share that all of the patterns are really cute.

You can find the bag on Amazon

7 Farber Baby Toothbrush & Toddler Toothbrush For 0-2 Years Old


This toothbrush is $11.99 and the colors are adorable. Moms will appreciate that it is "food grade material" and free of BPAs. It is suitable for newborns and also for little ones up to two years old. Moms can choose from a few different color combinations: blue and green, bright pink and purple, blue and orange, yellow and pink, and even more.

You can see it on Amazon

One mom shared in a review how well it worked for her baby: "It was so hard finding a toothbrush that has regular bristles with a baby safe handle. My son had a full mouth of teeth at 8 months and the starter silicone bristles that come with baby toothbrushes were not cleaning his teeth properly. I would highly recommend this product for those babies that get all their chompers early!"

6 Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup


These cups come in blue and pink and have truly adorable patterns on them. You will love the tiny birds and so will your little one. You can also put these cups in the dishwasher, and they're affordable at $14.11.

You can find the cup on Amazon

According to one mom's review, these cups are both convenient (simple to wash) and fun for babies: "My daughter is rather advanced for her age she just turned 6 months and feeds herself teething cookies so she took to the handles well easy to hold. The cup is the perfect size for a child 6 months that has no problem with gripping rings. Easy to clean."

5 Baby Socks Gift Set by SNAWOWO


These baby socks by Snawowo are absolutely adorable. For each pair of socks, the bottom of each sock has a hilarious saying: for example, one says "I'm not crying" and the other one says "I'm ordering dinner." A set of six pairs of socks is only $16.99 and after you get them, your mom friends will definitely be jealous.

The best part (besides how cute these are)? There are grips made of rubber on the bottom of each sock so your little one will be able to move around with ease.

This mom wrote a review and commented on the adorable look (and how well they work, too): "These socks are just so adorable!! I bought them for my 1-year-old and they fit great! These socks don’t bother her toes and her feet don’t sweat as much as in regular socks."

You can find the gift set on Amazon

4 Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Grow With Me Swing - Blue


Swings make babies and toddlers so happy, but they can be adorable, too. This blue swing from Little Tikes is $23.88 and it will make other moms jealous (and they're going to want to buy one, too).

The swing is a bright blue which is very cheerful, and the T-bar is bright red. One mom shared that she uses it inside: "My son loves it he is 8 months old I wanted it for indoors for rainy days it has worked like magic." Another mom has twins and they all enjoy it: "They're working out great for my 17-month twins-weighing about 22 lbs each. The loops that come on the ropes fit perfectly on our pergola beams."

You can find the swing on Amazon

3 aden + anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket


This baby blanket by aden + anais is made from 100 percent cotton. It's priced well at only $16 and is another baby product that will make other moms jealous. It comes in many different patterns and they are all adorable: one has giraffes and trees, another has flowers, etc. This blanket would be awesome in an animal-themed nursery.

In one review, a woman shared that she got it for a gift: "This has to be the cutest swaddle blanket I've ever seen. I always buy Aden + Anais swaddles for baby gifts because a) swaddling is the [bee's knees] and b) these are nice simple perfectly sized swaddle blankets. But this zebra print? Come on. So cute. My friend LOVED it."

You can find the blanket on Amazon

2 Silicone Bibs by Itybity


These silicone bibs by Itybity are only $8.99 and really couldn't be more adorable. One is pink and has a drawing of a cupcake on it, and the other one is turquoise and says "I heart mommy." Moms will already be big fans of how cute they are for little girls, and there is another awesome fact about this product: these bibs can be put in the dishwasher.

The bottom of the bibs are also designed so food doesn't end up on the floor (the bottom is called a "food catcher"). Moms are really loving this product: one shared, "These are so much better than traditional bibs! I've thrown out our old bibs. These are great because they contain so much more of the mess that would fall on the floor, and they are safe in the dishwasher!"

You can find the bibs on Amazon

1 JIASUQI Baby Boys and Girls Barefoot Swim Water Skin Shoes


Going on a vacation and looking for water shoes for your baby? These shoes by JIASUQI are priced at $4.99-$12.99 and they are so adorable since they come in amazing patterns. Some examples of the patterns: Blue Owl, Blue Octopus, Pink/Unicorn, and Starfish/Pink. Any other mom who sees that you purchased these will be envious.

You can find the product on Amazon

One mom shared in a review that these shoes helped her little one who was beginning to walk: "These shoes are amazing! Super soft yet sturdy! They fit great for my 1-year-old who is learning how to walk. They are super lite, not heavy at all. Took these on our vacation and they were a hit."

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