20 Adorable Pokemon-Inspired Baby Names Nerdy Moms Will Fight Over

Choosing a name is not a game. After all, personal names carry strong meanings and letters draw destinies. From traditional names to foreign tongue-twisters, moms and dads often get lost in the pieces of parenting advice. Celebs also have an impact on parents, especially across the US, which is a phenomenon known as Celebrity Baby Name Effect. The numbers of little babies Madox, Suri, and Stormi, for instance, are increasing.

Nevertheless, nerdy moms can stay true to themselves and choose a playful name; a name their kids will love. And let’s admit, everyone loves Pokémon. Pokémon, the ever so popular games and TV series, conquered the hearts of kids and adults alike. Sweet Pikachu, daring Ash, bright Misty, and fluffy Eevee are among the most loved Pokémon characters. With the mixture of exotic vibes and creative twists, Pokémon-inspired names are adorable for both boys and girls.

For all true fans of Pokemon GO, now families can experience Pokémon in real life, not only on their phones. Choose a Pokémon-inspired name, mama, and tame that little Pocket Monster who’ll evolve from a sweet newborn through a free-spirited toddler to a challenging teen.

Pokémon — we’ve got to catch all of these names!

20 Jynx


Looking for a unique baby name? Jynx is an unusual name for a little baby girl. Despite its controversy, Jynx is one of most adorable Pokémon ever. Jynx is an eccentric humanoid Pokémon with some wild powers: her melodic speech can make people dance!

No doubt your little Jynx will inspire you to sing lullabies and dance with her under the stars, mama. Your little Jynx will simply become a happy, artistic, and free-spirited individual.

Jyn is a cool variation of the name Jynx. Jyn has its origins in both Latin (meaning "maiden") and Chinese (meaning "gold"). Interestingly, Jyn is a leading character in the Star Wars movies. Some more traditional variations include Jean, Jeanne, Jaine, and Jen.

19 Eevee


Eevee is one of the most adorable Pokémon-inspired names on our list. You don’t have to be a Pokémon fan to fall in love with Eevee. Nobody can resist its brown fur, bushy tail, pink paws, and brown eyes.

Little girls called Eevee will become loving, gentle, and kind. At the same time, just like all Pokémon and their evolution stages, little Eevees can be changing and challenging.

A more traditional variation of the name Eevee is Eve. Eve, meaning "life," derives from Eva which is of Hebrew origin. According to the Old Testament, Eve and Adam were the first human beings. Other variations include Ava, Evelyn, Evie, Eva, and Evita.

18 Star


Star is an adorable name for a baby girl. Staryu is a sea star-like Pokémon with unusual powers — if some of its five appendages get damaged, they can grow back. The core of Staryu is a beautiful gem that can shine brighter than the stars in the night sky.

Just like a star, your little baby girl will bring beauty and serenity in your life, mama. She'll become your orbit in life.

We should note that celestial baby names are trendy and mystical all at the same time. Many celeb parents are crazy about space-themed names, such as Orion and Mars. Let's not forget that your little girl is also a star, mama!

17 Ivy


Ivy is another adorable Pokémon-inspired name for a bright baby girl. Professor Ivy is one of the main characters in the Pokémon series, and she is beautiful and clever, an expert in regional differences in Pokémon physiology. She is one of the closest people to Professor Oak, so it's no surprise many Pokémon fans love her.

Ivy is also an earthy baby name. The evergreen plant ivy represents fidelity and love. Interestingly, to the Druids, ivy represented peace.

According to the numerological meaning of the name, little girls called Ivy will become bright, fair, and inspiring individuals. Your little Ivy will bring love and peace to your life, mama.

16 Onix

Onix is a great choice for a daring baby boy. Onix is a rock snake, which resembles a chain of boulders. Interestingly, this Pokémon has a magnet in its head that helps it navigate through its surroundings. Onix is beautiful like a diamond and has the ability to dig tunnels, making the whole earth shake.

There's no doubt your little Onix will be brave and playful, mama! What’s more, this unique name will help your little baby boy stand out.

Another variation of this Pokémon-inspired name is Onyx. We should mention that onyx is a powerful gemstone with beautiful colors and healing properties.

15 Ash

Although the world of Pokémon is amazing, we have to admit that Pokémon trainers make the games going. Ash is the main character of the Pokémon series, so it’s no surprise that parents and kids love him. Ash is a wonderful name for a brave and ambitious baby boy.

Interestingly enough, in Japan, Ash is known as Satoshi. And, believe it or not, Satoshi is the name of the creator of the Pokémon franchise.

Ashton is also a cool option, which is suitable for both boys and girls. Your little Ash will conquer your world, mama, and make your heart transform into a never-ending source of love.

14 Brock

Looking for a Pokémon-inspired name for your little boy? Brock is one of the most masculine names on our Pokémon list. Brock was a Gym leader who joined Ash on his journey to become a Pokémon master. We should mention that Brock’s first Pokémon was an Onix and that’s why he specializes in Rock-type Pokémon.

Brock is of an English origin, meaning badger. Little boys called Brock are courageous and strong. In the US, in particular, the name Brock peaked in popularity in the 2000s.

Bruck, Brack, and Brook are cool variations of this Pokemon-inspired name, which are also popular surnames.

13 Abra

Lost in names? Abra-cadabra, we’ve got a great name for you, mama. It's Abra, of course! Abra is a unique Pokémon-inspired name for a beautiful girl. Abra is a yellow Psychic-type Pokémon with big eyes that are normally closed. We should note that the Psychic-type is one of the 18 types of Pokémon.

Abra is also a mystical name of Arabic origin, meaning "father of many." Abra is a soft form of Abraham. Interestingly, in West Africa, Abra is a name used for baby girls born on Tuesday.

The famous philanthropist Abra Prentice Wilkin, John Rockefeller’s great-granddaughter, is a famous bearer of this beautiful name.

12 Goldeen


Goldeen is a great Pokémon-inspired name which is suitable for both girls and boys. Goldeen is a fish-like Pokémon with bright orange markings and beautiful fins. Although many admire its beauty, Goldeen is wild and can use its horn to get what it wants.

Just like a free-spirited Pokémon, your little Goldeen will be curious, playful, and a rebellious child.

Goldy and Golda are also beautiful names for a baby girl. Your little girl will have a heart of gold, with a deep love for humanity. On the other hand, Goldman—a common surname— is a wonderful choice for a loving baby boy.

11 Armaldo

Armaldo is a great name for a little boy. Armaldo is an interesting amphibious Pokémon that resembles a shrimp covered with multicolored plates. Perhaps many nerdy moms know that Armaldo evolves from Anorith (a dual-type Pokémon) at level 40.

It’s believed that babies named Armaldo will become strong and active individuals. A more common variation of this Pokémon-inspired name is Armando.

The feminine form of Armaldo is Arma. We should note that Arma peaked in popularity in the '50s, and now the stats show that one in 306,498 baby girls are given this sweet name; which makes Arma a unique and beautiful name.

10 Misty


Misty is one of the cutest baby girl names on our Pokémon-inspired list. Misty, or Kasumi in Japan, is one of the most daring Gym Leaders and one of Ash’s most ambitious companions.

As we know, Gym Leaders test trainers and their abilities to compete in the Pokémon League or the Elite Four. Interestingly enough, Misty specializes in Water-type Pokémon.

Misty is a beautiful name of English origin, meaning "covered in mist." According to the numerological meaning of this mysterious name, little girls named Misty will become gentle, quiet, and wise individuals. Your Misty will cover you with a veil of love, mama.

9 Roselia


Roselia is a beautiful Pokémon-inspired name for a sweet little girl. Roselia is an adorable Pokémon with a leaf skirt, a rose in each of its hands, and lovely aroma. That said, Roselia's aroma can be poisonous.

Just like this Pokémon, your baby girl will become beautiful and rebellious all at the same time. After all, every rose has its thorns, and your petal is no exception.

Rose, Rosa, Ruzha, Rosalia, and Rozalia are also beautiful floral names. A famous bearer of the name Rosa was Rosa Parks who became known as the mother of the freedom movement in the US.

8 Oak


Looking for a Pokémon baby boy name inspired by nature? Choose Oak! Professor Oak is one of the main characters in the Pokémon franchise. Interestingly enough, Professor Oak specializes in human-Pokémon relationships, which makes him one of the most influential Pokémon mentors. He is also willing to help Ash become the greatest Pokémon Master.

Note that the oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. Oak is also a great middle name. Little boys called Oak will become active individuals who’ll have a special connection with Mother Nature.

Other names inspired by nature are Bear, Hunter, Fox, and Cedar.

7 Chansey


Chansey is one of the cutest names on our Pokémon-inspired list. Chansey is an adorable pink Pokémon with a pouch that contains her eggs. Nerdy moms know that Chansey evolves from Happiny and can evolve into Blissey.

Thus, your little Chansey won’t miss a chance to share her colorful love and give you hugs.

Chance, on the other hand, is a perfect match for a loving baby boy. It’s of English origin meaning "good fortune." According to the numerological meaning of the name, boys called Chance may need a loving environment to thrive and flourish. Well, there's no doubt they’ll find love in your arms, mama!

6 Xatu


Xatu is an exotic baby name suitable for both boys and girls. Xatu is a rare Pokémon which resembles a green condor with attractive wings and bright eyes. It’s interesting to mention that Xatu can stand still all day long; and Xatu can see both the future and the past at the same time.

Just like Xatu, your little one will become a wise and creative individual. However, do not expect from your little one to stay still, mama!

Other unusual names starting with 'X' include Xenia, Xyla, Xiao, and Xander. In fact, Xander is a short form of the beautiful name Alexander, meaning "defending men."

5 Lillie


Lillie is another gentle baby girl name for a little petal. Lillie is a mysterious girl who is caring and polite. That said, Misty is not a big fan of Pokémon; she is physically frightened of Pokémon and freezes up whenever she sees one near her.

Lily is another cool Pokémon-inspired name. Lily is a magician who appeared in an episode in the Pokémon series. The name Lily derives from the beautiful flower lily. Singer Lily Allen is a famous bearer of this sweet name.

Floral names attract parents with their aromatic meanings. Other cool forms include Lilia, Liliana, Lilian, and Lilith.

4 Serena


Serena is another lovely baby girl name on our Pokémon-inspired list. Serena is one of Ash’s companions who is openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. As many nerdy moms know, Grace is a former Rhyhorn racer.

Serena is a beautiful name of Latin origin, meaning "calm and tranquil." The famous tennis player Serena Williams is a famous bearer of this adorable name.

Another variation of this Pokémon-inspired name is Serenity. Serenity is a virtue name, or a name of moral worth. Interestingly, its popularity varies across the US. For instance, Serenity is popular in New Mexico — at position #13, while in Massachusetts it's at position #172.

3 Iris

Iris is a beautiful Pokemon-inspired name. Iris is a wild Pokemon trainer who loves swinging on vines and whose dream is to become the greatest Dragon Master.

We should mention that in Greek mythology, Iris was the name of the Goddess of the Rainbow. As her father was a water god and her mother a cloud nymph, Iris united the two elements and became a messenger to the gods.

Iris is also a beautiful floral name. Interestingly, both the iris flower and the iris of the eyes were named after the Greek goddess Iris because of their different colors and shades.

2 Celebi


Celebi is one of the most unusual baby boy names on our adorable list. Celebi is Mythical-type Pokémon, known as the Voice of the Forest. Celebi is a fairy-like creature able to travel through time and space. One of the most impressive powers Celebi has is its ability to bring life wherever it goes.

No doubt your little Celebi will bring peace and colors to your life, mama. Stats show that Celebi was found only 97 times across 13 countries, which makes it a unique name.

Interestingly, Celebi is a Turkish title which means "gentleman." So, we guarantee that your little gentleman will become a respectful and polite individual.

1 Pickachu

There’s no doubt that Pikachu, the sweet rodent Pokémon, is the most popular Pokémon across the globe. In fact, from Japan to the US, Ash’s Pikachu is the most iconic character ever. Covered in yellow fur and pouches for electric storage, Pikachu is simply adorable.

Pikachu is also a trendy Pokémon-inspired baby boy name. A cute nickname is Pucchu.

No matter if you are a Pokémon fan or not, one thing is for sure: kids and adults love Pokémon alike. Thus, a Pokémon-inspired name is a wonderful choice for your little one, mama. What’s more, Pokémon names will help your cutie stand out. You just have to catch them all!

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