20 Adorable Photos Of Besties Penelope Disick And North West

North West and Penelope Disick are the darling daughters of reality superstar sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian respectively. These two totally hip tots are proof that cousins make the best of friends. They are spotted out and about on a regular basis enjoying days filled with sparkles, sweets, giggles and so much fun.

Activities they enjoy doing together include dressing up in matching Halloween costumes, anything to do with princesses, perfecting their plies in ballet class and donning mermaid tails while splashing and cooling off under the California sun.

These delightful little ladies are simply the sweetest cousin besties to ever exist. Perhaps EOnline.com described their relationship best when they stated, “From playing dress up in Kim’s heels to throwing joint birthday parties to raising two sister Pomeranian puppies together, Nori and P are truly the best of friends, providing endless amounts of adorableness from their many moments together.” Fans of this dynamic duo couldn’t agree more.

Kim and Kourt have shared so many adorable pics of North and Penelope living their best lives together over the years, that it’s difficult to narrow the precious moments of their adorable friendship down to just 20. Read on for just some of the many moments they have shared over the years that have caused the citizens of the world to utter a collective “Awe!”

20 Best Friends For Life

Nori and P have been photographed on more than one occasion holding hands. Is there anything cuter than two tiny tots with interlocked fingers and joyful smiles? Not really. These two adorable little ones have been spending time together since they were babies. Penelope was born on July 8th 2012, and North arrived just over a year later on June 15, 2013. Because of the close proximities of their birthdays, they have taken to celebrating their trips around the sun together.

These two cutie patooties celebrated at a joint unicorn-themed birthday bash in the summer of 2018. The party was one for the books and included pony rides, giant rainbow pool floaties and a decadent display of sweets. The year before, the pair celebrated their big days with a Moana-themed celebration complete with mermaids and lots of merriment.

19 Stepping Out In Style

When North and Penelope were still toddlers, they enjoyed days out on the town on a regular basis. It didn’t matter if they were hitting the beach, the zoo or the playground, they always arrived in style. In fact, these two fashionistas have been trendsetters since before they could walk or talk.

Fans of the Kardashians and their kids can’t get enough of Nori and P and their sweet friendship. Not surprisingly, many draw inspiration for their own kids’ fashion statements from the two young reality stars. It isn't difficult to understand why. All of the outfits these two sport are completely and totally on point. 

18 Friendsies, Rain Or Shine

North and Penelope may be living luxurious lives, but they are still children who enjoy the simple pleasures of being young, like fun in the sun or splashing in the rain. They were recently photographed sharing an umbrella on a drizzly day. As always, they were dressed to the nines in designer duds and looking oh-so-cute.

These two sweet girls are all about having fun, whatever they are doing. Their faces say it all. They are comfortable around each other and seem thrilled to be doing even the most mundane of activities. Even something as simple as walking down the street together brings them happiness.

17 Dancing Divas


Some of the sweetest shots of North and Penelope ever snapped are the ones taken as they go to or from ballet class. The outfits they wear while learning to pirouette and grand jete are fit for the stage at NYC’s David H. Koch theater or The Kennedy Center Opera House.

Little girls in tights and poofy skirts are the perfect dichotomy of grace and sticky fingers, elegance and wobbly walks, and North and Penelope are no exception. They always seem in good spirits on their way into dance class, and are usually just as happy on their way out. 

16 Brunching Babies 

As previously mentioned, Nori and P have been hanging together since they were babbling, bouncing babies. Penelope may be a year older, but she most likely doesn’t remember a life without North in it, and vice versa.

When the girls were small, they were often seen being toted around to the fanciest eating establishments. They may not have been aware of the photographers snapping pics of their pinchable baby cheeks while they were in public, but someday, when they’re out for a cousin brunch many years from now, they’ll be able to Google themselves and see just how cute they looked as babies.

15 Fun With Grandma

North and Penelope were once photographed enjoying a ride at Disneyland with their grandma and looking ultra-adorable while doing so. Kris Jenner is not your stereotypical grandmother. In fact, her grandkids don’t refer to her as such, but instead call her “Lovey". This momager loves all of her grandbabies, but has a soft spot in her heart for Penelope and North, and no one can really blame her.

Jenner recently shared the sweetest birthday tribute to North on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy birthday to our beautiful, funny, smart little love bug, North. You bring so much light to our lives and I am blessed beyond words to have you as my granddaughter.”

14 Casual Cuties

North and Penelope own clothing more expensive than most kids’ college funds, and carry handbags that put the generic big box store backpacks most kids tote around to shame. Yes, they are living the high life, but they are pretty down-to-earth when it comes to their day-to-day fashion choices.

Speaking about North’s style, Kim revealed in a recent interview with Elle, “She dresses really simple, and she’s not really a fussy dresser except for every morning she says ‘shoes,’ and has to put on a pair of shoes. Like she had on the most wild outfit today...She was wearing purple pajamas...She had a big pink poodle [backpack] that her friend sent her, and she loves sandals, so she was wearing these really, like, wild sandals.” The star then added, “Who says she only wears black?”

13 Girl Time Is The Best Time

Like all little girls, North and Penelope are growing up fast and developing their own likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. They most likely share their thoughts on a lot of different subjects with each other. The special bond they share is evident in the pic above, in which these cute cousins and another close friend are sharing a moment that is just for girls.

Before long, Nori and P will no longer be kids, and will have to navigate their ways through the difficult years of adolescence under a very public spotlight. However, for now, they are happy, carefree, and enjoying the precious and quickly fleeting years of childhood.

12 Braided Beauties

Two French braids has become a trademark Kardashian hairstyle, and when a pic was shared on social media of North and Penelope rocking the look with their Aunt Khloe, fans could hardly handle the cuteness.

It was a moment when many realized these two famous tots, who have grown up in front of the world, aren’t babies anymore. It seems like it was only yesterday that fans were watching Kim and Kourtney speculate about having kids someday on KUWTK, and it’s hard to believe that their babies are already so grown up. It’s sad when children get older, but it’s also exciting to discover who they will become.

11 Proud Cousins 

Now that the Kardashian clan is expanding exponentially, North and Penelope are no longer the youngest in the family. Instead, they have become the proud older cousins to the newest additions to their famous family. Saint, Reign, Dream, Stormi, Chicago and True are lucky to have these two amazing littles to look up to.

They dote on and adore their younger siblings and cousins. As these famous babies grow up, they’ll look up to North and Penelope and will most likely view them as the cool older cousins they wish to emulate. Nori and P are most definitely setting great examples of kindness and effortless coolness for their younger family members.

10 Morning Snuggles 

This sweet throwback shot of Penelope and North enjoying a snuggling session in the sunlight is almost too adorable to handle. It’s apparent in the pic that P loves her younger cousin with all her heart. Her expression is gentle, protective and heart-melting.

North is perfectly content to be nestled next to her older cousin. The girls may not be old enough yet to grasp exactly how wonderful their lifelong friendship will become, or how lucky they are to have each other, but it’s apparent that they’ve loved each other from the very beginning. Nori was born with a built-in bestie, and P gained a sister the day she arrived.

9 Supporting Auntie KoKo 

Auntie KoKo, aka Khloe Kardashian, had two of the cutest supporters turn out to cheer her on at the release of her body positive book. North and Penelope were over-the-moon with excitement to show their support for the family member that Kendall Jenner recently revealed to the Daily Mail is “the all-around favorite aunt.”

Khloe posted a pic of North and Penelope holding her book on Instagram and captioned the shot, “I can’t stop smiling when I look at this photo! I love my little ladies!! They were so excited and kept screaming, ‘KoKo!’ ‘KoKo!’ North calls me ‘KoKo Loco.’”

8 Sweet Treats

The sweet shot above features North, Penelope and Mason enjoying some delicious froyo together. Kourt isn’t big on treats, and Kim tries to feed her kids healthy foods as often as possible, but both moms allow indulgences from time to time.

Kourtney has shared, “My mom fed us a lot of processed food when we were kids, like chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. I make those treats for my family too, but I use organic cheeses and whole wheat bread and tortillas.” It sounds like when the kids do get to enjoy a decadent dessert it’s the healthiest version possible.

7 Princess Parties 

As previously mentioned, North and Penelope love everything to do with princesses, and had a Moana-themed joint birthday party that included mermaids galore a few years back. They definitely had a good time at the shindig. The proof is in the pictures, one of which shows the two cousin besties gazing adoringly at a realistic mermaid poolside as they sport their own lovely mermaid tales.

Another shot from the bash shows the birthday girls snuggled close to their favorite aunt enjoying all of the girlish goodness their party had to offer. Speaking about North and her love of all things girly, Kim told Elle, “I think she does gravitate towards really simple things, but she loves accessories.”

6 Tutu Cute

One of the sweetest things about P and Nori may be their shared love of the graceful art of ballet. The tutus and leotards they wear to their dance classes are classy, elegant and oh-so-darling.

Speaking about being a mom to a little girl, and how it has changed her perspective on life, Kourtney has shared, “After my daughter was born, I made a promise to myself to live in the moment.” The oldest Kardashian sister is often seen toting North and Penelope too and from ballet class. These two girls are lucky to have moms who want to give them every opportunity in life, and who are doing their best to be good examples of strong women for their mini-mes.

5 Silly Secrets

North and Penelope share a special bond that will most likely last a lifetime. They have been there for each other through the ups and downs of their lives so far, and know everything about each other. Their famous mamas are doing all they can to teach them to view themselves in a positive light, and it seems to be working.

P’s mom Kourt once admitted, “Now that I have a daughter, I’ve been thinking about how I’ll define beauty to her. I watched a video of Kendall when she was three putting on makeup. I don’t know how I feel about that. But my daughter already watches me do it. When do you let them start wearing it? I don’t know yet.”

4 Girls' Night Out

P and Nori are now old enough to enjoy special girls’ nights out on the town with the one and only Kim Kardashian West. They are learning from their celeb moms all about the upsides and downsides of being celebs.

Speaking about the fact that North has loved to dress up from a very early age, Kim told Elle, “She loves makeup. Every night we play, after her bath, in bed, and you know my purse is always kind of by my nightstand, so she always says ‘purse!’ So she grabs my purse, and that means she wants my makeup bag...She’s obsessed with makeup and watching me get ready and getting ready herself. She could not be more ultimately girly-girl.”

3 Nori And P Are Not Impressed 

Kim K recently posted a hilarious pic to Snapchat of North and Penelope looking unimpressed while attending a Yo Gabba Gabba-themed birthday party. She captioned the shot "thrilled to party" and had fans of the duo laughing about their unenthusiastic facial expressions. Hey, at least North is trying to eke out some semblance of a smile for her mama's camera.

The celebration, which was for Khadijah Haqq McCray's daughter Celine, may have been a bit too immature for these sophisticated ladies. They are, after all, no longer in the toddler or preschooler phase. Celebrity kids...they grow up so fast.

2 Easter Fun 

In the spring of 2016, Kim took Nori and P to LA’s Underwood Farms for some Easter festivities, and the pics that resulted are pure gold. The girls seemed underwhelmed by the egg hunt they participated in, and weren’t all that impressed with the giant Easter Bunny, but the matching bunny ears they donned for the event had fans gushing over their adorableness.

These cute cousins have traveled all over the world, eaten at five star restaurants, walked red carpets and scored front row seats at fashion shows. We can’t blame them for being less-than-excited about plastic eggs filled with smashed candy and a guy in a slightly disturbing bunny costume.

1 So Grown Up 

North and Penelope have their whole lives ahead of them. Fans of the duo can’t wait to see the darling pics of these two lovely little ladies that are yet to be taken. One thing is certain: whatever the future holds for Nori and P, it’s a bright one. They are two strong, silly and sassy girls born to do great things.

Kim shared in her interview with Elle that Nori is “very independent.” Speaking about all of the amazing women in her life that influence North and Penelope, Kourtney has shared, “I am surrounded by strong women every day. I am so inspired by my strong, smart sisters, mother and grandmother all day long. Most importantly, teach your children (girls and boys) about what today means and lead by example.”

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