20 Adorable Photos Of Babies In Gender Neutral Clothes

Gender reveal parties are all the hype these days! People are throwing extravagant gatherings to cut an eight layered cake to discover pink or blue! It is all the excitement and rage. The soon-to-be girl or boy is blessed with more gifts than they need and the family is showing all the love to the new baby.

But what about the couples who want to keep their new baby's gender hush-hush? There is an incredible moment after giving birth when the doctor looks up to say, "It's a boy!" (or vice versa). Mommy and daddy's eyes flood with happy tears and the nine long months of waiting are so worth that special moment of discovery. So, let's not hate on the couples who are able to patiently wait or keep it a secret. Let's stop badgering them about what their baby's gender and name is and let's allow their moment to be one they will forever remember.

As for the baby showers and gifts, we have parents covered with many adorable gender neutral clothing ideas, brands, and trendy items. Regardless if it's a boy or girl, these are all so stinking cute! From Celine Dion's new clothing line to social media-worthy rompers, we have exactly what every mommy needs!

20 Rainbows And Sunshine


Kids grow like weeds. One day they are 3 months old and the next they are off on the big yellow bus to Kindergarten. Time flies, so don't waste a day in Plain Jane tees and bows. Why not try out a little spunk and colour.

We are in love with these vibrant patterns, mismatched look, and matching beanie. Might I add, the white camera purse is the top of the cake. Target recently launched their gender-neutral clothing line, and trust me, they are up to speed on the latest colourful prints to help your little one stand out!

19 All About The Shapes


Name a style that doesn't look cute on a baby? Seriously!

Timberlands, rompers, backwards hats, skater style, and even punk rock, all just make you want to squeeze those cheeks. You could literally have your kid rocking a new style each day and it would't get old. One of my favourite gender neutral brands full of prints and shapes is The Bonnie Mob.

Yes, their clothes may be a little more pricey than Target, but definitely not in Kim Kardashian's price range. Their modern hipster look is amazing and their clothes are actually good quality. Don't let the prices make you cringe because you can totally pass whatever you buy down to your next nugget!

18 The LOL Tees


One word: Etsy. Seriously, Etsy is full of small business owners with hilarious jumpers with great one-liners on them. You can't go wrong with this style for babies. Girl or boy, they work.

Not only do they make the lady behind you in line at the grocery store giggle, but they also give your child a little personality too.  They can be easily dressed up with a bow or some Jordans to determine gender later. So, don't worry about the colour of the onesie- just find a quote, saying, or funny phrase that will make your friend smile when their baby is rocking it!

17 Romping Around


If you have ever worn a romper then you know they are ever females favorite thing. No more uncomfortable jeans and it's a little dressier than yoga pants. Basically a huge win for women of my generation. You can dance, squat, do the splits, cartwheels, run, skip, literally, everything. It is magic and exactly what I plan to dress my child in every day.

If I worship them that much, surely my kid will appreciate the comfort of them as well. With new trends, boys are even wearing rompers, too! Don't worry about not being able to buy a cute dress for the baby shower. Rather, buy a gender-neutral romper and take home first prize.

Of course, most department stores sell these, but we are loving the ones from My K by Myleene Klass. They are reasonably priced and funky fresh!

16 Grandma's Pick


If you grew up around grandma and grandpa then you most likely got scary looks and lectures about the currently clothes kids are wearing these days.

Since they most likely will be attending showers, give them a little help in the right direction so you don't end up with twelve black and white onesies. We love the mustard yellow and grey neutral colors, especially paired with an elephant or animal. This Red Robin screams Grandma, but it is super cute and a good outfit for a Wednesday play date.

Currently, we are dazzled over the brand Organic Zoo, and Grandma will be too. She may have a heart attack when she sees most outfits are going for about $35, but it is her grandbaby after all!

15 Festive For The Holidays


There is always a slight chance that you could have a holiday baby! There are two things we love about the holidays; babies in adorable festive outfits and family around to give you a helping hand! I feel ya, mommy, it isn't easy!

Anyways, holiday outfits are 100% gender neutral and never go out of fashion! One of my favourite holiday social media posts are families in matching pajamas! Hearts, snowflakes, pumpkins, and even four leaf clover prints all over their clothes! Families in all the same attire are everything.

Check out Gap and Old Navy for awesome matching family PJ's and all for a very good price!

14 Twinning


Oh, the fear of bullies at school. Well, they can buzz right off after powerhouse mom, Courtney Hartman, created her clothing line, Jessy & Jack. You best believe this mom wasn't about to not let her daughter flaunt her love of dinosaurs at school all because the t-shirt was blue!

Just like how wearing white after Labor Day is now "socially acceptable," old-fashioned stereotypes can be thrown out the window too! Let your daughter be a math nerd and your son lead the ballet if they want to! Screw other people's opinions and join Courtney Hartman's crew of letting kids be kids!

13 Simple & Artsy

We are in love with the soft neutral tones and burnt colors. From gender-neutral leggings, hats, and unisex dresses, this company is the real deal! Simple colors and easy-going designs will always be a favorite and will never disappoint. If you are looking for the perfect hippy look, this is the way to go!

12 Even The Celebs Are Doing It!


Yes, we love a kid in color and patterns, but there is nothing wrong with black and white. Just ask Kim Kardashian- after all, she is a fashion icon.

North West went through a closet phase of gender-neutral attire and fans loved it! Black and white striped pants paired with a leather coat is super stylish since black and white are such high fashion colors! The celebrity couple was all about the gender neutral clothes for their little girl and we're sticking to their guns about their opinion.

If Kim and Kayne can dress their kids in gender-neutral clothes, why can't you? Do you mama, do you!

11 Positive Vibes


In a world of negativity, we need all the positivity we can find!

Why not pass all the positive vibes and happy baby giggles on to everyone around you. You can easily pick up a graphic tee at Carter's or on Etsy, but we are obsessing over Jean & June. With comfy organic tee's with sayings like "tiny girl gang" or "nap so hard" your munchkin will be the star of every event.

The best part is the company also has mommy matching tees with the same adorable sayings and even cuter fonts! These matching outfits are perfect for your next family photo shoot or weekend brunch date!

10 Magic Hats


Bonnets, beanies, crowns, tiaras, and even flat bills! Hats are like playing dress up and can change a whole outfit.

We love a baby in a hat- after all, that is how they are sent home from the hospital. It can be very tricky to find a soft, non-scratchy baby hat, but we have your back, girl. A great place to shop online for inexpensive baby topknot hats is Lou Lou (no, not Lululemon!).

Any color, pattern, or design you can imagine, this brand has it! Not to mention, their no scratch mittens and blankets are outstanding too! Plus, the hats are no more than $12.50 each! Now that is a steal!

9 Swaddles


Every mommy knows a baby in a good swaddle is like winning the lottery! Their comfort, calmness, and precious face all wrapped up like a burrito can quickly put them asleep allowing you to accomplish a few things off your to-do list!

Swaddle's don't have to be black and white, and every mommy can never have too many. We picked Aden + Anais as our spot for grab enchanting swaddles for your mommy friend and you! When your baby is first born, don't fuss with trying to dress them and push their little fingers through a sleeve! Grab some charming gender neutral swaddles and wrap them right up!

8 Beach Bums


Two things (other than men being bald) that will never go out of style are hats and shades!

Baby accessories add an extra touch to any outfit and are gender neutral. Don't be worried about what you pick out because men and women both look so good in Ray-Bans and sun hats. There are so many things a baby needs from pacifiers, stuffed animals, toys, blocks, and binky clips.

Amazon is a one-stop shop for all of these essentials and you can find many of these items in at many different price points! Let's not forget the extremely efficient and fast shipping they have these days too!

7 Too Cool For School


Right before your eyes is one of Celine Dion's baby clothing line item, Celinununu! Most of her line is black, white, gray, and yellow and full of letters, shapes, and a few quotes like "new order."

According to Huffingtonpost.com, this brand is a collaboration with Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, who are designers of Nununu. Celine loved what these ladies were about and how they preach that kids can be who they want. All the hype of this company launched and Celine put out a killer ad for it!

During the commercial, she says, " We may thrust them forward into the future, but the course will always be theirs to choose." Right on lady!

6 PSL & Sweater Season


Doesn't this picture just shout Pumpkin Spice Lattes, a cozy blanket, and UGGs? Um, yes!

And kids look dang cute in baby UGGS, but let's not discuss the price of those bad boys! This green sweater is totally interchangeable and would also make your little boy look like an ad for some preppy store in the mall! Another gender-neutral clothing line that isn't blowing up everyone's social media feed just yet is Kate Quinn Organics. From silly Where The Wild Things Are to vintage onesies to organic footie pajamas, this brand has everything you and your little one could ever need.

Ready for the best part? They literally have clothes ranging from $5-$20. Oh yes, no joke!

5 Everyone Loves A Little Disney


Stumped on what clothes to get your mystery gender child? Stock his or her closet with Disney attire! You can't go wrong there!

Every child, girl or boy, grows up loving the magic of Disney! Thanks to television show, Shark Tank, a new gender-neutral clothing line has hit the market and has taken off. Rags To Riches is bouncy, animated, and full of life. Swaddles with Bambi on them, Mickey Mouse rompers, and Jack Skellington tee's- you name it, they've got it!

Your life will be changed and your baby's closet will be very full! Plus, your family will be the most stylish bunch at the theme parks this season! You may even find Minnie Mouse a bit jealous!

4 Milk & Cookies


Okay, stop. I am in love.

First off, this is the perfect example to show how you can rock gender neutral clothing! Choose matching sibling leotards and all mom has to do is add a little hat and bow to show off the gender. Plus, this graphic tee saying is giving me all the belly laughs!

Second, both of these easily pair with a cute ballerina skirt or a pair of khakis. Super easy to dress up and show off the gender of your little! Surprisingly, one of the top gender-neutral clothing items is actually a jean jacket! Why didn't we think of throwing that over this look too?

3 Comfy & Simple


No need for a filter, as these clothes, will give your post over one hundred likes! There is more than just being stylish that goes along with dressing a baby, as comfort and movability are key. Something your baby can crawl around in and is easy to get off and on makes life great!

Changing a diaper is already no fun, but unbuttoning and building up a sweat trying to undress your nugget is a hard no! Thanks to Bear & Babe, a company out of the UK, they made clothes that are easy to pull off and on. They have a stretchy waistline, a little extra baggage in the diaper region, and cuffed ankles, too! Plus, their hooded rompers are almost as exciting as finding out the gender of Beyonce's child!

2 Animal Lovers


On a scale of 1 to cuteness overload, this look is off the charts. Buy Buy Baby, Kohl's, and even TJ Maxx have clothing racks full of easy throw on cotton children's clothes. As a mommy, picking and choosing your battles can be very tough, especially when it comes to a bedtime routine or getting your kids out the door in the morning quick!

Search high and low and even the sale rack for cozy clothes that can easily turn into pajamas for those lazy Sunday's at home! Hey, no one will even notice when you all pile in the car to run a quick errand. I promise, sometimes finding simple hacks like this will be your saving grace. Simple, cute, and serves many purposes.

1 Bibs, White Tee's, And Prints


The little safari print is the sign of a gender neutral print! When browsing the baby isle's it seems to be the "code" for a gender neutral item. Obviously, you can never have enough clothes, especially for a messy baby!

Start stocking up on gender-neutral bibs and baby handkerchief's to give a little sass to an outfit. You can always dress up those simple basic colors you got from your showers with accessories, but don't forget it's your baby and your choice! Don't let Aunt Pam bug you until you reveal the gender. Let the surprise be worth it and note that gender neutral clothes are hip and perfect, too!

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