20 Adorable Girl Names That Are Also Italian Words

There’s just something about Italian girl names that are feminine and timeless. Maybe because they almost always end in the letter A, or because they sound pretty in every language. Whatever it is, Italian girl names are gaining popularity around the world and no one is wondering why.

I may be biased because every girl in my family including myself has an Italian name, but no one can deny that Italian girl names are among the most beautiful out there.

All names have a history, but many parents choose names based on what sounds right. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with picking a name simply because you fell in love with it (that’s how I roll when name picking), but as a result, many of us grow up without knowing the meaning behind our name. 

The beauty of having a name that is also a word, is that you don’t need to search for its origins, because the meaning is always evident. From names of places like Sydney and Paris, to seasons of the year like Summer and August, there isn’t a shortage of names given to girls that are inspired by English words. Similarly, many Italian names are shared with their matching words.

Here are 20 adorable girl names that are also Italian words. Paired together, they each make a perfect name with a lovable meaning, so the girl who carries it can always feel Bellisima.

20 Aria

In Italian, Aria means air. Like air, this beautiful name sounds fresh and wild, making it the perfect fit for a little girl with a free spirit. If that isn't cool enough, Aria also means melody. Put those two together and you get a light, airy name with some good music playing in the background.

It's no wonder why this name has been creeping up popularity lists in the last decade. In 2016, you can find Aria sitting way up top within the 30 most popular names in both Canada and the States. If you are worried about its popularity, remember that popular names are common for a good reason, and naming trends are ever changing.

If you want to stay true to its Italian roots, this name should not be butchered with the wrong pronunciation. It's not Area, it's Aria ...as in ahh-ree-ah, and it should roll of your tongue like the beautiful name that it is.

19 Allegra

In Italian, Allegra comes from the adjective allegramente which translates to, with joy. Allegra means joyful and una ragazza allegra e piena di vita is a girl who is cheerful and full of life. What more could you want for your baby girl?

As if this name isn’t already showered with good vibes, in music terms, allegro means performing in a quick and lively manner. No matter how you look at is, Allegra is a name rooted with happiness and liveliness.

When I was seventeen, I spent the summer with a girl I met in Sicily. Her name was Allegra and I remember thinking her name matched perfectly with her vibrant personality.

You may find a few girls named Allegra in Italy, but if originality is important to you, you'll be pleased to know that the rest of the world has yet to shine a spotlight on this happy name.

18 Mia

In Italian, Mia means mine. How sweet is that? Obviously, in English, naming your kid Mine sounds possessive, but in Italian, it's adorable. Mia. My little girl. My darling. It’s just too cute.

In Italy, Mia also symbolizes a wished for child, making it the perfect fit for baby girl that was longed for. Being someone who struggled to get pregnant, this meaning holds a special place in my heart.

Short names are also on trend. Think about all the benefits your daughter will have if her name is only three letters long. Learning how to spell her name will be a breeze and spelling out her name to other people will never be a challenge. As an added bonus, when she goes bowling with her friends, her entire name will fit in the display screen.

Mia can be short for Maria, but Mia on its own has become a red hot name. In 2015, it was ranked the sixth most popular name in the States. I say if you love it, go for it. The more Mia's, the merrier.

17 Cara

In Italian, Cara means dear. There's something romantic amount naming your daughter with the same word that so many Italian love letters begin with. Like dear in English, Cara is a word used to show affection to someone you love. What a perfect fit for an adored little girl.

In the US, the name Cara reached its peak from the 70’s to the 90’s, but has since dropped in popularity …which is never a bad thing when it comes to names. I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes a comeback soon, but for now, the Irish have dibs. In 2015, Cara ranked 36th most popular name in Ireland.

If you’re looking for a name that is both short and sweet, Cara is one to consider. You’ll more commonly find it spelt with a K, but regardless of how it’s written on paper, this name sounds as endearing as the meaning behind it.

16 Chiara

In Italian, Chiara means clear. It often refers to something that is transparent, allowing for a clear view of surrounding objects. Una bella spiaggia con acqua chiara is the picturesque image of a beautiful beach with clear water (someone take me there please).

Sounding similar to the loveable Cara, Chiara has more of an exotic vibe. Its popularity has yet to spill over Italy’s land, but all around the world this Italian name will make any girl stand out with uniqueness.

Contrary to the English language, in Italian, the combination of C + H sounds like a K. That makes the correct pronunciation of Chiara sound like key-ah-ra. Although this name is rarely found in the Western side of the world, comparable names that are more common include Clara, Claire and the very similar Keira.

Like fish swimming under crystal clear water, Chiara promises a lifetime of beautiful, open views. Or at least, a lifetime with a lovely name.

15 Carina

In Italian, Carina means cute, darling, and pretty. Awwww.

Carina is derived from the beautiful Cara, which you now know means dear. In Italy, carina is a widely used word used to describe anything lovable. Una bambina carina is an adorable little girl and una faccia carina is the cutest little face. What better way to describe your bundle of joy.

As if this name isn’t already complete with special meaning, Carina is also the name of a constellation in the southern sky. Along with many well-known stars, the Carina constellation is home to Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky. Talk about an adorable name that shines bright.

You may be more familiar with the alternative spelling of this name, Karina, but when spelt with a C it glows with Italian charm. Similar names include Katrina and Katarina.

Besides being a sweet and timeless name, Carina might just hold the cutest meaning on this list.

14 Terra

In Italian, Terra means earth. A name that represents the essence of nature and shines a much needed light on our precious environment.

In ancient Roman mythology, Terra is known as the goddess of the earth, making it an ideal fit for any outdoorsy girl. In a word filled with distractions, we need to push our children out the door and let them explore the world in its natural state.

Tara, the more common version of this name, originates from Ireland and signifies “rocky hill.” The 1930’s book and film, Gone with the Wind, popularized this name and in modern times, it was further spread through the American actress, Tara Reid, best known for her roles in the hilarious American Pie movies.

Terra is a down-to-earth name that carries a balance of femininity and originality. Just like the Roman Mother Earth, the girl who wears this name will always appreciate the beautiful planet she was born in.

13 Bella

In Italian, Bella means beautiful, but you probably already knew that.

Bella is certainly used to describe beautiful woman, but the word goes far beyond looks in Italian culture. From a widely used pet name to show affection, to one of Italian cinema’s most famous films, La vita è bella, Italians believe beauty is everywhere.

Although the Twilight saga hijacked this name and blew up its popularity after the famous character Bella Swan, it’s hard for even the haters to deny its simplistic beauty. Like the character, Bella is typically short for Isabella. A name so popular, it sits within the top 10 baby names in the US, Canada and England.

If you like things short and sweet, drop the Isa, and consider letting Bella shine on its own. After all, many people these days are keeping things simple and using common nicknames as first names. Since I named my son Sam, this is clearly a trend I’m into.

Nickname or not, Bella is beautiful. Both literally and figuratively.

12 Bianca

In Italian, Bianca means white and symbolizes purity. Honestly though, what is more pure than a baby girl?

Like the traditional color worn by most brides, white is a color associated with fresh, new beginnings. It’s also a blank canvas, stimulating peace and serenity with endless possibilities.

Shakespeare was a fan, using characters named Bianca in his plays. Then in the 70’s, Disney picked up the name for Miss Bianca in The Rescuers.

Bianca is a name that is enjoyed around the world. Besides Italy, it has recently ranked within the top 100 most popular names in Portugal, Romania and Sweden. Although slightly less popular in North America, it boomed in 1990 when it ranked in 84th place in the US and it still remains a favorite by many.

Besides the French version, Blanche, there are not many similar names out there, making this fresh and pure name even more attractive.

11 Tamia

In Italian, Tamia means chipmunk. In a quirky way, this translation is one of my favorites. It may not be as romantic as the others, but can we just stop for a second and picture a baby girl with chubby cheeks with a name that literally means chipmunk? I can’t even handle it.

Although this name is more French than Italian, it still rings with Italian charm. It offers a sweet and original twist to more widely known names like Tania and Tamara.

Tamia is a modern name without much history. Besides receiving mass attention in the 90’s through the Grammy-nominated Canadian singer, Tamia Hill, it isn’t a name shared with many cultural references.

In any classroom, Tamia is a name that will stand out, but if naming your daughter a name shared with a small, striped rodent isn’t your thing, the list of names to pick from goes on.

10 Gemma

In Italian, Gemma means jewel. In both English and Italian, this name represents how precious daughters are to the world.

Everyone has a birthstone associated with the month they were born, but the name Gemma takes precious stones to another level by representing them all.

This classic Italian name shines with brilliance. It is pronounced Jem-mah and is also commonly spelt with a J. Besides Italy, girls with this name can easily be found in Australia. In North America, Gemma, along with its sister name, Jenna, are familiar, but not widely used, which are factors many parents look for when name picking.

Jewel, like the famous American singer-songwriter, is the English equivalent to this Italian name. More specific gemstone names include Pearl, Ruby and Silver, but if you want a name that beams with elegance, Gemma is an excellent option that will add more joy and beauty to the world.

9 Rosa

In Italian, Rosa means rose. That one's kind of obvious.

Without offending any Rosa's out there, this name could come across as old fashioned, but only because it carries a classic charm. From all the way back to Santa Rosa, the name of the 13th century saint from Viterbo, this name is rooted with history. It boomed in the 1880’s and has been everlasting in popularity in many countries since.

Variants of this name include Rosie and Rosalie, but both Rose and Rosa embody the beautiful flower that women have come to love in packs of twelve. Why twelve? Who knows, but a rose will always mean I love you (even if it is more widely used for I’m sorry).

Sounding similar in every language, Rosa is a name that can easily be pronounced across the globe. Even with a classic vibe, this name fits right in with modern day times. Just think of the Bachelor. Roses everywhere.

8 Lilla

In Italian, Lilla means lilac. Both the color and the flower.

Lilla is a name blooming with originality, just like its flower. It’s short and sweet and easy to say. Pronounced Lill-uh, it should not be mistaken for the more common name, pronounced Lie-lah, which varies in spelling from Leila, Lylah and Lila.

The lilac bush only blooms for a couple of weeks at the start of each spring, representing the start of a new season, and is often associated with Easter. It’s long-awaited, yet short-lived blooming time makes it even more beautiful. Blooming all at once, lilac bushes burst with color and fill up the air with the smell of fresh flowers.

Although the lilac flower blooms in white or purple, the word is associated with the soft purple color filled with girly elegance.

Lilla is a simple name that is unique and super sweet and any girl would be lucky to have it.

7 Violetta

In Italian, Violetta means violet. This is the last color/flower name, I promise, but because of it's vibrant vibe, it had to make this list.

Similar to Lilla, Violetta is a name that blooms from a purple base - the equally girly, but more mature version of pink. With a color symbolizing imagination and creativity, Violetta is the perfect name for a little daydreamer.

Although more commonly thought of as a color, violet belongs to a flower that comes in many different colors with heart-shaped leaves.

Violet, the English equivalent, is also a commonly used name. The famous Ben Afflek and Jennifer Garner helped popularize it after naming their daughter Violet and shining a Hollywood spotlight on the pretty name. In 2015, Violet was ranked in 50th place on the name charts. In an effort to step outside of the box and add some Italian charm, Violetta is a beautiful alternative.

6 Vita

In Italian, Vita means life. I can't get over how sweet the meaning of this name is. Vita would fit flawlessly with a little girl who is filled with life and energy.

Like Violetta, Vita offers an interesting spin to common names that start with the letter V. If V is not your favorite letter though, you may consider Avita or Evita, bringing something new to the mega popular names, Ava and Eva.

Although most of the world outside of Italy may not be yet be familiar with this energetic name, girls named Vita can be found roaming the streets of central Europe. On the name charts, Vita was recently ranked 17th most popular name in Slovenia and 58th most popular name in Croatia. Two beautiful countries filled with life and color.

Whether or not you love this name, you can probably appreciate the lively meaning behind it. After all, every baby girl brings new life into the world.

5 Annata

In Italian, Annata means a year or a year’s worth. The 2006 British-American film, A Good Year, translates to Un'ottima Annata in Italian.

Although the meaning behind this name may not be as admirable as the rest of this list, it is included because it is filled with Italian charisma.

Outside of Italy’s boot, the name Annata is almost non-existent, which makes it appealing for those seeking originality. It has potential to travel to other countries in the future, but for now its closest variants outside of Italy include Anita and Anika.

If you are not one to follow trends, Annata is a unique option for your baby girl. There is something special about taking a name from another culture and helping it shine in new places.

Annata is a lovely choice, but whatever you choose to name your girl, you can only hope that her life is filled with good years.

4 Trina

In Italian, Trina means lace or frill.

Besides being an Italian girl’s name, Trina is a word to describe fabric with embellishment. Qualcosa di pizzo e di trina translates to something frilly with lace. This name and the meaning behind it fits perfectly for any girly girl, but also has a rough edge that makes it suitable for a tomboy.

In many parts of the word, Trina is short for names like Katrina and Katarina, but it can also stand on its own. It’s a simple name that is easy to say and its pronunciation does not change much from one language to the next.

In the English language, Lace is also a unique name that some parents choose for their baby girls, along with the more popular variant, Lacey.

Just like the unique fabric that is made into works of art with stunning details, the name Trina can be worn with style.

3 Sabbia

In Italian, Sabbia means sand. If the meaning behind this name doesn’t sound very glam to you, close your eyes and picture a white-sanded beach and you’ll likely change your mind.

Besides the teeny tiny grains that gets trapped in your bathing suit, sand is wonderful. Toes in the sand. Sandcastles. Writing your lover’s initials in the sand with a big heart over it. The possibilities for fun in the sand are endless, and that’s exactly what Sabbia is ...a name inspired by fun.

Compared to most of the other names on this list, Sabbia is less heard of. If you are seeking a name for your daughter that will not be shared, this playful name is one to consider.

As an alternative to Sabrina, Sabbia is the perfect fit for a unique soul. Or at least the perfect fit for a girl who is destined to be a beach bum.

2 Luna

In Italian, Luna means moon and refers to our planet’s closest neighbor that lights up our sky at night.

The moon is widely recognized as a feminine symbol because it closely mirrors the cycles of menstruation, but let’s ignore that comparison and focus on its magnificence. Like the moonlight on the ocean, Luna is a name that carries a simplistic beauty.

The name is admired across the globe and is mega popular in Europe. It ranks within the top 100 names in over ten European countries. In 2003, Luna was the 8th most popular name in Belgium and still sits within the top 50 names for Belgium girls.

While not as popular as in Europe, Luna is still well loved in North America along with other nature-inspired names like Willow and Summer.

Luna is a name that promises to not only light up the night sky, but to radiate with beauty day and night.

1 Stella

In Italian, Stella means star. I left this one for last because it’s my fav.

Stella is my baby girl’s name. I just haven't had her yet. When I was pregnant with my son, it was Stella for a girl and I have no clue for a boy. We only ended up choosing our son’s name in my last month of pregnancy, but I had Stella picked long before I got pregnant.

Apparently, I am not the only one who loves this name. In 2015, Stella ranked 48th place in Canada and 51st place in the States. Like Gabriella and Isabella, there’s just something about names that end in ella that boom in popularity.

If you’re in awe of stars like I am, you'll never forget the meaning behind this beautiful name.

At the end of the day, whether you choose a name filled with meaning or not, the only thing that matters is to pick a name for your baby girl that you will always love. I hope you enjoyed reading these 20 names as much as I enjoyed putting this list together.

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