20 Adorable Times Snooki And Jwow's Kids Were BFF Goals

Life sure has changed for these two Jersey Shore friends. From too much hair gel, spray tans, and made up words no one outside of New Jersey can understand, these two have remained BFFs till the end. There were many episodes during MTV's hit series The Jersey Shore that fans weren't sure if celebrity Jwow and Snooki would make it, but behold the two have battled through long cab rides, blurry late nights, and lots of boy troubles to come out stronger than ever.

After Jersey Shore ended, viewers were sad to let go of Snooki and Jwow’s wild adventures. The two became roomies, settled down (sort of!) and fell in love. Surprising, I know! They quickly had to let go of their wild nights, rowdy behaviour, and the hunt for guido juiceheads to become moms. Don’t worry, they still party hard together and wake up to change dirty diapers. They also magically managed to each have daughters at the same time.

Planned or not, it has since been the best thing ever for devoted fans as they watch the minis grow together. It is obvious that they will easily slip into mommy’s shoes when they get older. Watch out Jersey Shore, Giovanna and Meilani to take on the world by storm!

20 They Already Have A Show Together


Oh yes, MTV wasn’t going to let these two leave so easily. Following them around in their daily lives resulted in laughs, cries, and the unpredictable. Seriously, I have never witnessed two people having so much fun at a coffee shop... well maybe it was more of a bar, but still!

They both have infectious personalities and laughs to keep you happy for days. MTV knew these two meant ratings, so they started following them around. Soon enough, Snooki got pregnant and some new faces joined the show. Of course, this made fans even more curious if the two girls could let go of their old life and be moms! Spoiler alert, they did, and are owning it!

19 Sleep Overs!


If you didn’t catch episode 1 of “Moms With Attitude,” the moms threw an epic sleepover for the girls and themselves. Oh yes, movies, snacks, eye masks, and forts were all included.

Don’t worry, other than Jwow’s little girl swearing multiple times, the sleepover was a success. The moms made some fun snacks, helped the girls make eye masks, and spent about five minutes trying to get the girls to stop using bad words.

Maybe not their finest parenting moment, but after all it is our Jersey Shore girls. One “mom tip” I learned from the episode was building a fort out of pool noodles is an epic fail! Don’t try it!

18 Family Outings


Episode 5 is all about family! The two decide to do a “mom swap” to see if their kids will behave or not. Jwow and Snooki feel that kids are uncomfortable with other parents, so they won’t have poor behaviour with them. The two swap kids and well…. I won’t spoil it for you.

Meilani and Snooki make bracelets, and Giovanna and Jwow cook. Snooki’s daughter has an adorable demeanour and is so well behaved. Meilani is a bit more energized and wild. The episode does have some great kid-friendly recipes, like zucchini tots, and fun social-media-worthy activities! Check it out since I didn’t spoil it!

17 They Do Holiday's Together


Traditions are everything. To all the holiday haters, Snooki is one of those crazy people who blast the Christmas music the day after Halloween (Right there with you, girl!), while Jwow holds off till after Thanksgiving. Jwow is also all about limiting the presents to three each! They also donate a lot of toys new and used during the holidays. Jwow says in the episode it really helps Meilani appreciate her three new toys! Love that idea.

Elf On The Shelf is another one of their traditions. Of course, the wild mommies don’t always part take in the most “kid-friendly” poses for Elfie, but the kids are a bit too young to catch on to that! They go on about the white elephant gift exchange and the hottest toys of the season! It is definitely a great episode to show that these mommies are just like you and me!

16 So Many Selfies


In order to take a good “selfie” you need to look good, right? The moms and girls decide to give their nannies a makeover!

The moms have clothes, jewelry, makeup, and are ready to transform them! To be honest, I am not sure if these nannies have the same love for small dresses and tight clothing like Snooki and Jwow do, but they are good sports about it.

Jwow’s nanny isn’t a big makeup girl, so her transformation is amazing! The MTV moms wanted to send their appreciation to their nannies since they both do so much for their kids. I would say this was a success!

15 Teaching Them About Empowerment


In order to not fall in love with a party boy on Jersey Shore, you have to be strong and independent. JWOWW and Snooki decide to teach their little girls how to be classy. So in episode 3, they are diving into crafting and empowerment.

The moms' idea for the day goes a bit sideways when Meilani says she doesn’t love her brother. I give Giovanna credit for nicely sitting and crafting with mommy. As I said, the empowerment lesson didn’t last long, so the moms decide to make a cocktail. The moms do have a very good chat about qualities and teens (minus the trucker mouth), so it is worth the listen!

14 Craft Time!


We all know STEM is a hot item right now for kids and in education. The moms decide in episode 8 to do an activity for each letter: science, technology, engineering, and math. For science, they make slime!

If you haven’t made slime with your kids, it is a must! Meilani does sniff glue while Giovanna nicely measures out her glue. They then make robots for technology, which are actually awesome. The girls are amazed by them and decide they want to be a scientist after all!

When they move on to engineering it is a bit over the girl's heads (and Snooki’s), so Jwow takes control. Finally, for math they make an abacus, but the girls call it a rainbow kiss. Anyways, if you need some good ideas for a rainy day, these activities are cheap and easy!

13 They Play Together


These moms are as real as they get. On their show, they post the real, the ugly, and the tantrums because, hello that is real life! Clearly, since these reality stars are “famous,” they get hate mail, trolls on social media, and mean tweets about how to parent better.

Don’t worry haters, Jwow is very aware of Meilani’s attitude! Did y'all seriously think this little girl was rude, swearing, and being wild all day! No way- she also is sweet, kind, and human! They show and mom’s just chose to show you these moments!

One of the little BFFs' cutest moments was when sweet Meilani is caught taking care of Giovanna using a tissue to wipe away the boogers. Seriously an “aww” moment right there.

12 BFFs From The Start


Let’s be honest: the girls had no choice but to be besties from the start. Jwow gave birth to Meilani on July 13th, 2014 with her then-fiance Roger Mathews.

Following Jwow, Snooki gave birth to her second child, Giovanna, on September 26, 2014. Shortly after the birth of their first baby girl, Jionni LaValle and Snooki tied the knot in late November.

Jwow had a baby boy, Greyson, in May 2016, and Snooki recently announce that she is having baby number 3! The family continues to grow as one big bunch as if they never left being roommates on Jersey Shore!

11 Always In A Good "Situation"


Mike, also known as The Situation, joins them for episode 9. He is back, my friend, and hasn’t changed a bit. So, episode 9 is all about Snooki, Jwow, and Mike bringing the Boardwalk to their backyard.

Once again, Meilani is misbehaving, but the moms aren’t having the most appropriate conversations either! They make some alcohol-free Arnold Palmer since The Situation is 29 months sober (Props to you brother!). Jwow cooks the sausages and Nicole squeezes the lemons.

During the start of the episode, Meilani totally licks and takes a hack out of one of the sausage buns, but scoots away before she is busted. The three old roomies hangout like old times and crush it in the kitchen!

10 They Are Ready For The Spotlight!


If you miss Jersey Shore, episode 7 is a MUST!

The moms invite over the girls' friends to have a little talent show and show off their acting skills. The first friend crushes it with a ballet number to "Silent Night". The girl has moves and flexibility! Meilani does a routine to "Karate Kid" and actually is a bit shy! Giovanna does a cheer dance, and once again steals my heart.

Finally, for the finale, the moms reenacted their old days skit, “Who Wrote The Note” for their audience of three-year-olds. Meilani, of course, expresses her thoughts and lets the moms know their skit is no good!

9 They Take Cabs Together!


The two diva’s have been spotted at dance recitals, baby showers, and birthday parties together. They are always rocking cute clothes, big smiles, and adorable accessories. Jwow and Snooki do a real good job posting candid photos of their kids. Not the filtered “life is great” kind that we so often see.

A recent photo of the two girls caused the trolls to come out and hate on Snooki. The two were dressed up and attending an event. Snooki’s little girl, Giovanna, was rocking a sweaty playdate look- the look a four-year-old should have if they are living a fun and healthy life. Haters commented things like “comb her hair!”

Like what!? Come on moms, I don’t recall a hair brush being in your diaper bag for an afternoon brush! Let the kids be kids!

8 They Look Out For Grenades


Okay, maybe let’s keep it PG and not talk about grenades. How about dogs? Those are a win for everyone. For episode 4, the moms host a puppy party. They make all natural puppy treats. This is a super easy and a fun activity to do with kids.

Jwow expresses her opinion on how she isn’t about feeding dogs ingredients that she can’t pronounce and we are right there with ya! These treats look like yummy cookies and the little girls even eat one!

Well, these delicious cookies don’t agree with Meilani’s taste buds because she spits hers right out! Drama queen at it again! The crazy bunch heads over to a dog shelter and do their best to get these precious bulldogs adopted and into good homes!

7 They G, T, L With Mommy


Since finding time to hit the gym is tough, the moms take the girls to Girl Fight to learn self-defence. Drama queen Meliani rocks her rainbow dash costume, which makes her day a bit tougher. She totally is Jwow’s mini-me!

Lorenzo, Snooki’s son, joins the girl's day and has some sick moves. The girls get to put on adult boxing gloves, punch a bag, and even learn some kicks. With technology taking over kids these days, we love that Snooki and Jwow are getting their girls moving and being active. I think the girls are ready to kick some booty on the Shore!

6 They Fist-Pump All Day

Surprising to all, these wild moms do have rules and definitely don’t want their kids to have the same behaviour they did on Jersey Shore.

JWwow told ET, "I just want my daughter to have a normal life. I want her to pick and choose the routes that she really wants to go. I'd like to see her save for a college education because I would hope that one day she would just love to go to college and be a normal girl."

We love that although they may be in the spotlight right now because of them, that they have high hopes for their little girls and expectations. Go, mommy, go!

5 They Cheer To Drinking Milk Together


Although Jwow mentions drinking does help solve the mommy guilt issue, she is 100% an awesome mom. The two have both made comments and tweets to even prove that they enjoy being moms and wouldn't change it for the world!

JWoww has previously said, "Your kids will always come first, and I actually don't like going out. I'd rather spend my Friday and Saturday nights with my children, watching Rapunzel or Tangled." Awe, that is too cute.

Snooki also tweeted, "I absolutely love being a mother to two kids! Haven't gotten a wink of sleep taking care of and staring at my daughter,”

4 They Hit The Beach.


Snooki threw Lorenzo and Giovanna a princess themed party. Lorenzo was celebrating his 5th birthday party and Giovanna her 3rd birthday! The mom transformed her home into a Moana-looking scene and Snooki played her part in a grass skirt and coconuts.

The mom was honest and said the party was smooth, minus a few meltdowns. According to US Weekly, Giovanna got upset and didn’t want to blow out her candles. There were also some special guests, a hot tub, two cakes, and a birthday castle. I must admit, Snooki looks really good in her bikini after her two kids.

3 They Know When It's T-Shirt Time!


Maybe they aren’t changing t-shirts to head to the bar, but they are changing diapers, A LOT! Even though both moms have nannies, they do enjoy diaper changes! I know right!

Many moms hate on the whole “nanny” thing, but we think it is awesome that they are open about it. It takes a village to raise a kid, and pretending you are doing it alone when you have help doesn’t do any mommies any good! We need to see that the reason your hair is brushed and you are rocking normal clothes is because someone helped you!

So, thanks to Snooki and Jwow for being raw and showing us you accept help to raise your munchkins!

2 They Reward Healthy, Positive Behaviour


You won’t believe this one! Snooki believes in spanking. Obviously not the screaming, crying, painful kind, but just a small “don’t do that!” Plus, have you seen her, there is no way that tiny mom could hurt a fly!

She also is all about positive rewards for her kids and teaching them healthy choices. She even mentions how she has to bribe her son to finish his healthy dinner in order to play! Snooki is the real deal, ladies.

Another amazing moment was when Jwow shared that her son was behind or delayed. She spoke honestly to her fans about how to deal with this and how it crushed her, but only for a moment. You two are powerhouses!

1 They Are Drama Free!


Okay, so obviously the girls are too young to for go drama like their mommies once had, so we’ll check back in when they are teens. The moms are killing it and doing a great job parenting these two, as well as their boys. Props to them and a huge shout out to all you other amazing moms!

I will admit, Meilani is a bit more of a drama queen then Giovanna, but is very sweet and full of life. Both girls are just little kids with big hearts and energy. After watching Jwow and Snooki’s new show, I think these two are ready to take over Jersey Shore and will bring us as much joy and adventure as their mommies did!

After all, they are already dropping F-bombs and twerking! Watch out!

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